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Sun 14th October, 2012

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lividd3ad commented on Nintendo Confirms Mario Golf: World Tour DLC, ...:

If I only I weren't so broke right now. I'm super interested in this game, and the ability to play as Nabbit looks great.

As someone who despises golf, the demo really changed my opinion on the game. If nothing else, it's proof that Nintendo needs to release more demos.



lividd3ad commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

Well then, I'm not buying the game.

I understand the lack of same-sex marriage in games like Fire Emblem: Awakening (where the purpose of marriage was essentially to unlock children, although I don't see the reason for the lack of same-sex S-class relationships).

But Tomodachi Life is a simulation game built around the idea that you can insert your own persona into. Right now, I can't do that, because Nintendo refuse to push the boundaries of the vocal minority in a sadly very heteronormative society.



lividd3ad commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (...:

"Time trials for each level are back, with bronze, silver and gold medals to be one" - Surely that should be "won", right?

Super stoked for this game. DKCR3D was surprisingly brilliant when I got it as my free game in the promotion last year; I struggle to see how Tropical Freeze could be any different.

Great review!



lividd3ad commented on The UK Is Getting A Senran Kagura Burst "Life ...:

Ugh, I forgot how much I disliked that ONM article.

It's incredibly sensationalist. Of course one single game is not going to damage the industry, just like the music industry isn't considered damaged by filth such as Blurred Lines.



lividd3ad commented on Pokémon Bank Withdrawn From 3DS eShop in Japa...:

Nothing changes the fact that Nintendo should have been prepared for this all along. Remember when Flipnote had major sever issues, so it got delayed for the West indefinitely (as well as other later issues, but never mind that stupidity)? They need to learn from their mistakes.

And I'm expecting some kind of compensation for this in the form of eShop credit. Nintendo are slowly running out of chances in my eyes.



lividd3ad commented on Review: Beyblade: Evolution (3DS):

"Despite the anime TV series coming to an end almost a decade ago..."

Er, not quite. It's still going, just not in its original incarnation - similar to how Pokémon and Digimon also reinvent themselves every so often.



lividd3ad commented on Scribblenauts Unlimited Finally Hitting Europe...:

I got this for ~£5 in the Steam sale and it'll likely be even cheaper in the winter sale.

How on Earth can Nintendo even justify this at this point? It's awful practice. There were no problems with the game from those who were lucky enough to snag an EU eShop download, and if they're not going to come clean and tell us why then I'm just not interested.



lividd3ad commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd October (Europe):

£40 for Rhythm Thief? Are you for real, Sega?

I got it for about £25 near launch. Next thing you know they'll be saying we can't have a sequel because it didn't sell well enough. Ridiculous.



lividd3ad commented on Inazuma Eleven 3 Needs Plenty of Memory Blocks...:

Any word on how it'll be priced? I'm not paying £40 for a glorified DS port that's only one-third of a game that Japan got.

@Spaciouz The football is a bit more simplistic than FIFA, but it's basically that. It also has a Pokemon-esque collection aspect which sees you collecting hundreds of players.

They're good games; I'd highly recommend picking the first up as it's only about £8 from CeX.



lividd3ad commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I'll be finishing up Rayman Legends (just the last few Origins levels to go and I'll have 100%ed it!) and maybe making further progress on The Wonderful 101, which I put on hold for the limbless wonder.

That and maybe playing a little more Inazuma Eleven 2, which I need to get out of the way for "EMBARGOED".



lividd3ad commented on Video: Let's Take A Closer Look At The Wind Wa...:

@JaxonH Well, my info was from the press release Nintendo gave out, so there must have been a miscommunication. Either way, $60 for a special edition (I believe that's the usual RRP for games in America) is trivial compared to £60 - the usual RRP for games over here is actually £40, so it's basically the equivalent to you paying $90.



lividd3ad commented on Video: Let's Take A Closer Look At The Wind Wa...:

What I really don't understand is why Game is charging £60 for this edition (£15 more than the regular edition!) whereas in America, it costs $54 (only $5 more than the regular).

Making this a Game exclusive was a terrible move. Their prices are awful.



lividd3ad commented on Stardust Amazoness Is The New RPG In Developme...:

please don't just be sex appeal please don't just be sex appeal please don't just be sex appeal

This game has the potential to be pretty good as long as it isn't "Boobs And Explosions: The RPG For Heterosexual Men And Nobody Else".



lividd3ad commented on Review: Rayman Legends (Wii U):

The fact that I'm hearing better things about this than even the masterpiece that was Origins is incredible! Now to hope and pray that my pre-order ends up arriving a day or two early...