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Nintendo Gamer 4 life!

Male, 19, United States

Hello! I'm a lonely Nintendo Gamer. I joined these forums hoping to find friends that enjoy Nintendo as much as I do. Just a little about me. I'm a student at Youngstown State University and just graduated high school this year and My favorite game series is Legend Of Zelda,

Fri 6th September, 2013

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Gaminguy010 commented on Weirdness: Shiny Pokémon Finder Takes No-Hand...:

My first shiny was the Red Gyrados. My first wild encounter with a shiny was only just recently in Pokémon X. I found and caught a Shiny Gible! btw is it odd that a Shiny Gible took more time and balls then freaking Mewtwo? I remember Mewtwo from Leafgreen and it took so many time and balls that Mewtwo would faint from using Struggle!