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R_Champ commented on Feature: The Poor Career Choice of Super Smash...:

I've never really been too much into sports or esports from a big-bucks perspective. I like playing, I like watching, I don't really like rich people getting involved...because then we get stuff like the 1921 World Series, Tom Brady and his balls, and Daigo the Beast. Money corrupts the basic fun of things and leaves people dead after a 49ers game. I'm more of a play competively, but have a day job kind of person. Games are for fun (sports and e-sports)...when games become work we expect top-dollar for...then you've totally lost me O_O



R_Champ commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Paid-DLC Details Emerge...:

Nope, just nope. Love Nintendo, love Monolith, love legitimate DLC (like Mario Kart 8). But I REFUSE to support this day-1 DLC BS. TBH, the game is probably worth the extra price but I just can't bring myself to support these kind of sleezy DLC tactics.



R_Champ commented on Composer Noriyuki Iwadare Returns For More Lan...:

"how do you feel about the return of Noriyuki Iwadare?"

The only answer anyone should ever give to this question is "great!". He's created some amazing soundtracks. Even though he's lesser known, I think he makes the best battle themes of any Japanese composer. I haven't played Grandia 2 or Lunar in like 10 years, but I STILL work out to those battle themes.



R_Champ commented on The Mechs of Xenoblade Chronicles X Are Named ...:


...Awesome. Just awesome.

I agree with some people though, Skell sounds a lot cooler than Doll. They probably changed it because the English conotation for "Doll" wouldn't exactly make the cut for an American military it's actually a good localization choice because this is supposed to be Neo LA. If it were Neo Tokyo, then yeah, they should have kept it Doll to keep the reference Plywood Stick was talking about.



R_Champ commented on Famitsu Unleashes Xenoblade Chronicles X Score:


I know...FFXIII (and Tales of/Kid Icarus scores) make it hard for me to take Famitsu seriously. FFXIII in particular. I don't hate it as much as some people...but no, just no.

IMO Famitsu is the IGN of Japan. Tons of thoughtless masses will flock to them, to other people they're just a joke.



R_Champ commented on Poll: Would You Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Sm...:


Yep. 100% agree on that. Smash Bros. DLC is WAY too reminiscent Ubisoft, EA, SE, Capcom etc. sleazy-style DLC tactics. It's overpriced, underwhelming, and doesn't add much (or anything) to gameplay. Even Skullgirls does characters better by making them free initially to reward people who already bought the game...instead of punishing us by making people purchase the 'meh' 3DS version (or pay $5). And it's just my opinion but Mewtwo and Lucas just feel so boring to me because they were already in previous games.

Mario Kart DLC is high quality, adds a ton to gameplay (new AND reworkd retro), and is VERY reasonably priced. TBH, not only should Nintendo stick to this DLC method, ALL gaming companies should aspire to it.



R_Champ commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Dreamcast:


Yeah, and it's aged pretty well too. I actually bought a Dreamcast after its death (I was a Sony fanboy at the time) and every time I go back and play SoA I enjoy it immensely. I've actually sold 90% of the mediocre PS2 JRPGs I've owned, but I'll keep my copy of Skies of Arcadia until I die.

Sometimes I even jokingly tell my brother that if my house caught on fire one of things I'd go back in for would be SoA. LOL.



R_Champ commented on Nintendo Download: 16th April (Europe):


You like it that much and you didn't even finish it O_O?

It is an amazing game though, IMO (I won't spoil the ending for you). People shouldn't let a handful of technical flaws deter them from playing such a horrifically underrated gem.



R_Champ commented on Talking Point: Splatoon Is a Typically Colourf...:


I think they should have at least allowed voice chat for friends: just for convenience sake. But, in part, I agree with you. If I REALLY want to chat with friends anyway, Skype does the job just fine. Especially since my computer and WiiU are right next to each other.



R_Champ commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:


Aye, totally agree. Though not for everyone, Bayo 2 and W101 should have sold TONS more. Splatoon will be the same...but hopefully they sell more to the userbase at least.

On the amiibo question I wish there were an option like "The physical figures look awesome! But the unlockable content is 'meh'".



R_Champ commented on Review: Donkey Kong 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:

I'm totally with this review. I'm not quite as negative as the handful of people who hate this game, but CANNOT agree with the crazed fans who defend the repetition. Nostalgia or no, playing the same segment 5 times isn't meaningful content, it's annoying filler.

Banjo Kazooie and Mario 64 had it right. Do it right, do it once.



R_Champ commented on Feature: The Final Xenoblade Chronicles X Pres...:


Quorthon is just a frustrated highschool/college student who has to be right about everything. TBH, I agree with you. Online with no voice chat is better than nothing, and sure, it'd be cool to have voice chat integrated in-game, but if I'm playing with friends it REALLY isn't difficult to use Skype. And sometimes even preferred.



R_Champ commented on Gallery: Fresh Xenoblade Chronicles X Footage,...:


I know, right? Xenoblade Chronicles can't merely be "skipped" like an iteration of Assasin's Creed, or Call of Duty. it's one of those timeless games you can always go back and play even if you missed it before.

That art looks amazing BTW. The mechs look like a perfect fusion of Xenosaga and Xenogears machines...which is awesome O_O.



R_Champ commented on Weirdness: Super Meat Boy Is Calling For Your ...:

Devs: "We won't develop games for Wii U" (Meat isn't even on a Nintendo system)..."but vote for my character to be in Smash Bros!"

Me: No, just no. Even as a joke it's stupid. I won't accept Shovel Butt, and there's no way I'll accept Meat Sack.



R_Champ commented on Review: Super Mario 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:

Personally, I think I like the Galaxy games more...but that doesn't mean I don't think this game is amazing. The thing that surprises me the most is how well it has aged. Most must-be-3D games of the era have aged terribly in both gameplay and graphics.



R_Champ commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:


Yeah! Too bad he's not on the list...

I voted for Bayonetta given the limitations of the list. I wouldn't mind Inkling, Ice Climbers, Snake, Isaac, or Shantae though. I'm not completely on board with the King K Rool fanboys...but I wouldn't hate him either (as long as it was the pirate version).

And I think I'm the poster boy for the anti-shovel-knight movement. I just think he's so overrated and undeserving. To each their own. I'd probably just focus shovel knight players down like I do with scrubby Little Macs :P


Impa would be amazing (in her Hyrule Warriors or Skyward Sword form). But that is probably impossible. Too few fans, too many competitors for the slots, and already a ton of Zelda reps.



R_Champ commented on Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem Wii U Cross...:


I think it was about 2 years and 3 months ago (January 2013): I remember them revealing Xenoblade Chonicles X at the same time. The only difference is XBX has gotten a lot of press time...this is only the second time they mentioned this game since it's original trailer O_O. And definitely the only footage we've gotten. Here's hoping the wait was worth it :D. The last handful of Nintendo console JRPGs were amazing (sadly, it was only a handful though :P).



R_Champ commented on Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem Wii U Cross...:


Then make sure to eat right and look both ways before crossing the street :). Like some people, I am a little surprised by the choice in art direction but I'm so pleased the project isn't canceled. I guess all my Nintendo fanboy "Nintendo wouldn't sweep this game under the rug, go back to Neogaf and patiently await the next souless SE release!" actually paid off. Haha!



R_Champ commented on Gallery: These Artistic Recreations of Women C...:

Left: Japanese-style Waifu Peach (Cutesy ponytail version 1)
Right: Amurica! F@#% Yeah!

I think Daisy would make a better in-the-trenches redesign. Heck, even the name Daisy sounds like she should be sliding across the hood of the General Lee!



R_Champ commented on Review: Dot Arcade (Wii U eShop):


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, which is actually kind of neat. The market is saturated with 8-bit throwbacks like Shovel Knight, but it's pretty rare to see a game like this. I almost wish it were a little cheaper (Steam sales have made me stingy), but $5 isn't too bad for high-scoring fun..



R_Champ commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:


With games patches it isn't quite as true as it used to be...that being said, a LOT of things can't be fixed with a mere patch (Mass Effect 3 taught me this all too well).

Am I disappointed it got delayed? Yep. Have I ever been disappointed with the final product of a Nintendo which has been delayed? Nope. :)



R_Champ commented on Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 Delivers an Artful Lau...:


Yup I totally agree too. This whole practice feels like another way to nickel and dime dedicated fans just like EA, Capcom, Ubisoft, etc.

I still like Atlus (for sure) but there was time I loved them. Lately they've just been on this slippery slope of forced higer-priced special editions, weird (and useless) DLC, and milking games to death to the point where I start to dislike characters I onced appreciated (Persona 4 MC: a cool avatar with open-ended nature. Now? Man-whore, sister complex, fighting-game scrub, d-bag. GG Alus)



R_Champ commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

Wow, that's a lot of walls of text! Haha. Personally, I don't see what they need to go all gender bender on Link when they could easily just make one of many awesome female Zelda characters playable (like Impa or Zelda), or just make a new character entirely.



R_Champ commented on Zelda Lookalike Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharte...:

Ehhhh...I have such a hard time appreciating Zelda clones. Even games that branch out more on their own like Darksiders and Okami. I don't know, maybe it's nostalgia, but every time I play a clone I just want to stop and go play an actual Zelda game.



R_Champ commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:


Fair enough :) And I like that your opinion didn't take a wall of text! Haha. I think it's still WAY to early for me too. Mobile gaming could taint Nintnedo games...or intelligently augment them...who knows at this point. I just don't want to pay to play like PSN and XBLIVE...I HATE THAT.



R_Champ commented on TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT, The Game Freak and ...:

This is just accentuating Nintendo's odd situation. Eithey they make a system with nothing that sets it apart (thus making it easy to develop for) like PS4 and Xbox One. Or they keep making systems with different specs/accessories which alienates 3rd-party devs who are just looking for easy ports and easy cash (especially ones growing desperate in the game industry like Capcom, Sega, etc.).

To each their own, but I think Nintendo needs to stick to their guns...while evolving and expanding/buying more studios (Xenoblade and Splatoon are GREAT steps in the right direction). I already have a gaming PC, so I refuse to buy unispired, luke-warm consoles like PS4/XB1. If Nintendo goes that direction I may just stick only to PC.



R_Champ commented on Feature: A Summary of the Xenoblade Chronicles...:


Haha, yeah! It'd be a shame to put yourself in deep freeze before you knew the release date.

REALLY hyped for this game. More than any other game coming out next year on any system. And after seeing all the playable characters I'm relieved that they all look pretty cool--where would a Xeno game be without an awesome Jin/Citan/Dunban character? It'd be Fina...never mind, I won't start that again XD

I just hope you can have multiple choices for armor with similar defensive/skill abilities. As much I want to take Cat/School girl Elma might break the atmosphere to have her in story-based cutscenes :3



R_Champ commented on WayForward to Celebrate 25th Anniversary With ...:


I deifniltey second that. Mightly Switch Force HD is one of my favorite eshop titles (well, and it'd be good on any system). And at that price it's a steal.

I would buy some of these myself...but I already own them all O_O. Haha. $15 is a little spendy, but IMO it's better than Shovel Knight at the shame price, so why not? (Yes I have my flame shield ready :3)



R_Champ commented on Video: This Unlockable Character in Hyrule War...:


Yeah, it is a steap price, espcially considering the Cucco is DLC, so you have to pay more! It's the same reason I took so long to buy. Keep an eye out for deals (like I did), I took advantage of buy-one-get-one-half-off sale, so after buying Smash I got this game for $30! Which was totally worth it...$60 without DLC is a bit high...I did have to eat my words though, the game in general is much better than I thought...except the DLC grinding...ugh.



R_Champ commented on Dot Arcade is an Intriguing Vintage Title Head...:

I kinda understand where Cosats is coming from, some games rely too much on nostalgia and not enough on their own merits...but at the same time nostalgia is often a big part of gaming (the only way to explain why FF is still selling well T_T).

I agree with sinalefa though, would like to see a video of this though...they're obviously trying to lure me in with a cute anime girl...but I won't be won over so easily...I hope



R_Champ commented on Masahiro Sakurai Praises the Achievements of S...:


Wow, talk about console butthurt. Steam is far from perfect, but it is by FAR the best digital download service for games. And that's not even defending it that's just EVERY other company does a horrible job with digital games interfaces that Steam just has to do an OK job it's automatically better.

-No stupid monthly fee (gawd I hate these stupid fan-defended, nickel-n'diming schemes)
-Amazing sales($4 Tomb Raider vs. $45-60 on PSN....O....K)
-Even if 98% are garbage, the 2% is still around 50x more good games
-Like unrandomsam said: DRM is easy to break on Steam so the "renting" claim is BS.

I'm a hardcore Nintendo fan, but ignoring what's good is stupid. Sakurai is wise in his choice. Nintnedo SHOULD take notes from Steam. Especially the part about staying free...montly fees are so stupid.



R_Champ commented on Video: Atlus Shows Off the Dancer in New Etria...:

TBH, I haven't been interested much in Atlus lately as much as I love them (too many friggin' spinoffs and ports selling for more than typical 3ds retail). But I'm willing to be a hypocrite for this kind of spinoff. It's less character fan service (PersonaQ, P4G) and more gameplay fanservice: mixing Shirin with EO has a potential for genius.



R_Champ commented on Dead Or Alive Producer Feels That A Cultural D...:


Haha, I don't know that we're EXACTLY on the same page, but I like where you're going with that.

I like Fan-servicy games sometimes (I just bought Neptunia on Steam last night :3). I also agree with eliminating the gender pay gap (equal work, equal pay. Period).

Come at at me, PC Hipsters!



R_Champ commented on Famitsu Article Reportedly Inks Out More Splat...:

I just want friend chat. I REALLY don't care about randoms. If I'm playing with randoms, I'm not playing competetively. Plus my experience with randoms usually falls into two categories: Screaming chidren, and butt-hurt elitlist man-children. And I can't stand children...of all ages :D

Lack of friend chat would be silly though. I actually used it in Monster Hunter with friends and it was great. It made hunting more fun and more productive.