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rastamadeus commented on DeNA Will Announce Its First Nintendo Mobile G...:

@c1pher_c0mplet Completely missing the point. There are hundreds of millions of people who only play games on mobile phones and tablets. They couldn't give a toss that superior games are on consoles and PCs. Now imagine if a company makes a good mobile game (and there are plenty, despite what people like to deny) that gets these people hooked, IAPs or not, and onto consoles. Even if it only for the next entry in the series. That's all mobiles games are for Nintendo, a way of advertising their 'proper' titles and it will actually get them ahead of the game (regards to Sony and Microsoft, neither of which do sod all with mobile games bar the occasional piece of dross).If you're not excited, or don't care, about Nintendo about to be getting a massive new audience, success, etc then what on earth are you doing on a Nintendo-themed site? This is a huge, huge opportunity for Nintendo. Only reason you shouldn't be excited or care is because we know Ninty like to screw everything up.



rastamadeus commented on Rumours and Speculation Stir Over Potential In...:

Makes 100% sense for Nintendo to do this. People will (already are) moan that it's "Apple " but then if it was on an Android device the same people would be moaning as people just love to moan.

It won't be happening though, makes too much sense for Nintendo.



rastamadeus commented on Mario Memories: The Incredible Impact of Super...:

Still the most important game ever for me, changed everything. I was a twelve year old Sega fanboy who hated Mario and Nintendo until I saw Mario 64 playing on a demo pod in Dixons. Queued up for nearly three hours with other teenagers drooling with anticipation. Played it for less than a minute before my parents finally came and dragged me away. It didn't matter, I'd fallen in love.

Is it the best game ever? Changes constantly with Mario Galaxy 2 for me but I'd say yes.



rastamadeus commented on Mario Memories: Super Mario Galaxy 2: A Tale o...:

Not just my favourite Mario game, but my favourite game full stop. I never thought anything would come to within touching distance of Super Mario 64, and nothing did for ten years, Mario Galaxy coming so close. Then I played Galaxy 2 and was blown away. It's the only thing that's ever rivalled to the sheer nirvana that was May 25th 2005 (Liverpool fans will know what I mean) and five years on not one single game has been even a fraction as good. And there's been a lot of good games in the past five years. I can't express my love for it properly. Even saying I'd kick Scarlett Johansson out of bed to play it isn't enough.

While a third Galaxy would make me insanely excited (something no game has done this past year or so) if it ever happens I want it to be because Nintendo have done it properly. If they announce it as a NX launch title or not for another ten years, I don't care. Just do it when it's perfect. As it has to be.

@Gamer83 Both on 'enemy territory' today I see.



rastamadeus commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

As I've spoke about with @rjejr on PushSquare, I still think NX is going to be an OS. We'll see it on home consoles, handhelds, phones, tablets, whatever.

I'm intrigued as to what happens with it though. As anybody who is ever over on PushSquare (where I comment most) will know, after twenty-four years I've really fallen out of love with gaming. Whether that has anything to do with owning a PS3/Vita/4 over the last four years - bar six months with a Wii U and a year with a 3DS until a baby coming forced me to give them up and keep the Sony ones (toss of a coin) - I dunno. Gaming has become boring, dull, predictable and samey. Even Nintendo have been poor for me (the recent Smash was such a let down). Hopefully NX is the thing that reignites my love of gaming. It can't come soon enough.

@Ryno You said 'Yes, I'm sure Xbox and Playstation brands really give a rip about Nintendo's "ideas." Well maybe, if they wanted to sell less consoles they might care.' and then @gamermole gave you examples of both Sony and Microsoft repeatedly using Nintendo's "ideas". Do you say 'fair enough, I was wrong'? Of course not. People on the internet are never, ever wrong.



rastamadeus commented on SEGA Records Financial Losses and Aims to Stic...:

@Chaoz Power Stone is nothing to do with Sega. The company doesn't need to "die for good" (great petulant internet rage there, what are you, six?) is just needs someone in charge who knows what it's doing. It's no good blaming Sega when it isn't Sega making any of these decisions, it's the Sammy Corporation side of Sega Sammy.



rastamadeus commented on Nintendo Announces Next amiibo Waves And Asks ...:

Voted for Mach Rider myself. Dobut he'd ever win but was either him or Takamaru.

To be honest someone from Splatoon needs to appear whether they're in the vote or not. It's Nintendo's first big new IP in nearly ten years so a character should be arriving as free DLC to actually promote the game (same with someone from STEAM). Although, to be fair, development of an Inkling would likely take a while as they'd have to add in how he/she can cover characters and stages in ink.

@shonenjump86 Rayman?! This is a Nintendo game which includes a crossover with only the finest and biggest names of gaming. Rayman isn't even a Z-lister. He has no place in Smash today, tomorrow, next week, month, year or ever. Shall we invite Bubsy the bobcat in as well?



rastamadeus commented on Is F-Zero X Coming to 3DS? | Ask Alex:

I long for F-Zero X to be re-released in updated form. It's the best game in the series yet is always forgotten for GX/AX because they looked prettier. The music, the courses and the feel of the game is superior in the N64 game plus it had Death Race (think that was it's name).



rastamadeus commented on Video: Teenagers Try Their Hand at the Origina...:

@emiingham Why are people banging on about holding the controller properly. There's no right way to hold it. Hands on the two putter prongs is how I did it, still do it and never lose on Smash. Holding the middle prong feels wrong and there's not enough grip on the analogue stick so not enough control. My cousin, who i play the N64 games with uses the middle one and always challenges me hard, on every game other than Smash. There's no right or wrong way of holding it. Can hold it upside down if it suits you.



rastamadeus commented on Luigi's Mansion Arcade May Potentially Be a Th...:

A friend in Japan who managed to play the game has told me it’s an obvious shorter mansion, much more so than Dark Moon, but with obvious much better graphics.The cabinet gives the illusion of 3D and depth to the graphics too with the space between the cabinet and screen looking like it's in a far away, twisted-ish corridor. She said she found it okay but she’s not a fan of the series anyway. Because she’s a lunatic. She also got told off for trying to take a photo of the game itself.



rastamadeus commented on Hyrule Warriors Producer Would Love to Work Wi...:

I've long thought a good idea would be to have a game in the entire Nintendo universe, sort of like Kingdom Hearts, but with roles reversed - ala Age Of Apocalypse - so Mario could be the main villain for example or Ganondorf the Hero Of Time. Make it a massive JRPG but the battles would be Smash Bros where as you level up you learn new moves but can only keep four (like Pokémon) so will need to keep swapping and changing, which would make each persons, say, Samus different. Probably rambling nonsense but I think it's a cracking idea.



rastamadeus commented on Rayman Trophy Revealed For Super Smash Bros. O...:

Seriously hope Rayman is not playable. He has no place in a Nintendo game. Snake and Mega Man do, Sonic and Pac-man are iconic but Rayman? An irritating goit who has been in a tiny handful of games on Nintendo machines and, most importantly, is completely unlikeable? No chance. Would rather have Bubsy the bobcat or Zool - and I'm glad they're both in videogame hell where they belong.



rastamadeus commented on Feature: How Rik Mayall Helped Bring Anarchy T...:

This house will become a shrine, and punks and skins and rastas will all gather round and hold their hands in sorrow for their fallen leader. And all the grown-ups will say, "But why are the kids crying?" And the kids will say, "Haven’t you heard? Rick is dead! The People’s Poet is dead!"

And then one particularly sensitive and articulate teenager will say, "Other kids, do you understand nothing? How can Rick be dead when we still have his poems?"



rastamadeus commented on Reaction: Our Thoughts on Nintendo's Big Day a...:

@therealmario101 It all depends on what you wanted from E3 really. As someone with only Sony machines at the moment I wanted games for this year. Sony failed on that part, badly. I don't like LittleBigPlanet, it's a dreadful platformer (far too floaty) so that and a driving game you can get for free is dreadful. Yes, 2015 looks amazing but I want a reason to use my PS4. I still have none. So for me Sony lost.

Microsoft is similar. There's nothing must have for this year so although I thought they had a good show they also failed on this years stuff. Second place.

Nintendo have games coming this year - SMASH!! - which look great fun. The stuff showed off for next year also intrigues me greatly, especially Splatoon. They 'won' E3 for me.

This really is Nintendo's chance now though. With Sony and Microsoft having nothing exclusive to make you buy their consoles this Christmas Ninty have to go all out. If they don't then they're idiots and have blown their best chance ever to catch up with their two competitors who seem afraid of going head-to-head with Smash 4.



rastamadeus commented on Mario Kart Month: The Developers Who Tried To ...:

@Yorumi You asked me for my opinion and I gave it. You replied back having a sulk and a tantrum as I didn't agree with you. People are allowed to like what they want. If someone prefers Mario Kart to Sonic Racing Transformed then big whoop. Grow a pair and accept people has different opinions to you. Have a good evening.



rastamadeus commented on Mario Kart Month: The Developers Who Tried To ...:

@Yorumi Sonic Transformed does have multiple paths which make a tiny bit of difference but it then relies on set pieces to keep things interesting. That's the mark of a boring track. Once you get over the initial "that's cool" moment hardly any of the tracks are memorable. Don't get me wrong, I really like SRT, got the Platinum for it on both PS3 and Vita. But it's nowhere near Mario Kart - and I'm a die hard Sega fanboy.

The Mario Kart ones are like all racing games best tracks: memorable. There's very few Mario Kart tracks I can't see and play in my head. Other companies rely on gimmicks to make the game stand out, Nintendo just seem to concentrate on making the game stand out by being quality.



rastamadeus commented on Mario Kart Month: The Developers Who Tried To ...:

@Action51 If you could like comments you'd have got a like from me. Crash can burn in hell. Hate him with a passion.

As for CTR it was good back in the day if you fancied a change but it was so boring after a couple of races with awful power-ups and genuinely dreadful music and sound effects. Personally I wouldn't put it anywhere near any Mario Kart. The two Sumo Sega titles are identical to each other in that they're both initially near MK beaters but after the excitement dies down you just get bored. Nice to see that Lycett is still his smug, all-about-me self.



rastamadeus commented on Mario Kart Month: Expanding the Universe of Ma...:

Do some themed levels from other series as DLC to test the water with fans would be the best bet. Or rather than having people moan that "Ganondorf doesn't suit Mario Kart" (Ganon would through) make it a different game to Mario Kart. Nintendo could surely have a second kart racing series.



rastamadeus commented on Digital Foundry Pins Down Mario Kart 8's Resol...:

If you can actually notice it running at 59fps rather than 60fps then you might as well just admit defeat, accept your life has been pointless and realise your dreams of ever touching a woman (or man, depending on preference) just will not happen - without paying for it.



rastamadeus commented on Video: The Dubious Charm Of Senran Kagura Burs...:

@mr570 Aye, but sadly it's not the same game and the Vita one doesn't look as good.

@Champollion If you're shortsighted enough to not warrant trying a game on its own merit then it's your loss. "I can think of so many reasons why it's not worth one's time. Even if the game's that good"? Sorry, you just sound like you're looking for excuses. If a game is good it's good. You can NOT judge it until you try it.



rastamadeus commented on Video: The Dubious Charm Of Senran Kagura Burs...:

Played the Japanese version of this and have it admit it's quite good. Yes it's ridiculously over the top but it has a surprising charm to it. If you go into this taking it 100% serious then you will be offended, take an open mind and you might enjoy it. Then again some people just like to be outraged (they're called Daily Mail readers).

Wish my 3DS wasn't broken and this was coming to Vita. Oh well.



rastamadeus commented on Talking Point: NFC And The GamePad Can Succeed...:

A friend and I were discussing last night how much money Nintendo and Game Freak could make if they teamed up with Lego and made Pokémon minifigures. There's, what, nearly 700 of them? That's god knows how many series of collections which would produce an endless supply of money for all three companies.

Then we had the idea of a Travellers Tale Lego Pokémon game where you could use the minifigures and the Wii U's NFC to add in new Pokémon. Another few billion in the bank.

As we got more and more into it - we're both 30 this year and must've sounded odd while others were revelling in the latest Man United calamity (#MoyesIn) - we thought, "Why just Pokémon?"

Imagine an open world-ish RPG starting the entire Nintendo universe but in an Age Of Apocalypse-type setting. Not as in a decimated world but were roles are twisted, some heroes you love are now villains and certain dastardly villains are now good. As an example Mario, fed up of the constant fighting with Bowser or what not touches the entire Triforce and becomes some sort of Demi God but his desire for a peaceful world takes him loopy (I'm not a writer and it's just an example).

We called it Warp Zone (well I did, he hates it) and as I said it could be a huge open world RPG, the battles not turn based but a simplified version of Smash Bros - like in Pokémon you have four special moves and can leave new ones, replacing others, as you level up so not every, say, Link, would have the same moves - and a toy company could release sets and figures which let you use NFC to add them in game providing new content.

If it worked and people wanted more in a sequel? Add in Sega characters. Double money.

Probably nonsense to you all but we thought that sounds good and would be a monster success.



rastamadeus commented on Video: These UK and US Donkey Kong Country: Tr...:

@rjejr and anyone who wants a laugh - Google 'Brian Blessed Have I Got News For You' and prepare to fall in love. It's a comedy news quiz/panel show and when he reads out the headlines (especially the ones about petrol possibly running out) it's just comedy gold. If you want to hear some quality swearing, and your over 18, also Google 'Brian Blessed swearing' and you'll see a real treat.



rastamadeus commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

@zeldagaymer93 I wasn't dismissing that just saying the Wii U exclusives are much better than the other two consoles have at the moment and for the rest of the year. My PS4 at the moment is just a paperweight. The Wii U at least has games on it. I know ten people with a Wii U, none regret the purchase. I know six with a PS4 and none are truly impressed yet. The one guy I know with an Xbox One loves it but he supports Man U so what does he know about anything? The Wii U is struggling badly, we all know that, but at least it has stuff (dripping slowly) coming whereas the supposedly next gen machines have long barren months ahead, third party support or not.



rastamadeus commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

@zeldagaymer93 Three of those are exclusives (one of which almost NO-ONE will buy as it'll be free with PS+) and the rest will be available on other consoles and in a few cases older consoles. So my point still stands. Thanks for helping prove it though. By the way, I own a PS4 (turning it on for the third time in two and a half months today) and don't have a Wii U.



rastamadeus commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

@zeldagaymer93 Thing is, there's hardly anything decent coming to PS4/Xbox One in the first three quarters of the year bar indies, ports of games on PS3/360 and a handful (literally) of games. The Wii U only line up (as barren as it is) is the superior line up thus far. Problem is at E3 both Sony and Microsoft could announce amazing things out in the second half of the year while Nintendo, sadly, likely won't.



rastamadeus commented on A Sonic Boom Game is Dashing Towards Wii U and...:

Everyone seems to be missing the main point of the character redesigns. Sod Knuckles and his new steroid addiction - why the hell are Sonic's arms blue?!

Game looks... ok. A bit too much Ratchet and Clank for my liking. The 3DS version worries me. I thought Sly 4 was good (best one since the original) but it was so slow paced so I'm not sure they'll be able to do the speed justice. But won't know about either game til they're actually played so I'll remain cautiously intrigued til then.



rastamadeus commented on Nintendo Confirms Major Reductions In Sales an...:

@Jayvir "Focus on the next console and make sure it really hits the mark. If they can release a console that can outdo the PS4 and XB1 AND comes out 2-3 years before their successor does, Nintendo might do fine."

But then a few years later they're right back where they started as PS5 and whatever the hell the next Xbox will be called will be outdoing it. Nintendo are paying the price for not bothering to make a powerful machine that could compete this gen, again making a half this and half last gen console. Personally it doesn't bother me as I'm looking forward to getting a Wii U as there's loads of games I want on there but the majority of gamers don't agree. Sadly Nintendo need to make something this year to compete with PS4/Xbox One for their entire lifetimes, selling it at a loss so it hopefully sells, otherwise it's going to get worse and worse for them and they'll be too far behind. Again.

@AdanVC Sadly people are spending that money on new consoles though (record-making sales) and ignoring the cheaper Wii U.



rastamadeus commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

@LDXD @Ronoh A few sites keep saying they have exclusive news or have heard rumour of a sequel but Studio Ghibli (who own half the rights of the game) made it clear years ago it was a one off, like their films. No sequels, each alone from itself. They agreed to have two different versions (DS and PS3) but that's it.



rastamadeus commented on Video: Get Lost In Space As We Take You Throug...:

@SKTTR For a COD game the single player is surprisingly fun. Enjoyed it much more than I have any since the first Modern Warfare. It's Squads and Extinction which are dreadful. The new version of Survival is shockingly poor and Extinction is just Zombies but - somehow! - even more boring. Selling the game today as I'm bored of it in less than a week (Spec Ops/Survival has kept me returning to MW2/3 for years on my PS3, in contrast).



rastamadeus commented on Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's C...:

"The quality of protagonist Adam Jensen’s cyberpunk caper the title deserves as big of an audience as it can get." I agree with that fully, one of my favourite games of recent years. Just a shame it'll sell about six copies on the Wii U like all third party games do (Monster Hunter aside).



rastamadeus commented on Super Mario Galaxy Is Eurogamer's Game of the ...:

Personally it's Super Mario Galaxy 2. Not just game of the generation but best game of all time. The only thing this gen that has come anywhere near it was Red Dead Redemption which was spectacular.

@JaxonH Darkisiders? Welcome to your own opinion, obviously, but that's the one game in your list that I think shouldn't be anywhere near a game of the generation list. As for Last Of Us it has undoubtedly the best atmosphere, story, pace, visuals, sound and voice acting of any game in years... the problem is Naughty Dog forgot to actually include any sort of gameplay whatsoever. A shame. It could have been monumental but it's just painfully average.



rastamadeus commented on Review: Angry Birds Trilogy (Wii U):

@Great_Gonzalez I saw the PS3 version in Asda over the weekend for a tenner if that's any good to you? Sure in a few months the price will have dropped on the Wii U version.

@Phantom_R But that isn't the point of this review. It's to review the game itself. Besides, my sister has had the original in her phone and played well over 60 hours (at least) on it. I've bought £45 games and been done with them in hours (hello Luigi's Mansion) so for some people they will get their money's worth. Even if they are stupid for not getting the free version (if they can).



rastamadeus commented on Review: Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighti...:

@Damo True, I was meaning just the blind bashing head against the wall argument style he was initially using, not able to accept people have different opinions. I'll argue til the cows come home that Other M is one of the best Metroid games - only behind Prime 1 - but I know others disagree. Debating is good, blindly defending and not listening to what others say isn't.



rastamadeus commented on Review: Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighti...:

@Damo I have a friend who supports Man U and when we (Liverpool) slaughtered them 4-1 in their own backyard he refused to admit it was because we were good. He insisted it was because they were dreadful from start to finish - despite going in the lead initially. Everyone in the world were saying, "Blimey, Liverpool played exceptional, didn't they?" but he still refuses to admit it. It just didn't happen. Kirk reminds me of him. Fond look back at when we were good now over...