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Wed 18th Jul 2012

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Banjogeek commented on Video: Sonic Lost World Trailer Shows Off Mult...:

Man that 2 player Co-op thing just makes me wish Tails was the second person playable I mean really you habe Tails right there.Why not use him instead of some robot thing that Tails made and has Tails voice?Also the Tails voice thing is only there to say look we could have put Tails in the game but we didn't LOL.Yes I do know that Tails is in the game but he is not playable.



Banjogeek commented on Grant Kirkhope Wishes He Could Make Banjo-Kazo...:

@AltDotNerd You can ask that for alot of things probably because Rare isn't the rare we know and now is Kinect making Avatar sports games that don't sell well.

Edit:maybe they do sell welll but who do you know in there right minds has a Kinect that is not a reviewer or a collector of video games.The only reason Kinect is selling well is because it's bundled with every Xbox360.



Banjogeek commented on Capcom Having "Ongoing Discussions About Mega ...:

@Romeo Well Monster Hunter makes them alot of money in Japan it never got as big as a following in America/Europe.The thing with Capcom is all they care about is money and not what makes there coumser happy like Megaman.I mean really Capcom is still using a Megaman colors for there logo and they haven't released a true Megaman game since Megaman !0.



Banjogeek commented on Game Freak: The Pokémon World Will Be Evolvin...:

Well for all the people thinking that shouldn't be gen 6 yet 2010 is when Black and White one came out.I think if gen 6 is coming out Japan will get it first next year and we will get it in 2014.The reason I think 2014 is because Gen 4 was from 2006-2010 four years.