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Tue 30th Aug 2011

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kenshinrurouni commented on Review: Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-...:

I actually really enjoyed this game. I love in world 4 how they make you switch between Moredcai and Rigby mid-air while trying to switch between the 3 different genres of into a's so frustratingly fun! The Konami TMNT NES sounding music in the final boss fight is a great throwback. Then, when you complete the game, you get New Game Plus where you have to finish each level in a time limit without having to get those collectible golden vhs tapes. That's where the real fun begins!



kenshinrurouni commented on Review: Duracell Wireless Wii Sensor Bar:

is the sensor bar the reason for the wii remote lag on HDTV's? Someone please help me i cant figure it out! and before anyone says, make sure you have component cables, 480p resolution, sensor bar sensitivity, 16.9 widescreen, game mode on TV, i did all this! anyone please?? ):



kenshinrurouni commented on Nintendo Download: 20th October 2011 (North Am...:

Double ****** Dragon hell yeah! i hope that #11 is right and the NES version is coming out. Ill just get both because i support Double Dragon games to the fullest even if ive had them and beat them for old consoles. Except Double Dragon V cuz that was a mockery to all previous DD games before that.



kenshinrurouni commented on Nintendo Download: 6th October 2011 (Europe):

^ um its just rereleasing the same exact old games, which i dont see it being any effort for nintendo to put more games frequently on virtual console at a LOT fast pace whether it be first party nintendo games or 3rd party. they should just give the people what they want which is obvious. especially being just gameboy games really geez.