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Sat 9th November, 2013

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Dave24 commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against Re...:

Good luck with finding something like Hagane for SNES, for example.

In my opinion, it does not hurt anyone if people play on ROMs of old games from NES/SNES/SMS/SMD, because most of them won't be on VC or any other system.
If it is available to buy from VC or any other service, then go ahead, buy it, but if not, well, enjoy the game. You won't support the creators anymore anyway, even if you wanted.



Dave24 commented on Night Trap ReVamped Developer May Flip-Flop on...:

Wow. I don't know why I have a feeling they will get it funded. I mean, remember back then what an ripoff Sega CD was? Most of the games where like that and barely anyone liked it. Nowadays, games like this are considered "higher form of gaming", "1337" etc.



Dave24 commented on Dakko Dakko Confirms Development of Update for...:

I hope they will make the game possible to play on TV, at least as an option. To me it is annoying to look on gamepad all the time and all the info is on the TV.
At least they are fixing the jumping. Thank God, because at times it was godawful.



Dave24 commented on Gearbox Attempts To Extract Itself From Aliens...:

"During the development process, Gearbox supplemented Sega's development budget with its own money to help Sega finish its game"
WROOOOOONG! Even that scum Pitchford or whatever his name was said that they've taken the money from that to make Borderlands 2 and he was proud of it. Fraud and scam at it's finest.



Dave24 commented on Review: Shovel Knight (Wii U eShop):

@aaronsullivan The only question I have know is that what version are you playing? If U one, then I don't know how that works. I play it on PC (that's the only way to play it in days/months to come sadly), on keyboard, and locking up controls or input lag is annoying, especially with that part you climb up and have one sec to attack the shark.

With the bosses, I wished that there were more bosses like Thinker Knight - that boss battle is awesome. But I have to say with NG+ the bosses are better challange.

Also, I hate grinding and didn't do it. Actually, I've got the armor with charge way later in the game. The only 'grind' I did was one stage, only to get to champions hall (in which I liked the boss too)



Dave24 commented on Review: Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails (Wi...:

The only thing that kill this game are really cripple controls and stupid design choices, like looking on gamepad all the time and the info from the cat being on TV - that is really stupid.

It's not bad, but still a wasted potential.



Dave24 commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

Well, I wouldn't take kids there seriously. I mean, it's the same country where children think cheese grows on trees and fish burger is made from chicken according to statistics. As @Serebii said, you can prove anything (although I still love that Polygon thing with Mario Kart 8 selling less than 2 mln by 2015 - that was hilarious)



Dave24 commented on Review: Shovel Knight (Wii U eShop):

@aaronsullivan from boss battles I expected something more than, you know, change of sprites. Pattern recognition is a waste of time, if you are fast with your shovel, it's pointless. And it worked for every single boss for now.
With cheap platforming you will know what I mean once you will make it to the submarine.

Overall though what I like about this game is that you can make it as difficult as you want (which some reviews fail to mention), because of the checkpoints, because you can destroy them and eventually do a whole level all over again if you want to, which in my opinion is a good balance - it is not so hard that new comers will throw it out the window, but you can make it harder if you wish. Although I still think there should be something like difficulty setting, but I didn't play NG+ yet, so maybe there the game is really hard



Dave24 commented on Review: Shovel Knight (Wii U eShop):

Bought for PC, because it can take a long time before they add localisation's that I don't care about at all.

Played it for nearly 2 hours and I like it, but there are few thing that could've been better. Sometimes platforming is incredibly cheap and so far all the boss battles (hat master, short guy, big kiss fan and 4 knights) were all the same - kill them before they will kill you, which is kinda dissapointing and it makes the game little easy.

For all from EU out there, buy it from their site and not on Steam, you will save 4 euro and have 2 versions of the game - Steam and DRM-free.



Dave24 commented on Weirdness: This Walmart Employee Got a Little ...:

Can't blame the guy - I have the other poster, where Mario is not upside down, and it has written "turn your world upside down", well... upside down.

It does it's purpose, though - I mean, it grabs attention, which is a point of a poster, right?



Dave24 commented on Poll: A Tale of Two Blockbusters as Mario Kart...:

I don't know why people are surprised Watch Dogs didn't deliver - I mean, constant delays were obvious warning sign, and yet everywhere else saying it won't be as good was meeting with a response "u idiot".

I will probably buy WD when I get PS4 (the end of July) and Mario Kart when the price will drop, for which I won't to have long.



Dave24 commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

Wow, it's so stupid it's not even worth a facepalm.

I mean, you actually HAVE diversity in characters by race - it's like the same stupid people who said Star Wars was rasist, even though it had many, many races, species or whatever.

When you need something as obvious as "look, this is asian, this is afro" then you are racist a-hole yourself, because you need to segragate people by race. IT. DOESN'T, MATTER what colour you are, but WHO you are. And this guy is another white trash who got the job because of his fellaz, and not because he deserves it or he's good at it.
And yet nobody, no site, NOBODY said how RACIST The Last of Us was - as always, ALWAYS, the rule that is in 90% of the movies, "the black guy dies" dies. And yet GOTY.
When you shoehorn the guy/race for the sake of having it or not be called racist, you are not respecting not only race, but ALL PEOPLE.

And they still wonder why the gaming industry is a joke and getting closer to the crash.



Dave24 commented on Video: Learn More About the Stunning Art Style...:

So you can all think about how good the games is, while I... will shamelessly enjoy it right now. It's stunning how this game is download only and yet there are no restrictions about activating it :)

This game is really dark and not screwing around, but the shadows on the character are kinda weird. The backgrounds and music though... stunning :)



Dave24 commented on New Ace Attorney Title to Take Place in the Past:

Because it worked so well for Apollo game... or Investigations.

Why? Why not make it with Phoenix? DD was excellent because we finally could play as him after so many years and the story was so strong... The funny thing is, there is also a sequel to DD in the works, so this could be just the appetizer for the main course. I don't know, but I have a feeling this one will be barely ok. I mean, c'mon, we play Ace Attorney for the Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright, right?



Dave24 commented on Twisted Fusion Joins the Kickstarter Ranks, Wi...:

@Yorumi " I have kept the initial funding goal as low as possible whilst cover the necessary essentials such as: the Wii U Developer Kit, Graphic assets, Audio Assets to names but a few."
Here it is. That's the funding.

Also, you seem to have typical US thing, that there is no such thing as currency difference or everything is totally like in US. You could say 500 pounds is underpaid, and yet I can name you a few countries in which people would actually kiss your butt for this kind of underpaid. Entry salary does not equal the money you will really get.
Also, he is based in UK, so it is entirely possible that he is hiring emigrants who, like I've said, are thankful for those 500 pounds.
According to your calculation, the Witcher 1 & 2 doesn't exist or both are a big scam.



Dave24 commented on Twisted Fusion Joins the Kickstarter Ranks, Wi...:

@Yorumi the money they want is 5000 USD. And you are talking about entry level salary... now what is realistic? Also, it's said in the kickstarter it's a guy who made games for iphones for 8 years, so it is possible that he has engine ready or he just wants people to give him money for kits and anything, but he will pay the programmist from his own pocket, which is entirly possible, because he knows if the game will hit 3 grand, he make money off it later by eshop or port to steam etc.

He just doesn't want people to fund the whole project. It happend many times, like with that metroid type game.



Dave24 commented on Twisted Fusion Joins the Kickstarter Ranks, Wi...:

I always wondered why the crappiest things are first to make when the stretch goals are reached?
I mean, when you are funding the game, don't you want something like, I don't know, more game? Like that "dark, epic Majora's Mask" thing? Which he already has planned out for 2015?
It looks really blind, and the description is so uninteresting it's incredbile.

@Yorumi there are two programmers, which probably want to make some money on the side or just do it because they want to actually make the game. From the pirce standpoint, it kinda makes sense, because kickstarter shouldn't be about making money, just the funding you need. Not like "give us 20 bucks, and we will charge the cheaper early acces for 50 euro later and make money off you". As he said in the kickstarter, he only wants the money for thing necessary to make it, like the kit ;)



Dave24 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Spr...:

I expect SSB and X in 2015, and I hope for Bayonetta this year (although, it's still big unknown).

It wouldn't make sense to release all of these games in 2014. June and July are out of the question, because E3 and most of the time there are incredible drought yearly that time, so nothing there (info about release of the game month before release would be something new, though). We are left with August, September, October, November and December. It looks little far fetched that they will release 1st party/exclusives monthly. You think why Tropical Freeze was pushed? Most of the people thought it's because of fixing, but I knew the truth, and that is they wanted to feel the gap between the release of the Mario Kart and give a chance to sell to previous games. Now if you've beaten or are getting into TF, you will have less to wait.
They know next month will be Mario Kart, so it will be played by people like crazy, so no need to release anything for another 2-3 months, only indies.

In other words, expect indies to feel the drought.

Voted for Bayonetta - loved the first one, and overall platinum's games in this genre are awesome.



Dave24 commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

Well, with Tropical Freeze I can kinda understand why gamepad fades to black - my theory is, if it actually would run on both, the game could be 30 FPS. I mean, when the demo displays on both screens, there is something wrong going on.

The only fail of WiiU is drought - and that's pretty much it. Quality and replay value or value itself is outstanding. Best Mario games in years, hell, best games in years.
Well, ok, there are few things other than drought - misjudgement. Why would you decide to release portable games on a home console? It would be better if they would've brought some SNES games never released outside of japan, they have still catching up to do with N64 (because gamecube games look like out of the question with WindWaker HD released) and give Advance for 3DS. I mean, Advance games on WiiU look like pretty stupid idea. Yes, there are same games that we all would love to play, like Mario and Luigi, Metroid, WarioWare and all that, but how it will look on HD TV? Probably disastrous... and by having advance for 3DS they could kinda boost 3DS sales by giving pokemon games from advance - I think poketransfer would work without a problem to DS games or Y. Now try that on WiiU - it makes the game kinda pointless. It only shows a desprate attempt to make people stay with this console and having at least something to play on it.
Another thing for misjudgement is that they expected the console will sell by itself, without any ads, hyping or just making people care. Now they are paying for it with lack of games and drought, because instead of at least start learning about HD development earlier, they have nearly 10 year gap to jump, and that's a lot of time to make up for. They went the cheap route, and now they are facing consequences.

WiiU has problems, but gamepad is not a problem (and never was really) and lack of games is also not, because there are excellent titles that can take you from 8 to 80 hrs to complete/100%. That's a lot.

Blaming a gamepad for weak sales is like blaming move and sixaxis for another 8 mln blow for Sony gaming division in last quarter and not, you know, making the console so expensive to develop .
Speaking of Sony, look at PS4 - there are barely any games worth mentioning, worthless tech like the touchscreen and that blue bar thing. And yet is sells like crazy. See, that's a power of strong marketing and creating hype. Sony this time gave people what they wanted, instead of forcing people and insulting like with PS3, and it's paying off.
Now look at Microsoft - this time they went Sony's PS3 way with high price tag, insulting everyone and the only thing it brought them is 150$ price cut after 4 months on the market. It shows that WiiU problem is not even the hardware, like many would like to believe. History likes to repeat itself. Also, Gamepad is at least used for drawing and in some games, good games, it is fun to use it. Now let's talk kinect - it's awesome technology, but it's not used. At all. It's only there to gather dust with crappy games and justify the higher price tag.
Sony stole all the thunder and the delay of games from Nintendo helped Sony even more.

Another WiiU problem is a lack of variety. I mean, if you like platformers with little doze of other games, you're in gaming heaven. Problem starts when people want something more than platformers, and that's the most WiiU offers. TW101 is the best game of the century, but it doesn't change the fact that's the most variety you will get from it. It's dominated with 2D/3D platformers, barely any FPSs, strategy games, TPP, whatever you want. Even releasing GTA5 on WiiU wouldn't boost sales that much, because it's only GTA and there is nothing more. With PS4 and X1 you have what you want - platformers, adventure games, TPP, FPS and most of them are exclusive to the console, meaning you won't experience it anywhere else, rest is secured with 3rd/2nd party deals. With WiiU, you have Mario Kart... and a vague promise of other games coming (I'm not expecting much - Bayonetta and maybe yarn yoshi or Mario Part), with any luck, in Q3/Q4 of this year. We know barely anything, and it's the end of March. That's why WiiU fails, gamepad is not struggling or failing at all, because, as I've said, it is at least used by people, unlike touchscreen annoyance on PS4 or kinect with X1.
Also lack of unified account system - I would buy some games digitally, but I'm afraid every time that something will happen and then all the games and money are not coming back.

My God, disastrous wall of text. I won't blame anyone if it is nonesense that only I understand.

TL;DR Gamepad is not struggling or failing, it does its purpose. The problem with console is lack of variety of games, lack of advertaisment and hype (for which is too late now), wrong priorities (ds and advance games for WiiU? Why?), barely any discounts for EU and overall middle finger from Nintendo. NoE is not even close to NoA. I already expect SMT x FE not released in EU at all or 2-3 years later for a full price without any bonuses or anything. It's their attitude that broke camel's back.



Dave24 commented on Weirdness: The Legend of Zelda's Master Sword ...:

It's official - Nintendo goes 3rd party with SONY!
Nintendoom confirmed!

Anyway, inFamous is famous for it's video game references - there were a lot of them in previous games, nether the less, it's still good. It shows that Nintendo is still relevant.



Dave24 commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (3DS eShop):

It's not so bad with SMB, but it gets a turn for worse with SMB2 - not only cheap, but smaller screen doesn't make it easier.

I've got it as freebie, and I'm glad I did. Otherwise, in my opinion, it's not worth the money, although the controls doesn't feel as floaty as in SMB3 or SMB2 US on 3DS.

As reviewer said it, if you want SMB, you are better off with NES version