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Shulk and Rosalina FTW!

Wed 26th Jun 2013

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enderboy221 commented on Video: Nintendo Shows Off a Few More Challenge...:

Nobody has mentioned this, but I'm guessing the weird rainbow hit they do near the end of the trailer is going to be a new ability called the ultra smash...
Still looking forward to this game. I played Power Tennis and VB Mario's Tennis, so I'm decently versed in the Mario Tennis style of gameplay.



enderboy221 commented on Nintendo's E3 Focus to Reportedly be on Wii U ...:

Excited for E3, though I find it strange how Nintendo hasn't detailed their plans yet. It's a lot later than it usually takes for them.
Personally, I want more of a focus on Wii U, but still some 3DS. Also, I really hope something Mother-series related is at E3.



enderboy221 commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

I actually quite like the Wii U virtual console. Sure, the release schedule is a little slow, but there's a lot of neat content. I especially love the DS titles, which are really cool looking on the Wii U.
The 3DS is a different story. Nes and Gamebay games don't really impress me. I feel like GBA or even SNES would be nice on 3ds.. Otherwise it's kind of a dissapointment.
When it comes to Virtual Console additions, I would like to see Gamecube on Wii U. Heck, bring GB and GBC to Wii U to start up crossbuy. After seeing how nice GB games look on Wii U through Smash Bros, I really want them. For now though, I'm fine with DS and N64.



enderboy221 commented on TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT, The Game Freak and ...:

Not really interested in it, but I do find it odd that it's not on Wii U. Hey though, if we can get a Pokemon game on Wii U, I really wouldn't care. Pokemon Rumble aside, there is nothing. Maybe we'll get a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on Wii U



enderboy221 commented on Nintendo to Host Super Smash Bros. for Wii U T...:

Man, I'd bring the ultimate monster if they allow for special effects. My Peach figure "WaruPeachy" has autoheal, heals back the damage she deals, and heals what she blocks. Her attack stat is pretty high, and so is her defence stat. She crushed the entire Nintendo Club at my school.... Including me...



enderboy221 commented on Video: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Accolades T...:

I'm really tired of people complaining because this isn't a normal Kirby game. If you don't like the weird Kirby outings that's fine, but for those who are scared to try: give it a chance. So far, I'm absolutely loving it.

Honestly, I like this more than Captain Toad. Treasure Tracker was great, but I'm REALLY enjoying this game!



enderboy221 commented on Feature: Braving the Queue At Nintendo's Best ...:

I played and got first place as the Wii Fit Trainer! Me and my friend waited out for 5 hours, but it was still worth it. (Even despite the lack of the 3DS version.) Everything went smoothly, and I quite enjoyed it. Seriously though, the guy in front of us played as Mario... Why he waited for 5 hours to do that is beyond me.



enderboy221 commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

I really don't understand the complaining. I'd MUCH rather play GBA games on the Wii U, especially when it comes to rpgs.
@Znerd You do know that Wind Waker HD sole 1.13 million copies right? That's insane considering the game had a 6 month development cycle, then it was released.