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Tue 22nd Jun 2010

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iPruch commented on Resident Evil 4 Was Almost A Very Different Ex...:

When I saw these RE4 beta videos, I really wondered why Capcom would throw away that amazing project. I love the final version of RE4, but I also would have loved the original project (in fact, it seems overall better than the final version, and closer to the essence of the RE series).



iPruch commented on Review: Golden Sun: The Lost Age (Wii U eShop ...:

Too bad it isn't in Spanish on Wii U despite it was on GBA. Same as the first entry. I can't understand why Nintendo decided to put the English version as the unique option for all Europe for some games as Golden Sun or Pokémon TCG



iPruch commented on Meme Run is Coming to Troll Your Wii U Very Soon:

This must be a joke. There are lots of developers trying to make good games that doesn't even get the sales they deserve, and giving visibility to these "troll games" is unfair.
I really hope Nintendo doesn't accept this, or their seal of quality will mean nothing.



iPruch commented on A Sonic Boom Game is Dashing Towards Wii U and...:

Wow... Knuckles has become an addict of steroids D:

I don't get the gameplay mechanics with this short trailer. But it seems the game needs a LOT of work before the final build...

I'd like to hear now to those who critizised Sonic Lost World that much. I believe they will change their minds after that trailer.



iPruch commented on Release Window and Pricing Confirmed for Tappi...:

@Frapp Oh, I live in a town near Valencia and I've been there many times (what a coincidence!) and I haven't heard it ever. It's crazy how languages vary that much even in the towns and cities near. Pero tienes razón, este no es el lugar x3

By the way, this game looks interesting. I don't know why, but the more photorrealistic the games become, the more I like pixel-style games! I hope retro style never dies



iPruch commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (3DS):

@Mauhiho Agree with you. I enjoy much more the 3DS version than the Wii U's one. And I also won't read any reviews to convince myself to buy or not. If I did I would have missed this awesome game.



iPruch commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (3DS):

I can't believe NL is one of those giving this awesome game bad scores without good reasons.

If Sonic Generations (3DS version) was worth a 7 ( ) , then Sonic Lost World for 3DS deserves at least a 9. Therefore, maybe that 7 was too much for Generations 3DS (that's what I think, because the "big" version of Generations was a very good game but not perfect, 8-9 worth), maybe NL are just following the others footsteps (which is something I believed they didn't and that was the main reason to read NL instead of that bunch of polemic-generators=getting-twice-clicks/visits), or maybe both.

In any case, I'm very disappointed. As a Sonic fan I've been always looking forward to new games, but I've also been as unbiased as I could. I admit that Sonic has been falling since more than 10 years, with some particular titles being horribly bad. Hopefully, I saw him rising again, and that rise started with Rush followed by Colours, 4 (ep. 2) and Generations. Even in these last titles there have been ups and downs (Sonic Generations 3DS, Unleashed...), but generally better and better. And now that I've played both versions of Sonic Lost World I can't believe this effort by media and critic to bring them down. I can't understand WHY! If it isnt about generating polemic to achieve more visitors and click rate, I don't see the point. And if it is exactly that (or any other "ethics-lack" matter), then I won't believe in reviewers anymore.



iPruch commented on Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (3DS eShop / Game...:

@zipmon Yes! That music... Bridge or Jungle zones music's been in my mind since I played the first game and never became repetitive

@rastamadeus Yes. It's about preferences. Do you prefer the original MD? Well, good for you, but that does not give you any right to insult me. Make yourself a favour and think twice before posting.



iPruch commented on Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (3DS eShop / Game...:

Well, I think this game is very underrated out there. The only negative aspect I can think of is the easiness of getting lives. But I love this game as much as the first one of MS/GG. I've always been a Sonic fan (I grew up playing Sonic games, and they were the first I ever played) and I think these two 8 bit Sonic versions are better than, at least, the first 16 bit Sonic. What makes me the most sad about 8 bit versions is that most people think that are mere ports when in reality they are two totally different and new games full of Sonic essence and magic.



iPruch commented on Wii U and 3DS Online Connection Rates Exceed 80%:

Some friends said to me that they don't even ever used Mii Plaza and/or StreetPass because they don't know what they are or they were lazy to look what they are... So that 57% figure of Europe is hardly surprising for me :/

I don't know how can people spend 200€ or more money in something that they won't even look into what it can do.



iPruch commented on Review: HarmoKnight (3DS eShop):

HarmoKnight's demo and Game Freak have impressed me! This game feels very fresh, and I can't avoid comparing it with Bit.Trip Runner (which is good for HarmoKnight, I suppose). I'm glad Game Freak decided to launch it via eShop as a 3DSWare title instead of a retail full-price game. Other companies would have done it without doubting. And even at this price, I've seen several people complaining about it being expensive... I'm worried about the damage the AppStore and Google Play have done to the software's value :S



iPruch commented on Video: Zelda: A Link To The Past Gets Condense...:

A week ago I was discussing with a friend which Zelda game was better: Ocarina of Time or A Link to the Past. After seeing this video and remembering so many things of ALttP, I have no doubt about it being better than OoT. At least it is for me.



iPruch commented on Feature: The Best Soundtracks on Wii:

Xenoblade Chronicles has, in my opinion, the best OST ever made for a videogame. I LOVE it. It's not the typical RPG OST with one or two master pieces and just good ones for the rest. Instead, almost every single track is near to perfection.



iPruch commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL:

By the way, I agree with you: This XL version is pretty ugly compared to the original. But it seems to be much more clean as well because of its matt surface. And select/home/start buttons are uglier too, but better (or they seem to be).



iPruch commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL:

Yes, it's "XL" and its screens are surprisingly bigger. But pixels are bigger as well. I think if they knew that this model was to come out they should have put more resolution to the 3DS specifications, or enough graphical power to enable anti-aliasing in 3D mode, where jaggies dance on the screen disturbingly xD



iPruch commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

@Saturos +1

I'd love to see another Golden Sun chapter, even after the little disappointment with Dark Dawn (but still a good game, with its unique and magical essence). And I'd also be lying if I say that I don't want to see a Golden Sun on a home console instead of a handheld one. I love handheld consoles, and there are lots of games which prove to be better than others on home consoles (which reminds me that there is a common belief among people that home console games are always better than handheld ones, something totally unfounded). But after Xenoblade Chronicles, I can't stop imagining a home console Golden Sun and how gorgeous it could be!

Camelot, don't mind if you choose 3DS or Wii U, but don't let Golden Sun series die!



iPruch commented on Feature: Our Favourite E3 Memories - Part One:

2004 without any doubt! After seeing tons of videos about the Nintendo DS, I dreamt playing with it. The most surprising thing about that is that when Nintendo DS was finally on my hands, it felt the same way as I dreamt! And by then I had never used a touch screen before. Kinda weird, but awesome as well

And after that E3 and the 'megatons' announced in it (DS and that AMAZING Twilight Princess teaser, which by the way was the best ending of an E3 conference ever making hype soar up to unknown levels), I've never felt that way. I don't expect this 2012 E3 to be as epic as the 2004 one, but it would be nice. I hope someday it would go as epic as I remember the 2004 E3.



iPruch commented on Feature: The Evolution of Nintendo's Controllers:

The Gamecube one is the best traditional controller ever in terms of ergonomics, quality and button distribution. Perhaps the worst thing of it is the d-pad, but luckily it wasn't used too much.

Can't wait to see that Wii U controller on my hands



iPruch commented on Talking Point: Should Zelda Go Episodic?:

Another "no, thank you" here. From what I've seen, here there's some kind of collective opinion in the same direction, which is something good I think. Or at least it proves there's a big 'NO' from the fans of the series.

In my opinion, Zelda is good as it is: Constantly innovating without betraying their principles.



iPruch commented on Mario Kart 7 Update Available Now:

I'd really like to see people trying to take the bug-shortcut now (and their epic FAILS).

I hope after this update there won't be so many people choosing the same tracks again and again.



iPruch commented on New Heroes of Ruin Trailer Heads into Battle:

Am I the only one who thinks they should optimize it a lot? I see it extremely choppy for a game which has no reasons to lag that way (not graphical at least). Besides, it seems quite generic. I wonder if it would have created so much hype if S-E wasn't behind it.



iPruch commented on Mario's Presence in UK is 'Smallest in the World':

Remember that GAME financial problems and no Nintendo games stock at all because of those problems and it makes more sense. If that wouldn't had happened, then I'd say UK gamer's tastes are really bad. But hey, Mario can't be number one all over the world, there are always exceptions.



iPruch commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Team Recruiting for 3DS Game:

This can only conclude in something as epic as Xenoblade Chonicles and Baten Kaitos, or even more. It'll be nice to see such a good RPG as the previously mentioned on a portable console (and with stereoscopic 3D!). Imagine something similar on Wii U, with HD graphics and a who-knows-what-function for the Wii U controller. I'd really love to see more games inspired in the world of Xenoblade Chronicles ^_^

Monolith Soft has become, at least for me, the best RPG developer out there after the "death" of Squaresoft & Enix (actually they're not, but their "magic touch"). I hope they won't finish as Square-Enix.



iPruch commented on Zelda and Mario Up for Multiple BAFTA Awards:

I agree with all of you that are wondering why Xenoblade Chronicles does not appear there. It should be in most of the categories, and the indisputable first place on the Original Music section.



iPruch commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Hits North America on 6th...:

Thank goodness it is finally worldwide. Despite of all these troubles that NoA has caused to its distribution, this game deserves the best sale figures of a JRPG. Too bad it won't happen since its name is not "Final Fantasy" -.-



iPruch commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii):

This is a 11/10. If you think that Zelda Skyward Sword is a masterpiece, then Xenoblade Chronicles is much more than a masterpiece. I can't understand why it is getting worse scores than Zelda SS...