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Mon 5th Apr 2010

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zeonox commented on Pachter: Nintendo Has Lost Its "Mojo":

So, I buy Nintendo systems for Nintendo games. I know I'm not the first person to say that. If I can get a cool third party game on there too, that's awesome. Lately, I've been lucky enough to be able to afford multiple consoles, but it hasn't always been so. When I couldn't afford multiple consoles, however, the one I did own certainly wasn't one of the most recent ones!
If I were a third party publisher, I'm not sure I'd support Wii U at the moment. But then, I wouldn't support Xbone or PS4 either...because there are a whole lot more Wii's, 360's, and PS3's out there for people to buy my games on atm. But that's just me.



zeonox commented on Review: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: So...:

I preordered on Amazon...can't wait for it to get here! Sounds awesome!

So, early previews made it sound like Nemichi could join you in battle. Is that not true? Does (it) just mainly pimp out other demons to you? Still cool.



zeonox commented on Tecmo Koei Slices Team Ninja in Two:

I still think of Tecmo Superbowl whenever I hear that name....

Glad to hear they made a profit since several companies have come up short recently. I hope this reorganization doesn't break what made them successful or help them grow too fast/big to be manageable. Also, which of those games should I check out first? I've played none of them.



zeonox commented on Bowser's Inside Story Gets a DSi Bundle:

I'm against a special-console, personally. Those always seem to sustain damage faster than the normal ones. Also, I'm sad it doesn't come with a XL option. Understandable, though. I'm only NOW playing M&L:PiT on my original DS, so it might be a great time to upgrade for me after all!



zeonox commented on Review: Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube):

My favorite parts of the game were the "3D classic" set ups, where Bowser Jr. stole FLUDD and you did a straight platformer level. Galaxy is my favorite, we'll see if Galaxy 2 can replace it.... HOWEVER, I would run out and buy this the MOMENT it came out if it ever comes to New Play Control on Wii!