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Wed 6th Feb 2013

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The-Chosen-one commented on Poll: Which is Your Favourite Super Smash Bros...:

i liked the trailer where Captain falcon looked extremely powerful (like the superman or hulk from Nintendo lol)
I'm Always a fan of link. i really cant decide i love all the characters.

so my list is:

Link, Megaman, mario, Captain falcon, ike, Samus, Sheik, Pit and palutina



The-Chosen-one commented on Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct...:

i think this Years E3 will be going to be epic.
They have to go alllll out.
I also hope to see one character from Xenoblade.

Smashbros is really going to be a big seller. i want them both! i will wait for the WiiU version, and play the 3ds version on my younger brother his 3ds



The-Chosen-one commented on Super Smash Bros. Direct Will Bring the Hype o...:

Wow!!!! nice anouncement!!!
Cant wait..
I hope to see some new characters anounced and smash attacks, stages and if there is a storymode, i know that there wont be somethinge like subspace but that doesnt say anything about a storymode.
I cant wait for this, smash bros is my nr 1 game.
I want to see pokemon trainer return he was awesome and unique



The-Chosen-one commented on Talking Point: Important Steps to Bring the 3D...:

I'm reading everywhere on the internet about a rumor: that Nintendo is making a new console? did i miss something? was called something like: Nintendo Fusion.
If Nintendo was really planning to do something like that i would buy their system again if its on par or more powerfull than the ps4 and xbone.

And for the one owning a wiiU get 150$ off for the new console. that would be a nice gift for the Nintendo fans who support Nintendo all the time.
But hey it was just a thought lol.



The-Chosen-one commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

this site only has negative news, there are two ways of advertising, place news in a possitive way.
If things arent changing me including many others i know will be heading towards other Nintendo related sites, or change your staff, into people who really care about Nintendo related stuff. not people who want to bash it some more.



The-Chosen-one commented on Little Mac Arrives as a Knockout Challenger in...:


No you are not alone in that

Me also i want smashbros to be all Nintendo, with only max 3/4 third-party as VIP guest characters. Sonic and megaman they really fit the franchise as old time rivals lol, and sega really supports Nintendo.
As for megaman, Nintendo should buy the franchise and make him firstparty.

I hope there will be lots of cutscenes in the game like endings for every character and intros.

I think we will be getting this game at Christmas (i hope we dont have to wait that long) Nintendo has so many characters which they can put in smash. so i am curious who will be the next



The-Chosen-one commented on Zelda Unveiled as New Smash Bros. Challenger:

MM they really polishes the characters, compare this link with the link on the smashbros website which where the first picture then look at his face and clothes.
I really like it, they dont need to change link, i only want some more moves added for link, i would like the Dins fire attack from Ocarina of time, give link fire ice and light arrows etc.
I really love what they have done with zelda hats down



The-Chosen-one commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

I really like it, and i am a die hard Zelda fan lol.
i like the idea of hyrule being at total war and link slashing in, they should improve the graphics part a bit, i like links character design. and the combat style, but the soldiers they need to improve and the enemies.



The-Chosen-one commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

Wow, just wow.... i WANT!!!!!!!
I am really hyped about this game, and then we also get the Epic Zelda game
It would be awesome if we can play Co-op with this game Link Sheik, Knights and maybe some other famous Zelda characters.
Man i am going to eat Wii U lol.



The-Chosen-one commented on Nintendo Direct Focusing On Wii U And 3DS Game...:

Def smashbros wiiU and 3ds.
Mario kart WiiU i also hope to see some footage from the game 'X' Xenoblade. some new IP. And the big news Reggie playable in smashbros lol or just appearing as the punching bag lol.
I really hope they bring some awesome stuff to the table and fingers crossed on some Epic-Zelda news



The-Chosen-one commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

nah, i'm not interested in ps4 or X-one yet.
If Nintendo goes al out, they can sell big time, but they cant afford to screw up.
They need to bring their big sellers.
But also old games which need to be revived, like earthbound for the WiiU, and if Nintendo brings pokemon for Wii U they can attract a lot of Pokemon fans to the WiiU.
And when smashbros/mario kart comes out they will sell big time.
They also should bring back Metroid prime with an awesome online play.
Starfox with (online) Multiplayer/Co-op.
I hope that in the future an Kid-icarus game will appear on WiiU.
I also hope that there will be some strategy war games arrive on the wiiU, the Controller is perfect for those games.
Games like the sims, sim city etc.
Games like Harvest moon.
Golden sun etc.
A 3D Donkey kong game like DK64.
And maybe some cross adventure games like, mario Luigi, together with Donkey kong.
I miss the story line from Mario Sunshine, the cutscene story telling i loved that in mario Sunshine.



The-Chosen-one commented on Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U Performance Reporte...:

its really up to Nintendo to show everyone what the WiiU has to offer, both in Graphics & performance, and Gameplay wise.
Bring back Metroid Prime, with beautiful Visuals, and landscapes and Online.
Give us Geist from N-space. show more info of the New Epic Zelda, and more about Xenoblade WiiU. We need more of everything Nintendo. you cant affort to be lazy.
Also do more with the Eshop, More downloads etc, and also update the Browsers HTML5, so that we can play HTML5 browser games, and also flash games in our browser.
Its not the time just to sit back, and see when the sales go up. you have to work your buts of



The-Chosen-one commented on Aonuma Keeps Returning To Zelda In The Hope Of...:

i loved the anime style art in skyward sword, the cutscenes storyline etc.
The perfect zeldas where Ocarina of time and Majoras mask, the two feel like one game. the ocarina fluit just gave a magical feeling to the game, where the sound of the fluit changes everything, even the weather, and what i loved about majoras mask, where the masks! the transformations where magical! they should combine the two again, i also love in ocarina of time, the items, dins fire, farores wind and nayrus love. it made link look powerful, that was what i loved from Zelda, the quest to become stronger to defeat strong enemies. those things should return, Fierce deity link for the win lol..



The-Chosen-one commented on Iwata: Wii Fit U's Free Trial Period Will Impr...:


Yeah the only way to pick this up, is to go all out.
They have to bring the Nintendo Core games, Starfox, F-zero, Metroid, Zelda.
Smashbros, Mariokart, Donkey Kong. Kid icarus etc. and more cross over games, like in the tv series Captain N, i would love to see a game, where mario, sonic and megaman or another Character to be in one game. (just dreaming)
But Nintendo has to step up, and create more games.
They have to step up with Xenoblade for WiiU, thats a game that many want.