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ZeroxGT commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

I like how everyone here is complaining because f their own decisions.. be GRATEFUL the games are even being released rather than saying all these negative comments about the system being doomed or jokes about their choices... seriously they prolly did this becuase they are further iproving the wii-U version due to the features in the 3DS version.. I seriously dont get these so called "fans" of nintendo anymore... ive been a long time fan of the company and you know.. none of this surprises me at all. this kind of thing happenns all the time and ya know, it works out.. everyone will be happy with what they are doing or the games.. so rather than be a bunch of jerks and babies.. just be patient. also the Wii-U will pull it together soon.. stop being such downers. And yes if there was someting wrong id get on Nintendo's case too but this is something that is worth the wait and a console for imo...



ZeroxGT commented on First Impressions: Stardust Amazoness:

I wouldnt mind it being localized.. We have enough games that show gun use,drug use, alchol use, abuse language, and tons of suggestive themes so to the folks saying no to it.. just be honest.. we have enough of it here so it wouldnt hurt to have more. prolly be eshop only anyway



ZeroxGT commented on First Impressions: Pokémon X & Y:

@zeldagaymer93 hmmm u must not underestimate the pokemon series.. and its huge fanbase... it will do better than GTA5 . Dont get it twitsted.. I love the GTA series and I love how 5 is right now but be real... this is pokemon... its always gonna sell millions unless they do something horribly wrong



ZeroxGT commented on Super Smash Bros. Will Have The Same Character...:

Im just gonna say this now,,, Melee had the perrfect sized roster for the series, it doesnt need a huge character roster to be great... as long as the gameplay and framerate arent ruined and the online mode is running smoothe.. I dont see much of a problem
THIS IS NOT MARVEL VS CAPCOM PEOPLE!!!! and not an oversized Mugen either.. Seriously just let him do his job for the sake of both consoles, stop being upset over nothing... The ONLY way we can seriously judge it is when we get it in our hands..



ZeroxGT commented on Miyamoto: Consumers Should Have Access To Thei...:

And just like toys, if you maintain them, they will last longer. Just keep your stuff safe and you wont have t worry about anything. I have plenty of games on my 3DS Cart and Digital that i take care of... I dont leave my 3DS anywhere and i alway put it somewhere safe out of any harm unless a storm comes through and destroys the whole house or some other mishap. I do travel with mine but usualy stays in case and I also have a wrist strap as well . Plain and simple... take of it and it will take care of you( mostly your gaming needs)



ZeroxGT commented on Third-Party Characters in Smash Bros. to be Ke...:

All I can say is the magic number should be about 30 characters and I dont see why the 3DS version should be cut... if anything it can do without some modes that would be great for the console version if thats the case. all the 3DS version needs is its story,arcade,VS, and Online modes and maybe the little tidbit stuff that wouldnt do much but give info on anything obtained for 100%ing the game. After all that add anything that could fit without hurting the game at all. Also, I dont think Movesets will be hard to deal with.. I usually use the Dpad if anything which is fine by me. Ill use thumbstick if I had a wii-U though.



ZeroxGT commented on Exclusive: Zelda's Aonuma: We're Looking Into ...:

DLC= play through ALTTP with those graphic since it takes place there. Would be a nice add-on dont you think? At least for those who never played it could experience the first part of the story there. Keep in mind i was referring to the game coming out soon for the 3DS



ZeroxGT commented on Super Smash Bros. Won't Feature Cross-Platform...:

My god you guys... You really think cross platform is gonna hinder the wii-U and /or 3DS? I highly doubt that. The Wii-U is capable of alot more than alot of us think... and this form of play I can see working without a sweat. and FFS stop putting down the 3DS version so much... belive it or not, its the ONE Handheld thats doing MOST of the job in sales if you think about it.. so for me as a 3DS XL owner, I sure as hell want this. Oh btw... its a FIGHTING GAME im sure they dont need to jam pack it with bells and whistles to make it great. oh did I mention they could just add the 3DS stages for the wii-U later on make DLC for both version to have the same stages?



ZeroxGT commented on Mario Kart, Wii Sports And Animal Crossing Nam...:

OMG people.... really... Read and check the article itself... it didn't say that they were evil and will be banned or pulled from the shelves... its just listing games that have some hint of violence in them.. mostly within the best sellers. I understand with this stupid trend of Politicians and whatnot trying to ban and protest against violent games is causing a serious uproar but this topic isn't towards that.... its nothing serious. Yes I am pissed that we have to deal with folks out there trying to ban and remove games with violence and whatnot. but again.. this article isn't even about that at all... So yeah... lets end it here and fight against the real dummies that are the root of our own rage.



ZeroxGT commented on Inafune: Japanese Developers Are "Too Proud" A...:

If the majority, would put down the guns for awhile and explore other games out side of that, im sure things will get better for both sides.. IF they are that curious on what we like then maybe they should open up an FB page or whateverso that a majority of us can give our voices to them. Sometimes some good feedback could help them out a bit, There are so many games over there that we wanted badly and never obtained as they THOUGHT we wouldnt enjoy them or if they wouldnt sell well... Anywho.. hears hoping that maybe one day, we will see all those games here on the western shores....



ZeroxGT commented on Code Of Princess Picks a Fight With Europe on ...:

Seriously, Ive played online penty of times on this game and its awesome ! Idk what some of the folks here are talking about but if you have friends, and some patience, you will end up in a group without a problem... Though I believe most times some are doing more PvP than regular missions. If anything Pick it up and play through it. Im still having fun with it.. and ive restarted my characters over to try out different setups. If you play a game without trying other things with it.. you yourself are selling it short of what it really is..



ZeroxGT commented on Review: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (...:

Honestly, The game isnt even that bad.. yeah the freezing ,glitching, and frame rate issues will turn anyone off. I went and got the game knowing this.. and it plays fine on majority of the levels especially on exper mode where the races are alot faster. Considering games can be patched on the 3DS... im sure this could be fixed( I hope so anyway). In short, if this gets patched im sure it will have a better rating than this.. though I dont really follow ratings that much if any at all.



ZeroxGT commented on Nintendo Still Envisions Selling Retail Games ...:

I think some have already stated that space would be the main issue here if they do this... if they go through with this( im sure they will) then im hopig to at least get a decent sized SD card that wont be so costly. Or they can use the actual Cart port and make a cart thats a huge SD card with a nice menu and everything.



ZeroxGT commented on Sakurai: Smash Bros. to 'Change Direction a Li...:

Since there is a few characters in spinoff games, they should include a few from there, as for 3rd party characters. im not sure on it yet. I ve seen a few keep mentioning megaman but after what they did to him in Street fighter X tekken, idk if i want that near the next smash bros game. I wouldnt mind seeing characters from companies that have made some smashing hits with some characters out there like Shantae, and the like



ZeroxGT commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Fails to Fly in UK Charts:

Meh... i have a few friends in the UK that DO play this.... its the matter of people wanting to use the stylus. I can use it fine as i dont wanna use buttons(which ive tried and its not bad). I think not many gamers there are giving it a REAL chance as this game is created by those from the smash bros series so you should try it out and give it a few full playthroughs before u can say otherwise. I mean it should be simple for most of ya, if anyone can stand up and right on a clipboard thats in one hand then it should be no problem at all...