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Sat 9th Jun 2012

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Locke_Highwind commented on Talking Point: Gamescom Announcements Raise th...:

I love how amazing games are getting realises in the Wii U... But i got the feeling that is not enought.

We need to see a bunch more of exclusives first and thrid party titles. Where's my new Metroid prime?? Where's a new starfox? Where's the new Mistwalker title... well you get the point.

Nintendo is doing an incredible job now with the console for the chrismas Season... But the other 2 are catching up too. Nintendo NEEDS to drop bombs... like big ones...



Locke_Highwind commented on Masahiro Sakurai Rules Out Story Sequences For...:

Wii u version limited because of the 3ds... But no cross play battles, just 30 characters per games... And the same rooster for bot versions. No story mode. No many third parties characters... Weird (yet sometimes good) experiments like wii fit trainer...

Gosh... Im start bealiving sakurai is harming this amazing game more than helpping



Locke_Highwind commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Mixed Week With Wii ...:

Not sure if someone already publish this somewhere else... There's a document in nintendo's HQ that is called "the nintendo's third 9". It suppose to include 9 third-party exclusive games for the console. the developers in this project are: Konami, Square (Dafuq?), Capcom (RE 2 Remake pleasee!), Ubisoft (ZombiU 2 Obviously) and Valve... (OMG)