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LetsGoRetro commented on Microsoft's Ken Lobb: Metroid Prime Wouldn't H...:


You say you're fine with it, so maybe you're more familiar with this QOL thing than me... What is it? To me it sounds more along a "casual" route, which would be the nail in the coffin for this company for me. Ya know, like, "a little mini game while you work out" "Keep track of your daily activities and goals app". That's what pops into my mind when I hear Quality of Life. What do you make of it?



LetsGoRetro commented on Nintendo Is Working On The Next Mario Game, Bu...:

3d World was very good, but it was missing that "Mario mystique". How much of that is dependent on the fact that I'm an adult now, I'm not sure, but every mainline Mario game has always had this exciting "newness" to it. Mario 64 is obviously the best example. It felt monumental, like you were stepping into a new world. Even smb3 had it by maximizing the good parts of smb. Heck, even smw had it, and it was just basically graphical refinement and yoshi.

I'm not sure what the others did that 3d world didnt (is it just cuz I'm 30?), but 3d World was moreso a feeling of "Oh, these are cool twists and takes on what I like". I think it's more than being older. I remember taking an hour long bus ride with my friends to play mario64 with my friends and just being in awe that this was sonething that existed. It was so new and exciting. I cant imagine kida doing that with 3d World.

The only series that still get me that excited are Zelda, Final Fantasy (both of which has subpar entries the last 3 times, but I hold into hope), and Suikoden, if it ever comes back (please!)



LetsGoRetro commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

"I was going to buy Smash Bros for Wii U but I'm already tiring of it after playing it nonstop theae past 4 months"

Literally every person in the world knew the Wii U version had to come first to give this flop of a system a fighting chance... except the people at Nintendo.

I've been unhappy since the release of the Wii U and Nintendo has just lost themselves a customer they've had for close to 30 years.

They really have become an unintelligent company. The Greatness of Miyamoto will keep them afloat as it always has but when he's gone, they're in trouble. They are just so out of touch with what excites people nowadays.

They're a company of rehashes that think 2d platformers are where its at in 2014, so much so that they honestly think announcing Cranky Kong is major announcement.

Nintendo thinks every one of it's customers is an 8 year old japanese youth giggling at the screen because there're flashing colors on it.



LetsGoRetro commented on Feature: What We Want to See in Nintendo's Sup...:

Nintendo isnt even doing anything different from the snes days. The difference is, the Nintenso game droughts in those days were filled in by capcom, konami, squaresoft, enix, rare, etc.

There was ALWAYS something just over the horizon. And most of it was exclusive. Boy, do I wish Nintendo didn't screw over Sony for lowly Phillips. A Nintendo/Sony console would rule rhw console world.

I really do miss the days Nintendo wasnt the 2nd console... okay, okay im done.. it just aet me OFF when I saw they werent announcing a release date... if this ia something along the lines of announcing characters from past games are returning and some stages then im really going to be at an all time low as far as having faith in Nintendo.



LetsGoRetro commented on Feature: What We Want to See in Nintendo's Sup...:


I completely agree. It's upsetting at times. You give a company with such a successful track record the benefit of the doubt but its been diaheartening over the last few have revelations like:

"Oh.. that really IS all they have to show?"

What once seemed like Nintendo being different and quirky is starting to feel like them being in over their heads.

They're a company with a machine all the "cool kids" are seeming to avoid. Its been like, no biggie, cuz they're that creative kid who always pulla themselves to the top no matter how little help they get, but I've spent the last few years realizing this isn't a situation of them being quirky and revealing their answers slowly... Its more a situation of them desperately looking for them themselves, free falling and trying to grab onto a branch as a lifeline but every branch is snapping and dropping them down further.

Unless they come out and say "Alright, here are 8 games near completion that we've been keeping secret", its so hard to imagine them turning this around. Its like, why did you even bother releasing a console when you were years away from being ready?

Best case scenario, mk8, smash, x, hyrule warriors, yarn yoshi, smt x fe, bayonetta release between now and a year from now. At that point we're close to halfway through the systems lifecycle (2.5 years).

Now what? Rinse and repeat and make another 8 to 10 games over the next 2.5 years like they did the first 2.5. Thats best case scenario. Its just so few games, so many gaps. They have so little help, and most of what they do have is playing it safe and developing for the 3ds which is much more successful.

Like you say, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to Nintendo anymore. They're so outmanned and outgunned in this console race. Their limited output just isnt enough to compete. Even what the Nintendo faithful consider the heavy hitters are largely niche titles. X is likely to sell modest like moat jrpgs, and smt x fe will probably sell half that since its so obscure.

Nintendo seema to have no rhyme or reason anymorw. And worst of all, they have no answers.



LetsGoRetro commented on Feature: What We Want to See in Nintendo's Sup...:

Since Smash Bros was the surprise at the end of a few "regular" directs, does anyone elae think therell be a surprise at the end of this one? Maybe a newly announced Smash competitor and then lead into their solo game..

Possibly a character from this Code Name STEAM game we're just hearing about, then lead into his game (could it be miyamotos new IP?) Or, dare I say it... Zelda U?

Everyone thinks Zelda wont be shown until e3, but aunoma claims he planned to announce it at that event where he said link between worlds would answer majoras mask questions, but he juat didnt have enough time. He clearly said as soon aw he got back to the office he was going to put together aomething to show the public on ZeldaU "soon".

It's been over 5 months now. Ninty doesnt value huge e3 presentations anymore, so I dont subscribe to the idea that they need to save it til then. They seem perfectly content releasing major news on the Directs.

You have to figure Nintendo is putting the pressure on the developers to turn around the wii us fortunes, which is likely the reason thia direct is coming seemingly early and out of nowhere. First ever losses, talk of firing the president, constant bad press.... Nintendo is in a rush to bring out the big guns. I have a feeling something huge is happening tonight. Something non Smash (for the record I think theyll also announce a Smash release date)



LetsGoRetro commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:

That investor was half right, but it should be virtual conaole, not smartphones. Since wii u haant found an identity yet, start marketing it as the machine that can play eveey single on of those games u grew up with! Oh and it also will have new gamea. That virtual console is a treasure trove of content and wii u could maybe survive on I t by itself



LetsGoRetro commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Major Wii U Retail T...:

Mario Kart 8 had better be the best In the series. First party titles for wii u have been low in both quantity and quality. NLand was decent & nsmbu, pikmin3 n 3dworld were good but there still arent any great must have titles after a quarter of the console's life cycle has passed (Nintendo consoles last 5 to 6 years, generally)

I understand the Nintendo faithful love some of the above mentioned but there's a reason they didnt give the system the boost it needed. Nowhere close. Nintendo is getting spanked this gen already and its their own faults. They need a lifeline.



LetsGoRetro commented on Super Mario Kart Record Holder Sami Cetin Give...:


I don't think it'd be completely dumped, but more of a phase out period, likely releasing a "3rd pillar" type system and releasing a lot of things for both. I think just dumping it woukd he suicide, but I also think the same about dumping 3 more years of expensive, top quality titles into it. I feel there'd need to be another outlet for them that the consumer was excited about.


Admitedly, I didnt read up too much on that, but I know they emphasized it as a strong point for the future. That honestly kind of scares me. "Quality of Life" is a term used for often in the health field. Is this what it's referring to? More of a wii fit type road? If so, Nintendo as we've known them is in big trouble. Please inform me a little more, as "video games" and "quality of life" do not mesh in my head...



LetsGoRetro commented on Super Mario Kart Record Holder Sami Cetin Give...:

I feel very strongly that this game holds the entirety of the Wii u's future in the palm of it's hand. It's equally capable of both sinking the wii u ship for good or powering It into relevance. Itll b just a couple months shy of the wii u's 2 year mark upon it's release, and Nintendo knows if Mario Kart doesn't sell this system, especially after both 2d and 3d mario didnt, nothing will.

I dont suspect theyll just announce wii u is dead, but i strongly believe they'll shift focus into the new system, likely a home console and handheld hybrid. Im not sure if things like X and ZeldaU will be shifted onto the new platform, but I suggeat itd be a twilight princess-esque acenario where it's available for both. People would be angry at Nintendo for giving up on what they spent hundreds of bucks for so theyd probably do it slickly like trying some "3rd pillar" mumbo jumbo.

People keep saying itd be very bad for ninty to give up and theyd lose consumer trust but this is a business and sometimes u just have to accept when a product isnt a hit n adjust. Especially intelligent people like the nintendo folk. They simply arent goijg to keep dumping money into what is becoming a bottomless pit of financial losses.

I dont like that this is how Nintendo came to their senses but the truth is that this is the best thing that could happen. Wii u success wouldve convinced nintendo its a good idea to keep wasting the final years of me miyamotos talent on casual. Wii fit ish type stuff. The wii u failure is going to cause the big n to go to shiggy and say "alright man. Apparently the casual stuff is old news. We need u to go back to the snes shiggy n just create a whole bunch of new stuff to lead us into the new gen.

Itll start by being releases on wii u and the new system until wii u is phased out. Trust me guys, its better this way. Do u want a fully focused nintendo pumping out gems or tue current "ok we think casual stuff sells now so lets spend the firat 3 years making people happy and pumping that out. Once it sells u can go make a metroid or something for those core guys". Im so happy that things are gonna go hack to the old Nintendo way. Im gery confident about this!




LetsGoRetro commented on Feature: Looking Back on the Year of Luigi:

Leave it to Luigi to have the year that many are considering to be the one that is "dooming" the company. I dont think Nintendo is ever going to not exist, but this year was the definitive proof they're not the company they once were. Since NLand waa both a minigame comp and developed before the systems release, lets look at this:

In about a year and a half, Nintendo has developed 2, I repeat, 2, titles internally with the power potential to be big deals. Sm3dworld and pikmin3, and honestly, only nintendo lovers expected pikmin to have a chance at being big. The rest were minigame comps and rehashed wii fit, sports crap. In the next year, the only big title we know about to b definitely coming out is mario kart. Smash is far off and yarn yoshi and hyrule warriors, 2 more games that wont do much as yet another 2d platformer and an akward side game, have enough to be assumed theyre concepts thrown together to appease the wii u faithful, are almost definitely 2015 releases. So in 2 and a half YEARS, the only 2 really big games will have been mario kart and 3d mario.

How in the world can we sit there and watch this and not determined that nintendos magic is gone? Theyre hardly releasing any console games, when they do it's 90 percent minigame comps and wii fluff, and when they do have a halfway hit, it's 1 of their 3 home console stalwarts. Whats the next big one? Oh, the 3rd home console reliable, Smash. Sorry, the 4th is zelda, the only other big project we know from them, coming probably 2016.

Nothing new. The w101 was platinum, not nintendo. This company is doing nothing to have made our wii u purchases any more than a joke. Low output, nothing new. Nes, snes were times nintendo revolutionized the artform and attracted everyone else who did, too. N64 gen they lost ssomesupport but continued making tons of great games and still has titles like body harvest, jet force gemini, space station silicon valley, turok dinosaur hunter, goldeneye n perfect dark, etc made for them.

I ab so lutely hate the wii u gen. It is so pitiful.

Ugh, end of rant.



LetsGoRetro commented on Investor Wants Nintendo To Create Mobile Title...:

Alright, NLIFE

Look at my comment history and you'll see me constantly defending you guys and putting down/making fun of people who accuse this website of spreading doom&gloom, reporting on the wrong things, etc. Even that one analyst that hates Nintendo is very famous now so I understand why what he says is reported.

But is this honestly necessary? Posting an article you know is going to enrage the fanbase that was said by a nobody? What's next? "Guy I walked by on the street yesterday might have said 'Nintendo should do only mobile games'"?

There's really a limit as to what should be reported. We don't care what every single person in the world's opinion is.



LetsGoRetro commented on Super Mario 3D World Director Koichi Hayashida...:

I really like the idea of preserving the Miyamoto way of doing things. He's a legend. I remember being 12 years old in the mid 90's and reading what was then (later became the n64 section of IGN) and being in shock that most of my favorite SNES and N64 games came from one guy. I followed what he did until I quit gaming in 2002/2003. When I returned to gaming in 2011, the first thing I did was look up whether Miyamoto was still making games, and I was thrilled to learn he was. It'll simply be a day that changes the industry forever when he retires and I hope he works until he's 90.



LetsGoRetro commented on Video: The Top 20 Wii U Games So Far - Part One:

Need more exclusive software that're heavy hitters. Nintendo needs to get the internet talking. I understand you want to appeal to children but is it so hard to do both? Let's get some quality, exciting projects pumped 98% of articles I read on this site are along the lines of "Jimmy Smith of Bibbity Games explains thought process behind upcoming title 'Tickle the Squirrel'"

It's only depressing. Please, Nintendo, get some more developers on your side and start pumping out these games. I'm starting to think Hyrule Warriors was like a desperation move and it isn't even close to finished. Looks like a bunch of reused assetts they threw together to say "i know we basically haven't announced anything for over a year, but here's something we've been working on" because they thought it'd get our hopes up if we think "For all we know, Nintendo has like 10 games they just hven't announced yet and they're all coming out soon". The problem is, things have gotten to the point that if there were big projects in the works, they'd be announced. Any benefit hiding it is vastly outweighed by the negative in appearing to have no software coming on a year and a half old system that already doesn't have much".

Until a few months ago I was a staunch defender of Nintendo but I just can't do it anymore. Somebody there is making a lot of wrong moves. Barely any software for a year and a half is so pathetic!



LetsGoRetro commented on New and Sealed Xenoblade Chronicles Copies Ava...:


There'd really be no point in doing that, as that's essentially what X is going to be, only 10 times more awesome. If X can come out soon it can be system saving IF marketed right. If it's just marketed as an RPG that happens to be awesome, it won't sell much more than Xenoblade. But if it's advertised as all these huge mechs flying around, like a much deeper Titanfall with Zelda or Final Fantasy elements or something, it could be a huge hit.



LetsGoRetro commented on Console Wars Book Paves The Way For Movie Writ...:

Was never much of a "war" in my mind. I guess it depended on the types of games you liked. As an adventure/RPG fan, I never once wished I had a Genesis. Nintendo+Square+Enix absolutely obliterated anything the Genesis put out. Classic after classic. Sega's "hey look, we're cooler & more powerful!" never worked for me. To be honest, technology wasn't good enough to make fun/realistic/in depth sports/racing games back then, and that's what Sega's angle was.

To me, Nintendo was so much better that I actually feel really bad for gamers who had Sega over the SNES. I think of all the childhood memories I have with my friends playing Link to the Past, Soul Blazer, Final Fantasy, Chrono trigger, Secret of Mana, Super Metroid, Punch-Out, etc etc & I think of replacing those experiences with Sonic, a sports game, or Toe Jam & Earl & it actually makes me shiver, lol.



LetsGoRetro commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Makes Top...:

We will know the Wii U's fate by this E3 (or the few weeks directly after). Nintendo has 3 cards left to play that could save it. Mario Kart 8 is one, and it's a biggie. It's a definite system seller. If that doesn't start moving units in May, Nintendo is going to panic & go into overdrive & try to create a legendary E3 loaded with Zelda & Smash Bros. goodness (it's 2 remaining cards). If that doesn't set the industry and fans on fire, I am convinced Nintendo will be moving onto a different console by the next E3 and ditching the Wii U. I'm starting to think that is the reason so little titles are announced for 2014. What are there, 7 or 8? Maybe they're working on things behind the scenes like concepts, coding, etc. but aren't coding it specifically for Wii U because they want to prepare to bring it to a different console if needed.

If my theory is correct, they probably won't announce that they're ditching the Wii U, but they'll instead do the "3rd pillar" thing & just kind of let it fade. My finalb prediction is the third pillar will be a handheld/home console hybrid. Anyways, i could be completely wrong. This is just my opinion.



LetsGoRetro commented on Feature: When Cranky Kong Took On Twitter:

I've come to the realization that Nintendo doesn't know I exist. Nintendo fans don't like when people say it's a company for kids but the sad truth is Nintendo bought into that themselves somewhere along the way.

If a Nintendo representative walked by me in a bar, a 30 year old man drinking some beers with a group of 20 and 30 something's, they wouldn't think there was a chance I was waiting on what their next announcements are. This is why they focus zero of their time and money on wanting to appeal to me.

They seem to not be able to do the simple math to figure out I'm in the generation that grew up on their products. It doesn't cross their minds to make franchise iterations & marketing campaigns to appeal to me because they assume that if i evr did play Nintendo, i've since moved on, so they're going to just focus on another 8 year old and repeat the cycle.

It's really a shame because everyone loses. I want to be excited for what's coming out next, but they make it very hard. They forget that if I continue to love Nintendo, I'm going to pass it on to my kids. They don't factor in that if Nintendo is a distant memory, i'm going to introduce my kids to the new things I'm playing, which then breaks the cycle because Nintendo loses it's biggest strength: The nostalgia factor. If I introduce my kid to non Nintendo stuff as a kid, that becomes his "nintendo". If you didn't play Nintendo as a kid, you're surely not getting into it later in life.

They're relying on the hooks they sank in in my childhood, assuming my kids will go play their new products no matter what i go off and get into, but they've underestimated the influence I can have on what he likes. They also underestimate the money my generation of people that still want to love Nintendo can still generate for them.

It's a shame. I want to love Nintendo again...



LetsGoRetro commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:


I was wondering when someone was going to point that out. Ha! truth is, from 13 on (1994) I've been a JRPG fanatic. LetsGoJRPRetro just didn't sound as good lol. I still do love me some 3d Action Platforming, though, but let's leave the 2d plats in the capable, and creative, hands of the indies soNintendo can get back to being the company that creates things that astound us, instead of the company we support because they scratch our retro itch and we hope 1 day they'll start astounding us again.

In reality, you all should be very happy about this. Is the greater majority not tired of the wii fit, play, sports, trend? I hate living in this nintendo world of "oh well let them take out a couple years to pump out that stuff cuz it sells, then they can get back to making the kind of stuff I like". That should be one in the same. If WII u succeeds, we're doomed for another cycle of that crap. Wii U failing is a blessing in disguise. No more of Miyamoto's attention on that crap. His swan song is going to be going back to whathe does best and innovating with deep, quality gameplay experiences to bring Nintendo back to the forfefront of the gaming industry. You watch.



LetsGoRetro commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

Does anyone else know if any RPGS besides X have been announced for wii u? I've been playing ps1 rpg's the last couple of months and man were some of these great. Suikoden 2 & Xenogears are flawless. FF7 & FF9 are also incredible.

I hope these kind of games get revitalized and brought to wii u. also @funny_moblin, i know for me personally, I don't like to play 1 game at a time.If i have aa 3 hour gaming session it'll often be 6 games for a half hour each. Then I'll stop 1 halfway thru, pick up a new 1, then come back to it, etc. So altho i may not be putting in as much time as some gamers, i'm playing a lot of stuff so variety is veryimportant to me.



LetsGoRetro commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

With that being said, though, you are asking NintendoLife to report bad news in a dressed up fashion. I also hate to repeat myself, but that's not their job. Being a Nintendo-centric website doesn't make them obligated to sugar coat. @Thomasbw84 gave this article a perfect title. Why? Because all us Nintendo fans have been holding our breath with each new release for "this to be the one", so when it isn't, it's disappointing.

Quite frankly, had he labeled it as you suggest I would've got excited, clicked on the article, and then I would've been disappointed and wondered why he sugar coated the fact that the game sold horribly. Darned if he does, darned if he doesn't. Give the guy a break, he's doing his job, and he's doing it well. I don't blame him for being frustrated at the criticism.



LetsGoRetro commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:


Let's play a game. Tell me which of these conversations is going on at Nintendo HQ right now.

A) "We have most of the top 20 baby! If you count, more of our stuff has a number than the other companies!"


B) "Despite the fact that the 3ds continues to dominate, our current home console remains an utter failure, selling horribly, receiving bad press, missing target goals by almost 2/3's.. etc etc"

Do you think it matters to those invested in Nintendo how many spots on the chart Nintendo receives if in the end it results in losses? Nintendo fans have "well atleast we have the 3ds to make up for the wii u, mindset, but let me promise you, kids, Nintendo is looking at it the other way around. The wii u is draining the enormous success of the 3ds. Nintendo didn't release 2 consoles with the hopes that atleast 1 will do good.

Everyone on this website keeps complaining about bad news. THESE ARE BAD TIMES FOR THE COMPANY. NintendoLife isn't here to lie to you. It isn't a conspiracy people. Wii U is draining this company.

Yes, the 3ds is doing well.
Yes, Nintendo has enough in the bank to withstand an ultimate wii u failure.

That DOESN't matter. They still want it to succeed, and NLIFE is still obligated to report when it's not. It's their job. "Geez couldn't NLIFE have worded it a little more happy and put a picture of a bird smiling and giving a thumbs up and make it happy " blah blah NO! Grow up!

Until (if) Nintendo does a bettter job at turning this system's fortunes around, expect bad news. No matter WHAT excuse you think of, these are poor sales. Slow sales month, japan vs usa, people didn't buy games cuz they were feeling ill from all the st valentines day chocolate, whatever spin you put, this is bad.

What were you saying last year. Did you not think Pikmin 3, W101, Monster hunter 3u, Lego City, Wario, Mario 3d World, Donkey kong, etc. would turn the wii u's fortunes around? You're lying if you say no. Because if you didn't think that, then you shouldn't be surprised that bad news is being reported.

Nintendo is not in trouble, guys. But the wii u is. Nintendo will probably recover, build some revolutionary home console/portable combo system and be fine, but unless wii u recovers, stop complaining about bad news.



LetsGoRetro commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

I'm slowly losing my love for this company. I understand the first returns did well but that was more a result of "retro" being new again with NSMB & dkc:r. They actually thought they could capitalize and just keep pumping out 2d platformers in 2013, 2014 & beyond? Ugh.. This is just freaking painful to watch. Every single person except for the few hundred inside the walls of Nintendo saw putting Retro on a high tech, revolutionary project was the key to this platform catching a glimmer of hope, and instead they make a 2d platformer. Not only that but I recall a Retro employee actually tweeting something along the lines of "Another fps? Wow so boring", at one of the big e3 reveals a day or 2 before this got released. Oh, the irony.

This gets revealed, the media world and fans are universally disappointed, so Nintendo runs back to HQ and has a big meeting. "We need to recapture the public's interest with a big announcement" Miyamoto grabs his Zelda U paperwork and begins to stand up but the man next to him reaches out his arm, pushes Shiggy back in his seat, and with a twinkle in his eye says "I've got it. Cranky Kong as a playable character within the game everyone's disappointed in for existing" Board room erupts in cheers



LetsGoRetro commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:


It has a negative tone because it's negative news. That's a bad debut for one of the "big" titles. Just because this is a Nintendo website doesn't mean a part of their job is to make Nintendo fans feel happy inside by polishing turds. Their integrity as journalists require they report it like it is, and as Nintendo is flopping, most of the articles are going to have a negative undertone. Blame Nintendo, not NintendoLife.



LetsGoRetro commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

Nintendo is far from doomed but c'mon guys, it's too freakin late for the Wii U.I actually sold mine. I was fiercely loyal to Nintendo for many years but I'm done being blind. Every Nintendo console will have it's share of great Nintendo first party titles but there has been, and by all indications will be, such a small amount of games. what do we know about for 2014, like 7 exclusives? We're a year and a half into it's lifecycle. Even if developers started flocking to the wii u now, the 2, sometimes 3, year development cycles of many games would mean most of the good content would be coming out at the end of it's lifecycle. If you're Nintendo only at any point after the Cube, you're blind.



LetsGoRetro commented on Feature: Breaking Down What Nintendo's QOL Pla...:

I own a Wii U and a PS4 and hven't touched either in 2 months besides a game of nbs2k14. These last 2 months I've been playing suikoden 3, wild arms 3, banjo kazooie and dk64. That's right, ps2 and n64. Does this generation suck or am I just getting old?



LetsGoRetro commented on A Third-Party "Secret Developer" Gives an Insi...:

Things like this are upsetting. Nintendo has been a giant in this industry for near 3 decades, so they should have multiple contacts with every relevant company. They should design their hardware by either consulting other companies about where the industry's heading, or at the very least keeping them in mind.

They're placing priority on the thing being NOISY over keeping it friendly for third parties? The thing can make a 56k dialup connection modem noise the whole time it plays if it means more great games are coming to it.

Nintendo is still the best software developer around, but not by a huge margin anymore. There are lots of good ones that we shoulen't have to miss. I'm sick of blaming third parties for being lazy. Nintendo is the stubborn one.

Nintendo is the kid at the dance standing in the corner, staring at the wall and we, it's friends are telling everyone at the dance "It's YOUR fault for not going out of your way to go talk to him." No, it's not. it's his fault for choosing to be a loner, especially in a school he was the most popular kid in for quite a while.

This gen, everyone needs a PS, and only Nintendo fans need a wii u. I love mine, but I totally understand those who don't.



LetsGoRetro commented on Level 5 Is Hard At Work On A New Game That Wil...:

Maybe someone can answer this for me. Reading about "Dark Cloud" reminds me of a game for the snes called Soul Blazer. You went into dungeons, destroyed monsters & rebuilt towns. Can someone who's played both tel me if dc is like a 3d sb? sb was in my top 3 games growing up



LetsGoRetro commented on Video: Just Look For The U On The Box, Nintend...:


Sorry, in rereading my own post, it sounded almost dismissive or your comment. It wasn't meant to. So, let me give a detailed response as to my opinion of your statement.

Your quote is: "Maturity, though, is about not caring about the superficial layers, and realizing that depth comes from the layers found beneath the surface"

If you did happen to read the entirety of mine and Jaxon's conversation, you might remember I stressed the point of "Just as something looking kiddie doesn't automatically make it kiddie, something having depth doesn't automatically make it non-kiddie".

Let's take Game A: Party Babies and Game B: Super Mario 3D World. Both are bright, colorful, cheery. Game A has very shallow gameplay whereas B has deep gameplay. So now we're to the point of "What makes something chilidish vs mature?" Your argument suggests that because I can do a lot with my characters, find lots of secret paths, replay the levels, etc. that that places it in a category of "not being kiddie". Well... Why?

Is it because the assumption is that kids can't handle as much? I sure could handle the abovementioned game depth as a kid. So, just as you can ask "Why do the graphics have to suggest it's childish?" I can ask "Why does the game having depth have to suggest it's not?"

So, again, what makes something kiddie? In my opinion, it's the developers intentionally including things for the purpose of appealing to kids. Like colorful, shiny, toylike graphics. Characters in bright, puffy, silly costumes High pitched, goofy, silly, zany voice acting. Talking animals. These are all things included in cartoons because bright colors, high pitched voices, etc gra children's attention.

Your general argument is that the depth and quality of the experience negates that, however I beg to differ. Take your favorite shirt and paint it pink and purple. It WILL look more feminine despite te quality of the fabric, design, etc. Why? Pink and purple afre known to be feminine colors, just as all the things listed above are known to hook children's interest.

I feel it's time for Nintendo fans to stop denying the childish nature of the experiences that we enjoy. We need to embrace that that is WHY we like it. This matters because we go and get defensive when people call what we like childish, but the fact is, they're right. But, so what if it is? We can still lke it. But, that doesn't change that it is!

Game B is just as kiddie as Game A, it's just a higher quality, deeper, better experience. I truly feel Nintendo gamers that deny the games are childish are uncomfortable with the fact that they are. They don't want to admit they like something geared towards kids. My stance is "Yes, it's a kid's game, and it's freaking awesome, so I'm going to play it til I'm 70", and not "Yes, it is a game about talking animals grunting and farting and jumping on each other, but as you can see, it's geared towarfds adults because it's a deep game with an incredible physics engine"

Mario is a game about an Italian plumber who jups on the heads of turtles and smiling, waddling floppy foot goombas, trying to save a pink princess from a giant spiky shelled lizard. It is for kids. And that's okay.



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If you read the entirety of @JaxonH and I's conversation, you'll see the points your raising have all been addressed and analyzed from numerous angles, quite in depth (if you didn't, i don't blame you, he and I sure can type a lot!) I don't disagree with what you're saying, but how you've worded your response does te d to make me think you maybe skimmed the conversations VS read them in depth.

I'm a 30 year old owner of all systems, as well, with Nintendo being my personal favorite.