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Thu 29th December, 2011

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Knuckles commented on Reaction: Confirmation of Unity on the New Nin...:

I don't know if developers are going to jump all over this or not. The majority of 3DS owners are those of the original model, creating/porting a game that will only be available to the minority of the owners might not be a smart move financially.



Knuckles commented on Exclusive: Theatre Musical 'The Legend of Zeld...:

Huh. I just dismissed this as another Zelda concert and didn't even click on the article until now. Shame I missed the joke, I thought Alex's video was the only thing NL was doing.

Red Squirrel? Don't you mean Blue Hedgehog?



Knuckles commented on Renegade Kid Reveals a Snippet of Information ...:

@sinalefa It is perfect at 4.50 Honeslty, you feel cheated if you paid full price for it. I got it when it was discounted to 5.99, and it still felt light on content for the price.

I hope they have sales on the DLC. Because 9 dollars is a bit steep for all of it.