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ShadyKnights commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

It's called quality, plain and simple. Mewtwo may have been in Melee, but that was back in 2001. More than 10 years ago. He was also a favorite of many and easily could have just not made it and that'd been it. However for a small fee many can get their favorite main smash character back in all his glory in HD. Capcom would have had Mewtwo finished, on disc, then charge us to unlock him.

Also, it's quite cheaper to get Mewtwo and the Mii outfits as a bundle rather than separately. Granted my math only goes up to calculus so I could be wrong, but if buying Mewtwo for Wii U or 3DS is $3.99 per console, but getting it for both Wii U and 3DS is $4.99, my math tells me you're getting it a nice discount of 3 bucks and change as 3.99 times 2 is $7.98. SO yeah, might wanna bust out that ol calculator next time ya start tossing numbers around.

All things considered Nintendo could have left it as you have to buy each version. And the costumes are little extras that people actually want and that add flavor to the game. I was hoping for Megaman X, but if I can make a Megaman X Mii and just use him I'm happy. Plus Protoman looks awesome. Sweet baby Jesus looks so good.

This article is quite silly as Nintendo has shown since MK8 dropped and every game that has DLC since how DLC should be done. You get basically a whole new Mario Kart game for around $11.99 all together or $7.99 per DLC pack. Do you not math that value? Okay fine 7.99 times 2 is $15.98. Saving almost 4 bucks even with that. Oh I'm sorry yeah getting it at $11.99 also nets you different colors for Shy Guy and Yoshi and no extra cost. So you know, you get pointless costumes for free. Oh yeah and the 200cc patch update that so would have been DLC with any other company. Oh dang it I also forgot that the Animal Crossing DLC is coming earlier than announced. So if you paid for it and were eagerly waiting, you get it sooner.... What are we complaining about again?

Or Hyrule Warriors which has been the most brilliant DLC, adding characters, costumes, maps, levels, dogdarned Ganon mode. For $19.99. You do realize every character would be like 5 bucks each and the costumes would have been split up in such a way that you would have to by them all to get the complete set of whichever one you really wanted if you only wanted one LoZ set in particular for the characters, and charged upwards of $5.99 for each right?

This author doesn't seem to get the concept that DLC is not bad. Bad DLC is bad. DLC that adds value, but does not reduce the value of the game you purchased is always nice and so far, That's all I'm seeing with Nintendo. Things are reasonably priced, there is incentive to buy all the DLC (respectably cheaper than individual packs though the individuals aren't terribly expensive either way). But hey, that's just me.



ShadyKnights commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

Oooh okay, that's what got in your craw. The whole Nintendo doesn't need third party thing. Okay, but I elaborated on that in my direct post to you. Nintendo doesn't need third party games in the volume of which Sony and Microsoft do. I say this cause they don't. I mean Sony is selling PS4s like gangbusters, yet they have to lay off how many people and close down how many divisions? Why? Cause they're not making very much money off of it. Hell Nintendo isn't with the Wii U console sales more than likely. They make money off software. Nintendo not shelling out money for third party games and instead developing their own games cheaper, that sell better than any other first party game from the competition, nets them a nicer chunk of profits over all. Sony and Microsoft throwing money at getting exclusives costs them money and they need to sell even more copies to make that expense back. Selling more consoles will generally not make that cash back and is not as important in this generation as it was in the past. This is not to say that it isn't important at all, but just that it's not the absolute end all be all.

So running off that logic based on actual facts, I can honestly say that Nintendo doesn't need too many third party games. At least definitely not the ones that they need to pay for like SonySOft does. All they need to do is cater to the 9 mil + owners who have a Wii U and are enjoying it and toss out more games for those waiting till their specific lesser selling, but still deeply loved game pops out. Which they are doing this year with Zelda U and Star Fox. And for those wanting more mature games Devil's Third is coming (personally excited for that one) and Bayonetta 2 is on the Wii U. Not to mention Wonderful 101 and Hyrule Warriors are two excellent third party games on the Wii U. Would more third party offerings like those be welcomed? Hells yeah, but I also believe they'll come. They just need to strategize smart since they're not focused on providing a stupidly powerful console that would cost them even more money to sell and time to develop games for.

I'm not whining about third party games myself cause my desktop plays my Steam collection like a sexy vixen and my laptop that I can hook up to my TV does a very noice job as well. So~ I'm good really.

Oh but back to Nintendo's quality, okay I'll concede, their quality isn't always great. Just almost always. No one's perfect and sometimes their out of the box thinking does get weird, but on the hole, their works are fantastic. Your complaints on formulaic can be reflected far more at anything outside of Nintendo than at Nintendo themselves. Most first person shooters, third person shooters, sports games, all are much more formulaic and don't even try to be interesting or subvert their own tropes. LoZ games generally try to do that with varying degrees of success, and Mario games are about skilled platforming so they'd better damned well have a formula for moving through the levels like a boss at top speed. And Mario Kart 8 does racing well and pretty much set the standard in how paid DLC should be done. A feat that has only been matched by Hyrule Warriors. That is ground breaking enough for now.

I will admit I was super salty in the beginning of the Wii U era for third parties being douche nozzles, cause they had everything they asked for during the Wii era with the Wii U and just went back on their promises to put games out on it and didn't even try to port game of the year editions over which I would have purchased. But after seeing Watch_Dogs, Aliens: Colonial Marines, the crap ports and all, I just stopped care about getting stuff from them for my Wii U. My library is strong on and off the U so why be upset? Specially since I can play MGS V on my PC. It's a lil weird to play it off a Sony console, but I have a pro controller and the means to use it to play PC games with so I will live.

I will say this about you, from how you present yourself and I mean no insult to you, but again you are the perfect representation of the current gamer. Your arguments and points are all about bringing down or shaming the person you're talking to and you like using exceptions as examples of standards on both ends. You ignore what people say then respond to them quite hostile based on your own willful misinterpretation.

You seem to be quite upset that Nintendo fans are genuinely happy not playing the games you love and claim they do so either because they just haven't played them or are just being sheep, too afraid to admit what you feel is the truth. You seem to believe that the way you see and understand the gaming culture is the only and correct way to do so.

Now I say all these things cause it is how you present yourself. You're hostile, rude, insulting, condescending, and come off as a guy with a bug up the butt. I could be absolutely wrong and hope you don't think I'm trying to be personal with you as I'm just making general statements based upon how you present yourself to me directly and to others in posts you've made.



ShadyKnights commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

Oh wow neat! You're the very first person to read anything I've ever posted on the internet and make assumptions of me being a fanboy or claim that I don't know what I'm talking about based on my opinions derived from a study of facts! Cool. I must be getting better at posting if what I wrote was interesting enough to be read "enough" to make someone so salty.

Okay, fine, I shall respond with the mandatory list of what consoles I own and how long I have been gaming, which will be ignored by you, but it seems to be the customary response to such accusations on the internet and I'd not like to be rude. ahem~.

I've bene gaming since I was 6 about and and 27 currently. Started on NES, moved to SNES, Super GameBoy, Genesis, 32X, Saturn, N64, GameBoy Color, Dreamcast, PS1 (own 2, one died), Game Cube, PS2 (own 2, one died), DS, 360 (own 2, one died), PS3 (own 2, one dead), Wii, Wii U and 3DS, roughly in that order.I don't particularly game on one console, I just prefer Nintendo cause they're fun to me. and generally provide different experiences.

I don't get what I said was so salty or ignorant, it'd be nice if you elaborated other than making silly accusations of my gaming credentials as if your word was gaming law and what not. But you do provide me with a nice example of the current gamer of today. See, I don't care what you say about me or any Nintendo fan cause, whatever, you can like what you like, you have your reasons for disliking or disagreeing with me, and that cool. Means you're human as I am.

However, this also means that our values are different. I personally see no value in most third party games as I've watch them turn to crap over the years. Assassin's Creed died for me in AC3 when they changed everything to be like the Arkham games for no good reason and the story was crap. Mass Effect turned to crap after the first game because it gave up the excellent basis for the RPG in favor of more Third Person Shooter friendly principles that ruined the feel of the series. None of Bethesda's works look good to me as it's just buggy and just looks clunky and empty. inFAMOUS wen south immediately after the greatness that was the very first game in lieu of going after a wider audience. Again, to me.

Does that mean I hate all third party games? No, I just mentioned a couple of series and games that I loved at a point in time. Mostly played on my PS3, but on my 360 as well. Hell Alan Wake I'd probably consider one of the greatest games to come out all of last gen and that isn't on Nintendo at all. Does that mean I love all of Nintendo games? No. I don't even love all the LoZ games. I feel the 3D series peaked at Majora's Mask, just nosed dived at the horrible story and plot of Wind Waker, picked back up a bit with the better, but still bland world of Twilight Princess, and picked up a bit more with the better Skyward Sword as the characters were much stronger and the story was at least memorable and fun. Why do I keep playing them? Cause they're all genuinely different from one another and anything else in this industry. Others try to copy, some might even do it better mechanically or story-wise, but very few actually meet the quality of Nintendo's offerings.

All my statements have said were that I simply don't think third party games are necessary for a Nintendo console in the volume that they are on the PS4 and XBOne. Because unless the PS4 and XBOne put out exclusives that are of actual high quality (and XBOne has a few more that PS4 currently) there's no reason to get them. You can get the vast majority of those games on your PC that will, for the most part (most as in not all coughWatch_Dogscough), play better on the PC and will be cheaper there as well. And if your PC isn't much older than 7 years, you can likely play those games decently. Some of the games are even on PS3 and 360, again neutering the reason to upgrade. The majority of the Wii U's library are mostly found on the Wii U, meaning if you want those games you need the console.

I don't quite see how that's a sheltered mentality to have, but I' sure you have a reason as to why and will happily let me know. ^_^



ShadyKnights commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

Exactly. As I stated before, AAA games are for mass appeal and most people consider games kiddy unless they look realistic. They don't want to play a game, regardless of how fun it may be, because it looks "too cartoony" or "not mature". The mainstream gaming audience wants games they won't feel embarrassed about when talking to someone else about gaming because to them mature is respectable and E for everyone is kiddy.

As you put it, all the games blur into each other, so once you've played the best of that 200 games (probably 5) you've played them all. After that you're just replayin the same game with varying degrees of competency in design.

Once gaming went mainstream with the 360 and PS3 wars, obsession with third parties and trophies that do nothing became the talk of the town.



ShadyKnights commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

No, what sells a console is the amount of quality games on it. Not just the amount of games. The games must be worth the purchase of the console and to be purchased on that console specifically. What I said still stands as mass appeal requires there to be enough quality for the largest audience.

Now, that being said, there is a difference in quality for a wide audience third parties provide, to a focused audience that first party games give. Yeah AAA games are technically good at what they aim to do, but those games tend to be throwaways. You buy them, play them, throw them away for the prettiest new sequel. First party games are more about staying power. You're supposed to keep returning to a first party game after you've played it through, because it's quality is beyond that of a third party game.

Last gen we had devs lying about what we saw in game demo vids (Aliens: Colonial Marines), this one they lie about the mechanics and visual quality of the game (Watch_Dogs). Last gen we had buggy releases that required day one patches and sometimes didn't get patches for months on down the road, this gen we have Sims 4 and AC: Unity. Last gen we got Kane and Lynch, this gen we got The Order.

I don't think people are being too obsessive about first parties at all as, again, you can play third party games anywhere. And you're not locked into only playing one console or a console and no PC. In fact, many have argued the best places to experience the third party games worth playing will be on PC. And most games work just fine on even standard PCs. So if the gamer really wants teh highest of quality, they'd go with a Wii U and PC combo. People just want to get the best bang for their buck and, as far as games from a purely gaming standpoint is concerned, Nintendo offers that more than the others. The others mearly offer more games, but you could still get enough fun that you need via the indies that are on the Wii U as well.

But to each their own. Not everyone likes Nintendo games and that's cool. But the lack of third party should not be a reason to say the console itself is lacking.



ShadyKnights commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

I honestly wouldn't say it's representative of the entire AAA industry, but merely another stop along the inevitable road to the cliff. I mean look at Mass Effect. A great game that I personally love saver for the glaring error that, for an RPG, it's too damned short and there's not enough branching things to do in the first game let alone the series. The second game completely forgets what the hell teh first one was and the third goes off the rails, forgets anything resembling the original charming, but clunky original game, and ends in a craptastic way that makes the multiple endings of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time seem ground breaking as those endings are actually caused by interactions with people you had rather than an arbitrary choice at the end of the game.

And after all of that, people still treat BioWare as if they are not only infalible, but still get pants wettingly excited for their games. Water flows under the bridge fast when Halo: MCC releases buggy as hell cause the New Halo will be fine. Kill Zone Shadow Fall was a bust, but Sony will get it right with inFamous.. Okay that one was okay, but Ubi will do well with Watch_Dogs... Okay well Drive Club will be premium cash... Okay but the Order 1886 will be the mad business... Okay but Bloodborne will be fantastic. I don't get it. I mean Bloodborne may be amazing, but no one puts on the skeptical goggles after blowing how much money?

As you said 10 to 12 games a year is plenty for me. When I was a kid I was lucky to own 5 games a year and the people at Blockbuster knew my face. So actually buyin the games I love rather than renting them, and having the games I really want as well as the occasional super special game to pop up is good enough for me.



ShadyKnights commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

Which is exactly why AAA third party games don't matter as much as they did, say last gen or very early this gen. The Wii U has it's games, it's market and that's fine. They don't need mainstream AAA and the indies the Wii U does get are an excellent bonus to the console. It's why I've calmed down more about the whole GF and Sega thing and the Metroidvania game that aren't coming to the Wii U as my backlog exploded last year and I got games to get now rather than cry about adding more games to the list this very moment.



ShadyKnights commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

Tons is a stretch of the term. There are plenty of good ones, I'll not deny, but many of them are available on the PC and are playable on reasonably old computers at that. Some are even coming out still on PS3 and 360. The necessity to move to a new console for them is really not all that great in the grand scheme of things.



ShadyKnights commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

I'm aware of that. However, the implications of quality doesn't affect that quality doesn't seem to matter with the loudest gamers these days. Mostly what I hear is "Go where the games are!" rather than "Go where the good games are!" from gamers.

Gamers still scream about third party even though that very same third party has been proving since last gen and especially during this gen, that they don't care about quality of their products, they just care about mass appeal and sales.



ShadyKnights commented on Nintendo is Not Moving Away From Games For QoL...:

Very curious and hopeful for this QoL thing. I hope it does well and I hope they get better at increasing the functionality and implementation of their QoL products and that this exercise does in fact bring about stronger and more engaging games and gameplay.

Either way, so long as I get getting the games I enjoy as I am, I'm happy.



ShadyKnights commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:


...Well that's a weird way to start a conversation with someone. Hm, well you seem to have completely misconstrued my sentiments as you're suggesting I have nefariously labeled people wanting N3DSs as whiny and only said they just want face plates. Now if you're speaking of the first comment I made about this subject, there is a response I made that you may have missed. If you're speaking of the last comment I made, I don't believe you quite understood what I said and have misinterpreted me. I clearly said their comments come off as whiny. Whether or not they have legitimate complaints, the points tend to be posed in a manner to come off as petty, as people seem to take business decisions personally which is just not how mature individuals should act.

Some people here have very good and legitimate and reasoned points, being they prefer the regular models over the XLs due to smaller hands, it's for their kids, pocket space, all valid reasons, but it's when the rest start delving into the whole "I can't believe Nintendo would ever do such a thing" where points start drifting into sensationalist hyperbole.

Okay let me break it down, every time Nintendo does anything different than its competitors or what the public expects, people act as if the world is ending, the company beat them, raped their wife, had a smoke and are going back in for seconds. Nintendo stays with cartridges with the N64 and the world is ending, why can't they understand discs are the only way to go?! Nintendo goes with discs with the GameCube and the world is ending, these discs are too small Nintendo, don't you get we like to watch DVDs with our gaming consoles, there's not enough memory on these discs even though there really is! Nintendo drops the GameBoy brand and starts the DS and the world is ending, how are we to play with two screens Nintendo I only play with one, how can you change things like that, DS is a dumb name GameBoy is so much better! Nintendo releases the Wii with its motion controls and backwards compatibility to the GameCube and the world is ending the controller is so awful and gimmicky, gimmick, gimmick, motion controls are dumb, gimmick, stupid casuals scumbags, HD is where it's at Nintendo you don't get it! Nintendo releases the 3DS and the world is ending, Nintendo how could you phase out my DS, 3D is dumb and stupid and it's not as powerful as the VIta! Wii U is released with HD graphics, is more powerful than the powerhouse PS3 of last gen, a new tablet controller with unique advantages to gameplay and UI control, and the largest Mature launch line up of any console and the world is ending, Nintendo how could you still be region locked when the others aren't, these games are old though some of them are the definitive versions of the game, but still old, Wii U is a dumb name and hard to remember even though it is almost visually and phonetically Wii 2, motion controls are a fad, why is there a second screen when I'm only used to one screen, it's not as powerful as the PS4 or XBOne, why no cross buy?! And now the N3DS is launched and the world is ending, I don't care what the numbers say I like my regular 3DS, we're being treated like second class citizens for not being given what we were expecting but never promised, NOA is garbage trash that treats us all like garbage!

Oh, but I forgot how "Nintendo is just behind the times/ doesn't get how Westerners work/ are just a bunch of old out of touch men" too. So, yeah I'm genuinely sorry that I have offended you. I know I come off as abrasive or tend to not word myself that well at times, but I've read and heard all that stuff for years. As in back in the N64 era. So when you say this should make people consider how the future of what Nintendo has in store for us, I have to wonder about either your age or your memory. Nintendo does this all the time. Not out of spite for the consumer, but to protect the company as a whole and their properties which are worth a hell of a lot.

Hell you say any other company would receive backlash for this? Really? Well let's look at the competition. The Vita is region free, but is supported like festering horse plops outside of Japan. It's not backwards compatible so you can't play PSP games on it unless you buy them again, and it's connectablity with the PS3 and 4 is iffy at best from what I hear. No one utters a word. Nintendo however, regardless of which version of the 3DS you have, supports the software adequately at least and it's backwards compatible. Everyone looses their mind every time Nintendo makes one move we all feel is stupid no matter how small. Oh it's region locked yes, but there is generally a steady flow of games coming to it and you can play the DS games you may have missed, yet people still act as if this is awful. That seems unreasonable to me.

And your stuff will be "locked" to whomever you support, be it Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft. You get games for them, you play them on them. Unless Sony and Microsoft announced you can play each others games on the competitor's consoles when I wasn't looking and I missed that internet explosion.

As I've inferred before, this is a business decision, not a personal one. Maybe we all need to dial it back a bit and recognize companies run by numbers. The Vita wasn't bought at numbers of the PS4 in the West, so the West gets few games for them. That is a counter productive move, but it is a move accepted by the masses when Sony does it and doesn't even explain it. Nintendo has clarified, as ShikabaneHime13 reminded me, that the N3DS isn't coming due to marketing and because the XL has outsold the 3DS by a considerable enough margin to make releasing both seem like an unwise business move. They clarified this and it's still not good enough.

As someone who's just on the outside looking in, as I have no interest in getting a N3DS/XL any time soon, it appears that people just aren't satisfied with that answer. And it's understandable to not be. Especially if you're of the minority who prefer the base model over the XL one. But this isn't about everyone feeling safe or betrayed or ill attended to. You're not getting what you want right now and you're not hearing the answers you want right now. That's all. Cause they stated their reasoning. It's a business one. Business sense doesn't seem to coincide with mass perception too often so it's understandable that in general we wouldn't quite get the reasoning behind it all, but this worry, hyperbole and anger is just silly.

No, I haven't tried the standard N3DS and that holds no baring on anything whatsoever. I've not tried the N3DS XL either. I'm just a guy who came in, got frustrated with what I was reading and posted my opinions on how everything appears form a third party perspective. It looks plain silly to be this bent out of shape. Again, nothing wrong with being angry or frustrated, but the way it's being displayed is just immature.



ShadyKnights commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:


Most, not all, but most of the comments against those decrying the need for N3DS tend to comment that the complaints and demands for the N3DS comes off as whiny and complaining. Mostly cause it tends to come off that way. I mean your statement of "Many have mocked and belittled those who dare want something different." just comes off as pretentious. Now I'm sure it's not and I'm sure you're a passionate person who just really wants to game the way you want to and I respect that. However I feel your sense of wounded indignation is a little extreme all things considered.

I also feel the severe need to just up and boycott the N3DS out right is also overly extreme and misguided. Both are just personal stances, yes, but still people are getting upset over what was never promised or offered to us. Those commercials and information about the face plates were first seen in Japan. Those N3DSs were also advertised there, not here. And while it definitely sucks the option wasn't given to us, they didn't lie or insult us by not bringing it out.

Now I'm honestly okay with the N3DSs coming over here cause it'd make you guys happy and I think options are great. Personally I hope there are face plate friendly versions of the N3DS XL that show up later on when I'm ready to upgrade. But I'm not gonna be a butt about it. Those things are just superficial and have no long term serious negative affect on the game I would be playing as that is all inside the console. Yes I'd be flustered if only the N3DS version was coming out and admittedly I would probably not buy it, but that's due to my DSi proving that I can't game on smaller handhelds like I used to without my hand cramping something furious. If that were not the issue in that situation, I'd shrug and look up some sweet ass face plates. Mmmm~



ShadyKnights commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:


No problem, I took no offense, lol. Thanks for hearing me out further.

I can understand and respect your point of view and reasons for wanting the N3DS over the XL and it makes very good sense. And I understand that kids and adults have their preference and we all like to get what we prefer, I just don't get all the venom spewed when you can't get your preference is all. Not necessarily by you, but there are a lot of quick tempers thrown around for essentially not getting the size and color of the GameBoy you want. And while your speculation seems logical, I think the real reason we have so many limited editions is just for Nintendo to sell the New brand easier. People like limited edition stuff coughSmashamiibocough and waving that in their face is akin to chumming the waters for sharks. I don't think people with Limited Editions get tired of that look, but a face plate that could go with your standard N3DS XL that you could swap out would be for those who just don't see a limited edition XL that they would like.

That being said, you are correct, there are various reasons for wanting a 3DS over the XL version and I apologize for coming off as insensitive to people's personal preference as we all do have reasons for choosing whichever version of whatever console over the other. It's just I don't think anger and indignation is a constructive attitude for it all ya know? I'm all for getting Nintendo to bring in regular N3DS and making the XL face plate compatible. Not one over the other, but both as it would satisfy the maximum amount of gamers and would allow force choice. However, I will not be angry if none of that comes to fruition as I care more about the games and the ability to play them over the aesthetics of the console itself (he says with a LoZ:LBW 3DSXL staring him in the face, lol).

I feel boycotting should be reserved for an affront to the industry such as making the 3DS superior in every way over the XL and not releasing both in America, the other way around, or if they say disparaging things about my race as a whole, my social standing, or me personally. If it's just business, fine I'll treat it like business and wait until I get a definitive "this is/isn't coming" before I buy something. I make known my grievances and don't buy immediately until I see the results I want, but I still buy because I support the overall concept, but I reserve immediate purchase for immediate satisfaction is all. I think business pay more attention to that than not buying at all as they want them dollars faster so they'll listen quicker. However buying it import just gives the sale to the other country, there by giving them the money and skewing the sales of what Americans want as they showed no interest in the console while everyone else ate it up. Natural reaction is to reduce the numbers of what we get even further while increasing what the others get even more as the numbers justify that.



ShadyKnights commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:


Curious, I do not recall writing that I whole heartedly believe that those who want N3DSs would enjoy them less. I do, however, recall stating that those asking for smaller simply for the face plates would inherently enjoy the console less. Now true this is a generalization I admit, so if you find your feathers ruffled by my statement, my apologies, however those who tend to do things for superficial reason do tend to enjoy things less than those who don't as they are motivated by fickle reasoning.

Also feasibility is irrelevant. I believe in asking for what you want and what you'd enjoy. I don't feel it unreasonable as if neither comes out, I'll still get a N3DSXL later on down the road, and people who don't care about the XL face plates will still get them and we'll all be happy. However, most, not all, but most of whenever I hear people asking for the smaller N3DSs, it's only for the face plates. I rarely hear a substantial reasoning for it. So pardon me for my rudeness, I meant no offense. It's just that this is not a serious issue. Annoying, but not serious. We can still game, life will still go on. Now if we weren't getting a N3DS at all, that'd be a lil more serious. But I genuinely believe face plates for them will come out in a year or so, so~ yeah. Sorry again that I upset you.



ShadyKnights commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:


I got a better idea! How about instead of complaining and campaigning about porting over the smaller N3DS, we just ask for N3DSXLs to have face plate we can change!? Why ask for smaller when you can have it the size you want as well as combustibility? I mean it makes the most sense to me and it's less stupid than demanding N3DSs that will ultimately not sell as well as the vocal complaints would lead us all to believe.

I like the idea for face plates, but not enough to buy a console that will cramp my hands for it. So #XLFacePlates for me. I want face plates on my preferred handheld and you should too. Not all this crying about something you'll ultimately have less fun with.



ShadyKnights commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

Okay I'm putting aside my annoyance for this game being delayed for half a year. Okay. There. It's over there, I'm over here. I will not get this game because it is a bad game. Period. I do not willingly purchase bad game unless they are dirt cheap and/or have a particular quality, game play or story, that I really want to experience no matter what.

I've seen the story of W_D and no. I will not spend money on that. I've seen the game play and it is not what I was promised or what I hoped for. I've read reviews of many talking about how clunky this or that in the game was, and seen videos proving the flaws and problems in the game.

I don't think we should just support third party just to support it, nor do I think we should boycott it when it's late because that's not going to help much either. What needs to be done is we buy games we feel that are worth a damn. We spend our money on quality products and make it known that that is the reason why we didn't buy this or that third party exclusive. Not because it wasn't Nintendo, but because it's crap. And we should speak out louder and loudest about that reason because that is the real reason any gamer plays games, to have fun. If it's not fun, we don't buy it. Maybe if they started seriously gearing their games to Nintendo fans, they'd sell more. Rather than make excuses and show numbers with just their explanations of why things didn't work. What kind of nonsense is it someone tells you why you buy or do something, or what you buy and do? Don't you know why you do or buy what you do? Shouldn't you be the one telling them that?



ShadyKnights commented on Project CARS Wii U Delay Was To Ensure It's As...:

I hate that "just be grateful" mentality. That's like giving up one's rights as a consumer and not even asking for or demanding better content.

I agree with you though. Honestly I was annoyed that the game was pushed back, but since it would be hypocritical of me to treat them like other devs when they haven't showed the game yet I decided I would still give the game a shot. I'll be far less forgiving for any flaw I find in it since I have to wait for my preferred version of the game, but I'll wait and see what they do. However I don't think it unreasonable to demand some visuals for it after the other versions drop just so we can all know that they're actually making improvements and not just blowing smoke.



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lol Okay so I did a little research and found out that Just Dance 2014 was actually released (NA) on the PS3, 360, Wii, and Wii U on Oct 1, 2013; PS4 Nov 15, XBOne Nov 22. However PS4 and XBOne versions launched the day the consoles launched. Apparently JD2015 is being released on the same day.



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Ah, okay I see what you mean. But the majority of the late PS3 ports were never announced to be coming to the PS3 at the same time they were announced for the 360 before they made their way to the PS3. ME1 was an 360 exclusive and not open for PS3 port for ages. Same with Bioshock. ME2 wasn't even announced that it was coming to PS3 until 7 months after it was released for the PS3 so I can't really agree with the equivalency here. What many complaining about the Wii U delays are upset about is this was announced at the same time then delayed by itself. I feel that is just as wrong to do with the 360 version of Titan Fall as I do with Watch_Dogs and Project Cars with Wii U. If you announce it at the same time, I feel it is only proper to release them at the same time, or at least within a verified time frame so as not to be disrespectful to the backers and new fans who are waiting for the game on their preferred console.

I think these examples are like how PS4 and XBOne get games and Wii U fans ask for them on the Wii U, but don't get them, while PS3 fans did. But the PS3 did get crappy ports in the beginning like the Orange Box so maybe there is hope.

However I don't think it is acceptable to feel just because this delay crap happened once that we should accept it as the standard. Companies job is to earn our money and no matter what one's console preference, I think we should make them work a little harder to get our cash.



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Um not to be a donkeyhat good sir, but exactly which games that were supposed to come out on the Wii U, PS4, and XBOne have been delayed for any other console other than the Wii U? And if you don't mean these three, which multiplatform games are you speaking of that got this treatment in any other generation when two other consoles were getting the same game?



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As I said in the accompanying paragraph to that point, that is ignorant business sense. The wise thing to do is to look at the market that is there and grow them. Jumping on the popular band wagon is a common business practice, but that doesn't make it smart, nor does it mean as a consumer we should support it.

Generally it's easier to get lost among the flood of others when there is a wave of similar content saturating the market (i.e. How Beyond Good and Evil was so easily overlooked when released next to PoP Sands of Time) and forgotten than to stick out and be remembered (i.e. How people still say nice things about Zombi U even though its quality is spotty in places and its content lacking). Bandwagon jumping may be beneficial if your game is noticed, but if it's swept under the rug of the other two racing games or is legit good, but equally legit not as good as its competition on said consoles, then it's a great way to waste money rather than make it.



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I think you may be generalizing too much when you say we cannot expect studios to be generous and that success breeds success. Success breeds imitators. Also while all three big consoles play games, it's actually very wrong to compare the Wii U to the PS4 and XBOne. You can compare the last two to each other because they are trying to game in the same way. The Wii U has been compared to the other two by the gaming media which is their error since the Wii U is attempting to game in different ways.

The Wii U not selling as fast as the other two is a symptom not a cause. A symptom of devs not putting effort into the games they release for it or making games for it. It's not called charity, it's called just doing their job. They don't want to develop for the Wii U? Fine. But when they decide to, I think it only fair that they treat its consumer base with the same respect they would XonySoft's. If the PS4's version was delayed because they "wanted to make sure it was as good as the other two" all hell would have broken loose on the internet, about how PS4 fans should never have to wait for a game being released on the XBOne and Wii U of all consoles months, if not a full year, earlier. That'd be unexceptionable. But because the Wii U is the less speech heavy console it's okay? Sorry, that's BS.

It's BS to get crappy ports and to be berated for not lavishing them with appreciation, it's BS to be given lazily done games and not being called ungrateful, it's BS to be told what we like when we have very clearly told them what we like, and it's BS that this has become acceptable. That the concept that Nintendo fans deserve less just because they enjoy a non popular console is acceptable is a sign the the gaming Media has failed it's purpose.



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I do wonder how these companies expect Nintendo fans to react when they do this stuff after they've seen how we always react when they do this stuff? I mean I don't think it is unreasonable to be upset that when the same game for three consoles is announced, it is delayed on one of the consoles without assurance that at least the price of the game will be equal to that of the other two when it is released.

All this BS about Wii U selling horribly compared to XBOne or PS4 is bunk when you just look at it like this. There are more consoles out for it than XBOne. The Wii U being out longer is really irrelevant to how fast the XBOne is selling as there are and will be more Wii Us in homes NOW. Not in 4 to 6 months, but now.

You go to Nintendo fan sites and see a community starving for legit 3rd party support, the smart business thing to do would be to capitalize on that. People can say this is business till they turn blue in the face, but wise business is to know your customers and to appeal to them. Instilling customer loyalty is something all business want, but the gaming companies seem to think that segregating their consumers and playing favorites will earn them brownie points or people will just accept it.

I know this is a long rant, but I feel Slightly Mad or Bandai Namco, whoever made this decision, made a very bad one. Nintendo fans (not just on this or strictly Nintendo fan site) were highly offended by Ubisoft handling Rayman Legend the way they did, and doubly so with Watch Dogs. An intelligent company would not have made that decision, and a smarter business move would have been to release them at the same time or the PC version alone and waited for the consoles. At least I feel that would have been smarter and would have pissed off far fewer people and ostracized fewer as well.



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While I personally don't care about region locking and respect those that do as my best friend really gets flustered about it, who was expecting this and why? I get that those who do want it really want it, but people you shouldn't delude yourself like that.

I mean I do think it'd be awesome if all consoles were region free and all that jazz, but I don't buy them for that, nor do I hold Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo to each others standards. I hold them up to their own individual standards and that's it, because I like them for what they themselves do. I don't get the argument that "Sony/Microsoft does it so Nintendo should too!" when the whole point of having a different console (to me) is to see what they do differently. The pros and cons ad flavor and make me appreciate what I do get on each of them. Just my few cents on the subject.



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I like it personally, but mostly due to the suspicion that I have that this is the link for Nintendos handheld to their home console. It has two circle pads, ZL and ZR, and better enough processor to make it smoother and more stable rather than to completely remove itself from the 3DS and to (hopefully) not have games created specifically for it. A link without a complete severing from what it originally is. After all, the additions are all things the Wii U has rather than something completely different. The only inclination of things it can do that it's predecessor cannot is play a Wii game.

My instincts tell me we'll be hearing about Wii U cross play on 3DS in Japan by the time this drops in the West.



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Considering the lack luster reviews I've seen of the game, I'm confident the quality of the game would have hurt it more than anything else. And that was on PC and the other consoles! Heaven help this thing to be halfassesedly ported to the Wii U! And I say ported only because we've seen and heard nothing of their intentions or actions to the Wii U version as of yet and all their other ports to the Wii U are based on another version rather than a ground up build (with the very likely exception of Raymond Legend) so why would they change that now?



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I understand what you're saying from a marketing standpoint, but I believe that reaction would be too strongly kneejerky due to the change in gaming climate. Smartphoens and tablets may be a new gateway gaming drug, or a new way to game, but we still have consoles because we want experiences we can get only from a console. Be it any of the big three and whoever joins them. Consoles will always be worth it so long as there are experiences that can only be experienced on a console that is a compelling reason to get games on that console. To jump ship due to a new wave rather than seeing how this wave rocks the system would be premature I'd think.

As far as games released this fall... Okay? 4/5 games starting September for Wii U. That's one game a month for 3 months and two for 1 month. I don't know about you guys, but ShadyKnights aint got that much cash or time and it's nice to not have to pick and chose a game to get. I kinda already know what I'm going to get.

If the point you were making is that there are more new sexy games to choose from and therefore Wii U is overshadowed, well, I guess you're right yeah. I mean the media outlets will be deepthroating the shooty games and the driver games like no body's business. Oh and likely that Evil Within game that looks legit creepy and scary. Still, for those who don't want that, Nintendo stomps both of them with diversity. HW, Bay1+2, Sonic Boom, SSB4, Captain Toad, and Skylanders (checked the Nintendo website for upcoming releases since you two requested I do so.) all for the Wii U. Not counting the 3DS' line up so the company is fine really. And this is all if you're talking about what people who own a Wii U are gonna get. For those that don't have one, sweet Jesus do they have a backlog to entertain them with! You cannot say that for anyone picking up a PS4 or XBOne yet. They don't even have backwards compatibility and this fall through winter is kinda their money shot for the consoles as they've barely been out a full year and had sparse content in that year...kinda... like the... Wii U... Hm.... Weird how Activision said it's totally cool for Sony and Microsoft to have that problem but said nothing to defend Nintendo about that.. Ah oh well.

Anyway, yeah, this is actually the year to jump aboard the Nintendo train as the games are starting to finally flow. At least that how it looks from my perspective. I see PS4 and XBOne getting stronger content around late spring, maybe mid summer honestly.



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The Wii U launched November 17, 2012. We are nearing the completion of the second year and nearing the start of the third. And as I said in a post right after yours, gaming is a niche hobby and mass appeal games don't matter as much as they've been hyped to assume. Yes it's a great way to make money if the money they get for said games is greater than the money spent on making the games, but if Nintendo makes more from their small, but dedicated, crowd than say Ubi does from their WatchDog sales from all their consoles combined (Not saying they will, this is an example and Ubi popped in my mind while typing), then Nintendo does well.

No, I'm not some chump who thinks whatever game will save the Wii U, because I, in all my "delusion", don't buy into gaming hype or believe the Wii U needs saving. It need appreciation and it needs gaming journalists to actually do their job by actually informing the less informed masses about the pros and cons of the Wii U in a way that's actually as positive as the PS4 and XBOne are spun with theirs.

Gaming isn't about power, it's about imagination. And to the laymen, the Wii U can look close enough to the PS4 to not bug them as long as they're not thinking "Man I could be getting so much better graphics!" and just playing the game. Not saying the Wii U can output PS4 graphics by the way. I'm certain it cannot due to technical limitations, but I know PS3 and PS4 hardly look different right now. So, right now, the masses could enjoy all three with not much difference in fidelity to distract.



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It's far more likely that with this new gen of gamers being so focused and obsessed with how great games look with maximum performance and how cheep technology is getting, that Sony and Microsoft will have tougher troubles coming up with compelling consoles next generation that compete with PCs that will easily be able to out do both than Nintendo will.

And the performance gap is unimportant when compared to actual quality of games. People tend to forget that gaming is a niche hobby because certain types of games have become mainstream. But just like the metal heads who love metal and prefer listening to metal music, or bookworms that adore anything romantic, Nintendo style games are a breed of their own that their audience devours and that is very accessible for others to try and enjoy.

Just like the GameBoy was weak compared to other handhelds, it rocked the house because it could provide what others could not even with it's weaker screen. And gamers ate it up. And I don't think many, if any, games on those consoles were multiplats at all.

As far as the social and infrastructure stuff, updates. Plus Nintendo is working on doing things their own way which is a better means of survival rather than copying others. After all, good artists copy, great artists steal.



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@ Legromancer
The PS3 was considered DOA for roughly 3 years and followed the hit success of the PS2 for pretty much the same complaints for the Wii U, only their problems were kinda worse.

People complained about their controller. It had rumble feature removed and Sixaxis was felt to be gimmicky. The Gamepad actually has use, functionality, and legitimately changes the concept of many games when properly utilized, but can also be ignored without the player noticing or "feeling" much loss.

The price point was too damned high. Unlike the Wii U, which is significantly stronger than it's predecessor, more expensive than it (as they all tend to be for each console gen) and yet not at at a side splitting price point, the PS3 was considerably more expensive than the PS2 at all three price points and mostly due to a feature that was all but completely unnecessary for actually playing games, the BluRay player.

And for a time it was getting the worst ports, delayed games (FF Versus XIII being the most infamous of them), and was loosing exclusives left right and center.

With all that, once devs actually put forth effort into the PS3, made good games for it and utilized the hardware better, it bounced back like a champ. And that was at least in it's third year when it started really picking up steam. I don't see why the Wii U would be considered dead when there is essentially nothing wrong with the Wii U and it has bc that PS3 lacked for the most part and every other console this gen lacks until the consumers pay for it.

So long as effort is put into making great games, no console is ever dead. See first XBox, see PS3, see everyone trying to back pedal now that Wii U's line up is still the talk of the town rather than their tech specs lately.



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The last straw always looks silly because it's just one straw, but you have to look at the rest of the bundle on the back. You are looking at people's anger from the perspective of "Oh it's just one thing, chill out" when while they are complaining about this one thing, there is also a list of complains of other things as well, some of which I mentioned, that people have with the company that makes their comments feel inappropriate.

And while I get you're trying for an analogy here, you're incorrect. Firstly a company is not a person and should never be viewed as one. Secondly this isn't Ubisoft's friend saying something in appropriate, it's Ubisoft having an airhead moment and saying something risque in public that looks bad. The thing is, even if this was that guy's personal twitter, I'm willing to bet someone would have figured out that he was from Ubi and people would still be upset. Why? Cause he's apart of the company. He's not "just" one person and cannot be because of where he works. This is why I said, as someone who works in the industry, he should know better about keeping his mouth shut and how these comments look. Especially given the testy ground the company is on with Nintendo fans as of late.

Now for the positive statement the company officially made, as I said earlier, some people are tired of these opportunistic comments by people who want to look smart or knowledgeable or whatever. The real reason for Ubi commenting on Smash is to talk about their Just Dance and attach it to Smash hype. Common practice yes, but people are sick of it. Those who are happy and hype and salivating for Smash because they feel they know it's gonna be good don't want Ubisoft telling them this could make their preferred console worth something. That's insulting.

I can respect that is not what you see, but it is what some do see. Sure some people cannot take criticism over that, but that's a bigger minority than you think. I've read Ubi complain more about the issue with Wii U sale than Iwata, yet look at the XBOne sales and they got nothin to say about how The Halo collection is really going to move consoles and how Just Dance will help with that. That hypocrisy doesn't bug you a little?

And just as there are people who agree with Ubi's statement, there are those who genuinely do not. Doesn't make either side wrong really. But I do think the focus on the Wii U "surviving" or "doing better" after Smash is childish and misplaced. We own consoles to enjoy the games on them. So long as the games are there, and they are being enjoyed, that's really all that matters. And from the various places I looked, Ubi has been doing more damage to itself by talking than by not just shutting up. I can't really fault the fans for that as many of them plainly say "SHUT UP UBISOFT!" yet they ignore them. I can't really call being ignored when you tell someone to leave you alone as being unjustifiably upset.



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Well I dunno about the last couple of articles, but Ubi has done much over the past few console generations to sour my taste towards them.

I hated PoP Warrior Within, and while Two Thrones did oh so very much to fix those problems, I never forgot the taste that left in my mouth.

I loved Beyond Good and Evil, but the ending was sequel baited and regardless of many late comers to the game clambering for more, the PS2 went and PS3 came and went with only a teaser for BGE to rile fans up only for them to be "lol Nope sorry guys no game".

Prince of Persia (2008) came out, was a great game, excellent turn on the series and sequel baited to hell, and because of knee jerk reactions from fans who ignorantly expected Sands of Time mechanics when they actually promised a divergence of that, they dropped the series. This was a time to stand up and calmly remind people of what was promised and delivered for the fans who loved this game and its style, but instead, like whipped dogs, they cowered back to the SoT series for another PoP game and canceled the new series they started.

They spend four Assassin's Creed games training me, getting me used to these button configs, getting me engrossed in Desmond's story, then change it all to Arkham mechanics that work like booty cheddar in this series, and a conclusion to Desmond's story that is as insulting as it is stupid. Four games for a crappy conclusion that makes no sense, had stupidly concluded plot points with characters, and spat in my face as a big Desmond fan who just wanted to see him be as awesome as Ezio and Altiar, and as someone who wanted to play as a modern day Assassin.

Got me excited for Raman Legends and ready to wholly support it because it was an exclusive, then held back on the game so they could port it to other consoles that people may already own and had the nerve to point to Nintendo fans as the cause for it not selling on the Wii U. No, I didn't get it, but that was because they promised me one thing, then reneged on that promise. I tend to take being lied to mildly personally. And my cousin, like me, got her Wii U day one and (unlike me) didn't open the box until she got Rayman Legends for Christmas last year. She got the damned console for one game and Ubi didn't have enough consideration for her or likeminded fans to just give it.

Then they have the nerve to complain about how not well their mature games are doing on Nintendo consoles when it's fairly well known that their Wii U ports have been lack luster and Nintendo fans tend to avoid such games. But in their eyes, Nintendo fans should buy them anyway just because they're putting something out there. But really, how is that good enough? How is it reasonable for Ubisoft to provide less content, less quality, less effort in their games for Nintendo fans, then demand more loyalty from them when we all see they don't do that with Sony or Microsoft fans.

After the Raymon Legend debacle, they delayed the Wii U version of Watchdogs so they could put more work into the other versions of the game. A complete inverse of what they did with RL. Suddenly, it's unthinkable to make consumers wait for a highly anticipated game and Wii U fans will have to just deal if they want to play it on their Wii Us. Just wait be grateful when you get it. Likely they won't since, all around, the game's been proven to be far less than expected or promised so when that doesn't sell well, they'll just complain again that it's Nintendo fans fault.

And after their lazy eyed support, that many want to defend as solid, serious support of Nintendo fans third party games, Ubisoft tells them that they clearly don't want M rated games, but Just Dance is doing well so that's good enough for them. Now this is all based on the assumption that Bayonetta 2 will not sell well because Ubi cannot fathom a game that did as lackluster as that one on the "serious gamers consoles" to beat their offerings on the Wii U. Not because they feel the games quality will sell it, but because they feel what they offered was more and therefore better even though it's almost a mantra from Nintendo fans at this point that quality content beats quantity.

Then the holding hostage of Ubisoft games until more Wii Us are sold like nonexistent games are a reason to purchase a console over games that are out. Hell the concept of spending dev dollars on making one game, let alone five, that you are confident in will sell excellently and not pushing it on a console where the base is ravenous for excellent content is remarkably stupid from a logical or business standpoint. Until money is made for those games they just wasted both time and lots of money.

Then the Twitter incident, which I take as an accidental use of company Twitter when they meant to use their own, but still. It's stupid as hell to complain about free DLC that you have not seen in motion yet. Being skeptical is perfectly fine, but to talk about magic being weakened? From Ubisoft? The company that only bothered with quick ports for good games for Wii U. But I guess that doesn't diminish the magic of those games. The company that held back on an announced exclusive so it could become a multiplat. But I guess that too doesn't diminish the magic of that game either. The company that held off one version of a game so that all others could get attention, and we all see that the game did not even have the nerve to live up to the hype or even the promises of that game for all the extra work and effort put into it after halting work on the Wii U version. But I guess not even that diminishes the magic of that game.

It's called being respectful man. They have been very disrespectful to Nintendo fans for a while now and some people take offense to that. I don't really see what the issue is for people feeling this upset when they have had nearly the entirety of "gaming journalism" telling them they were stupid, childish, casual gamers for getting the Wii U and that no games were coming out for it for nearly two years, and when popular Nintendo games start dropping, suddenly it's all "Well this could be what helps the Wii U!" "It could come back after this game!" as if they're some great prophet and its okay to like Nintendo now after their E3 mud stomped everyone.

A lot of fans just want the other companies to shut up now because they're tired of the two-faced comments or safe comments meant to make them look good no matter what happens. If they don't think the Wii U is cool, fine, shut up and keep it to themselves cause plenty of people think it is, and others would too if they actually heard truthful info about it. Don't like how they're doing this game, fine, shut up cause many think it's cool. Hell you have to be especially careful when you are in the industry because you're speaking to your peers and you should know better than anyone how things can look one way from the outside in, but can actually be the complete opposite.

These last two issues with Ubisoft were probably the straw that broke many people's back with them. The company has been around for some time and has given many fans a reason to stack up marks against them so we're probably seeing the result of that.



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I do see your point and am not saying you're wrong, but I think we need to remember Nintendo has fairly limited staff when comparing their development studio to the likes of Ubi, EA and so on. Their focus is more about getting more games out rather than working on just one, and to do that you need more staff on others than on this one. So that likely stalled the DLC you and I would likely more want, but I think this fall onwards will make up for that. I can take one more dry spell if it's the beginning of a great steady flow of games soon.



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Ubisoft's support has been release a base level game that while okay could be awesome had more effort had been put into it, gimp a multiplat and release DLC for it late, deliver two quick and dirty ports of multiplats, delay an exclusive so it can be a multiplat, delay a multiplat long after the competition gets the games, make five games and not release them, insult the entire Nintendo fan base by telling them what they want to play rather than listening to them, and one of their employees is talking about Nintendo's slippery slope?

Heck his company can't even work on one game without involving more than one studio.

For the people complaining that the magic is tainted and that it's icky poo advertisement in your sterile game. Well guys, it's DLC that's paying for something for the game be it more tracks (I dearly hope cause I love the game and want moar tracks to goof off on) future DLC, or general update bug fixing and so on that most other DLC wants the consumer to pay for. And in return you get to recklessly drive Mario and crew around in fancy cars. Sure it's cool if it's not your cup of tea, but it doesn't ruin the magic. It just doesn't appeal to your aesthetic preferences which is cool and understandable, but for others it's just plain funny and amusing okay so long as it's not advertisement that the consumers need to pay for. It's no different than you not liking some of the kart designs already in the game.



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Samus is not sexualized. People really need to learn the difference between a sexualized form and the idealized form. Samus is an idealized form of the female figure. Yeah she wears skimpy and attractive wear under her suit but what does that matter? She is not bending over, jiggling her goodies or posing provocatively, she's doing her thing. Kicking butt. I personally find it more disgusting that anyone would say she cannot kick butt while looking however she wants to or that a mature adult cannot be as provocative as he or she wishes to be just because it makes you feel bad when they're not hurting anyone. That's just as bad as saying goths and punks are hurting society by dressing and thinking differently than the social norms. Or that gays are bad because being heterosexual is more common than not. Stuffing your own feelings down their throats is more insulting than someone just showing what they look like. When you go out fighting space pirates, or come home from doing the same, I feel you can wear whatever you want to fight/chill in.

Also Japan is way more okay with their female designs being skimpy, exaggerated, and what not than the west so just deal with it. Don't like it don't look. Don't be some snobbish douche desperately trying to force the world and everyone in it to appeal to your sensibilities and preferences. That's a childish mentality to have.



ShadyKnights commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

How about no.

Look I enjoy old games, but the fun of them is playing them how they were played and appreciating their style for what it was and how they made things work back in the day. Everything doesn't need shiney pixels or a remastering just cause you had happy memories with it.

Instead of a remastering why not a reboot, or a remake? Take the premise and do something different or unique with it. I love Majora's Mask, but I'd be far happier doing more with Termina than retreading the same ground I know verbatim by now.

Granted, most of these games listed are at least 10 years old, but still, I feel remasters should be more of a side "Oh hey neat they're redoing that." than a "OH MY GOD THEY'RE REMASTERING THIS I NEED TO BUY NNNNNNGH!!!!!" kinda thing.



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...Um..Guys that's clearly Zelda in a Link costume. Got the wrappings around the lower part of her bangs, hair length the same, face the same and everything.

I don't get how people got the whole "Link looks feminine" nonsense from E3 anyway since he always looked like a guy to me. Maybe cause I read way too much manga or watch too much anime, but Wii U Link looks distinctly late teen guy to me. Regardless, that ain't Link and just cause there's a female in the famous green tunic doesn't mean that's a Link at all. Unless Bayonetta is now retroactively Link thanks to the new costume.

lol This is why Nintendo enjoies trolling their fans, many of us jump to superfluous conclusions at the slightest hint of information.



ShadyKnights commented on Nintendo's At It Again With Another Majora's M...:


I'm with you. I love MM and it is my fav Zelda game to day, but because of that I would adore another game like it or in Termina at a later date. Especially with the Fierce Diety mask being something more ominous that goes more with it's description we're given in the game. Heck maybe we could follow the Link of Termina's adventure or somethin fun.

I'd be delighted to see MM added on as a bonus thing like Bayonetta, but it wouldn't be necessary. More fun and meaningful side quests and timed adventure would easily sell me.



ShadyKnights commented on British Tabloid The Sun Brands Gaming "As Addi...:

Well I wouldn't say that's entirely untrue, though the labeling could use some work. I dunno about you all, but I've spent tons of time on my Nintendo games than pretty much anything ever. And I've heard of people clocking in upwards of 300 hours on MK8 since it's launch.

But in all seriousness, It's kinda sad that people who either never picked up a game or seriously put effort into trying to play one once they found the controller or keyboard and mouse too cumbersome to use in a game, immediately want to write games off as something awful and bad just because they can't, don't, or won't understand it.

I do, again serious this time, love how they just slap the Gameboy image on that and equal it to drugs though. My teen and childhood self would probably be very interested in drugs if I were told they were as good as my Gameboy color... Hmm I should probably get it off my book shelf, dust it off, and pop in Pokemon Yellow... I've been feeling a lil down lately and could use a fix.



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Well the majority of what my wall of text is about is gaming journalism in general rather than Kotaku. I've heard and read the statements I speak of from many sources and have stated as such.

The other part of my statement comes from my personal feelings on them or anyone suddenly having a a divine revelation of the quality of the Wii U, not just Kotaku.

So it's not really Kotaku's attitude specifically I speak about, so much as gaming journalists' attitude in general and how they pollute the minds of the uninformed for their own gain. I've never really liked that about any person or company who has done as much.



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Hm... Well okay I guess I'll toss in my dollar on the issue.

Okay, so on a base level, yes, this is awesome news to be happy about. People who purchased their Wii U, knowing what they were getting into have been beating the drum about how awesome the console has already been for some time now. The fact that a large and influential site like Kotaku said nice things about the Wii U is a positive sign that the hate train has been derailed. Even if there have to still be some back handed compliments, at least the overt and loud screaming of untruths now must cease lest their credibility be brought into question.

Now for me, personally, I don't care what Kotaku has to say about my Wii U anymore. After a little over a year and a half of blatant lies, doom and gloom, and arm chair analysts and the like talking about how Nintendo will be going under, how it is an underpowered piece of tech trash, how “overpriced” it is, how the gamepad should be dropped, how Nintendo should “get with it”, how the Wii U should be dropped for a “real console” and so on by nearly everyone who wanted to get attention for the most Nintendo hate, I’ve just written off gaming journalism as garbage not to be taken seriously anyway. The only reason I find positivity in IGN, Kotaku and others getting positive Nintendo news out is because now the average, uninformed gamer are getting something “closer” to an actual honest critique of the system. The reason I say this is, the average person never has had a reason to get a new console within its first couple of years to my 26 year old memory.

Yeah there are fun games occasionally tossed out there in the first year or so to please early adopters and draw buzz to the new console, but the real meat and potatoes for the longevity of a console comes later when a more steady stream of games release, or when you have an understanding of how the stream of games to be released will flow. This generally isn’t something you can just grasp by the first year, though the second generally tends to give you a better idea for how things are going to work from then on. Right now, Nintendo is looking like the Wii U will have a slow, but constant flow of high quality games throughout its years. This E3 also shows that Nintendo, as a company, is also looking to diversify its brand, reach into more genres, reach out to their fans more and include said fans into more of their goings on. Yet for all of that, mainstream gaming media have spent much of their time speaking on how Nintendo “doesn’t listen”, how they have “abandoned the hardcore gamers”, and other such nonsense when the Directs “I” have seen has been more about the company showing how it appreciates our understanding and are trying to deliver to us, early adopters, a more reasonable flow of high quality games when they are READY, and to the people on the fence or who don’t know much about Nintendo, they have been spreading information about what their plan is going forward.

These people have no interest in doing what a journalist are supposed to be doing, informing the general masses. They just like the attention and prestige from gaining said attention. They don’t seem to remember how the PS3 spent nearly half last generation floundering and loosing almost all its exclusives until the price dropped closer to the range of reasonable for the average consumer, or the negative backlash for not all of their consoles being backwards compatible. They don’t seem to like to recall, mention, or discuss how the Wii U having backwards compatibility may actually improve the value of the Wii U considering it’s the only console with that feature intact and not even for a premium price as it was available to regular and deluxe Wii Us. No one wants to talk about how the gamepad legitimately changes the style of play in a positive way out of the box versus the touch pad or Kinect. None of them speak on how versus the XBOne and PS4 allowing gamers to pause their play when TV is in use, the Wii U is all about playing longer TV in use or not.

Yes Nintendo could do with advertising for themselves a little more, but darn it why report that you give gaming news if your “news” is, at best, ridiculous misinformation from a sketchy source or, at worst, deliberate lies from known fallacious sources. The middle ground being stating the features of the Wii U with a particularly negative tone such as “The game pad is neat and innovative, but seriously that battery is unacceptable!” or “Yeah you can add up to a 3TB external hard drive to the Wii U, but 32GB just is not enough memory to start with!" in order to belittle the console in every way. That isn’t spreading news, it’s spreading hate. And now that Nintendo pretty much blew everyone out of the water, suddenly these once serious problems and glaring flaws are now just little things to be ignored because the games are coming and now they don’t want to look like fools for telling people to not get it.

The Wii U was always a good buy. If it doesn’t have the games you want now, unless you’re hoping for a sexy bundle skin with the release of the game you want, then getting it now means you’re not blowing 300+ bucks later on the console and the games you want all at once. The concept that “It doesn’t have what I want now, I’ll get it when it does” is stupid to me when you’re talking about a first or second party game from Nintendo that they announced. You know those games are coming. Plus you get time to get familiar with the console, check out the features, and try a game or two that you otherwise wouldn’t have tried once the steady flow of games you actually know you want to play are out. Who hasn’t wished they picked up a game that they later found to be amazing sooner because they were blinded by what they were comfortable with?

The time for Kotaku to admit the Wii U is a good buy is past because everyone can see that now. Now they’re just verifying what people already know and saving face by the old admit-what-you-said-and-shine-your complaints-in-a-positive-light back step shuffle. Similar to Microsoft talking about how they listen to gamers and will only talk about games this E3 after insulting them all of E3 last year, or Sony saying you can share your games at the end of E3 press conference last year only to later that week say that they were only talking about first party games and third party devs can do what they want.

It’s amusing to see everyone try to jump on the Nintendo band wagon, but I remember things done and said too well to be… happy (?) that these people who were last year talking about how kiddie Nintendo games and gamers are, are now proudly wearing and waving Mario hats this year. That’s like punching my brother in the face then showing up at the family reunion talking about how you two are such good friends. I take moderate offense to that and find every word you say rather suspect. But hey, that’s just me.



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Man if you’re responding to what I said, it’s in poor taste to do so by editing the response I am responding to. The first sentence and your link on comment #251 were the only things in your comment until after I responded to you.

Owning or not owning a product does affect your objective stance on any matter. Being objective does. Owning it merely grans one perspective in the matter. If a person is going to be bitter about something, or won’t give it a chance, then they themselves are actually not objective. Objective people try new things and make up their minds on the experience based on the perspective they now have. Objective people also do not look at something based on what they want, but what is there, and judge it by that. To judge the Wii U based on the XBOne or PS4 is improper. You judge it based on the Wii. You determine if it is a good console on its own merits, based on the improvements it has on its predecessor. It having what you want is only a concern if you buy it. If not, and you know they’re not going to give you want you want, why constantly complain about it? All you’re doing at that point is wasting people’s time and annoying many in the process just so you can feel good about whining. Not saying that’s what you’re doing, I’m saying that’s really what it looks like and why people have taken issue to your words.

I have a family member who’s a big Sony fanboy, had a friend who still is one, and have a friend who is a Microsoft fanboy. I can speak as pleasantly to them about their console, hear them verbally filate the things they love and laugh and chat with them because I take a neutral stand point in it all. I’m just in it for fun, innovation, and games. I have decided not to get a PS4 or XBOne this gen so far because I don’t appreciate how Microsoft disrespected its fan base last year or how Sony lied to everyone then back pedaled in an interview that a lot of people seem to have missed, like a day later. I don’t like companies lying to me or disrespecting me so I don’t get their products. That is not to say I ignore them outright though as I often watch what’s happening on their end of the gaming sphere, but I feel their games are all bleeding into one another and the variety I hear so much about looks the same to me. Plus I’ve yet to see any serious difference from my PS3, to the PS4 quality wise. But, because I do not own or play the games or the console, I always submit to those that do and are because their perspective is better than mine. I only make statements about factual things that I know of from said companies, or when explaining my perspective of why certain features may or may not matter to me. To consider yourself and your way of thinking as a majority is also a bias statement. Though you are not trying to be, your words come off as more bias than you think man.

Now, I don’t recall writing that I believe Mario Kart 8 and Smash is going to convince you, or likeminded people, to get a Wii U. Honestly I don’t know what would be good enough for you, or likeminded people because I’ve heard and read so many similar arguments and demands on what Nntendo needs to add to get them on board, watch Nintendo add them, then watch and heard a bigger list of nitpicky things roll out. Not saying that you are of this type of person, but the arguments are similar and it seems more like you wish Nintendo to become more like Sony and Microsoft to get your sale.

Personally, I’m more inclined to thinking games like Devil’s Third (Cannot wait) and Beyonetta 2+1 will be games to turn more heads as well as Mario Maker since I’ve seen enough Kaizo Mario to know where this is going. Fan made New Kazio Mario U 2016. I’m effing calling that. People want smart and mature games. Not M rated games, but mature ones. It’s like how I tell my friends Rugrats, Angry Beavers, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Rocko’s Modern Life are very mature cartoons despite them being made for children to watch. It’s the layers upon layers of humor, references, innuendos and such that allow for something to be enjoyed for every age for different reasons that makes something mature. An M rating just means only adults can enjoy it as kids may not get the references and such. Maturity is about broadening one’s horizons. Kids stay in play pens. Just sayin.

I am saying, however, that Nintendo is putting forth a more diverse line up than you are giving it credit for. This isn’t about Nintendo needing to broaden its horizons at this point. Now it’s about you and people like you broadening yours. Ninja Gaiden 3 is on the Wii U. Need for Speed is on the Wii U. Beyontta will be joining with two games. Mass Effect 3 is on the Wii U. Devil’s Thrid will be on the Wii U. Tekken is on the Wii U. Arkham City and Origins is on the Wii U. Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming to the Wii U. These are darker, grittier games. They also have the diversity of their first party Kirby, Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, and so on that is for the more light hearted visually and tonally crowd. That’s diversity. Sony and Microsoift don’t have diverse games in near the number of Nintendo. Oh yeah there’s Project Sparks and Little Big Planet, but that’s it. You can get Disney Infinity on the Wii U as well as Skylanders. Can’t get Hulk on it for now, but I’m willing to bet you’ll probably be able to use Nintendo characters via Amiibo on it as well for the Wii U which makes up for that loss in spades. Heck even I might consider getting that if you can have Samus fighting alongside Ironman….

Nintendo has shown the meat they’re willing to bring, yet you and your kind complain about the vegetables on your dinner plate that you don’t like even though you haven’t even tried them or you won’t even have to eat them because you can play whatever you want. Every nay sayer’s immediate response is “I want more than Mario”, get more than Mario then complain “Not kiddie games! Something mature!” we have a roll out of mature games and it’s “I want these non gaming features and lower the price” and when they don’t do that, the nay sayers have the nerve to act like Nintendo isn’t listening. Disgusting and disgraceful.

Also, you are speaking as if you are in the majority and Nintendo fans are in the minority. That actually isn’t the truth. Most people are just waiting till announcements they want to hear come out to get the system or until they are surprised by something that steals their attention and warrants an earlier purchase. Most people are reasonable like that. Only very few make demands about things that aren’t gaming related to be stuffed into their gaming console because most people just want to play the games. Again, I have seen more people moved to get the Wii U once X Y Z game announced at E3 dropped than for PS4 and the XBOne. After all, the other gamers are nice to get, but Nintendo also wants people who are not gamers to join the world of Play. And judging by how well their E3 was received, I believe they reached more people in general than the small group you speak of.

As far as staying in the black is concerned, Nintendo may be taking losses with the Wii U, but they’re still quite solid footed. Getting Wii U sales in the black would be a more apt term. Sony on the other hand has lost considerably more money than Nintendo outside of the gaming sphere. I’d be more worried about them than Nintendo. Not trying to start anything, just looking at the overall numbers.



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So out of everything I said, you pick one sentence and respond to that outside of the context of everything I said. lol You remind me of my cousin now. Okay fine you didn't say anything rude or nasty so I shall respond in kind.

You are misconstruing the important factor in those sales. These were at a time where Wii U didn't really have many games out for it that the public had not seen before and during its long drought of few new releases. As I said, its popularity was fairly low. The argument that many so called journalists and anti-Nintendo fanboys have been throwing around at Nintendo's launch titles is that they could have and did play many of those games on the PS3/360 which ignored the fact that these games were not playable at all on the Wii. Ironic than the same people who probably squeed all over the remake of Halo 1-4, The Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank, and GTA V are the same people who didn’t like a remake of games that they already played coming out on a new console really… As I said, the games are what is important and Nintendo didn't really have many new games for the console to release at a steady enough interval to appease those who haven't adopted early. And really, the first year or so is for early adopters while the following years are for the masses.

The general response to this would naturally be to show me Sony's sales figures, but as I said, Sony is popular. Sony is the prep of the video game industry right now. And last year's final E3 comments from them are what sold so many consoles as fans wanted to prove a point by not buying the XBOne since Microsoft was rude and disrespectful as hell to them. So they jumped ship to Sony. Again, this is a fact. Before E3, people hated both Sony and Microsoft due to botched press releases, but Sony managed to shine brighter by appearing as if they listened to the players. I remember how before E3 people were sounding despondent as if they would have to go to Wii U this gen and ignore the other two.

So Nintendo has been running a loss for now is not what I would call great, but sometimes companies must spend money or be willing to bet a short term loss for a long term gain. After all many analysts can tell you that the Xbox brand has been an anchor to Microsoft since or before the 360 yet no one points fingers to how that company will die off this gen or should release the next Xbox to replace the financially failed 360 or XBOne, so showing Wii U poor sales and Nintendo losses really doesn’t prove a point. I find it silly how people look at a couple of years of losses and feel that just breaks down 30+ years of stacks upon stacks of profits. They have pretty much stated that they are banking on their games to push their systems which is why E3 and their directs are so important to them and why they have been pushing the quality of both lately. Their methods are different than the competition and they have had losses, but let’s wait and see how things are between this and next E3 as "winning" E3's does produce hype and good PR and helps push consoles as well as new games.

And I know you weren’t speaking to me, but your list of things that should have been announced is mostly pretty ridiculous and petty complains man. I’m not trying to be nasty or offend, but it’s really bad when you think about it and contradictory in places.
A price drop is not necessary at this point, nor is it reasonable to ask for or expect. With many Wii Us, you get bundled at least 1 game now. A good one at that. Not to mention it already received a price cut in its first year now you want to bleed more money out of them? Why not ask Sony for a price cut? The XBOne and the Wii U are the only current gen consoles that cut their prices, so why not demand that of Sony instead? That’d actually be reasonable since the other two did already, but to ask for more is just greedy on the side of the customer.

Actually, Reggie did speak to IGN about a unified account system and he said they are looking into it and are interested in it, but he can’t really speak on anything just yet. So likely that will happen later on down the road.

Okay you cannot ask for a price cut, then demand more storage. Again, so early in the console’s life is not really apt or necessary either. Not to mention they allow for the consumer to use whatever external hard drive to up to 3TB on the Wii U and you can get a 2 TB at my Micro Center for about the price of a new game if not a little more. So if you have memory problems, just buy or use your current external hard drive. They as much as said that before the Wii U released. In a way, it’s cheaper for the consumer since they don’t have to pay for the extra in storage HD space up front, but when they need it. Win win for company and customer I see.

The battery life argument is ridiculous. The gamepad generally last about 4 hours of game play, some have reported more, some less, but that’s the average. If you are playing your game longer than that, you can always hook the gamepad up to its charger. I do so. If you are sitting too far away from your wall socket to do so, then get a USB adapter for it. I got one to play my Wii U in my car when the power went out two summers ago. Played Arkham City off screen mode. Good times. Yeah more battery life is a nice boon, but it really isn’t the problem people make it out to be. And it is rechargeable and isn't AA batteries either so I think people should calm down on that point.

The VC price cut is something I would say is fair depending on how much cut are we talking about. I do get these games are old, but essentially they pay for more VC games to be released. But news about old games really isn’t something that belongs at E3 when they can just toss it on Direct.

Why should Nintendo emulate what would be very bad for them? Nintendo does not have enough third party games to support such a system and even if they did, they’re games are many classes above others so the subscription to play said games would likely be higher to reflect this. If you’re going to get Mario Kart 8 for free, you’re going to pay more for it than what you may to get Sleeping Dogs or inFAMOUS 2. Also, they are the only console that does not require you to have a subscription service to utilize their online in any way. In fact, with the Digital Delux Program, you get a gift card for the eShop for so much money you spend on the eShop so essentially you do and can get free games. And not one offered, but what you would actually want. Also there is the Club Nintendo where you just register the games you buy and maybe answer a survey if you want and you get points to get collectables or to get some games as well. So there are two free options to get games that they offer while Sony and Microsoft want you to pay as your only option.

Playing DVD/Blu Ray/music on the Wii U is not important at this day an age. It’s 2014, not 2006. There are multiple devices that do this already in many homes. Nintendo has stated that their focus is on being the place to play games. Playing DVD/Blu Rays/ music is not playing games so they wouldn’t focus on those things. Also this is what separates Nintendo from its competition. They are a gaming focused console. This is not a negative in any way, nor is it something that needs to change.

Did you even watch the Digital Event and the subsequent days after E3? Again this last point is exactly what that Robot Chicken parody was about. That self-important, snide, attitude that Nintendo is just letting games go by the way side and that they are ignoring their fans. The Wii U is not even 2 years old yet. How are any of the games you mentioned being “ignored” by it? The people at Nintendo mentioned they have an interest in 2D and 3D Metroid game. Animal Crossing is on the 3DS and will likely come out on the Wii U soon enough. They obviously haven’t forgotten these franchises and just don’t want to put anything out about them until they have something they feel confident about. That’s not unreasonable or anything that needs fixing. It’s better to talk about games when they are going to actually be released and there is something serious to be seen rather than just a mention about them that may never come to fruition. Gamers don’t like being lied to and after last year, where that’s pretty much what publishers were doing left, right and center, to do so now would be more harmful in the long run than good.

Nintendo is not pushing to be the only console that people buy like Sony and Microsoft are. And the fact that they showed the most amount of games that you can only get on their console is how they plan on selling it. You going on about your feelings on how you, as someone who likely has no experience or deep understanding of this industry, feel would make Nintendo do well when all the fact you have to go on is anti-Nintendo hype that spread only because it was fashionable to talk trash about Nintendo and speak praises about its competition. Well now that we have a E3 with all three consoles starting off in the same position again, Nintendo is the talk of the town when the other two were in the best position to stay in the positive conversation, or at least easily stay ahead of them. For how well PS4’s are selling, Sony has to talk about how Wii gamers ran to PS4 rather than how effective their E3 was. For how insanely popular the 360 was, the XBOne is still flinching from fan response of last year. For how dogged Nintendo was for the past 7 years, they came out with a decisive victory by doing none of what you, couch analysts, or even professional analysts suggested they should do. They did so by speaking on what the actual fans wanted: New games, some old IP being revised, letting them know they do listen, and inviting them more into E3 so they can experience the games they usually miss or don’t hear about.

Most of your arguments stem from many people’s misunderstanding of what actually makes a console war, a console war. One of the big tag lines for Sega was “Genesis does what Nintendon’t”. The original console wars were started by how gaming on this console was different than that one. This started by technological differences between the two, but once technology became stronger, Nintendo focused on a different way to play. For as ridiculous as people may like to call Nintendo’s ways, the other companies, who are doing oh so much better than them mind you, are trying to adapt everything Nintendo does into themselves in a haphazard slap stick way that is very rarely meaningfully used. N64 controller breeds the analog controller for the Playstation. Wiimote breeds sixaxis, the Move, and the Kinect. Gamepad breeds touchpad, and smartglass. The dual analogs were definitely a smart adaptation and change of pace, but the rest have been just been adding the innovative additions without the innovations with them.

This is why there are doom and gloom articles about the death gaming consoles because Sony and Microsoft are so similar to computers at this point that there is very little reason to get them over a PC. Rather than complain about how Nintendo didn’t do enough or say that their victory will surely end in defeat, if you really want them to do well, why not be excited for what they did without the triple A industry and hope they do well and add the fuzzy dice and rims that you’re asking for later. Cause that stuff surely isn’t important for the Wii U itself, but just fun little addition to please a minority rather than the fans, who actually matter.