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Sat 28th September, 2013

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darkswabber commented on Rumour: Could Female Link Be In Hyrule Warrior...:

I hope they will add lineback, skullkid and vaati as playable characters. I also hope they will add the dlc/new characters to the story mode. And last but not least I hope young link gets the deku mask as a new weapon and link gets the minish cap as a new weapon.



darkswabber commented on Koji Igarashi's Castlevania Successor Teased b...:

The indie hype is all over, kids these days can only talk about the spiritual successor hype.
Let me explain this hype, it's were the creators of a once great game franchise decide to set up a indie company and start a kickstarters campaign to raise money for a spiritual successor of their once famous game because the company's that now own the rights (microsoft, capcom and konami) are treating the franchise like crap.



darkswabber commented on You Can't Count Nintendo Out, Says Activision CEO:

when indie companies say things like this all people are happy to hear there are still companies being nice to Nintendo, when triple A companies say things like this people get mad. I don't get people :( (and this issue seems to appear with both sony, microsoft and Nintendo fans)



darkswabber commented on Project CARS Shows a Tremendous Graphical Upgr...:

I was planning to buy this game for my ps4, but there are too many games (both indie and triple A, digital and physical) releasing for my wiiU, ps4, 3ds and vita between now and december that I can't afford all of them :(
and for me ssb4, pokemon ORAS, the upcomming telltale games and skullgirls encore have priority



darkswabber commented on New Fighter for Super Smash Bros. to be Reveal...:

Solid Snake? Captain Falcon? Mr. Game & Watch? Jigglypuff?
Well if it's an announcement video it's probably a brand new never used before fighter...
Big Boss (I know, the changes for him to join are too low)? Jin/Devil Jin? Bayonetta? That red person from Wonderfull 101? Ryu? any first party character?



darkswabber commented on Feature: Our Hopes and Dreams for E3 2014:

I want to see a Nintendo exclusive shooter, and RPG (not pokemon or Zelda, more like a RPG were the story depends on the choices you make like fallout and tes) and a few Nintendo exclusive titles of third party franchises, and I mean titles that will stay exclusive for atleast 5 years!!!
and I hope for third party support from from EA, Bethesda and 2K.



darkswabber commented on Review: LEGO The Hobbit (3DS):

@rjejr I think the next lego game will be a next isntallemend in lego DC or lego star wars. and if they do a new franchise I think it might be doctor who becease steven moffat recently allowed lego to make doctor who sets. or I think they might do a lego jurrassic park game since the new upcomming jurrassic world film.



darkswabber commented on Feature: What Can We Expect From Pokémon Omeg...:

I really hope for the battle frontier, also 3D contests. Mega swampert, sceptile, gallade, groudon, kyogre and more. I hope for a catchable deoxys, ho-oh, lugia and mew like in emerald, fire red and leaf green. I also hope they will do something with the story to involve mega evolutions and i hope deoxys has something to do with it (he is ofcourse the DNA pokemon). I hope for a post game area that wasn't in ruby, sapphire and emerald, like the islands introduced in FR and LG.

edit: I also hope for secret bases to make their return and I hope they kept X and Y's customization options like changeable clothes and haircuts.



darkswabber commented on Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes Comes...:

day one ps4 buy for me, unless your old data from Disney infinity works for the new game, then it is a day one buy for wiiU, again unless your data is bound to your Disney account (like with the ios and pc versions) then it is still a day one ps4 buy for me. (sorry for the bad english)



darkswabber commented on Over 140 Pieces Of Fan-Made Nintendo Art Up Fo...:

I have 2 kinds of autism (PDD-NOS and McDD) I also have ADHD, some dyslexia, oh and did I already say I have gil de la tourette (not the commen one were you curse a lot.)
and luckily for me I live in a country where the goverment gives enough money for people like me so we don't need charity's. (and still we complain alot about it. I love the Netherlands, it doens't matter how good we have it here, we will always complain about it.) but it's good to see they raise money for autism where they need the money. :3



darkswabber commented on Nintendo Download: 10th April (Europe):

Actually wanted to buy batman arkham origins blackgate last week. But since it got delayed i spended my last eshop money on mario and luigi superstar saga and on pokemon link. Not planning to buy a new eshop card, I'm saving my money for tes online on ps4 and minecraft on ps4, Also a bit for octodad ps4. Sorry Nintendo, but my wiiU is now a console meant for VC titles and for mario kart and ssb.