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Mon 11th April, 2011

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rtr0GMR1 commented on Alphadia Genesis:

It's ok if you like old school turn-based RPGs. Too much time spent just scrolling through text if you ask me (I'm about 8 hrs in so far).



rtr0GMR1 commented on Shovel Knight Release Pushed Back "A Few Weeks":

I must be in the minority that just doesn't get the excitement over this game. I grew up with the NES and have played countless, amazing 8-bit games.

I'm not saying that a great video game isn't worth getting excited over, I'm just saying that I don't get the level of excitement.



rtr0GMR1 commented on Rumour: New Call of Duty Title To Be Revealed ...:

No DLC for BLOPS 2 even though it says it on the back of the box = No more purchasing CoD games. The games are far superior on the WiiU and yet, outside of the occasional patch, we get nothing, not even Nuketown. Activision officially burned the bridge to my wallet.



rtr0GMR1 commented on Nintendo Of America Rep Insists That Lost Digi...:

I had the original 3DS with all of the ambassador games. I went to Vegas for New Years a couple of years ago and, long story short, the system got destroyed. System transfer was simply not an option. About a year later, I bought the 3DS XL. After repeated emails to Nintendo and one very intense phone call where I was nearly questioned to death about my purchasing history, Nintendo added all of my ambassador games to the download queue of my new 3DS.

It was a very confusing ordeal because the first couple of times I contacted Nintendo, they told me that they were unable to add the games to my queue and that it is impossible to do it any other way than the system transfer.

It really sucks because I was given the choice to have either my ambassador games restored to me or my games which I had purchased through the eShop; I couldn't have both. I chose the ambassador games because all of the GBA games are not available for purchase.

Anyways, yes, I have experience with this type of thing and, no, it is not fun!



rtr0GMR1 commented on Ubisoft: Rayman Legends Delay Will Result In A...:

I'm not much of a Rayman fan, I don't dislike the game, I'm just indifferent to it. It's a good platformer, but whatever. My problem is that the Wii U needs games. Now. While it is true that it is Nintendo's job to sell the hardware, all first parties need to be able to depend on third parties to keep their promises. In this case, the promise of a high-demand title upon launch of a new system. Ubisoft has failed here.



rtr0GMR1 commented on Real Life Skyward Sword Controls Don't Work:

That video was pretty funny...what wasn't funny was how bad that game sucked. It would have been a perfect 10, if you at least had the option to play with a classic controller. I'm with Ganon, I couldn't even bring myself to finish the last 2 dungeons because it was just that crappy. First Zelda game I have never beaten...



rtr0GMR1 commented on Pilotwings 64:

Sadly, I never got to play this game on the 64. I mastered the SNES one and the 3DS one. This really needs to be released on the VC before Nintendo stops supporting it altogether in favor of the Wii U.