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Fri 21st June, 2013

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MrGuinea commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

I actually liked Nicalis and a few of their games, but now my opinion has slightly changed. As a developer, he could easily change that by making games for it that actually USE the gamepad instead of complaining that it isn't used enough.



MrGuinea commented on KnapNok Games and Nifflas Collaborating on Wii...:

Really interested. I love that they're actually doing something with the second screen instead of just offering off screen play. More companies need to do this, because this is where the potential of the Wii U is unlocked.



MrGuinea commented on Peter Molyneux Reveals His Favourite Zelda Tit...:

Twilight Princess is definitely my favorite as well. It was the first Zelda game where I was actually pumped to buy it and got it within the first week it was out. The story, the atmosphere, the art style, the soundtrack, the new motion control gameplay at the time, and the many new dungeons, areas, and tools, all came together to form the best Zelda adventure yet.



MrGuinea commented on Ubisoft: ZombiU Development Was a Learning Exp...:

Just finally got the Wii U and played the ZombiU demo and it is by far the BEST survival horror game I have played hands down. The use of the gamepad worked flawlessly I thought. I plan on picking up the actual version soon and I hope Ubisoft really considers ZombiU 2 if Wii U sales do well this holiday! I don't understand how that game could have possibly got bad reviews!



MrGuinea commented on Talking Point: Pikmin 3 Shows the First Shoots...:

If you're wanting to play CoD/GoW/GTA then go play another system. Because it's a shame that you can't play any actually GOOD games. Those that say Pikmin is just a "kids" games are obviously uncomfortable with their gaming identity. Pikmin is one of the best RTS games I've ever played hands down. Just because it isn't an FPS, doesn't have guns or blood doesn't make it just a kids game. Some people are so stubborn to admit a good game when they see one. They instead base it off of things that shouldn't matter to what makes a great game.



MrGuinea commented on Nintendo "Would Consider" Making Free-To-Play ...:

I wouldn't want to shell out a couple bucks if I wanted a new rare piece of furniture. And I sure hope they don't go the route of having items like golden shovels, etc, be available to purchase for $1 each or instead you have to do this near impossible task to get it. But I feel like Nintendo actually cares a lot for consumers and wouldn't do that.

But I still don't like the idea of it.



MrGuinea commented on Not All Super Smash Bros. Characters Will Make...:

Well my guess all the usual ones replaced in melee will get the boot. Such as Ike with Chrom (even though I just played thru FE:PoR and RD and have come to appreciate him), pokemon trainer, lucario (as was mewtwo), I wish jigglypuff would be replaced, toon link will get cut, wolf might get cut (replaced with Krystal?), probably ROB and lucas.

I honestly don't know who else to cut tho...the roster better be a LITTLE bit bigger than brawl...