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A Sonic Boom Game is Dashing Towards Wii U and 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The team's sporting a new look


Sega has now released an official press pack regarding Sonic Boom, emphasizing that it's a "new branch of the Sonic universe" that will incorporate the TV show, the games on Wii U and 3DS as well as a new toy range. Below are some key excerpts from the press release:

Sonic Boom’s visual identity includes character designs inspired by the abilities and unique personalities of each of the characters while still maintaining the core identity and values of the Sonic brand. The rich worlds of the TV series and videogame will share a common narrative and a number of location and stylistic similarities reflecting full collaboration between videogame, TV series partners and SEGA from the outset.

...Serving as a prequel to the stories revealed in the TV series the Sonic Boom video game will deliver a totally different experience to previous Sonic games with collaborative gameplay at its core. Developed in the U.S by California based Big Red Button Entertainment (Wii U) and Sanzaru Games (Nintendo 3DS) in collaboration with Sonic Team, this is the third title to be released as part of an exclusive deal with Nintendo. Sonic Boom will take advantage of the innovative hardware of both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, with traditional elements of Sonic games, such as speed, also featured. The videogame will also introduce exploration, combat and a new Enerbeam tether mechanic that will allow the Sonic Boom world to be discovered in totally unique ways.

...“We want to ensure that the Sonic brand continues to evolve and appeal to new generations of Sonic fans and this different look introduces a fresh approach that will be at once both familiar and new to consumers,” said John Cheng, President & COO, SEGA of America. “We are committed to supporting this initiative to provide great entertainment to fans for all aspects of their lives.”

A key point, to clear up confusion, is that Sega has clearly stated that these games do represent the third (and final) part of the Nintendo exclusivity deal announced last year. We have added game pages (with screenshots in the Wii U version), which you can access at the bottom of this article.

Original Article:

Last year Sega confirmed a new TV show called Sonic Boom, bringing its famous mascot back to TV screens. In recent days the company issued invitations to a media event focused on Sonic the Hedgehog, meanwhile, emphasizing that it would kick off 2014 as the Year of Sonic — we guess Luigi must step aside.

That event is underway, and the web is already going crazy with the revelations that are being leaked. For one thing Sonic, Tales, Knuckles and Amy all have new designs for the Sonic Boom show, pictured above, but in exciting news for Nintendo fans a game has also been confirmed for Wii U and 3DS.

The Wii U game is being developed by Big Red Button Entertainment, which — based on its website — is a recently formed studio of veteran developers including Bob Rafei, the very first employee of Naughty Dog. The 3DS version seems to be in the hands of Sanzaru, a studio in business since 2007 and perhaps best known for its recent PS3 / Vita title Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

We have teams taking on Sonic for the first time as part of a new Sonic Boom reboot, so these could be exciting titles to follow. A French version of the reveal trailer for the game is below, which is clearly showing Wii U footage. We'll update when official details are released by Sega, but in the meantime let us know what you think.

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User Comments (303)



King47 said:

I'm listening. I was never a Sonic fan, but if it's good, I'm willing to try.



Peach64 said:

Like I said in the forum, despite loving Sonic as a kid, I just watch each new game's development with a distant curiosity and assume it will turn out to be rubbish. However, I LOVED Thieves in Time, so maybe there is hope for this after all.



lividd3ad said:

Yes yes YES. This looks like everything I've wanted from a Sonic game in a while.

...except Knuckles. He looks gross.



Senate_Guard said:

I'm LOVIN' the new looks! Have to see Eggman now.

The game looks fantastic so far! Hope it'll be a great return to form, as far as multiple playable characters go.

Looks like it could be 4 player co-op like NSMB...



Lance168 said:

Can anyone translate the trailer? Would love to know more about the game!



iPruch said:

Wow... Knuckles has become an addict of steroids D:

I don't get the gameplay mechanics with this short trailer. But it seems the game needs a LOT of work before the final build...

I'd like to hear now to those who critizised Sonic Lost World that much. I believe they will change their minds after that trailer.



WiiLovePeace said:

Oh MAN the characters look really disgusting! Yuck!... Oh well, I'll just have to get used to it I guess, as the levels seem large & fun.



ricklongo said:

New character designs notwithstanding, this looks like it could be great. I thought Sonic Lost World was better than most reviews gave it credit for, and this looks to be more of an open-ended adventure game. I'm cautiously optimistic.



MeWario said:

Cool, the development teams sound solid and it would be good to have some fresh faces work on Sonic. I'm interested



Spakiness said:

Concept art looks beautiful. Though the 3D models look awful in my opinion. Looks like models made for a movie tie in game.



MuchoMochi said:

Please..PLEASE don't screw this game up. I'm genuinely excited about multiple playable characters again, the character styles are looking great, it looks more open world and explorable, but I can't take another sub-par game starring Sonic. Lost World was was fun, but somewhat lackluster. I'm really hesitantly hyped for this game.



AdanVC said:

Wait what, a 3rd party exclusive game for Wii U?! I wasn't expecting this and... IT LOOKS COOL! It looks like is going to be a decent open-world action/adventure game, plus the graphics are looking surprisingly good, better than Sonic Lost World that's for sure! But those new characters on the trailer look awful honestly, but since this is an early reveal trailer I'm sure they would improve them. Looking forward to know more about this game.



mystman12 said:

I'm sorry but this re-design looks so horrible, I, I just... Wow, okay. Sonic is tall, and chubby? What? Were they trying to make him hot or something? Well, he actually looks creepy. Knuckles looks like he swallowed a football uniform. At least Tail's and Amy look okay. As long as they only look like that for the show and the show related products, it'll be fine. Nobody panic.



Jayvir said:

That looks pretty cool. And for once, Tails actually looks like he's worth a damn. Not really a fan of them hulking up Knuckles but I'll be able to tolerate it



Einherjar said:

Could be very interesting, but the artstyle is so incredibly ugly (knuckles looks ridiculous) and the music..well..i wont say anything about that because it couldnt be done without profanity



Banjogeek said:

I think this game is coming out next year so they have alot of time to polish the graphics.



audiobrainiac said:

Wha? Whoa, this game makes Sonic and friends look like a Pixar film!!! COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!



Philip_J_Reed said:

Knuckles looks terrible. Sonic somehow looks more bland than he did without all the crap they gave him to wear here.

Amy and Tails look very good, imho. This franchise is certainly having an ongoing crisis of visual identity though. How many reboots and reimaginings and backsteps and experiments can they do before the only consistent way to recognize anyone is by color?



9th_Sage said:

Hm, not quite sure how I feel, but it seems like they're trying something a bit different, so kudos to them for that. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out.



UnseatingKDawg said:

So... Knuckles did in fact take steroids.

In any case, I like the new designs. The gameplay looks great too - I'm hoping Shadow makes an appearance as a playable character.



EpicMegaman64 said:

Nice redesigns, although the in-game models need some work to match the art. I'm really not sure what to think of the gameplay. At some points the game looks like Sonic Heroes, and sometimes like Sonic Adventure.



KnightOfNothing said:

@Einherjar Not a fan of dub step? Well to each their own. I do like the redesigns, and Im liking the look of the game. I enjoyed Lost World, so I guess can look forward to this. But as everyone else, I have some reservations.



Tops said:

Yeah, they dropped the ball on the Sonic and Knuckles designs. I don't get why they need to be wearing stuff, not that it would help Knuckles much anyway >,<



Jazzer94 said:

Jeez this looks awful, the designs are just so unappealing the music was horribly its like Sega want to destroy every good of memory I have of Sonic.



TJGamer said:

I actually like the look of the game, the idea of the show and Sonic, Tail and Amy's design, just not Knuckle's design. But I like his new take of a voice listen to 0:18 seconds.



Captain_Toad said:

Heh This actaally looks not that bad (good actually) the character designs at least. And yes even Knuckles.

And the game shows promise as well. Amy actually plays awesome.

I wonder if they fixed the problems Lost world had.
Different studios is handling the games? HYPE INCREASED!



rjejr said:

Sonic Boom: All 4 One

Hard to make out what's going on in that short trailer, but it reaffirms my belief that game trailers are better w/ Japanese voice overs, not French.

I'm a huge Sonic Adventure fan - it's my first Sonic game - and multiplayer is good - but I don't know about that ugly trailer. x crossing fingers x



Philip_J_Reed said:

Sonic Broom: It was a wild house party, alright, but can Sonic clean up the mess before Tails's parents get home?!

Sonic Bloom: Spend an entire day navigating Sonic around early 1900s Dublin, only really fast...because he's Sonic.

Sonic Tomb: Eggman finally gets the idea of just buying a knife and stabbing Sonic a bunch of times. The game is a visual novel in which you guide Tails through the stages of grief.



cookiex said:


I can already tell from the like/dislike ratio that the Sonic fanbase isn't going to be too thrilled with this.

Edit: Huh, apparently most seem okay with it so far.



Linkuini said:

Well, I don't know what to think. The gameplay footage looked pretty nice, but the characters, music, and overall tone made me very conscious of being outside this game's target demographic.

I'm not excited, but I am certainly curious.



Keiizeo said:

This actually looks good........ Really good........ Can't wait to learn more about it



shingi_70 said:

The game is running on Cry engine and is being called a sub series. So expect a Sonic Team made Sonic game next year.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I wasn't a Sega kid, so I don't put Sonic on a pedestal like some (not saying that's a bad thing - he helped make home console gaming a thing), but this looks promising to me. However, it's always clever to not get too hyped when it comes to Sonic games, at least if recent history holds true. I am thinking Big Red Button doing this game is a good thing. Furthermore, the character design isn't all that bad. Sonic and Knuckle's legs might be a bit long, but oh well. Maybe they need to be that long. Have you seen those dudes run?!



TingLz said:

I'm expecting this game to be good because it's not developed by the Sonic Team!



darkswabber said:

Knuckles looks like crap.
but the game looks actually good.
still knuckles his design is crap.



DarkKirby said:

Amy has been elevated from a dim witted fan girl to a competent acrobatic weapon wielding main character.




mystman12 said:

@Einherjar Oh yeah, I forgot the music. I don't like dubstep, but I have nothing against it, but it's becoming overused. The creators were probably like "Hey, don't kids these days, like, um, that wubstep? "Oh, yeah! They also like really thin, tall hedgehogs!" The voices stink too. I'm actually surprised at how many commenters are saying they like the new redesign.



Wonder_Ideal said:

I guess they're still recovering from the plastic surgery they received, because they're covered in bandages.
While there are some elements of the new looks that I can't say I care for (loooong legs, Knuckles Kong), I'm willing to hold my judgments and give this new look a try.



XFsWorld said:

Wow this Sonic game looks so damn cool!!!
Edit: Ahem..I've never been this excited for a Sonic game. weird



Dave24 said:

Their heads look like attached to the bodies - I smell toys with which you can exchange their body parts. That would make the most sense



Yrreiht said:

Didn't expect to see such a positive response in the comments. I really like the new design. The show looks really cool!



Wildfire said:

I actually like it! When I first saw that picture with their shadows I was quite fearfull but now I'm thrilled! Like Reggie once said "Change is good!"



TwilightV said:

I like the concept, but dear lord those character designs. I've seen crappy fanart that's better than these... whatever the heck they are!



SkywardCrowbar said:

I was as big of a Sonic Lost World cheerleader as there was on the internet before it came out, and then I got burned by its mediocrity.

Slightly excited for Boom, but not going to pre-order it.



MathRaph said:

I actually enjoyed the Sly Cooper on Vita quite a bit. Looking forward to see what they can do with sonic on 3DS.



rumple88 said:

Please be as good as Colors, video looks promising. Sega resuscitate this hedgehog pleaaase. Tales got ripped!?



larry_koopa said:

I have never been a Sonic fan and am proud of the fact that I have never even owned a Sonic game, but still, I love the fact that Sega is redesigning the characters and is at least trying something new.

I'll still never buy the game, but hopefully people who are actually fans of the series will get behind this and support it.



Weedy said:

Do you mean the first half?
Pretty sure the second half of this video is to Bangarang by Skrillex, which suits Sonic perfectly imo.



Knux said:

What has Sega done to my one of my favorite characters!? Why!?



PrincessEevee9 said:

@DarkKirby Pretty much my reaction.

@SchamMan89 It is get over it.

I can't see how anybody could be upset with this. They're trying to do a redesign for Sonic since that's what the fanbase keeps crying for and they still whine about it. Entitled gamers...



Xjarnold said:

The gameplay looks great like a mixture of adventure and generations, only problem is knuckles redesign...WTF sonic team?



readyletsgo said:

Haha it looks cool to me, Sonic needed a new look! Hopefully this game will take the franchise in a new, positive direction.

Knuckles, eh....



Subie98 said:

Looks a hell of a lot better than lost world. I didnt like lost world. If this stays more like sonic adventure id be interested



unrandomsam said:

@PrincessEevee9 What I want is Sonic Generations 2 with different zones and that is it. (I am still playing the last one which is more than can be said for any Mario game in existence). I think that was also the best received one. (Dunno what the fanbase wants).



Nintendelb said:

I am very excited about this game (especially since I liked Sonic Lost World so much), but... It's a reboot? That I don't like.
I hope this is just a misunderstanding, because I like new designs and gameplay being labeled as simple 'spin-offs' of the existing franchise.



Bolt_Strike said:

Knuckles' design looks god awful, it's like he took steroids or something. Gameplay looks promising, but then again, so does every Sonic game when it's first revealed. Until we see more gameplay, it's hard to make a judgment on this game. I do like that they brought back multiple playable characters, but I'm worried that it's just going to be like the Adventure games again where the other characters' gameplay just doesn't fit the series (and looking at Tails and Knuckles' gameplay, it's possible that could happen again). Also, I'm not sure the setting fits, it doesn't really give me a Sonic vibe.



Drobotic said:

To answer some questions,this is a new branch in the Sonic series and DOES NOT replace modern Sonic.Sega has officially said that on their Facebook page.Overall,I have a lot more hype for this than I have for any Sonic game since Colors.I like how it looks and the co-op thing is great,too.Knuckle's new design is......ehhhh.But I can get used to it as it is in a different canon,as it seems.The cartoon looks great as well.Good thing it's on CN,too.That's the only channel I regularly watch everyday,honestly.Hope both the game and cartoon end up being great.



SphericalCrusher said:

Been a huge Sonic fan since 1991.... and I am very excited for Sonic Boom but I don't know if I can get behind the new Knuckles.... =/



CapeSmash said:

I can deal with the redesigns, and I like the way the gameplay looks. But I don't like the setting.



Tsurii said:

I like Knuckles' design
Really looking forward to see how this turns out



TruenoGT said:

Looks pretty interesting actually! Looking forward to seeing what Sonic looks like in the hands of a new team. Plus, it's another new game announced for Wii U and we don't get those too often!



Capt_N said:

I still have to give the 3DS demo of Lost World another spin(pun intended). I also have to look into Colors.



turnmebackwards said:

Sonic & gang have piled on the pounds, Looks interesting it a take on Sonic R from the Saturn or it a hole new platform 3D adventure game hmm....



PrincessEevee9 said:

@unrandomsam You do know that Generations was Sonic's 20th birthday right? One time deal, right know I rather see them make new concepts and series instead solely relying on the old.



ZyroXZ2 said:

This is probably one of the best put together Sonic game trailers in forever, I'm definitely going to keep my eye on this one...



TwilightV said:

Saw the show trailer. Sonic looks better there than he does here. Eggman looks awesome too.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Are we talking former Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter developers? If so, I expect some quality gaming here.

Sanzaru for the 3DS? Sign me up. Sly 4 was the best Sly game.



NintyMan said:

Not a fan of the tape on the shoes and gloves, but Sonic, Tails, and Amy look good. Knuckles, however, is too buff, but I could see that coming after originally seeing the silhouette.

Besides Knuckles, the rest actually looks like it has potential. The development teams and the game look promising, so only time will tell. Putting aside how many times Sonic games get hyped up in vain, I hope this turns out very well.



bizcuthammer said:

Sonic is probably my favorite video game character ever. That said, his games since the start of this century have been mediocre at best. I have Lost World and consider it to be subpar.

Aside from how they've designed Knuckles, this looks exciting. As a lifelong Sonic fan though, i've learned to HEAVILY temper my expectations. Until i see more and read reviews once it's out, i wont let myself believe that Sonic is back to form.



Kyloctopus said:

If I can get past how much weirder they all look, this game looks pretty good.
But really, what was wrong with the Sonic Generations style games? They perfected it in Generations, and then went a step back to do Lost World? Makes no sense.
By the way, Sonic should never be involved with dubstep.



feelthesarcasm said:

Looks great to me. The designs are meh but Destructoid (I believe) played some of it since it's been in development for quite some time (2 years I believe) and they said it reminded them of Ratchet and Clank. Which isn't a bad thing to me since I loved those game.

This brought me back to the Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure days on dreamcast and gamecube. It'll also be nice to play someone besides sonic. Two different developers mean that we won't get any awful scaled back ports.



ModernMARVEL said:

I like the idea I think of from the trailer. Problem is, I'll never get over those design. And that dubstep better not be in game music.



JeffreyG said:

That trailer looks amazing!

SEGA is obviously trying to get younger audiences with this and the tv-show, and that's not a bad thing. I really like the new character designs as well, though Knuckles will take a bit of getting used to.



Detective_TeeJay said:

@Knux Forgive me but I laughed a bit at your comment. I was like "Hahaha oh yeah, he really likes Knuckles."

I do agree that he looks sorta horrifying though.



hogge said:

This game should've been out for the Wii U's launch.
I don't know if I'm being biased, but that looks supperior to anything I've seen on the PS3/XB360.



Bender said:

Reminds me of Rachet and Clank's visuals.... But Sonic... HMMMMM... Maybe...



enderboy221 said:

Character designs aside, this looks cool! Still going to wait and see, Lost World taught me not to immediatly hype things.



thomin said:

It's the opposite direction compared to the retro-looking Sonic Lost World. The characters look...strange...but I really like the world design. That's how a Sonic game should look. It will be crucial to see how they implemented the speed, hard to tell by the trailer. And since it's not done by SEGA directly, maybe the story itself will be bearable...



NintyMan said:

Some details that I've found out through NintendoEverything:

  • Will deliver a “fresh approach that will be at once both familiar and new”
  • Won’t replace modern Sonic
  • Officially the third title in SEGA’s exclusive deal with Nintendo
  • Wii U version focuses on combat and exploration
  • Wii U title will “operate in harmony with the television series and act as a prequel to the series”
  • Big Red Button CEO Bob Raffei said the game will be “a very different Sonic, both in tone and art direction”
  • Will feature slightly different content on each platform
  • 3DS version has different environments and enemies
  • Wii U version offers two-player co-op in the main campaign
  • Will have modes for 4 players
  • Focus on teamwork
  • Expanded roles for Tails, Knuckles, Amy
  • Each have their special abilities that link up with Sonic and possibly each other
  • No online co-op


HandheldGuru97 said:

Color me interested. I played the demo to Lost Worlds and I'll probably still get it (once it is dirt cheap) this looks like it could be a turning point for Sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that was said before Lost Worlds (and Generations and Colors and on, on....) But I'll be hopeful for now!



LoveNinty said:

Guys it states at the beginning of the trailer that it's a work in progress , try not to be overily critical .
Amy and tails look as good as ever , knuckles and sonic look ridiculous , sonic not so much in motion , but when they're standing back to back he looks really bad ...
Also at the end when the big mechanical worm bursts out of the ground it shows tails , knuckles , amy and what looks like shadow - makes me excited , prematurely probably,...



CommenSense said:

I was really thinking there was going to be Nintendo Direct toda, seems even odder now that there wasn't. Don't know if anyone has stated this is on CryEngine 3, so at least that is 1 engine on the Wii u



Inkling said:

So, this is the 3rd game in the deal, eh? Looks nice, very nice. Multiplayer, nice! Everything, nice!



Einherjar said:

@mystman12 I have nothing against the redesign per se. Im a huge fan of Tetsuya Nomura designs (Belts, Bandages etc) so that look realy isnt half bad. The biggest problem i have with it are the proportions of the characters. Knuckles basicly looks like a red aubergine. He used to have a tiny body and a massive head, now its the complete opposite, which is all sorts of weird.
And in my opinion, dubstep cant even be considered music. Hold your horses, its MY OPINION and not a fact, its taste based but to me, it sounds like a computer having a seisure and screaming out in pain.
I would appreciate the usual cheesy rock / metal soundtrack much more (best served by crush40 and friends).
It would also suit the tone of the game much better, since dubstep mostly only fits with "tron like" and / or cyberpunk settings.



Lord said:

NO SONIC TEAM! Not sure what that is gonna mean. But as far as I can see its a great effort. Plus cry engine 3 and a very Ratchet and Clank art style.



link3710 said:

If you're strong, you can fly, you can reach the other side, of the rainbow. It's all right take a- Oh this isn't about the song. I wonder if they'll use it as the theme since it is amazing.



allav866 said:

I'm seeing this, and it looks like it might be an online co-op game--something the Wii U is desperately lacking. Here's hoping that this game is good (and that they change Knuckles's design).



Damo said:

Egads. This just makes it abundantly clear that Sega doesn't have a clue what to do with Sonic, and is simply mashing the "TRY ANYTHING" button.

Also, taking it away from Sonic Team? I know recent Sonic games have been pretty average, but that has got to hurt.



BakaKnight said:

A premise like basing the games on the new show and having external developpers (even if with some big names) kinda scared me, I have to be honest, but the trailer was stunning.

If it will deliver what it's promising then the blue blur will finally raise again ^o^



WaveBoy said:

That's some god awful cliche 'trying to be epic' orchestrated movie poop tunes....And the music that followed? What is this, an Icarly video party? I wish it all the best, but eh.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Those new character designs are really weird. That said, this game's on my radar, but since it's a game based off a cartoon based off a game, I'll definitely wait for reviews.



Tysamu said:

While the gameplay looks interesting enough to give me hype amd optimism (Amy and Tails especially) Knuckles's redesign.... is just horrible...



SonataAndante said:

This is not what I expected at all, but I'll try to remain objective here. Tails and Amy look fine, Sonic's concept art looks alright but he looks a bit worse in-game. Overall I'm not really fond of the wraps on everything and Sonic's a bit too lanky looking.

Knuckles is everyone's point of contention, and I get that. OBJECTIVELY, Knuckles doesn't have a terrible design. He's the powerhouse and he looks the part. Problem is the large chested, small headed powerhouse character is sort of a dull and tried trope now. The redesign looks especially weird to everyone familiar with the series, because we're used to the old way. Knuckles hasn't really changed a lick since he debuted in Sonic 3 so seeing him go from Sonic-sized to being a red Hulk seems really odd to everyone. I don't think it's a BAD design, but I don't think it was necessarily the best design for Knuckles, who apparently still moves roughly as fast as Sonic.

I'm not a fan of the dubstep either but it's just a trailer. I highly doubt the main in-game music will be dubstep. Overall I'll play wait and see with this. It could be interesting, and it might be a flop. We'll see.



Retro_on_theGo said:

WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO KNUCKLES? Ew. No. What happened to EVERYONE!? Tails is the only one who actually a looks better from the redesigns.
Ironically the game doesn't look too bad though. Going off of 30 seconds of gameplay.



ModernMARVEL said:

I mean concept art for Sonic looks alright, but with the actual model having those random bits of fur make me cringe along with how weird his body is. As many have said, Knuckles' change is just too drastic (Reminds me of Crunch). If they made his body a little smaller... Tails seems more annoyed than anything and Amy... Sure that dress made some weird moments, but she looks more like Rouge was combined with, like GameXplain said.



ThomasBW84 said:

Hello all. I've now added game pages (the Wii U one has screenshots) and an update at the top of the article. Refresh the page if you can't see them.

These are official details from Sega, not from other press sources. A key point is that they state this is the 3rd exclusive Sonic game in the Nintendo agreement, so that clarifies that



AJWolfTill said:

I actually like the redesigns, although I'm not a Sonic fan from my time with the Olympic crossovers so many of the characters look painfully similar so it's nice to see them being messed up a little bit!



Nintex said:

Wow I'm feeling like this is the Sonic game I've been wanting since Adventure 1 and 2. It looks very fun and I think the character models look great as a Sonic overhaul. Finally a game I can look forward to on WiiU that I didnt know about.



R_Champ said:


I agree, Tails and Amy actually look pretty sweet. But yeah, re-imaginings are probably a bad sign for a series.

To make it in this world Tails is gonna have to go full-blown anti-hero. Maybe the first scene in the next game will be Tails shooting up Eggman's base...wait, Sega already tried that angle with Shadow the Hedgehog? Never mind then...



Volmun said:

im likeing the look of the game play and the visuals look realy nice too.. i just dislike the eyes sorta getting useto it



OdnetninAges said:

Just so everyone knows, the character designs are not going to be used in future Sonic games. They're exclusive to the Sonic Boom TV show, and this game.

That being said, this looks surprisingly fun. I can't wait to try it out. I'm also happy that I'll get to play as Tails, Knuckles, and Amy again.



Ricube said:

So, is Sonic becoming a Nintendo Mascot? For anyone ho was playing in the '90 it's weird to see that Sega has become Nintendo's greatest friend. Therw was a time when they where great rivals. This game looks really good, it reminds me of Sonic Advebtures 2 Battle on the Gamecube...



NintendoROCKET said:

My gosh those character designs are beyond awful. I'm so sick of Sega trying to make the Sonic series "cooler" & ruining it even more. I hate dubstep too. -_-



KeyMastar said:

Bandages.... i guess modern devs think that adding bandages everywhere makes characters seem cool. There are bandages on their SHOES, for pete's sake! That doesn't even make sense! Knuckes is the only one where bandages even make sense, since he actually gets into real combat. Also, nothing screams cool more than a pink hedgehog in a miniskirt -_-



jayclayx said:

this is only happening on the falling sega, I mean cmon people Nintendo would never destroy the mario universe like sega is doing with sonic, yeah I am aware this is for entice the new generation kids but I think there is no need to do this, even more far from sonic adventure 3 perhaps ... anyway I have lost my hopes on this.



nothankyou said:

The character designs look neat for the most part (aside from Knuckles' lack of neck) but I dunno about that game, man. If the dubstep is any indication then it's probably gonna be crap.



RancidVomit86 said:

Red Button Games has chance to bring something to table that is awesome considering the talent who formed the dev. But Knuckles is wtf.



PikminWorld said:

I'm hoping this will be awesome! It doesn't look bad but the character designs do look... dull and somewhat creepy. Then again it's still a work in progress and if fans react enough they'll at least make them look like they're not horrible action figures. The game play looks like a good direction for the series though, 3D Worlds that you can explore. Also since it's being made by former Naughty Dog developers who helped make amazing games like Crash Bandicoot it should be a good game.



Rafie said:

I'm sorry, but I'm unimpressed with what I see here. What is going on with the Sonic Team?! sigh Well this is Sega's 3rd exclusive game with that means any Sonic game after this will be on all other platforms. Funny how Sega dismissed a new Sonic game (or just dismissed the ideal that it was going to other platforms), but turn around 2 days later to confirm a new Sonic game.

I bet that Sonic title that was leaked is actually true and we will see a Sonic game on the other next gen titles. For Sonic's sake....I hope this game is good. I haven't been excited for a Sonic game since Generations and before that, SA2.



Shock_Tart said:

knuckles looks way too bulky, his normal design fit him much better. sonic team hasnt done too great with sonic games since adventure 2 battle, and dark brotherhood for the ds. im reluctant to see what this one is like



DreamOn said:

I like everything I see! Characters even knuckles look great to me! Sometimes u gotta evolve for new generation and the kids need a pumped up knux! lol. Seriously, looks good!



SMW said:

Knuckles finally playable in a Sonic game again, and a Sonic game with exploration! I'm pumped! Going to be hard to get used to Knuckles looking so strange, but I'm not going to hate a brother just because he overdosed on some roids. He'll still remain my favorite character!



FriedSquid said:

Tails: "What the heck did they do to us?!"

But honestly I think this looks fun, just maybe. It's a little weird, sure, but I think it has potential. At least it's not Lost World. That game was a failure if you ask me.

@Einherjar: I'm guessing that since you don't like dubstep, you wouldn't know this, but the song in the video is Bangarang by Skrillex, a song that's been around for a couple years now. Granted, I don't know why they used it in this video, and I agree that it doesn't fit the Somic universe at all, but just to let you know that the song in this is not original and hopefully Sega won't be doing dubstep in this. An interesting note, Hunnid-P (he did most of Knuckles' songs from Sonic Adventure 2) had said that he was working on Sonic music again, so it's possible that past musicians (including Crush 40) could return.

Anyways, I wish some people would realize that this is only a branch-off of the normal series and isn't going to replace it at all. This isn't at all a redesign. If this does bad enough, we don't have to see Hulkbuster-Knuckles ever again...



unrandomsam said:

@Philip_J_Reed RE: Sonic Bloom has to end with Amy on a toilet. (Judging by Senren Kagura Burst people go for that sort of stuff which might help the game not flop).



Oscarsome said:

This looks like a total advertisement for the TV show. Those games don't tend to be good. You can tell they're going after a younger audience with the way it looks. The guy even said it was for a "new generation". I'm glad this won't replace the main series, though. But it's a financially smart move to go after the kids market with this advertisement-game.



AlexSora89 said:

Okay, let me say my piece - which, what with the thread being so close to 200 comments, will barely be relevant at all - I'm fine with this. Why? Because everything about it just screams "alternate continuity", and I think an Ultimate Marvel-esque reimagining of the Sonicverse might be fun to witness. Before anyone pointed out it was being made by former Naughty Dog employees (fun fact: in case Josh Mancell is doing the soundtrack, COUNT ME IN), the heroes' more tribal look and the N. Sanity Island-esque jungle reminded me of Crash Bandicoot's beloved shenanigans (for extra irony, look for "Crash Bandicoot - Sonic switcheroo" on DeviantART). And as for Knuckles' more "the big guy"-esque build, I'm fine with it as well, as it fits the usual ensemble demanded by kids' shows' rules.

That said, I'm a bit upset about the gameplay. Hopefully, it will ultimately stick to either the first Sonic Advance's good, fast, old-school platforming or the sequel's crazy dashes. And, back to the good stuff - speaking of the sublime Advance trilogy, this game also marks the first time the main cast from the first Sonic Advance is playable once again, and in both versions, to boot!

My verdict for the trailer is: it's got a lot of potential, let's just hope Sega doesn't blow it!



Adam said:

They all look the same as always except for Knuckles suddenly being a linebacker. Well, I have no idea who pink person is, but looks like a standard Sonic character.

The game looks a little better than normal, which is to say maybe decent. I mean, I can generally give anything a shot if I get to fight against Shai-Hulud. (Bless Him and His Water. Bless His coming and His going.)



Nico07 said:

This forum seems pretty split. I haven't been a huge Sonic fan until more recently starting with Sonic Colours on Wii, Generations, and have even enjoyed the new Sonic Lost World. The only side scrolling pieces are a little slow for my taste, but the new titles I think have done a good job of mixing solid 2D levels with fun 3D racing levels. I will be picking this one up on Wii U, bad reviews be darned.



Arcamenel said:

Not a huge sonic fan, not against or for it personally. I think Knuckles new look fits his personality more though. The wrapped arms seem a bit much though.



MadAdam81 said:

As long as Tails isn't the tech nerd kid who can't actually do anything like all the other Sonic shows



MadAdam81 said:

Also, no Bigs the Cat or Shadow is always promising, and.I'm hoping Amy won't be annoying for the first time ever.



Knuckles said:

To me, outsourcing this game was a good idea. That gives Sonic Team 2 years to make a great Sonic game instead of 1 year and mediocre Sonic game.



Marioman64 said:

Tails looks cooler, Sonic and Amy look good, Knuckles... what are you even some 20 IQ football jock?



Gioku said:

...Mario could really use an art style shift like this... just sayin'...



Whopper744 said:

@Knux I hear ya.. Well, at least it's just for the 'Sonic Boom' branding and doesn't sound like Knuckles will always look like that from now on.



Gate_Shikimuri said:

I don't know why people hate this so much. The article clearly states that it's a new branch of the Sonic universe (like the Zones in Sonic the Comic). It's not like it's a sequel to Lost World or any other game. I'm def getting this, reviewers be damned. Let's see how Sonic Boom's Sonic gets things done.



WesCash said:

Oh god. This game is going to be just as terrible as any other Sonic game in recent memory. Skrillex was the final nail in the coffin for me.



Socar said:


They screwed up Sonic & Knuckles!!!!!!! I

Why are they making a reboot! There's really no need for that!!!!!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!



Tony_342 said:

Why are all the characters wrapped up in bandages? Did they all receive third-degree burns from standing too close to the "Boom"?



element187 said:

Don't know how it will turn out, but it couldn't possibly get any worse than Lost World... It's almost like Sega didn't care enough about their flagship franchise to really dump some serious coin in making a great game. So maybe a new developer can do something special with the IP.

If all else fails, Sega should contract members of EAD Tokyo so they can teach them how to make a 3D Platformer.



Genesaur said:

They went a little nuts on the bandages. Sonic in particular should maybe not have so many extra accessories. Tails looks cool as hell, though.



Marks said:

Oh man, some of these comments here are hilarious.
Seriously though, I think the designs are decent, except for Knuckles. Didn't know it was possible to screw up that bad.



Senate_Guard said:

@Rosalina They actually just revealed a trailer for the TV show, and Eggman doesn't look too bad. A neat combination of his classic and modern designs.




element187 said:

@Gioku I agree. As beautiful as 3D World was, I can't wait to see Nintendo start experimenting with these OpenGL 4.3 shading we see in this game, but only if the frame rate stays at 60fps. Eye candy is not worth losing gameplay precision over



element187 said:

@SkywardCrowbar I'd recommend never preording any game you never played, well besides an EAD Tokyo game. I don't care how big the reputation is I can never bring myself to preorder any game, let alone one with a review embargo. Doubling so when it comes to Wii U games, the install base is so low you will always be able to find a copy somewhere.

Too many times I see people get burned by preordering, for the life of me I can't see any net gain from preordering.



HAL9000 said:

Wii U exclusive Sonic with 2 player coop in campaign. Take my money!

Looks like campaign will have each character wth specific skills.

I love the redesigns myself.



HAL9000 said:

Wii U exclusive Sonic with 2 player coop in campaign. Take my money!

Looks like campaign will have each character wth specific skills.

I love the redesigns myself.



64supermario said:

@Artwark Its not a reboot, its like an alternate universe like what Marvel does. They are still going to use the old designs for future installments.



element187 said:

@Knuckles you can give Team Sonic 10 years to make a game and it will still turn out mediocre. Problem isn't the development time. The problem is lack of creativity and lack of a great director.... For instance, lost World had a billion things jam packed into it, so much so it was just incoherent. A great director will throw things out, the director for Lost World it seems green lighted every last idea.

Koichi tossed ideas out of Super Mario Galaxy. In fact he tossed so many ideas out they made a sequel with that content



Vasilios said:

I actually dont mind the new look although it will take me time to still get used to it. But I actually do like the new look of knuckles since he is a strong power type making him look bigger is a good design choice I think.



Shambo said:

Just came home from a long night's work, and all of a sudden a new Sonic game is announced. With an art-style that struck me as very weird the first five seconds, but by now I already love it. Bring it on! Going to complete Lost World soon, to build the hype.

Edit: on of the last times people overreacted for a new art-style was Wind Waker. So quit your complaining and start expecting a lot!



SCAR said:

I thought the design looked kind of weird, but it does make sense. They're just trying to make Sonic and Knuckles look more built.

The game looks promising, IMO.



audiobrainiac said:

@LaytonAprentice U know, Everyone finds these character redesigns so "weird" ONLY because we've known them to be one way for SO long. That doesn't mean they can't be great another way. But think about how ANY character has changed over the years: How many incarnations of Link have there been? Not that the characters are similar at all but just from a designer stand point. How much did Mario change over the years? Samus? And even Donkey Kong. MEGA MAN? Hell, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and even Wolverine. Its going to be OK people. Change frickin' happens. DEAL WITH IT!!! The old games will be there when YOU get back! FFS! lol



Drawdler said:

The more I look into this, the more it's growing on me. I still don't really have anything to say about the cartoon, even after watching the trailer(it looks kind of average but not terrible but I like Sonic so I might enjoy it just for that ). The game itself, I think, looks really promising. It's nice to finally see another Sonic game where you can play as other characters, and I've heard about the talent behind Big Red Button. I'm excited. I'd like to see more of this soon.

I still stink Sonic's design looks stupid, though(not just as a redesign- if this were some new character or something I'd be thinking the same thing), just because he has so many bandages... You can barely notice them on Amy and on their shoes you can kinda just ignore them, but they really overdid it on Sonic- he has bandages on his gloves...



Gaminguy010 said:


takes off nostalgia goggles

Oh! I guess I'll give it a chance, it doesn't look too bad!



FilmerNgameR said:

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NNONONONONONNONO!!!! WTF happened to Knuckles I HATE that design why couldn't they just leave him how he normally looks wouldn't that confuse people who don't even know the Sonic games!!!11111! That design better not be permanment!!!!!!!!



FilmerNgameR said:

WHY COULDN'T THEY JUST USE THE SAME CHARACTERS DESIGN AS IN THE SONIC GAMES11111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *stops ranting and goes back to transfer pokemon to X*lol



FilmerNgameR said:




Kolzig said:

Now those are some freakishly long legs for the characters.

Would it be possible to get a new Sonic game where the characters don't talk? Or that you could mute the voices, but keep the music on?

Very interesting that this will not be made by Team Sonic. That might actually be a good thing since there's no talent there anymore at least to make working good games. Lets see, at least Tails has some sort of laser gun at one point in that video, not fun.

There has never really been a 3D Sonic game that worked well, hopefully they can make a cool swinging soundtrack like Sonic 1-3&CD had and it will help. Also the 3D just has never worked for Sonic since he is so fast that the camera has never really worked in any of the 3D games.



UGXwolf said:

@Peach64 Man, that just seems like such an awful way to think about it. What if it really turns out to be good and everyone misses it, because they were convinced it'd be bad? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly a big Sonic fan, but I'd be willing to at least give it a chance to hype me. Who knows? I may get some friends together and play through this one.



Andyjm said:

So we have toys in the new Sonic Boom range and they say the game will utilise the hardware - too big a leap to suggest NFC for the Wii U???



Henmii said:

Hmm, while the character artwork doesn't look bad (though I don't see why they need bandages around their arms all of a sudden) the in-game character models of Sonic and Knuckles look awful!

And it seems that Sega goes again for the semi-serious tone they originally ditched! Out is the colorful silliness of Colours and Lost worlds, it seems! We see how this pans out!

Could still be fun, but hopefully it isn't as broken as Lost worlds was! I don't want another crash-fest!



FX29 said:

The designs look horrible. But we'll see if the game is actually good or not.



Spanjard said:

Man, a lot of whiners in the comment section. Bunch of purists. I think the art is pretty good, and the game looks to be quite fun, though people thought the same about knack and look how that turned out to be.



MadAdam81 said:

Looks better than modern sonic...
Also, Big Red Button and Sanzaru didn't do any character design. This is not based on any other Sonic game, but completely based on the new cartoon. There's no point in having it as the game of the TV show if it is not the same as the TV show.



Aaronzord said:

Cool...I'm looking forward to the games and the show. I like the character designs and the last few games have been pretty decent. The last one that truly let me down was the 2006 one...and surely this one can't be anywhere near as bad as that.

My secret Amy Rose crush continues...



BAGBOY said:

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Sega, for the love of God, just let sonic die for good, this is just TOO embarrassing, I know everyone's saying "YIPEE ANOTHER SONIC EXCLUSIVE FOR NINTENDO!!!!" but that's like being glad sony or microsoft didn't get gonorrhea or the clamps but nintendo did. You were doing good with sonic 4, then sonic colors, then we had generations which is the best modern sonic game then came along lost world, an ok super mario galaxy wannabe and now this????!!!!! good lord, you are regressing back to your sonic and the secret rings, unleashed and black knight days, just let the ip die with dignity.

Just look at knuckles, once a cool and slick character, now a brutus stupidus maximus with steroids.



MadAdam81 said:

As long as they call him Dr Robotnik... Compared to that, Dr Eggman sounds so stupid.



Clipo said:

I like what I have seen, and for some reason it reminds me to DK 64, the idea of having different characters with different abilities in more open stages.



TJGamer said:

sonic fans and fans that like to complain, please remember that Sega is only trying to refresh the look of Sonic for the Future. Sonic Team is still working on the Zelda DLC and Sonic Lost World's true sequel. But this new look is nothing to complain about. Look a the Zelda series, Wind Waker got a lot of hate of its art style, while the overall game is one of the best in the series. What's is so wrong?
The best advantage for Sonic is that it is also a TV show, so younger gamers and children will be excited when the game releases. Not only that it is an Nintendo- Exclusive, so Wii U and 3DS sales BOOM is on the way.
I suggest you go to TSSZ NEWS for more info, Peace!!!



Einherjar said:

@CaptainSquid Thanks for the heads up I hope youre right about Hunnid-P and co. Nevertheless, as long as the game is ok, i can get used to things like that.
And youre right, people need to calm down and realize that this is merely a spin off, maybe even a one shot experiment and not a replacement for the series.
@Melkaticox Artstyle means, how a game is portraied visually, what techniques are used (Celshading, comic shading, metal sheen shading, hard / soft lighting, artsy / cartoony / photorealistic visuals and te overall portrail of characters with styles like photorealism, super deformed, cartoony etc)
This game, (or series, movie or whatever its based on) goes with an overly abstract, cartoony style for the characters that differs greatly from past incarnations.



JimLad said:

Looks more like Sonic Adventure in gameplay, I'm listening.

...but Knuckles... what have they done to you... D:
I really hope he doesn't become the 'big dumb comedy value' character :/



BAGBOY said:

@TJGamer You're comparing apples and oranges there.
First, while wind waker in fact was despised at first, it wasn't really because of the look of the game or how did nintendo redesign link in cel-shading, it was because nintendo teased an ocarina of time sequel using a video depicting a duel between link and ganondorf in realistic graphics and people were expecting that instead of ww.
Secondly, just compare at how sega redesigned this, sonic and amy's legs are even taller this time around, if they continue to do this, in 2025 or so, sonic will be a boss in shadow of the colossus 2 if they make a sequel because he will be a pair of leags and a head by that point, and I'm not mentioning knuckles, who is now the second red hulk. Now look back at ww once more, toon link's design isn't gigantic, hulkish, rogue-like, carries like 83731871 swords, or unappealing for that matter, it's a simple cartoonish design, it was a breath of fresh air in the videogame industry the way nintendo did it.
Lastly, sega isn't a company that has my 100% trust, even when it is supporting nintendo nonstop. I admit that sonic coming back to smash bros. with a new stage from a game that is a wii u exclusive is pretty awesome but just look back at sega's efforts when they try to INNOVATE AND TRANSFORM THE SONIC FRANCHISE: sonic 06, sonic and the secret rings, sonic unleashed, sonic and the black knight, sonic free riders, shadow the hedgehog, and so on and so on.

Bottom line: Sega isn't as good as nintendo when innovation is in play.



rastamadeus said:

Everyone seems to be missing the main point of the character redesigns. Sod Knuckles and his new steroid addiction - why the hell are Sonic's arms blue?!

Game looks... ok. A bit too much Ratchet and Clank for my liking. The 3DS version worries me. I thought Sly 4 was good (best one since the original) but it was so slow paced so I'm not sure they'll be able to do the speed justice. But won't know about either game til they're actually played so I'll remain cautiously intrigued til then.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Honestly, I like Knuckles' new design. He always acted tough throughout his appearances, so why not make him tough? What irritates me, is Sonic's face... did he not sleep for a few weeks, or why is his face so... old-looking?
Aside of the visual changes, however, there looks to be nothing else than a co-op action platformer, of which we already had quite many before (LEGO games, Rachet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Sonic Heroes), so I fail to see the 'new' part of the gameplay as of yet.
Also, dubstep? Really? That's a big NO. Not because I generally don't like it (which I do), but because Sonic always was about awesome and cheesy rock! I can only hope they'll return to that soon, otherwise the blue hedgehog will lose even more identity.

@Philip_J_Reed Ouch, ouch, and double ouch...

@MadAdam81 You do realize that Robotnik and Eggman are father and son (though Eggman's real name is Robotnik as well, he himself started calling himself Eggman)?



TJGamer said:

Thanks for the new info, but to be honest I an just scared of how Sonic fans rage of a little change. If Mario had a little change, fans would want to accept it, but Sonic it is the complete Opposite. I love watching sprite fights of Mario and Sonic aka. Super Mario Bros Z. And am glad Sega taking the risk of Sonic attempt a beat em up 3D exploration game, which I expect Mario to attempt to do.

Nintendo have the Mario series, Paper Mario series, 3D(Land and World) series, New Super Mario Series. It not wrong for Sonic to have a new series, Sonic Boom Series with a new take of design and gameplay. The aim of all of this is to give new fans and old a new EXPERIENCE.

But with a fanbase like Sonic has, I hope Sega doesn't back away from such a unique take on the series

Also games such as Sonic Riders, Sonic and the Secret Rings, is just a new attempt of a different gameplay, they believed would fit for Sonic. But as time went on they realised that Sonic needs a gameplay of that of Sonic Adventure. Sonic Lost World might be a experiment game, testing new gimmicks, but Sonic Boom looks to hold a big feel to the Adventure days. This new franchise for Sonic could be the best thing for him to get back on his feet. Good Luck Blue-Blur



Neferupitou said:

Finished watching, well... it looks something but Knuckles looks absolutely disgusting, Into the trash it goes. 



DESS-M-8 said:

I've said for ages that Nintendo need to do this with Mario to raise the brand identity.
My son watches te originals on netflix all the time and loves mario. But they need to push mario back into the mainstream to get more kids wanting to start playing it.



BAGBOY said:

@TJGamer I clearly see the points you're raising, I agree on nintendo exposing mario to a lot of changes like the series you mentioned, but it works because nintendo doesn't alter mario's image too much so that it causes a massive backlash from the nintendo gamers community, for example paper mario is a flat version of mario and mario and luigi's mario (pure mario there) is a cartoony version of him, I don't see nintendo altering his image too much there. I really would like to see sonic expand his series a little more, but I just don't feel this is the way to go for the new direction.

@DESS-M-8 The adventures of super mario bros. 3, double dragon cartoon, captain n: the gay master, mortal kombat: defenders of the realm, donkey kong country series and the horrendous zelda cartoons, what do they have in common? THEY SUCK. So... nope, I really don't want mario to become a badly written and animated saturday morning cartoon, not again.



Socar said:


You do know that Nintendo isn't stupid enough to do that right?

Besides, they don't copy stuff from others.



TJGamer said:

I agree with you completely and I am glad you see my point. But if Sega is going to make this work, they are going to have to make us see the advantages of this new change. When I discovered the Archie comics of Sonic I wanted to hate it because of the art style and addition characters, but I tried to accept it being a reality I grew to love the comics. Sonic Boom is just the same.

May it is just me, but I looked at this through the business eyes, cartoon shows will excite kids to purchase the exclusive game on 3DS and Wii U. But will also give Sonic a New name (new appeal) to new fan-bases of PlayStation fans (Naughty Dog). It helps Sega and Nintendo.

BADBOY please don't think I want to pick a fight, I ain't that type of gamer, I hated the look of Sonic, when I saw Heroes (first Sonic game played), but is now one of my favourite old Sonic Games. I just want the franchise to be as success as the Plumber. But with raging fans not able to make a choose on what they want it is quite hard on SEGA.

Give Sonic to an American Develop will really improve the gameplay fans of the west have been pleading for. So remember, all franchise need support from fans to get good games. Thank You.



BAGBOY said:

@TJGamer Hey, there's no reason to fight or call this a "fight", I was just giving a piece of my mind and so did you like any literate person would do, we agreed on some points and disagreed on others, it's okay, to each their own I guess. I really still think this looks bad but hey, maybe I will like it when I play it eventually, who knows? life is mysterious sometimes...

I kinda disagree on the tv show because there hasn't been a decent based videogame cartoon that I've been fond of, but yeah, sega needs it because of a wider audience on their products like you said.

It's nice to have an argument with a person that also provides valid points without resorting to insults or acting like a 10 year-old, that being said, I wish you nothing but happy gaming.

PS I also loved the sonic archie comics.



unrandomsam said:

@element187 EAD Tokyo make something that works pretty well is over in about 10 mins and there is no desire to replay it. Sonic Team is like Rare anyway it is just a name. The best Sonic Team stuff is the none Sonic stuff anyway. (Nights into Dreams). Prope is the old Sonic Team (And you can tell by Rodeo The Sky Soldier).

@Artwark Nintendo does copy stuff from others. Mini's on the Move is about as blatant as it could possibly be when it comes to that.

@PrincessEevee9 I know Generations was supposed to be for that but it is as close as they have got to something just right. What is great about it is most of the enjoyment comes when you start learning to play it properly. (Which is a concept Nintendo despises.)



Spoony_Tech said:

I'm not even the smallest Sonic fan (never cared for it) but even i have to admit outside of the character design the game looks absolutely gorgeous!! This will be on my radar till review days and i'll be waiting with baited breath!



tovare said:

I liked sonic adventure on the dreamcast, so this might be a really fun game.



CrimsonMoonMist said:

Really, with the game being separate from the rest of the Sonic brand, released alongside a TV show, not getting a release in Japan and being developed by a pretty much unknown developer, I fail to see this is anything more than another TV/movie tie-in game.



CrimsonMoonMist said:

@BAGBOY Come on, Sonic JUST recently had two great games released (Colors/Generations), are we still shouting "PLEASE DIE SONIC!"?
It's pretty much a separate brand with a different developer anyways, so why get worked up about this?



kamifox1 said:

I said it before and I'll say it again, this time with different wording. The majority of my fellow Sonic fans sicken me. They really do. They want something new, they moan it's "not Sonic". They want something like an older game, they moan it's crap. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?! Don't like it? Fine. But please stop trying to convince people you're a Sonic fan as you clearly aren't anymore and stop bashing games/shows before they're even released! It's actually at the point now that I'm scared to talk to other Sonic fans about Sonic in case I get bullied/teased or have something I like bashed in front of me and resultingly get offended. It shouldn't be this way. Every game has been decent except Shadow the Hedgehog and '06, just not to everyones tastes. At least SEGA aren't afraid to try new things constantly unlike a certain company I won't mention here for fear of being lynched. Lastly, I think you're all forgetting this isn't the first major redesign the characters got. You had the original, short and fat Sonic, then you had Sonic Adventure 2 where everyone became lanky and got new, trendier outfits (ahem) which most of the fans loved, next we had Sonic Riders where they got even cooler, trendier outfits which, again, a lot of the fans loved, after that there was Black Knight, again, very popular designs and now, this. Oh, and Sonic Heroes gave the Chaotix a complete redesign with newer, trendier outfits and Amy was changed completely from her original, Rosey Rascal look in Sonic CD and Sonic the Fighters to the look we know today which only came about in Sonic Adventure.

On another note, I am actually surprised at the amount of positive comments this got, that first paragraph is aimed at those of you who still insist on bashing it.

Also, I'm actually loving this, especially the redesigns, only thing I don't like is Steroids the Echidna over there. I actually think Tails and Sonic look really cute and all their outfits look really cool, very Borderlands/Jak-esque.



ItalianBaptist said:

two thoughts

1) Getting a "Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures" vibe because the premises (classic characters getting CGI shows and games based on them) are so similar - I want to see a game based off of a show based off of a game succeed, I'm a sucker for licensed products

2) Whoever says "this is paradise" (i'm assuming knuckles) - is that STEVE BLUM???*

*I don't endorse Cowboy Bebop in its entirety but Blum did an amazing job with Spike and Amon



Rect_Pola said:

huh. I don't mind the new designs. It's actually better they characters aren't so samey. Was there something off about the faces in that Avengers Assembled pose?



kamifox1 said:

@Rect_Pola Before I saw the show trailer, I saw that game trailer and I absolutely hated it. I have never said that before about a Sonic game aside from Shadow the Hedgehog but I did. I honestly thought they'd killed Sonic. Then I saw the artwork and the show trailer and realised it wasn't that bad and I actually really liked that look so I let the game trailer slide, assuming it was just an early build.



Onett said:

Here's to hoping that Sonic Boom somehow manages to blend speed and teamwork without making another dumpster fire like Sonic Heroes.



tripunktoj said:

I like what Ive seen about the upcoming games, but I don't really like the character redesigns, specially Knuckles. I hope they bring a couple more old characters.



Tops said:

@audiobrainiac Idk it's not so much the fact that they have changed so much as the design choices made in changing them, but it is true that most things don't seem so bad once you get used to them



FilmerNgameR said:

@Gaminguy010 I first played the two Sonic Adventures last year and I really enjoyed the Sonic stages so no nostalgia glasses here and I think a new Sonic Adventure with Sonic Generations gameplay, a good story, and good gameplay from other characters would be awesome!



Banker-Style said:

Hate the style of the characters, and still unsure on the gameplay. But with ex-members of naughty dog, that makes me interested.



JubilifeRival said:

@King47 I just tried Sonic Lost World, and I didn't like it. World 2 kept making me rage because it's so hard. But this trailer convinced me to give it a second try, good thing I didn't return it yet.



JubilifeRival said:

@kamifox1 Thats how I think Pokemon fans are like. They're like "I'm a true fan! I want the original 151! I only play the old games!" Um, then you aren't a true fan. And then the people who are like "The new pokemon suck. Thats why I didn't buy the new games!" Yeah. I'd like to see you do better.

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