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BakaKnight commented on Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Bursts Out Onto ...:

Gah! So soon?!?! I thought it was coming in Autumn!!!
It should be a great news when a game arrive sooner than expected, but I do NOT have time now for add new games DX
It's not even the first time I'm leaving a comment like this in few days, good thing that August as no game releases XD



BakaKnight commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

Interesting, that's pretty much like playing a 3D game and 2D game at the same time, it looks very cool, but I also fear it a lot, how am I supposed to focus on a screen when both look so great and different? I can already feel my eyes like in a pinball, bumping up and down desperately XD

"Luckily" the risk is null since how much Squarenix love to localize Dragon Quest in the west >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 30th July (Europe):

Legend of kay for me! ...or so I would like to say, but it has a bad timing for try to join my games' list and the highest of its range prices on Wii U, a very bad combo ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Players Reached Splatoon's Level Cap So Fast T...:

Oh, I see, that's why the European Splatfest was Eating versus Sleeping, it acted as a reminder too XD

Anyway I hope they won't blindly raise the level cap, that thing was useful for slowly unlock weapons and therefore discovery the game little by little instead than be overwhelmed with contenent.
I'll see a reason in a new level cap only if they'll add in such update also a TON of new weapons and gears; else they'll end to add only a skinner box and this game already have enough tricks and traps keeping us hooked ^_^;;;



BakaKnight commented on Vote For The Next Character To Appear In Disne...:

It's hard to believe to some of those entries, they should be in the game since the first game... Then again even Donald joined only in 2.0 cause it's totally a secondary Disney character >.>;;;

Well, I should be glad, I'm not interest in Disney Infinity, but too much nostalgia could have tricked me. Good thing they focus mostly on the franchises made after the begin of the century.



BakaKnight commented on Donkey Kong Nearly Missed Out On Pixels Stardom:

To be fair, by the trailers at least, the game characters looks great. It seems like the CG artists of the movie did their job, so Nintendo won't need regrets, Donkey Kong is there in all its glory.

That on the other side the script of the movie is terrible and unwatchable... I still have to see the movie, but...yeah, I can believe the critics, these big production movies are all the same (in a boring, cliché repetitive way) and everytime I hear about Adam Sandlers is rarely/never for compliments >.>;

Still the marketing know what they were doing, the premise is so gaming nostalgic that I'll probably end to watch this movie soon or later ^_^;;;



BakaKnight commented on If Chibi-Robo Ever Came To Wii U, He'd Be Very...:

That comment... to me it sound like she totally knows what she is talking about.
Ready to bet they already made an HD model of Chibi Robo just for curiosity or for experimenting ideas; I can already imagining it in all its shininess! :D



BakaKnight commented on Amazon Confirms Sale Window for Palutena amiib...:

I wonder if there will be really a need to "fight", I'm seeing a huge improvement in amiibo's stocks here in Europe, I actually saw the most recent characters in stores and even the return of some old figures too.

If Nintendo keep up we could be able to stop the "amiibo are impossible to find" joke in a matter of few waves. Or at least I wanna dream that we'll get to that point XD



BakaKnight commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

@KillScottKill To be fair I mentioned that old poll cause I saw how it was before, the Wii U even had the 51% of the votes at some point, but that was before the interest for the pc version raised, pushing that version to second place and almost reaching the Wii U level.

A poll anyway it's still not a huge proof or a contract that should force them to deliver the game to Wii U. I just think they saw very clearly that they had more than some potential customers on Wii U, so it is dissapointing how they dealed with this unavoidable cancellation.



BakaKnight commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

Not a surprise at this point, but feels almost too weird and wrong considering this [] The Wii U version was the most wanted on their site during development and there it even state "Coming to...." without maybes, just saying ^_^;

I didn't follow in detail the crowfunding or development story, but they surely knew very well they had an active interested crowd on Wii U (indeed they are the one who hyped such crowd for begin with) and I don't have the impression they ever worried to communicate properly with it.



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd July (Europe):

Perfect timing is too perfect... I was considering to finally buy MH4 since it's summer and my hunter-friends are still waiting me to join them. I'm not sure I want to get dragged back in such a huge game, but I have almost no excuses left for stay MH-free XD



BakaKnight commented on Tomonobu Itagaki Explains Why the Pro Controll...:

Personally I never had a problem with the gamepad, but on personal opinions there is little to debate.

What actually surprise me is that both Itagaki and the developpers officially stated that the gamepad is a bad option for experience the game.
They pretty much told their public that their main (and maybe only) control option is not suited for the experience.

Do they at least confirmed if the dear old classic controller works with the game? If not then they just invited me (and probably many other players) to not even consider to buy the game and I don't think that's a good business practice ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on First Impressions: Trying to Believe in Devil'...:

The begin of the video looked great, old style beat'em up 3D in all its glory XD

Given that those kind of games rarely got appreciated, but I loved them on older console and this really remember them a lot (even up to the glitches and graphic quality >.>;;; ). It's a shame that the game is mainly a third person shooter and reading that the controls are awful not make the deal sweeter.

I really want to know more about this game anyway, it could be a dissapointing title, but I still see the potential for be a guilty pleasure for some of us, me included maybe.



BakaKnight commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:

It was a great president and went way beyond being a name in the credits of our favorite games. He proved to love games, to know them and he delivered directly the news about them with a craziness rarely found among the people with similar titles.

May he rest in peace, he left us, but the games he helped delivery will keep gifting fun to adults and children alike for many years to come.



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

I can't believe it... We all knew he had health problems, but..but never thought to see a news like this anytime soon...

Thanks for everything Iwata-san, if Nintendo made me and so many people dream and have so much fun it was in great part thanks to you: an awesome president that knew the joy of gaming.

May he Rest In Peace



BakaKnight commented on Splatfest Details Are Confirmed for 18th July ...:

Voted for eating, even if I have a bad feeling with all the lazy dreamers that are leaving comments around... But I'll get to play this splatfest with orange full-time, I don't care if I'll be again in the outnumbered team, it's gonna be awesome :D



BakaKnight commented on Review: Roving Rogue (Wii U eShop):

@bro2dragons I was thinking the same XD
By the review I get the feeling that they added such storyline only for make the game sound more interesting in the trailers, but didn't properly work on it.

I'll maybe give this game a chance in future despite the flaws, but with no hurry, it looks interesting, but not really the "interesting" I like.



BakaKnight commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

The only thing I'm wondering right now is if Nintendo will manage to avoid to speak about the NX until the next E3.

So many rumours are spreading recently, it's clear that the gaming world want to talk about it (positively and/or negatively). I'm not sure they can let this craziness going on for a whole year XD



BakaKnight commented on Zero Escape Volume 3 Will Tell a New Tale on 3...:

I'm very glad that Uchikoshi can finally complete his trilogy, from VLR texts it was very clear that it was written with the third game already planned, finally I can be hyped for a likely to come sequel!

@Moon As @Late said, the whole point of the game is to keep getting back to the choices and see what happens, no need to play or mess with the saves as it happens with other games ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Guide: Master Splatoon's New Tower Control Mod...:

Tower control is insane, I had matches where everyone in the game splatted and got splatted over ten times XD

And luckily I didn't have to change weapon, in these days I'm using the roller and it proved to be very effective, a great weapon for help the tower reach the goal or for quickly retrieve it; then again I tried different weapons and saw many good players, any weapon is perfect for this mode if you know how to use it.



BakaKnight commented on Pokémon Shuffle is Heading to Android and iOS...:

@Sir_JBizzle I'm pretty sure SpotPass doesn't count in their numbers, especially since it actually don't download the game, only the icon.

All you have in your menu (which has one of the best themes in my opinion ;)) is an empty icon. Just try open it, a simple click on "no" and the game won't download while the icon will be deleted.



BakaKnight commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

Personally I love Nintendo risky attitude, sure now we are talking of extreme cases, but even more "canon" sequels often have some features or changes that can throw a fan outside the comfort zone previous games builded.

I admit, by nature people prefer more of the same, more of what they know they love and I'm no exception to that, but so far Nintendo got it right very often (if not always XD) when they "betrayed" my expectations.

However it worries me how some fans reacted, I can understand the dissapointment many felt, but it's incredibly sad and annoying how some fans are trying to hate as much as they can some unexpected spin-off. Can't they just focus on saying/shouting/"petioning" they are tired to wait a new main entry without bashing the spin-offs? -.-;



BakaKnight commented on Ganondorf, Palutena, Dark Pit and Zero Suit Sa...:

I got Palutena and Zero Suit with preorders, but to be fair it's since the Splatoon wave that things are slowly getting better and better. Wave 4 was a joke, preorders lasted less than 24h and no store ever saw them in stock, but now preorders last weeks and some figures even reach stores.

There is still hope for amiibo!



BakaKnight commented on Splatoon Version 1.3.0 Update Due on 30th June...:

Dammit... I use both the ninja swim and the stealth jump >.<;

I'm not sure how much the ninja even needed the nerf (or maybe I'm not good at abusing it), but I can understand the stealth jump, I did a ton of bad surprises to the opponents by landing right behind them XD And indeed the "slower" jump is pretty much the same of the normal one right now ^_^;



BakaKnight commented on Splatoon Hackers Make Octoling A Playable Char...:

@Splatburst I know they are different weapons, but it's pretty obvious one is designed to look like a modified version of the other XD

But my point was refered to the weapon in the video be unlocked, I don't remember it being already aviable officially, which mean they hacked even the future weapons's updates... I know hackers got the infos about them, but I didn't know they even managed to load them up from the disk.



BakaKnight commented on Splatoon Hackers Make Octoling A Playable Char...:

Since Octolings plays as Inklings I doubt that Nintendo planned to have them as playable characters, however those bad girls/octopus have a huge fanbase; I won't be surprised if this will influence the game in future updates.

Anyway... isn't also the weapon hacked? I'm pretty sure my Splash-o-matic doesn't have a "megaphone" attached and neither those sub and special.



BakaKnight commented on Sonic The Hedgehog is Now 24 Years Old:

Happy birthday Sonic! ^o^

I feel like I grew togheter with the hedgehog, I still remember the mornings playing Sonic 2 on my new shiny Megadrive before going to the Kindergarten, best way ever for start the day XD

We were so young back then, so full of hopes, then years passed and things didn't always go as we planned, but it's never too late for spin dash back into the glory, right my old blue-blurry friend?



BakaKnight commented on Nintendo Download: 25th June (Europe):

Quite a good week, if I was in search of something new to play I would have quite some options there!

I'm a bit angry however with NoE, Tecmo or whoever is to blame for how quietly Samurai 3 release is sneaking around. I completly forgot the game even existed until I saw it last week popping on the eShop. It would have been probably a must buy for me, but I just recovered Orochi 3; two warriors games at the same time would be too overwhelming >.>;



BakaKnight commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

No thanks, no need to watch at the bright side, that's something you do when there is a dark/bad side and I still fail to really see it ^_^;

The Digital Event lacked, as mentioned, few things like the eShop games and I missed the segment different for each region (I always thought that was the best part of having these videos in place of a conference), but at this E3 Nintendo still managed to show many games I'm looking forward too; I hope the next years they won't forget any piece, but as long as they gonna show me that many games I want to play are coming then I can only be happy ^o^



BakaKnight commented on Satoru Iwata Didn't Apologise For Nintendo's E...:

@rjejr You are kidding right? Or doing a complain against the Digital Event maybe? There is no way that Iwata preapered a japanese statement on twitter as a emergency plan for a possible wordwide backfire XD

I'm positive they knew the risks some projects could cause, but if they invested in them months and resources then they trusted those ideas and they believed that many fans would have appreaciated them.
The negative feedback online is on a level they surely didn't expect (ack... I still can't believe it got to this level...), but let's even say they feared it, there is NO way that a company would apologies in front of the first few negative comments; that is like throwing a LOT of wood in a small fire for stop it, it can only end very badly XD



BakaKnight commented on Satoru Iwata Didn't Apologise For Nintendo's E...:

It's sure that Iwata didn't apology, it's more than just beliavable, that tweet was made just a couple of hours after the event, no president of a company would pubblically state they owe an apologies as soon as the first few negative comments online arise ^_^;;;

Surely they're gonna sum ups feedbacks and reactions once the E3 is over and they'll take some decisions based on those (something that would happen even with a succesful beloved result, mind you), but all that will happen in weeks, not few hours XD



BakaKnight commented on Smash Bros. Presentation Confirms Ryu and Mii ...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR Stores like those you mentioned, in my area in Italy (which include one of the main cities, not a forgotten wasteland) amiibo are almost absent from stores. In most cases there aren't shelves full of them, just a couple of abandoned amiibo left alone with the Wii U games since it's pointless to make a shelf specifically to carry two figures XD;;;



BakaKnight commented on Good News, Zelda Fans, A Free Costume Awaits i...:

A nice unexpected surprise from Tecmo-Koei and Nintendo. To be fair this costume show why Link's tunic has always been redesigned for 3D titles (seriously, on Warriors' Link that's a dress, period >.>;;; ), but any excuses is good to get back and doing an extra battle in the game XD



BakaKnight commented on Surprise eShop Sale Discounts Up To 30% Off Do...:

Luckily it's not just a North American treat, there are similar discounts in Europe too, guess it's time for recover Dream Team!

(But to be fair there are MANY more discounts in NA, the discounted games in Europe are only 4-5 for each platforms)



BakaKnight commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Brought ...:

It wasn't a "bad" digital event in my opinion, it was even great in some regards. Afterall they showed many games I can't wait to play and that was the most important thing. Still there was a lack of "super-shock-factor", so I can understand that the most hyped ones are not satisfied (especially those that were 100% sure to see the new AC on Wii U).

What dissapointed me however was the lack of different videos for the different regions, like Shibata speaking for NoE, and I found weird that they had litterally nothing to say for eShop and VC.



BakaKnight commented on Video: Check Out the Official Trailers for the...:

Tried them all, it was surely worthy and interesting to play all the demos even if I think I'll buy very few of those games at the end.

Freedom Planet is awesome, it's uncannily Sonic-like, but very fun to play! (Getting released after the digital event maybe? No? Such a shame ;_; )

And of course Soul Axiom is made by Wales Interactive, those guys love the "Keep Memories in pc for when you are dead" theme XD But from the demo I failed to understand if they wanna be creepy like in Master Reboot or if this new game will be less horror...

I'll surely avoid Extreme Exorcist, from the demo it seems great and well done, but in games I always enter rage/panic-mode when enemies start copy my movements, a game focused on that is not for me XD

Overall this was a nice unexpected E3-afternoon I could experience from my room in Italy, Nintendo is starting very well this year!