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BakaKnight commented on Unity Support on New Nintendo 3DS is Now Avail...:

That's a interesting news O.O

Too bad my actual Unity project is still in pre-pre-pre Alpha phase, I doubt I'll even get something ready before the end of the life cycle of the New 3DS if I don't speed up the development XD;



BakaKnight commented on The Official Legend of Zelda Timeline Has Been...:

Smart Nintendo XD;;;

Fans keep talking of the timeline, so they rightly updated it by "accidentally" using all the recent games' boxes, including the upcoming TP HD that by "total mistake" is showed with a bigger picture on the timeline.
They only forgot to add "March 2016- you go in the store buying the game" and the timeline would have been complete XD



BakaKnight commented on Video: Official Nintendo Video Showcases amiib...:

So many articles about this amiibo that this is the third time in a month or less that I can complain on the lack of infos about the interaction between Zelda U and TP XD;;;
Not even now we know and for me it was quite the shock when Shibata said in the last direct that you can bring datas from TP to Zelda U using the wolf Link amiibo, that's the use I want clarified most!
Even if to be fair I start to doubt it's gonna be anything interesting, maybe it's just gonna be a sort of record sharing, I can see a similar cave easily added to a open world like the one of Zelda U afterall.



BakaKnight commented on ​Eiji Aonuma and Malo Begin Talking About Th...:

Malo hu? I gotta admit, my memories of TP are blurried, but one thing I remember clearly is that Malo is a terrible scary monster, even Ganondorf is a lamb in comparison!

I guess Aonuma is trying to make us like that nightmarish kid before the remake release, but it won't work!



BakaKnight commented on Gunman Clive HD Collection Has Sold 9000 Copie...:

It's a shame the games are selling bad, but I'm not that shocked to be honest ^_^;

Don't get me wrong, they are very enjoyable low-cost games that would deserve to be bought and played by more gamers, but... well, Mr. Hörberg said it by himself, the HD is a double tip, count me in as those that enjoyed the original games, but not enough for buying them twice.

And I can also easily believe the steam version lacked promotion, I only made a steam account recently, but in two months of browsing there I NEVER saw Gunman Clive, if it wasn't for this article I wouldn't even knew it was there >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Pokkén Tournament Modes and Details Emerge:

Single player have three different difficulties and....?
I mean, it's just gonna be Arcade Mode or it will allow to have one matches against the CPU with the ability to select both your Pokemon and the opponent?
I seriously can't believe I'm asking, but some fighter games, included some namco's ones, not include one or both of these BASIC options for single player modes >_>;;;



BakaKnight commented on Talking Point: Considering amiibo Features and...:

I admit I don't like the trend DLC and new games' releases are taking, I mean... There are many games nowaday getting released with exclusive contenent only avaiable with preorders or very limited Special Edition, giving the customers a "Buy now or you'll never get the full experience" feeling.
On the other hand Nintendo with TP is offering at worst a DLC bundle with a phisical toy that will be avaiable standalone later on, even the price is pretty nice, the game + Amiibo just cost as much as standard version remakes on other consoles XD
The awful thing of the Wolf Link Amiibo lies however beyond its game... Nintendo clearly said that this Amiibo will be used in the next Zelda for transfer datas from Twilight Princess HD, which sounds like "Play the remake or you won't fully experience the new game", that was kinda low >.<



BakaKnight commented on ​The Princess Daisy Costume is Finally Comin...:

It's a great news (even if I skipped the Mario Maker bandwagon XD; ), still sad this is the only way to play a Platform game with Daisy, but I'm sure one day Nintendo will give Daisy the game she deserve ^o^ (As I'm sure the next Sonic game will be awesome and that a new Klonoa game will be announced soon, YES, I'm that hopelessy optimistic!!!).



BakaKnight commented on ​Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge Launc...:

So...This is an amiibo focused game, specifically for players owning amiibo, that only fully recognize Mario characters while all the others amiibo are rappresented by a generic looking robo? Well, that's an Epic Fail on my book ^^;



BakaKnight commented on Sega Reveals More Details On Sonic The Hedgeho...:

Pixel Sonic? True that those are his origins, but that Sonic starred in more 3D games than sprite games XD (Althought I could be wrong considering all the spin-off on game gear ^^; ).
I just hope they are not trying to lock the Sonic we all grew up with into a nostalgia pixellated picture, I'm still holding tight to the hope they can get the original Sonic right in 3D, I personally loved the Adventure serie, a great serie that needed to evolve and improve, not to be turned down in favour of werehogs, swords and beta projects released too early >.>;;;



BakaKnight commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

True by modern standards, but back in the '90 a big red device for see 3D gaming in red and black was as close as technology could hope to get to VR XD

And as many others said anyway not even these new devices like Oculus are true VR, and to be honest to me they only look like super awesome mega updates of the Virtual Boy concept ^_^;;;
And why that should hurt anyway? The VB was an awesome concept that hugely failed cause of many technical limitations; since those limitations are absent from the new devices, all they can take from a comparison with the VB are the positive stuffs.



BakaKnight commented on Check Out Plenty of Hyrule Warriors Legends Fo...:

I'll almost surely get the game, but I'm not sure about that Limited Edition, that compass/watch gonna cost quite a bit and I don't remember any released information about its actual quality. I would feel like an idiot to pay that price for then find in my hands a cheap plastic gadget >__>;;;



BakaKnight commented on Let's Debunk Some Of Pokémon's Biggest Myths ...:

I hate to admit it, but back in the days I got tricked by the Mew under the truck XD
Luckily it wasn't the worst one, just had to recover from another game a pkmn with cut and continue until getting surf, If anything I swam where few players did!

Still what I find really interesting is how rumours spread back in the days, there was no internet and still many of those were knew by players worldwide.



BakaKnight commented on Japanese Hyrule Gold New 3DS LL Tying in with ...:

Ouch... I just decided recently to resist the temptetion and don't buy a New 3DS, but this limited edition could really turn my decision upside down XD

Even more so since the game won't be in it, in other words there is the guarancy that there won't be an obligatory Pre-Installed version! (Don't get me wrong, I love digital too, but I like to switch between my 3DS systems and that works badly with pre-installed games >.>;;; )



BakaKnight commented on Back In 1990, Miyamoto's Desire Was To Make Vi...:

Convincing parents that games can be a positive experience was an impossible task to be fair, but he truly succeded in making games on console "a world that kids feel a kind of affection and attachment to, and want to return to again and again" and many of those kids are now adults sharing those wonderful worlds with their kids ^_^



BakaKnight commented on Minecraft on Wii U Won't Feature Inventory Man...:

If it sound cool then why it isn't in the game? ^^;

Ack.... sounds like the gamepad is not even used for two players local multiplayer... I admit it, I'm not much interested in this game, but it's a shame too see such a popular game coming on Wii U after years and getting only a hasty generic port >_>;



BakaKnight commented on Eiji Aonuma Talks Linkle's Origins and Appeara...:

I appreciate that they have a strong care for all their characters, Aryill included, but given that each Link is unique it's not crazy to have different heroes of Hyrule having different sisters.

Wonder if they'll dare to pull the fangirl thing as others are mentioning in the comments, I mean... the whole story of Hyrule Warriors spin around Cia and Lana being huge fangirls of Link, another one and they can rename the game Hyrule Fangirls XD



BakaKnight commented on Chief NES Designer Describes Nintendo as an In...:

No doubt Nintendo often have an indie approch in the creative process, they are still risking in these days and age to be innovative, give chances to individual/small group ideas and even with their solid series they like to experiement and shake things up a bit.
Sure, some time they hold back the creativity too and don't risk beyond certain limits, but then again us gamers are weird beasts that want new innovative never seen before games that are exactly like the ones already out that we played and loved, you gotta balance for satisfy such a "reasonable" customer XD;;;



BakaKnight commented on Story of Seasons Hits Europe on 8th January, A...:

Tempted to pick this up, I only played A Wonderful Life so far, but I remember I loved it and it's a while I wanted to play a new Harvest Moon game.
Still a shame about the name issue, not only the developers can't use anymore the name of their franchise in the west, but someone else have the "right" to use it. I know it's legally correct, but it will always feel super wrong to me ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

Kinda agree with the review, althought I wouldn't turn down the game so heavily. Since i got it I can't stop playing it, I'm enjoying it a lot, even if I admit that what I always liked to do in Mario Tennis games was exibithion matches, even in single player, and in previous games I never gave much attention to tournaments and minigames, so I feel less a lack of those modes and I can't complain much here since Camelot did a great job with the tennis gameplay itself.

Indeed I have the feeling they recoded the whole thing from square one and surely they didn't reuse the phisics of Open. The game feel much better, with the matches realistically using the whole court, even the areas immediatly outside (in Open you were pretty much screwed after the ball left the court >.>; ) and Chance Shots are not so overpowered anymore, adding thrill without unbalancing the game.

By the way, I would avoid to keep calling this game "rushed", don't get me wrong, it's likely this game had a contenent cut, but that probably happened very early in development and Camelot focused greatly in making the best out of what was left in, with a crazy care for quality and details; I really don't recall other "rushed on the market" games that can be defined perfect on the core of the experience and rich of details, lacking only in contenent; if all rushed games were like this then we would have many more awesome games around with no glitches and very enjoyable in what (little) they deliver, for not mention all the great movie tie-in that would be on the market XD



BakaKnight commented on Review: The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adve...:

Gotta admit, I didn't expect this game to be good, glad I decided to check the review anyway.
Sounds like a too easy game for be a must buy for me, but I'll surely consider to buy it if I'll find it cheap or see it discounted on the eShop.



BakaKnight commented on Site News: A Brief Update on Our Mario Tennis:...:

Not sure how much a review is needed honestly XD

Everything has being said in the preview, indeed the only thing missing is the test of the servers and a score.
Maybe I'll be between the early adopters you'll random meet and challange this weekend, but gotta admit, between Nintendo showing little to no hype for this release and Rodea (Wii) getting my game attention, maybe I'll get this later on.



BakaKnight commented on RCMADIAX Announces Avoider, Due Out on the Wii...:

W..wait... That's it?!?!
Press on the screen for make the ship dodge the other ships? O.O;

I'm with @ikki5 here, ack, I did make programs in Unity about moving a target to a specific spot and about making objects move around, indeed it's a matter of hours even with no experience >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Review: Rodea the Sky Soldier (3DS):

Gotta join the "Wii version is better" group after finally managing to play both the Wii U and Wii version. Ironically some problems are the same everywhere, for example the camera simply isn't a strong point of Rodea XD

However the Wii version is simply so fun you easily stop noticing the problems and just enjoy the game. Simple control scheme based on few inputs, fast paced gameplay, it's with no doubt a work of Naka and it's plain obvious in all the right ways. I didn't have the chance to play Nights, but I could easily define Rodea the Red Flying Hedgehog!

A shame the Wii U and 3DS versions made everything overcomplicated, it's just make the game less fun while keeping even all the negatives of the Wii version (I mean, not managing to fix the camera with all the changes they did it's almost a sin >.>; ). It's still a fun playable game even in those "ports", just not as fun as the original concept.

And a note to the reviewer, Ion is not annoying! Am I the only one loving those over-chatting helping girls like Navi? ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

Nothing again gender selection in future Zelda, but it would feel so weird to have a Zelda game with a fully customizable character, and not something more recognizable ^_^; But an approch like Pokemon, with only a gender selection? Sounds cool to me, girls deserve to have a proper "link" to the game as much as we boys had for almost 30 years.

Still I wonder what Linkle story will be in Hyrule Warriors, I'm kinda hoping she's gonna be Link's younger sister, which however would mean they have parents with an incredibly low imagination for names XD



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 19th November (Europe):

The Mario Tennis combo sounds pretty nice to me, I'm totally considering to get them digital, I'm just super annoyed at how they showed Ultra Smash at the direct "Oh right, we gonna release that too next week", it felt like Nintendo itself couldn't care less -.-;



BakaKnight commented on Hands On: Getting Pinned Down By Nintendo Badg...:

I'm playing it on both my 3DS and I start to think there is no "randomness" in the free plays. Both plays I did had the same machines and the same free plays prizes (if there are any) on the same fake stamps for two days in a row (then again noone ever said it's random, but it's just something that feels natural to think with a setting like this IMO ^^; ).
I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing... Sure, randomness is picky and some people could never win cause of it, but if they choose everything then they can keep the free tries as low as they wish (which they are totally doing, there was no free plays to win in today machine EU).

Anyway I'm totally loving this little game, if the prices were different or if there were some offers making the cost more tempting I wouldn't resist in putting in it some euros ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Take a Look at Nintendo's Game Awards 2015 Nom...:

Are they stll putting togheter Mobile Gaming and Handheld? I know they are both played on the go, but that's the only thing in common they have in an ocean of differences.

Anyway I hope Nintendo will get some awards, if anything Splatoon got my attention for so many hours of fun that it definitely deserve an award in my opinion ^_^



BakaKnight commented on Video: Check Out a Graphical Comparison for Th...:

Kinda tempting, if anything I could have a chance to play the game in "Mirror Mode" XD

But indeed this is not the high quality remake we would all expect from Nintendo, but can we really blame them for doing what other companies do and get praised for? At least Twilight Princess is not a game that came out an year ago.



BakaKnight commented on Lucas & Next Wave Of Animal Crossing amiibo Du...:

Why is the article so focused on NA? I'm not sure we got a release date, but all those amiibo and cards have been confirmed for Europe too ^_^;

And...sigh... For a moment I really hoped to hear about a Princess Daisy amiibo when they announced more amiibo coming, guess the poor girl will never receive some much deserved spotlight >.<



BakaKnight commented on Feature: What We Expect from Nintendo Direct -...:

@deemdadim The amiibo was an extra detail, my main point was that Zero Suit Samus already look a lot like a professional tennis athlete.

Not that it matters, Nintendo barely named Ultra Smasn at the direct, I doubt that game will ever get any special surprise in the future.