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Wed 22nd Jan 2014

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hogge commented on Nicalis: We'd Like To Support Europe, But Nint...:

After reading this article, I became a bit concerned and got in touch with my guy at NOE and it is correct that you have to have your game cleared by the censorers. However, europe doesen't count as a single massive region, you can release your game everywhere except for germany. Also, it seems like the german board is the only one that wants money for their "services", and it's only a matter of 250€.



hogge commented on Creative Racer, Velocity Stream, Could Be Spee...:

Jakob from Cavelight here.
Thanks for the comments. To answer your question, yes, we are definitely going to include online multiplayer and probably Paver AI.
Regarding our Wii U developer status, we have been approved by Nintendo and we have the special Wii U version of Unity.
Feel free to follow us on Twitter (@CavelightEnt) or on IndieDB to receive the latest news on this game.