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Sun 30th June, 2013

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Yomerodes commented on Review: Pokémon Puzzle Challenge (3DS eShop /...:


The screen size might strike some points against this particular version of Panel de Pon, the game zone in this one is 6x9 (width x height), against 6x12 in most games of the franchise (SNES, GBA, DS, N64 in 2D) and a freaking 18x12 in the 3D mode of N64. For people accustomed to the series, the play zone feels cramped from the get go.



Yomerodes commented on Video: The Top Ten Worst Designed Pokémon Ever:

As someone who got introduced to GEN 3,4,5 and 6 Pokemon at the same time (and therefore I have not positive or negative perceptions derived from the games that introduced them), I would say my personal ranking for the design of those four gens goes like this: 5>6>3>4.



Yomerodes commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:


Reading most comments here I picture in my mind a father speaking to his son...

"NO. Don't enter the football team. You are overweight and way out of shape right now, you have barely any talent and even doing things you are good for you are hardly something to write about. If by some lucky chance you were half decent at football and enter the team, you still shouldn't do it because there are far better and more experienced players out there that would crush you in a second."



Yomerodes commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

Always curious to see that most of the reasons against the idea are not because they wouldn't want it, but because they think Nintendo would be completely out of their league and would be crushed the first moment they take a step into the market.
Where is people leaving the pride and confidence on the Nintendo brand?



Yomerodes commented on Nintendo's Official Japanese Site Suggests Dis...:

Compare and contrast with some other old Nintendo portables, the GBA SP and the GBA Micro lost some features from the previous models (SP had no standard headphone jack, Micro couldn't play original GB/C games) and the DSi also lost features of the earlier DS models (not being able to run GBA games being the most important). In those cases, the older models were allowed to stick for years because the old exclusive features were preferred over the new by some. In the 3DS case, the vanilla models have not a single exclusive feature, so the idea was replacing them ASAP.



Yomerodes commented on Review: Tetris Ultimate (3DS):

As silly as it might sound, one of my favorite elements from Tetris Axis was the 3D effect and the camera moving options...sure, it was nothing than a visual element that at the end of the day it could make the game harder, but sure seemed nice. It is a shame that this game have nothing of the sort...though it is also good news that it doesn't have a silly dancing mii being campy every single second of gameplay.



Yomerodes commented on Review: Xavier (Wii U eShop):

The Letter shows how you do an horrible game...nonsensical, austere, hilariously short, easy, cheap, infamous cult classic of bad games.

This shows you how you don't do a bad game...designwise just plain aesthetically horrible, bad controls, tries to pass as something better than it is (a 5 dollars game with an original new character, which tries to pass as some kind of mascot platformer carrying the name of said character as the entire title, dog please).
Also man, does his caveman attire looks like a dress, what where they thinking?



Yomerodes commented on Review: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (Wii U eSh...:

My favorite Castlevania game from all systems IMO, and a true GBA masterpiece.


I can get behind the androgynous criticism...I thought for the entirety of my AoS run that Soma was a girl...back then I was still not that good at english, so I missed the male pronouns, plus a very early preview in a regional Nintendo magazine mentioned the proagonist was female...ironically by the end of the game I was thinking "Man, Konami sure has guts to use a lesbian protagonist in a franchise like Castlevania"

I'm in the group that prefers AoS to DoS. Aside from the artistic shift, Aria just felt much better in regards of plot, pace, creativity and music. Dawn had the better graphics of course (that finally put something SoTN level on a portable) but for the system limits Aria seemed like the better work. The balance and equipment system also worked better in Aria as I see it, where many weapons categories were better tailored for specific hardships, while in Dawn you could ignore most weapons and go straight for the best one and use it during most of the game.



Yomerodes commented on Review: Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (Wi...:

This game tried IMO too hard to be like SOTN without much success...many reused graphics assets and ideas from that game only with far less quality, spectral albino Belmont that looks a lot like Alucard and unlike anyone else in the family for some reason, shadow behind the character while moving, relic system, two castles for 200%, etc.



Yomerodes commented on Feature: Ten Games That Are Perfect For Hallow...:

How ironic that I am just about to give my copy of Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon to a nephew...just finished it a few weeks ago, and IMO it is a game that I never wish to play again, neither I wish to play the couple of extra missions that I missed.



Yomerodes commented on Review: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (3DS eS...:

I get what the review is getting not so much about the sexualization (I have and really liked Senran Kagura Burst, for starters) but the overall aesthetics of the characters in this franchise and most of the Wayforward original IPs (the Mighty series) just puts me off, and that is that.

I skipped the GBC game, the DSiware game, and this one is firmly on the bracket "when it goes on a good sale...maybe"



Yomerodes commented on Nintendo 64x64: Pokemon Snap:


Well, look at the Pokepark wii games, two games that in combination contain a couple of hundreds more pokemon than Snap from the first five generations in far better polygonal models than the ones seen in Snap, doing pokespeak and everything. And both games allow you to take pictures of everything and everyone, save them on the Wii SD memory, and give you complete freedom of movement instead of being on rails.

When those two spinoffs failed to take the world by storm, perhaps that is the reason that no one in Nintendo has faith on a game solely focused on the taking photos mechanic.



Yomerodes commented on XSEED Will Release Rune Factory 4 as an eShop ...:


Uhmm, Xseed IS Marvelous AQL, a few years ago Marvelous AQL acquired Xseed and everything with it, if the company still trades with the Xseed Games brand it is most likely because the name itself is still recognized and respected in the niche market of the USA.

If anything the party that "failed" here would be Rising Star Games, the long time euro publishers of HM, RF and the company that just released a few months ago Hometown Story. In a curious case of reversal, Rising Star Games WAS back in the day a part of Marvelous AQL until the companies separated a few years ago, meanwhile, Xseed games, which were independent for many years, was swallowed by Marvelous AQL and became the defacto "Marvelous USA"...quite the messy family.



Yomerodes commented on Review: Hideaways: Foggy Valley (3DS eShop):

Some company should release "Find the hidden "Find the Hidden Object Game""

In this new game, you will navigate across the eshop and will have limited time to find as many "Find the Hidden Object" games as you can.



Yomerodes commented on Carbon Fire Studio Launching Frenchy Bird On W...:

Now those are some pretty graphics for this kind of game...and the pigeon with the little hat is somewhat nice.
The clone wars will be interesting...
Spikey Walls have the strength of being more famous (particularly here), coming from a developer with a handful of Wii U games already, and probably being cheaper...
This one on the other hand have the strength of having better graphics, the 3D camera angle and more features as far as we know...

After the Letter success (in the So Bad its good category) is no wonder developers believe there is a market out there for people seeking the most awesomely bad game on the Wii U eshop.



Yomerodes commented on Review: Glory of Generals (3DS eShop):


At least in the american eshop there is a demo of this game that you can check to be sure...the game seemed good enough for what it was, if anything a little too complex, it throws you out there expecting you to use a lot of different units without much information about them.



Yomerodes commented on SEGA Announces Sand-Based Arcade Game, Probabl...:


Perhaps this article is some kind of subtle jab against the media attention Pokken is getting in American Nintendo sites. In a way of speaking AS OF NOW Pokken is just as related to the Wii U as this game, both are arcade only projects announced for Japan. Might Pokken be released on Wii U? there is a possibilty, and there is a possibility this one does too, if even of only 0.000000000000001%

Perhaps the writer just made this article as a meta-metaphorical allusion to that.



Yomerodes commented on Review: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Cal...:

Loved the first one so much, that in the past I wished I was able to get it again as a digital download just so I always had it in my system...

As I see it, now Square Enix finally gives me the chance to get the game as a digital download...and even better, is an impressively updated version with far more songs and options. Day ONE.



Yomerodes commented on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Aims t...:

For once, this seems credible. With +200 songs from basically all noteworthy games (and even a few duds) and the ever increasing DLC, they would need another 20 years of games in order to gather enough material to release another sequel based on Final Fantasy music.



Yomerodes commented on Take the Internet Stage for a Chance at Some G...:

At first I thought it was bizarre that the prize is a japanese 3DS LL...aside from the obvious fact that it is because they didn't wanted to bother with another production line for a very limited promotion. I see a lot of brilliance in that. A japanese 3DS could be a very sought out prize in this case because, 1. most likely the people entering the contest already have a regional 3DS anyway 2. The winner will be able to import any japanese he so desired (which are quite a number, particularly from Square Enix), and even download the plethora of demos and things available on the japanese eshop.

Well played SE, well played.



Yomerodes commented on Review: Master Reboot (Wii U eShop):

Would be interesting if we could compare the sales of this 7/10 game at 15 bucks, against The Letter, the 2/10 game at 2 bucks.

Because as far the average owner visiting the eshop goes, the only thing he will know is that both are terror first person games, and one is more than seven times cheaper than the other.



Yomerodes commented on Feature: Ten Wii U and 3DS eShop Games That Ar...:

I liked the HarmoKnight demo...but I am still waiting for a sale, which knowing that is a first party title might not come in a long time, but alas, I am not in a hurry to get it, it surely will be enjoyable any summer and not just this one XP



Yomerodes commented on Review: Siesta Fiesta (3DS eShop):

I am pretty burnout after playing Alphabounce for dozens of hours this past months on my 3DS, I wonder when the need to play more paddle will strike me...but at least now I know which game will satisfy that need.



Yomerodes commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (North America):


That's the whole point. By doing only temporary discounts, they guarantee a spot in the "price drop" category of the eshop, most likely one of the most popular categories for the casual and impulse buyers...and with some luck like this week, managing to appear on the weekly official PR. Discounting permanently the games would leave them buried with every other game...that is, most of the time only appearing to the people that search for them manually.



Yomerodes commented on Senran Kagura 2 Website Updates With New Gamep...:

For better and for worse, we all are able to superficially judge a game.

Some persons will see a single pic of Senran Kagura and will dismiss it as a pervert fanservice shovel game without even bothering to learn about the gameplay, fun factor, etc, all because of how they look.

In a similar vein, the "fratcore" gamers will see a game like Mario and Kirby and will dismiss them as kiddie games without considering that they might actually be great games, all because of how they look.



Yomerodes commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

There is a quite depressing pattern there though...

All the projects here that have the Wii U at the core goal (Moira, Luna's Tale, Pip's Adventure) are missing the goal by quite a far margin.

On the other hand, most of the Kickstarters that have the Wii U or 3DS as a stretchgoal (Shiness, The Way, Omori) are actually reaching the goal, and even getting some stretch goals...Omori by itself have more money than what every Core goal Wii U Kickstarter is asking. Shiness and Pip'sAdventure cases are also interesting, both games have virtually identical goals (100,000 and 90,000 respectively) but the one with the Wii U included in the core goal is missing a lot to reach the goal in the final hours, while the one that has the Wii U as a stretch goal surpassed the goal already.

So, the whole "If the Wii U was in the core goal, we would pledge" angle seems unsubstantial in the end. In fact, results like this might actually give indie developers the idea that ignoring the Wii U from the core goal gets you more pledges and more success.



Yomerodes commented on Review: Arc Style: Baseball 3D (3DS eShop):

There are other baseball games available for the 3DS?

For 5 bucks it seems respectable enough for the 3DS owner that wants to play the sport on the go, since the options are brutally limited.



Yomerodes commented on XSeed Games Localizing Newest Harvest Moon for...:


Marvelous devellop the games. In the past, Marvelous sold the license of the game to Natsume, which means they get money from the initial deal, but each Harvest Moon sold is money that goes exclusively to Natsume. It was a necessary deal if Marvelous had no way of releasing the game themselves, or they were afraid the game would sold badly.

Now, if Xseed (which is owned by Marvelous) releases the game, the money from every single copy sold is going directly to Marvelous. Of course, the move is a gamble; If the game underperforms, they might get less than what they got in the past selling the licenses to Natsume.

In short, Marvelous, after almost 20 years, have a way to release their very own and oldest franchise in America, and they want to try doing so, even if they need to change the name because Natsume have the rights for it.