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Wed 10th Aug 2011

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Nintex commented on Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden- is a 3D Vertical...:

My type of game. I miss good top down shooters. One of my favorites was Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth on N64. On the DSware Shop, Metal Torrent was my go to shooter. Nice to know I have another seemingly good option for 3DS.



Nintex commented on Remake Request: Super Metroid 3D on Nintendo 3DS:

Heck yes for Super Metroid 3D. However as a previous commentor stated, A remake and expanded version of Metroid 2 Return of Samus has to be done. I'd want that above all else. However now that I think about it, since Metroid never got an anniversary anything, how about about an updated 3D collection consisting of Metroid Zero Mission, Metroid2(expanded/remake), Metroid3/Super Metroid( expanded), and Metroid4:Fusion(expanded). Call it Metroid 3D:Anthology. Heck perhaps through in Metroid Prime Hunters too boot. Now thats a collection I'd dib out 50 bucks on a 3DS game for.



Nintex commented on Feature: The Heartwarming Tale of a Missing 3D...:

Well that made me feel happy. If it were me and I lost my3DS I'd be devastated! So many download games and all my friends on the friend list and most importantly the all time consuming street pass info! Good story, I enjoyed it tons.



Nintex commented on Soapbox: Portable Gaming Forges a Special Rela...:

Console were always my bread and butter, but when I got my first job doing construction in which we constantly traveled out of state and stayed in motels for sometimes weeks at a time I became a portable man. Game Boy Advance was my first foray. Then I deployed overseas in the mid 00's and the DS became my choice of gaming. Every since them portables pretty much replaced home consoles to me. I play them far more. I take my 3DS with me everywhere and I love the games on it. I still like console games but I don't nearly play them as much as I should.



Nintex commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

Such a tough one as I like all the mario karts. 64 was probably the most I played local multi with so its one of my personal favs. Mk7 and 8 are truly the best in the series especially the latter. However I choose mkds as the best because it was an exceptional for its time handheld experience and the first with online multi. Plus the fact that it had awesome levels and visually had the n64 vibe to it that made it one of personal favs.



Nintex commented on Interview: Shin'en Multimedia on FAST Racing N...:

Ugghhh… I'm still waiting to see the game in motion. It looks like its going to awesome so far. Still hope Nintendo makes a new F-zero either for the U or 3DS in some shape form or fashion. I still regularly go back and play all my favorite classic Futuristic speed racers, like F-Zero,X, GX, Maximum Velocity, Extreme-G, XG2,XGIII,XGRA, Star Wars Episode I Racer. I can't get enough of these games.



Nintex commented on Showcase: Exploring Runbow - The Depths of 13A...:

Wow, the developers 13AM are fresh graduates from game design at Fullsail. From what I understand they actually made this as their final project in school and the teacher was so impressed they were allow to take school material and use it in the real world. Nintendo of all companies were the only ones to take interest in the game and its unique 9player support and now 13AM is making it and Nintendo is publishing it. Kudos to 13AM



Nintex commented on Nintendo 64x64: GoldenEye 007:

Goldeneye is a fantastic game on so many levels. My friend and I played and conquered single player and we always had friends blasting away in multiplayer. So many great and fond memories.



Nintex commented on Nintendo 64x64: F-Zero X:

One of my favorite racing franchises of all time. There is not an F-Zero game I haven't played multiple times and loved every minute of. FZX is probably my personal best of the series. The detail for the machines were very well done, the sense of speed and gut wrenching curves and loops were intense to traverse. That music though… It rocked so hard! The 64DD's Re-Arranged soundtrack was even better. This is definitely a franchise I'd kill to see another game from.



Nintex commented on Nintendo 64x64: F1 World Grand Prix:

Another great N64 title. My best friend owned this game and I remember thinking the graphics were really great. I don't remember if it was this one or the sequel that had weather effects, maybe both but they were an added touch of realism for the day. We had some fun dabbling in the multiplayer on occasions too.



Nintex commented on Nintendo 64x64: Wave Race 64:

Ah Waverace64. One of my favorite franchises of all time. I love that game. I bought a N64 on September 26 1997 for my birthday and Waverace was my first game I bought. I had seen some pictures of it in GameFan and was blown away at the graphics. Since I love water sports this game was a no-brainer for me. This game was way ahead of the norm of the time, graphics capabilities and water physics were astounding. I think I'd cry if a new one was announced… 17 years ago on this very day I was an awe-struck wave racer and I still think it's in its own league!



Nintex commented on Nintendo 64x64: Extreme-G:

This series is one of my favorite from one of my favorites developers of all time- Acclaim. Extreme-G, XG2, Extreme-G III and XGRA are games that I highly praise. I'm a huge fan of futuristic high speed racers and I play this series regularly every year or so. What can I say its fast, fun and exhilarating. I love F-Zero and its machines that hover around, but Extreme-G's terrestrial bound super bikes absolutely kick asphalt!



Nintex commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon:

This game was fantastic. I loved every minute of it. The graphics and music and overall game design were superb, Konami at its finest. Sad that there are no new Goemon games in the current generation.



Nintex commented on Nintendo 64x64: BattleTanx: Global Assault:

Many a weekends over at my buddies house playing this with his brother. A real entertaining multiplayer and a fun coop single player. BattleTanx is awesome. I wish a new one would be made.



Nintex commented on Nintendo 64x64: Cruis'n USA:

I have a lot of fond memories playing this game back in late 96 early 97. While the graphics were kind of a let down, the whole vibe of the arcade game was there. My friends and I played relentless trying to unlock all the vehicles and beat the game. The music for me is really made this game, that and the just the whole vibe of Crusin the USA. I love this game and its probably my favorite in the series. Its sequel Crusin World was even better. Crusin Exotica was alright and the GBA Crusin Velocity was absolutely trash. Overall USA and World are great fun arcade racers and tons of fun to play with friends. 9/10



Nintex commented on Nintendo 64x64: Hybrid Heaven:

Hybrid Heaven is still one of my favorites gaming experiences to this day. I loved the story, the characters and awesome cinema's through out the game. The atmosphere is also very well done. The combat is fun but a tad clunky and grinding some enemies to level up your skills can be somewhat tedious in a game like this. I give HH a 10/10. For me this game WAS METAL GEAR SOLID for n64, albeit a more sci-fi and zany story. I've played this game multiple times. Last week after beating METAL GEAR SOLID THE TWIN SNAKES again, I thought about this game and now seeing it in this review I'm tempted to play back though it again. Ah, such great memories.



Nintex commented on A Sonic Boom Game is Dashing Towards Wii U and...:

Wow I'm feeling like this is the Sonic game I've been wanting since Adventure 1 and 2. It looks very fun and I think the character models look great as a Sonic overhaul. Finally a game I can look forward to on WiiU that I didnt know about.



Nintex commented on Festive Monster Hunter UK Meet-Up To Include A...:

I love Monster Hunter! One of my fav games of all time. I bought both the WiiU Copy and the 3DS copy; and have also bought/encouraged many of my friends to get a copy too. It would be awesome to have a MH get together where I live. I'm not begging Capcom to bring MH4 west.... I'm DEMANDING Capcom to bring it.



Nintex commented on Snow Moto Racing 3D Slides Onto the 3DS eShop ...:

wwhat? I loved the Aqua Moto Racing title( As I'm a huge fan of Waverace), now I'm even more excited for this snowmobile game! I think these games are good clean fun and they both remind me of the N64 era racing titles. They might not be fun for most people but I say bring em on! Perhaps a Dirtbike Moto Racing game exists...



Nintex commented on Nintendo's Former President, Hiroshi Yamauchi,...:

Of all my heroes that have passed away within the last couple of years, this one is hard felt. Anyone who is a gamer should respect the passing of Mr. Hiroshi, a man who ruled with an iron fist and made happen what was said couldn't happen. May his legacy live forever. R.I.P



Nintex commented on Review: Jet Force Gemini (Nintendo 64):

This game was awesome. I remember waiting for the game to come out back in 99 and when it finally did I was hooked. The music, graphics and sic-fi atmosphere were top notch, plus you went around killing giant ants I still have my original copy and have beaten it 100%. I think I might boot it up and give it another whirl



Nintex commented on Video: This Monster Hunter 4 Trailer May Be Th...:

Everytime I see a new trailer for MH4 I get so pumped! I wish next month was also the launch of the game here in the states. I really really really hope this game comes West. MH4 for the 3DS and Monster Hunter Frontiers for WiiU- both with epic custom system bundles!



Nintex commented on Sin & Punishment Studio Treasure Is Working On...:

@Sanqet, TruenoGT

Glad I'm not the only one that thinks that Mischief Makers aka Yuke Yuke Troublemakers in Japan was an awesome game. I have fond memories of playing this game with my friend back in 97. For the time the game had the best looking 2-D artwork-absolutely gorgeous. It was fun, quirky, super hard and totally Japanese. The few cutscenes that was in it was just like an anime.



Nintex commented on Sin & Punishment Studio Treasure Is Working On...:

love me some Treasure shooters. Speaking of Treasure, they should make a sequel to N64's Mischief Troublemakers. That game was fantastic and the bosses were epic. I think a sequel would work great as a 3DS and WiiU eShop title!!!