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Sun 19th Feb 2012

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CrimsonTurtle8 commented on Review: Fullblox (3DS eShop):

Probably won't be getting this despite the good review. I liked Pushmo a lot but I couldn't stand Crashmo. I can't even play that game for more than a minute. It's so much harder and so boring.



CrimsonTurtle8 commented on StreetPass Games Producers Tell Origins of Mii...:

I love the streetpass games. Amazingly more addicted to Flower Town than I expected, but I also adore Monster Manor. Mii Force is a given. I don't care for Warrior's Way at all though. I'd buy any others they come out with in a heart beat.



CrimsonTurtle8 commented on Funfair Party Games:

Looks fun but $20 is freaking steep. I mean I haven't played it, but for those types of carnival games and with only 11 of them, I can't imagine paying more than $5.



CrimsonTurtle8 commented on Zelda Oracle Titles To Have an Initial Discoun...:

I do plan on getting both. They are completely different games right? It's not like Pokemon blue and red I hope. Someone please let me know if they are the same game just slightly different, because then I probably won't Thanks in advance.



CrimsonTurtle8 commented on Review: Air Battle Hockey 3D (3DS eShop):

I just bought this game and I actually found it incredibly fun. This review is fair but makes it seem a little less appealing than it actually is. The cpu levels are pretty challenging so it's worth the time to start it up and play a match with a high level cpu. The skills are addictive and you find yourself dying just to try one more before the match is over. I would recommend it for sure.



CrimsonTurtle8 commented on Nintendo Offering Incentives for Retail Downlo...:

I just like the idea of having it forever on my 3DS. I love stocking my system up with games that I always have. For example right now I'm at a hotel for a week and I didn't pack any cartridges because I knew I'd have plenty of downloaded games to last me a week or longer!