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Fri 3rd May 2013

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brokenfang commented on Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):

approximately 360 hours to go... CANT WAIT!!!! will NL be running some tourneys Thomas? a bunch of us from MH3U are doing midnight download and then meeting online. hope the download doesnt take forever, it gonna be a late night as it is!



brokenfang commented on Interview: A Look Through the Periscope at Ste...:

Good game. Needs a content update at this point to keep the early players interested though. More maps and dlc subs would be great. Leveling past 41 is pointless, as there is no benefit after BW is unlocked. That kinda bugs me.

Feels like your playing a good beta version, but you know it could be so much better.

Ironfang out.

Edit: Nevermind the above complaints. Thanks to devs! I just checked in with miiverse and read about V.2 coming in May. Cant wait!



brokenfang commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

@Mewtwo21 So if you were quarterbacking this thing, you go for a double whammy and release both this summer? (Kart and Smash) Ok. But you dont think Nintendo has thought this over carefully? Think about the big picture here. Soccer moms buy the Kart bundles this summer. Soccer moms buy the Smash bundles this winter.

Its a no brainer business move. lt would be be laughably stupid not to do this.



brokenfang commented on Review: Steel Diver: Sub Wars (3DS eShop):

oh, and on the balance of free subs vs. paid subs: not really an issue. as the reviewer stated, the differences are minor. and most of the matches are so fast paced anyway (under 5 mins) i'm finding its more about tactics and skill.

good teamwork is the key to winning here.



brokenfang commented on Soapbox: When It Comes To Software Support, Th...:

@Damo: I'm with you on most points you make in the article. I did however, vote the 2nd choice. With so many ways to spend our money on digital media these days, it has to be smart business to offer as much as possible on any one particular device, no?

But in all honesty, I probably fit more in the #1 group. I bought the console for Nintendo games. Heck, how do you guys do it? Multiple consoles, PC gaming, and now the mobile market. I mean, does anyone sleep anymore?

And Damo's so right on about the gamepad. I've croaked this again and again. More people need to have this in their living rooms to realize the convenience of it.
Example: My son (on 3ds) and I (on Wii U gamepad) were playing MH3U the other night, while my wife watched her Netflix. (and yes folks, it all comes in one little box)

Should have brought the NES name back for this console, because that is what it is = an entertainment system.
Yeah, the Wii U already won. It's just the general public hasn't realized it yet.



brokenfang commented on Ubisoft - Splinter Cell: Blacklist A "Great Fi...:

Since there is no sign of Metal Gear coming to the U, I'll grab this instead.

I hope its as good as it sounds and people will give it a chance. The console needs to start moving games NOW.

Buy this game and support the system. Its not another fps, as another post said. It's stealth/action. Sam Fisher FTW!



brokenfang commented on EA: We're Not Writing Off Wii U:

I'm glad to hear your at least enjoying the 3DS. I guess I should stop being a mean jerk now since you do own the 3DS. I can't do that!

Ok, so your not a troll. But you don't seem to have much faith in the Wii U. But hey, your obviously not alone there.

I only know this: I've had the U for 7 months or so, and have been playing only that for a console during that time. It's a lot better than the masses believe it to be.
The off- screen play is so overlooked by the critics. It was simply awesome watching the Cup finals and grindin' on MH3U with some cool players I met on miiverse.
I don't want to play any other way now. Completely hooked.



brokenfang commented on EA: We're Not Writing Off Wii U:

Go away EA. Just go away, we don't care anymore. Your half-wit company would not exist if it weren't for Nintendo. Neither would Playstation or Xbox for that matter.

The arrogance sickens me.



brokenfang commented on Talking Point: Wii U vs Xbox One - Online Requ...:

@Yamagushi: Your extreme views on digital ethics are insulting and borderline harassment. Take it somewhere else. Who are you to shove your twisted logic in my face? Exuse me? You are the law in matters of digital media ethics and morals? No you are not.

I will do whatever I want with my property. I paid for it!

And save your lectures for someone who cares.

please, let's try to keep it civil — TBD



brokenfang commented on Review: Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Wii U eShop / ...:

Rented this back in the day and promptly returned it the next day (luckily still in one piece). Lol. Grabbed it the other day on the eshop with Super Metroid for the nostalgia and have been playing it on the GP in bed.

Looks and sounds great, but hard as ever!

Nice review Dam.



brokenfang commented on Microsoft: If You're Backwards Compatible, You...:

Wow, its so bad at this point even the fanboys have fallen silent.

So now we know the results of the upcoming "console wars"

Xbox One (R.I.P.)

At least Sony still has shot to stay in the game. MS on the other hand... I'm truly shocked at how bad this console sounds.