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Wed 17th Apr 2013

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GooRoo commented on ​Parent Trap: Lego Dimensions Could Be A Gam...:

We're getting it. We still collect every Skylander released, and that remains out core Toys to Life gaming. We also love Infinity and get what we want from that, but aren't dead-set on getting them all. We've, until now, collected all the Amiibo, but the market has shifted in such a way that it's become too much of a hassle to hunt down the rarer variations. We've pre-ordered Dimensions and about half the available extras. We have no desire to collect from franchises we don't want (Wizard of Oz, Ninjago) so that will certainly help.



GooRoo commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

I'd like to see the gap filled by some kind of Skylanders-like game that utilizes the amiibo in the same manner, so long as every one of them could play side-by-side against some new enemy, so I could pair, say, Bowser and Kirby or Marth and Pac-Man for couch co-op.



GooRoo commented on Club Nintendo Goes Rewards Crazy With Final Up...:

Finally got through long enough to order the 3DS game case this morning, but since then it's either stalling or giving me the maintenance message, this is after not being able to get on at all yesterday. I still have 800+ coins to spend.



GooRoo commented on Rumour: Wave 3 amiibo Release Dates Revealed f...:

I'm thinking this will be my last fully-owned wave. I pre-ordered just before people started going nuts and pre-orders sold out in mere minutes in the middle of the night (Rosalina, Majora's Mask New 3DS XL, Majora's Mask game special edition, etc.). I'm not going to jump through hoops. If I can pre-order or find them in-store, fine, if not, oh well, and I certainly won't be giving in to scalpers. I ordered a Rosalina from Amazon France that should be here any day now, and only because it was my wife's most wanted figure. Otherwise I'm not bothering. Sorry, Nintendo.



GooRoo commented on Rumour: Toys "R" Us Cancelling amiibo Orders, ...:

So far I've been lucky enough to have all of wave one (all bought in-store) and Best Buy has shipped me Zelda and Diddy (have them in-hand) and Little Mac shipped today. Of course My Lucario was cancelled and I have yet to be awake in the wee hours of the night so I can pre-order Rosalina (whatever, Target) who is the one figure my wife really wanted from the outset. So so far I'm good, but if it keeps being some sort of adventure to just try and be awake and at the computer at the right moment to get one, I'm done (and I'm an inch away at this point...just not happy with how the stores and Nintendo are handling things).



GooRoo commented on Demand For amiibo Continues As Pre-Orders For ...:

@ultraraichu Yeah, that BB split for the wave 2 ship dates is strange. Is this everywhere? I fully intend to go Amiibo hunting on Sunday to see what's what at the big retailers around here (BB, Target, Wal-Mart, Gamestop, and HEB, a grocery store that carries these). I have mine pre-ordered from Best Buy (20% off with GCU) but want to make sure I get a good paint job, too...



GooRoo commented on Nintendo Maintains Its Vague Rhetoric on amiib...:

Well, I went ahead and pre-rodered everything up for pre-order, which is currently all of waves 2 and 3 except for Rosalina, who Target does not have up yet.

For people worried about Lucario, who is currently the pre-order version of Marth: check in at Toys R Us every morning. I procrastinated pre-ordering the figure, and learned two nights ago it was out of stock. I woke up to find it available again at Toys R Us, ordered it, and it went out of stock later in the morning. It was back up earlier today and now gone again. It sure looks like Toys R Us is playing games trying to drive hype. Or maybe it's people canceling pre-orders. Who knows. But considering the shortage of Marth, etc., from wave one, people should get what they want when they can. Remember, you can always pre-order it online, and if it arrives with a bad paint job, look for another one in person and return the pre-order. If nothing else you have it, albeit with a bad paint job.



GooRoo commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Nintendo 3DS T...:

@Nik-Davies Exactly what I was going to say. Happy with mine, had it for a long time, but I would advise anyone to wait for the new model, unless they're made of money (though I have to admit I've been tempted by that Gamestop exclusive NES model just for the collector in me).



GooRoo commented on Guide: The Best Black Friday Nintendo Deals in...:

Not a good BF for me...was hoping to see Smash 3DS, Fantasy Life, and Pokemon Art Academy on sale. No dice as far as I could tell, so I just ordered them from Best Buy with my 20% off GCU. I did pick up a discounted eshop card from Best Buy as well. Oh well. I did stock up on PS4 games, enough to keep me busy until next BF (plus I have NES Remix Wii U and 3Ds versions coming next week, along with Captain Toad...).



GooRoo commented on GameStop Plans to Close Around 120 Stores in t...:

I usually get a street pass in there, and they are much more knowledgeable than any other store around here. They are my first stop for Skylanders merchandise for that reason (I just get a blank stare at Wal Mart and Target never bothers to put their merchandise out half the time). Still, I buy most of my games at Best Buy because of a better reward program and Gamers Club Unlocked.



GooRoo commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

Yup no bundle discount — something I was hoping for — and a real head-scratcher to push the Wii U version back that far when the system is struggling. Note that I say this based on the article and without having watched the direct — plan on checking it out tomorrow morning while I'm on the exercise bike.

I'll still get both.



GooRoo commented on Walmart Announces Foray Into Pre-Owned Games:

I hope they offer a good trade-in value out of the gate. I have a copy of NBA Live 14 for PS4 just itching to take a permanent vacation from my home. On the other hand, I collect Nintendo titles so I won't be trading any in.



GooRoo commented on Ninterview: Aaron "NintendoTwizer" Norton and ...:

Amazing collection.

One of the biggest mistakes in my life was bulk-selling all my old games and gaming systems. I had nothing like this guy, but I sold everything up to the Gamecube and had maybe 60-70 NES games, 20 SNES, 10 64, and 10 GC. Sigh. I wish Nintendo would make retro consoles and cartridge games. I would love to have it all again. Most used stuff I find looks to be in pretty spotty condition.



GooRoo commented on Retro Studios Talks Up Wii U And Has Been Work...:

And as far as horsepower goes, I think the Wii U's capabilities suit the Nintendo dynamic nicely. SM3DW and DKTF look amazing on the system. Maybe the system would struggle with something like The Order 1886 or MLB 14 The Show or any of these more detailed PS4 games — I don't know that much about the nitty-gritty tech specs and how they all work — but for Nintendo games at least, I think the Wii U has proven to be a very hearty and capable machine.