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Fri 22nd October, 2010

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CrimsonMoonMist commented on Review: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (Wii):

Personally, I find that the game got MUCH better later on thanks to the many fun and practical upgrades. Playing the game on hard from beginning to end also gave me a much more positive impression compared to my first playthrough years ago, as weaving and dodging around your enemies is exciting and works very well. As a character-action enthusiast,
I was very much pleased with this game.



CrimsonMoonMist commented on Review: Sonic Advance (Game Boy Advance):

This is what I consider to be the real Sonic the Hedgehog 4 as it builds upon the foundation 3 and K by adding a new character and features level design in the same style as the classics which Dimps gradually deviated from starting with Sonic Advance 2.



CrimsonMoonMist commented on A Sonic Boom Game is Dashing Towards Wii U and...:

Really, with the game being separate from the rest of the Sonic brand, released alongside a TV show, not getting a release in Japan and being developed by a pretty much unknown developer, I fail to see this is anything more than another TV/movie tie-in game.



CrimsonMoonMist commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

I'd rather have GBA games on either consoles, but I'm not inherently against this change of pace. Still, will we be able to have the upper screen on the TV and the lower on the pad, if so, what about games that doesn't use touch controls at all? Will we be able to put 'em together on the TV like pictured for the pad as well?



CrimsonMoonMist commented on Rune Factory 4 European Release Has Been Cance...:

This sucks, I mean... there are just no other words right now.
I was so looking forward to this one, and because of the region-lock,
this means I'll probably never get to play it.

I'm starting to worry a lot for the future of SMT IV,
but at least we know Ghostlight does go the extra length to release something, even if it's just for those who have already preordered.



CrimsonMoonMist commented on Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Virtual Console ...:

I don't think this review really does the game justice,
Sonic 3's levels are extremely expanded compared to Sonic 2.
Both in length and design complexity and it's just overall an endlessly replayable game because of the large amount of alternate routes,
especially when taking Tails into consideration



CrimsonMoonMist commented on Boost in GAME Retail Sales Suggest a Potential...:

They actually begun importing DS, Vita and PS3 titles at my local GAME,
it's actually really neat since, with shipping costs, their offerings are usually just as good, just without the wait.

They've also been selling third-hand accessories for older video-game systems, which I appreciate.



CrimsonMoonMist commented on Classic And Modern Skins Pack Now Available In...:

I'm rather annoyed that the Nu52 skin is in the pack when you have to spend so much time unlocking it in the actual game. Feels like a waste since I never cared much for the achievements, which is now the only reward for finishing all the Most Wanted quests.



CrimsonMoonMist commented on Batman: Arkham Origins:

It's not quite the radical expansion City was,
but I enjoyed my time with the game.
The Gothic Christmas atmosphere is pulled off phenomenally in spite of how large the world is and the characterization between Bruce and Alfred just makes my inner comic-book geek squee.
I've heard the WiiU version is the most stable one by a good margin.



CrimsonMoonMist commented on Review: Mega Man 3 (Wii U eShop / NES):

Playing 2 and 3 back to back, I must say that 3 is definitely my favorite.
Aside from the fact that Mega Man has finally cleaned up to goop under his mega-boots and stopped slipping and sliding, the level designs are just so solid in design barring a certain segment in Snake Man's stage.
Plus getting to keep your E-Tanks after death is always welcome.



CrimsonMoonMist commented on Developer Interview: Ludosity Talks Ittle Dew,...:

@Mommar "It's like everyone think we're doing something horrible now, but in the long run it'll be a good thing" They're not saying that killing babies ever turn out to be a good thing, only that what they're doing right now seems bad akin to "killing a baby" "kicking a puppy" etc. but it'll have good results in the future. It's a really awkward sentence to be sure.