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United Kingdom

Thu 18th Jul 2013

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Panamae commented on Review: LEGO The Hobbit (3DS):

"LEGO The Hobbit attempts to take what has arguably become one of he most repetitive" of HE most repetitive?

Please proof read your reviews, guys.



Panamae commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

So you can't have two players, with one person using only the gamepad?

What's even the point of the gamepad if not even Nintendo know how to make use of it?



Panamae commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

Pretty abysmal installment. Nintendo know the Wii U is in trouble but, after Donkey Kong, there are no major first party titles coming out until May.

Mario 3D World was not a system seller, DK certainly won't be. X and Bayonetta out "sometime in 2014". Not good enough.



Panamae commented on Mass Market Price And Mario Kart 8 Will Revers...:

They really need to allow a second player to use the gamepad screen, ala Nintendoland. If not even Nintendo can do this, then what is the point of having the gamepad to begin with? This is its best feature, they need to make use of it.

Also, bundling a premium console with MK8 for £190 is a surefire way to spark consumer interest, short of renaming it to "Nintendo U".