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Wed 10th August, 2011

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Nintex commented on Nintendo 64x64: BattleTanx: Global Assault:

Many a weekends over at my buddies house playing this with his brother. A real entertaining multiplayer and a fun coop single player. BattleTanx is awesome. I wish a new one would be made.



Nintex commented on Nintendo 64x64: Cruis'n USA:

I have a lot of fond memories playing this game back in late 96 early 97. While the graphics were kind of a let down, the whole vibe of the arcade game was there. My friends and I played relentless trying to unlock all the vehicles and beat the game. The music for me is really made this game, that and the just the whole vibe of Crusin the USA. I love this game and its probably my favorite in the series. Its sequel Crusin World was even better. Crusin Exotica was alright and the GBA Crusin Velocity was absolutely trash. Overall USA and World are great fun arcade racers and tons of fun to play with friends. 9/10



Nintex commented on Nintendo 64x64: Hybrid Heaven:

Hybrid Heaven is still one of my favorites gaming experiences to this day. I loved the story, the characters and awesome cinema's through out the game. The atmosphere is also very well done. The combat is fun but a tad clunky and grinding some enemies to level up your skills can be somewhat tedious in a game like this. I give HH a 10/10. For me this game WAS METAL GEAR SOLID for n64, albeit a more sci-fi and zany story. I've played this game multiple times. Last week after beating METAL GEAR SOLID THE TWIN SNAKES again, I thought about this game and now seeing it in this review I'm tempted to play back though it again. Ah, such great memories.



Nintex commented on A Sonic Boom Game is Dashing Towards Wii U and...:

Wow I'm feeling like this is the Sonic game I've been wanting since Adventure 1 and 2. It looks very fun and I think the character models look great as a Sonic overhaul. Finally a game I can look forward to on WiiU that I didnt know about.



Nintex commented on Festive Monster Hunter UK Meet-Up To Include A...:

I love Monster Hunter! One of my fav games of all time. I bought both the WiiU Copy and the 3DS copy; and have also bought/encouraged many of my friends to get a copy too. It would be awesome to have a MH get together where I live. I'm not begging Capcom to bring MH4 west.... I'm DEMANDING Capcom to bring it.



Nintex commented on Snow Moto Racing 3D Slides Onto the 3DS eShop ...:

wwhat? I loved the Aqua Moto Racing title( As I'm a huge fan of Waverace), now I'm even more excited for this snowmobile game! I think these games are good clean fun and they both remind me of the N64 era racing titles. They might not be fun for most people but I say bring em on! Perhaps a Dirtbike Moto Racing game exists...



Nintex commented on Nintendo's Former President, Hiroshi Yamauchi,...:

Of all my heroes that have passed away within the last couple of years, this one is hard felt. Anyone who is a gamer should respect the passing of Mr. Hiroshi, a man who ruled with an iron fist and made happen what was said couldn't happen. May his legacy live forever. R.I.P



Nintex commented on Review: Jet Force Gemini (Nintendo 64):

This game was awesome. I remember waiting for the game to come out back in 99 and when it finally did I was hooked. The music, graphics and sic-fi atmosphere were top notch, plus you went around killing giant ants :) I still have my original copy and have beaten it 100%. I think I might boot it up and give it another whirl



Nintex commented on Video: This Monster Hunter 4 Trailer May Be Th...:

Everytime I see a new trailer for MH4 I get so pumped! I wish next month was also the launch of the game here in the states. I really really really hope this game comes West. MH4 for the 3DS and Monster Hunter Frontiers for WiiU- both with epic custom system bundles! :)



Nintex commented on Sin & Punishment Studio Treasure Is Working On...:

@Sanqet, TruenoGT

Glad I'm not the only one that thinks that Mischief Makers aka Yuke Yuke Troublemakers in Japan was an awesome game. I have fond memories of playing this game with my friend back in 97. For the time the game had the best looking 2-D artwork-absolutely gorgeous. It was fun, quirky, super hard and totally Japanese. The few cutscenes that was in it was just like an anime.



Nintex commented on Sin & Punishment Studio Treasure Is Working On...:

love me some Treasure shooters. Speaking of Treasure, they should make a sequel to N64's Mischief Troublemakers. That game was fantastic and the bosses were epic. I think a sequel would work great as a 3DS and WiiU eShop title!!!



Nintex commented on Namco Bandai Is Teasing A New 3DS Game, But Wh...:

A new IP that is perhaps futuristic in design if you judge from the artwork or a new game in an existing franchise. Maybe it's even a 3DS version of the Tales HD remakes for PS3. At a long shot maybe it's a StarFox title!



Nintex commented on Review: Blast Corps (Nintendo 64):

"Time to get moving!" lol This game is a classic. So many cool things in this game... like the Pac-Man inspired RDU collecting areas where you gotta use "Backlash" the dump truck or the bulldozer with an insane amount of hardly no time.



Nintex commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Mario Kart Wii, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Project X Zone, Epic Mickey, Pandora's Tower and New Super Luigi U are all the big games on my list. Done made it to 100cc in Mario Kart so now I'm moving on to some Animal Crossing and then either Epic Mickey or Devil Summoner.



Nintex commented on Wii U Version Of Beyond Good & Evil 2 Looking ...:

At this point I could care less about third party anything.... Third Parties have become soulless tools. Nintendo is why I still play games. Third Parties use to be relevant and they actually made good software. Nowadays the majority of third party material is nothing more than some cookie cutter trash- minus a select few. I've survived the Gamecube and Wii generations with majority Nintendo software and had fun and I'm positive that on WiiU(even without third party support) I'll continue to have fun. Third Parties really just want Nintendo out of the game that's what I honestly think.



Nintex commented on EA: Frostbite 3 On Wii U "Not Impossible":

I can almost feel the hand of Disney forcing E.A to support WiiU. Disney and Nintendo are friends and Disney wants Star Wars on the WiiU. EA stuck in the middle with the pressure upon them. lol



Nintex commented on Get Excited, Nintendo's E3 Site Is Out In The ...:

I'm so excited too see what is announced at E3, but sadly I'll be leaving june 2nd and will be gone all month for military stuff :( Worst part.... no internet :0 I will be looking forward to the influx of info when I get back for sure!



Nintex commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Virtual Boy:

I have a Virtual Boy and I love it. It was truely underrated. Yea the games were in red and black but it makes them look kinda awesome and the 3D was great. I never experienced headaches with Virtual Boy or 3DS for that matter. I would absolutely LOVE to have VB games on the 3DS! What are you waiting for Nintendo?



Nintex commented on Video: Sonic Lost World Debut Trailer Blasts A...:

This looks like an absolute blast! Very colorful and awesome level design. I will definitely be buying this Sonic game! Cant wait to see more on it, oh and I cant believe it's actually coming out this year!



Nintex commented on Fresh Details On Treasurenauts Have Been Excav...:

With Nintendo utilizing Unity and helping developers in problem areas with their hardware, you absolutely right, Nintendo is knowingly teaching these young companies the classic way to make games that are appealing and fun to play. The Indies should definitely listen when the Masters speak. lol



Nintex commented on Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel On the Way, as ...:

Super Mario Bros the movie is one of my favorite movies from the distant past. It had absolutely nothing to do with the game, but this type of live action movie is about the closest thing that was possible to adapt from a game that really had no plot to begin with. Since everything in this movie is basically made up and dabbled with the occasional Super Mario Bros game references, I think it works itself out pretty well. It's a weird, fun filled and twisted take on the Mario universe. I've been waiting 20 years for a sequel to this movie that I knew would never come, so this comic sequel is something I will treasure page for page. Just reading the first couple of pages sent me into nostalgic overload thinking I am finally getting a follow up to what happened at the end of the first movie. Super Mario Bros is a horrible movie by most standards, but it is also one of my guilty pleasures and a cult classic in my mind.