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Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo

Posted by Damien McFerran

A Wii U owner's plea to the company they love

Even the most dedicated Nintendo fan will admit that the Wii U hasn't had the best of starts. The console has struggled to shift units in the way that Nintendo expected, and although we've seen some quality software of late — including Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, LEGO City: Undercover and Need for Speed: Most Wanted — the system is crying out for more games.

Clearly a lot of Wii U owners are frustrated with this situation, and it should come as no great shock to learn that we get several emails a week from dedicated fans voicing their concerns. However, a message we received recently made quite an impact on us, and we're therefore posting it here for your perusal. We can't say we agree with everything in this email, but the passion behind the words goes beyond the typical fan-boy ranting — although the author has asked that we keep their identity a secret, we can reveal that they work in the development community.

The email below is the same one that dropped into our inbox, and is supplied without any edits — aside from censoring some bad language. Once you've read and digested the piece, please feel free to post a comment to share your own opinion. Do you agree with what has been written, or do you take issue with the what has been said? Does Nintendo need to listen to this kind of advice, or do you feel that the Wii U will bounce back regardless? As ever, we're keen to hear what you think.

An Open Letter to Nintendo

Dear sir or madam,

I'm an early WiiU adopter. On January 13, I purchased the Deluxe console with a pair of games. On that day, I was elated - there were new games to play, and literally infinite possibilities running through my mind as I brought the system home. Nintendoland appeared to offer just a taste of what was to be, and Ninja Gaiden was the update to the franchise I had been craving since the second game. And Mario - Mario was just a masterpiece... truly what I asked for in a Super Mario game (aside from the music... but thank you for passing up the 3D!) Rayman was just around the corner, and both Monster Hunter and Lego city seemed like they couldn't come fast enough! I felt happy with my purchase - I was confident that we'd get games that couldn't be found elsewhere, and that a small slow-down was something that could be dismissed by "launch window issues." The system, with its line-up of games new and current, seemed like it would be a perfect solution to somebody who would want to play as much as possible.

Then, as February rolled in, I started seeing the news roll in. Rayman was delayed twenty days before release (leading to a lost pre-order, and a lost sale on Ubisoft's part), Ninja Gaiden got ported elsewhere (which left me somewhat annoyed that I spent $60 on a game that would be available for far less in April), and game announcements started coming through with truly peculiar asterisks attached: "This won't run on WiiU" or "It's not WORTH releasing this on WiiU", despite developer claims otherwise (Dead Island, Crysis 3), sales data that points to contrary realities (ZombiU being the best-selling third party game on the platform, and Dead Island), and an INCREDIBLY vocal community asking for content (various Miiverse boards, websites, and blogs).

Instead, we're receiving received half-hearted ports, some of which up to TWO YEARS late to the party (Deus Ex: Human Revolution), while developers say they don't "want" to make games for the platform. Yesterday's Battlefield announcement was the biggest, most egregious offender of this - where we have XBox360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Next XBox versions in development - there's no reason this SHOULD NOT be on the platform.

But it won't be.

And seriously, this is where my argument is coming in. As a customer, I feel as if I've been lied to. Nintendo, who trotted developers onstage over the past two years to proclaim "unprecedented support", who gave promised a steady stream of incredible content for the platform, is delivering nothing. They've given total radio silence on the platform, with no real advertisement, no real commentary, and no real push to even SELL the thing! We've had FIVE games release in two months. Sales are in the toilet, retailers are talking about ditching the thing. And, more and more, we are left feeling like we bought the proverbial "bridge in Brooklyn."

I'm not going to get angry and cry "MAKE MORE GAMES!" as if it'll do something to fix anything. I'm a software developer by trade - I know that, more than anything, good content takes time. And I know that third party relations don't work like some crazy Willy Wonka contraption where one pushes a button and a game pops out. I'm just asking, BEGGING your company to acknowledge us, and to grow a pair of proverbial testicles in content acquistion. The 3DS is on an upswing. And, while it needs help still, the WiiU is simply in dire straits. It's not selling, developers are abandoning ship, and, let's face it, the system is a running joke among industry circles.

We need Nintendo to return to its days when Howard Lincoln was at the helm. We need an attack dog that will relentlessly chase content down and drag it into Nintendo owners' living rooms. We need to see investments in the future - new franchises, new content, and a fighting spirit that seems to be strangely absent from the company in more recent days.

But, more than anything, we need hope. We need assurance that our boxes won't be paperweights in six months, and that we'll have options to play that aren't limited to the odd Nintendo gem, and lackluster third party "tests." We need Nintendo franchises that kick ass and get people EXCITED again - and again, sorry but Zelda hasn't been exciting since Ocarina, and Metroid is dead to many of us unless a full reboot from a capable group occurs. We need games like StarTropics, old-school Zelda, and Excitebike. We need classics, timeless legends that show the real fighting spirit of the company and a willingness to shoulder some risks. But, more importantly, we need a company that will fight, argue, and negotiate with third parties until they get what the hell they want. We need a company that will act like a winner, not as the arrogant geek from high school. Someone who will say "the chips are down, but we have a solution", then TELL US the solution instead of just giving pleasantries.

We saw flashes of this last generation. Wii adhered to the Blue Ocean strategy, which emphasized the logic of "crappy products for crappy consumers." And, when this was the focus, things worked. Wii Sports showed a return to the NES Classics Sports series, and New Super Mario Bros. brought people who were thought to be lost from gaming forever back into the fold. We saw Metroid rise to its highest sales peaks with the Prime series! We saw Xenoblade - the little game that could - go from a write-off by Nintendo of America to one of the most talked about and most-sought-after role playing games in a decade! And, most shocking, we saw the market grow, to the point that a slow sales month for Nintendo was a disastrous event for the industry writ large.

But at the same time, we saw a strange combination of greed, and arrogance, and childishness arise. We saw developers, both inside Nintendo and out, move from products that customers wanted, to products that they wanted to make. We heard Sakamoto prattle on about "maternal instincts" and how we needed to know Samus "as a woman" (Bulls***! we wanted to kill aliens and feel badass for doing it!). We saw the Mario team put their most requested ideas, like Giant Land, and the like, get put into two Mario Galaxy games that, their sales combined, didn't come close to matching the sales of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. And, more and more, we heard the same Nintendo buzz about how "developers should be happy" arise. And again - as a software developer myself, I can sympathize... however, I also know that "being happy working on a product" and "making a product that sells" are two different things entirely. Sometimes, the products we want to make least are the ones that have the greatest sales of all.

But I digress.

Years ago, Hiroshi Yamauchi stated that "Nintendo was a box people bought to play Mario." And, really, he was right - Nintendo means a lot to people around the world - many of us grew up in a world where Super Mario Bros. 3 was a phenomenon, Zelda II sold out completely, and games, regardless of who made them, were "Nintendo Games." We grew up in an age when the brand wasn't some "lame" moniker, but something to respect and admire. It was, and still is for many of us, video gaming itself. However, without the games, it's just a box - a sad, empty box that hungers to be used, even though nothing draws people to it.

As a customer, I'm afraid that Nintendo, as a company, lost sight of what was important. That they'd rather make silly experiments and half-hearted sequels than return to their former glory. They'd rather be "the nice guy" that people smile at in person, but laugh at once he walks out of the room. The company's western support is a joke, and the company itself is a joke to the west (why are these developers tripping over themselves to make PS4 and 720 games, and why did they go to the point of bankruptcy in some cases to keep feeding the PS3 and XBox? Respect.), and a risk to the east. And, more and more, Nintendo is growing irrelevant to the consumer.

And, to me, you are also losing face. I fear that, unless the company can drastically turn things around, you will lose me, and many others as customers forever. And, if you recall your Blue Ocean literature, customers like me are the hardest to win back.

While I don't expect you to have all of the answers, whoever reads this, I do feel that this needed to be said. And, more important, needs to be addressed... not to me, not to the core consumer base, but to everybody watching. Take it as an open letter, and please, forward this as high as it can go.

I thank you for your time - all of your time - and hope you have a fantastic day.


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Grubdog said:

January 13 isn't an early adoption, you were a month late.

The answer is shut up and play games, and lead by example. It's really not complicated, Wii U has great games. It had great launch games in fact the best launch lineup in history. Play them, ignore the crap and people will notice that.

Are you a customer or an analyst? Is Nintendo a half-hearted company or are you a half-hearted gamer? Your problems are all exterior factors, third parties were always going to drop the ball. Forget about them. Battlefield 4 isn't even out. If you really want a dudebro shooter, play Black Ops 2. Wii U has the best version of the game. If you play Metroid to feel "awesome" you're doing it wrong, that was embarrassing to read.



Nintend0ro said:

He should ask himself these questions:

  • Did 360 or PS3 sell any better once launched? Did they have loads of titles available during their first 6 moths?
    I know one thing. Those system struggled a lot more. There were no good games other than few odd ones, the sales were poor and they got better with every year to pass. So my suggestion is, - don't give up on Nintendo. They know what games are on the way (much more than we know) and they are asking to be patient and wait for those system selling titles


moo99 said:

I honestly don't care what games AREN'T coming out on WiiU and I'm tired of seeing articles that say this. Multiplatform really means dual platform, and that doesn't bother me.



Grubdog said:

BTW, there's plenty of "old-school Zelda" difficulty in Nintendo Land.



kkslider5552000 said:

So can I also pretend to be in the industry while blatantly being generic forumwhinerronerydude complainer?



Shiryu said:

Valid points, but it's too early to call it either way. As for my experience with Nintendo in the past, I have no fears or regrets, their first party line up is always stellar even if takes them time to put their games on the shelves and if 3rd party don't want my money, it's up to them. I only have a Wii from last generation and only have the Wii U for this upcoming one, so yes, I will miss out on some 3rd party games but I will live with it.



Morph said:

Personally i think its too early for this type of 'letter' if we are in the same situation 12 months down the line then theres clearly a problem, at the moment im putting the issues down to wanting to get to market before they were ready



Grubdog said:

The timing is a bit awkward too with Lego City out TODAY. The game is amazing and we should be playing it not whining like entitled princesses.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

So, here are my thoughts.

  • Zelda is still exciting, actually, I believe what you stated is called an opinion.
  • Yes, Nintendo needs to get third party devs to develop on Wii U, but mostly, I think they're finding excuses not to work on Wii U. Fish dislikes Nintendo, Battlefield might actually take a little bit of work to pull off, Xbox and Playstation fans were "disappointed" Rayman wasn't going to be on Xbox or PS, etc. They're making excuses.
  • No, not many games have come out for Wii U recently, but that's because Nintendo put all they had into launch, so it wouldn't fail like the 3DS did at launch. More will come soon, so have a bit of patience for crying out loud.
  • And finally, remember that this is Nintendo. They've pulled off miracles in the past, they can and will do it again. Look at the 3DS! It had a terrible launch, and look at it now! After the 3DS, Wii U will be easy for Nintendo to fix, and they are. Shut up, and again, be patient. Nintendo will pull through, just like they always do.


GazPlant said:

Patience... This is a new system, not the 3DS. That's built and got stronger and stronger, as will Wii U. Although a little advertising wouldn't hurt



AbeVigoda said:

"And, to me, you are also losing face. I fear that, unless the company can drastically turn things around, you will lose me, and many others as customers forever. And, if you recall your Blue Ocean literature, customers like me are the hardest to win back."

Who wrote this garbage?! Haha good this website now accepting editorials from 15 year old dweebs?



SparkOfSpirit said:

Ocarina? Come on, there are valid complaints about the Wii-U's launch but some of this is fanboy drivel.



Dpullam said:

I personally wouldn't bother to write a letter complaining about the ups and downs of any particular system. As for the Wii U itself, I am certain that it will live up to its true potential. It will just take time so all this guy has to do is have a little patience. This is Nintendo after all. They have pulled off miracles in the past and they will do so again.



AltDotNerd said:

It does piss me off how every day I hear about another game that "won't be coming to Wii U." So Nintendo might as well cut back on third-party reliability and be more focused on first-party games.
I still have faith in Nintendo and their upcoming first-party games:
Wonderful 101, Windwaker HD, Super Smash Bros, Untitled Zelda, Untitled Mario, Super Metroid on the Virtual Console, the list goes on.

And I'm still hoping for some kind of "3DS Player" for the Wii U. I'd give up the 3D to play it on the TV!



DRL said:

The part where they said "StarTropics" was most certainly my favorite part.

Personally, I couldn't care less about third-party offerings (as far as ports go) as long as Nintendo pays the proper attention to existing franchises and delivers some exciting new IP. And if the 3DS is any indication of what we can expect from the Wii U in terms of software, I'm not worried at all.



kkslider5552000 said:

@AbeVigoda I know! I'm sure some person is gonna be OFFENDED that some fanboys will overreact to this and defend it because ANON DEVS SAID SO, but this doesn't suck because it's against Nintendo. It sucks because this opinion is annoyingly overdone, this is another person who has no interest in comparing it to other console launches or anything (which could still make it look weak compared to the competition as Peachgirl or whoever in the comments has pointed out, so this is a bizarrely lacking from most people writing on the subjct), and outside of a couple of somewhat worthwhile points, this only elevates itself from being just boring and overdone by being childish and from the perspective of the nostalgia-obsessed that will grow up to the be the "you kids these days" stereotypical, old curmudgeon.

Also, apparently companies will go bankrupt for that 360 and Ps3 "respect"...I know what he's trying to say, but he said it in such an idiotic way.



Giygas_95 said:

Sheesh the system's only been out a few months. It'll get better like the 3DS did. I don't understand all the alarm and the supposed "running joke among industries" when the console hasn't even been out for one year! And in regards to the Wii U being a running joke among industries...What about the PS Vita? It struggled for ever to get anywhere, a lot longer than the Wii U has. Not being a fanboy, I just think It's too early to judge the Wii U yet.



trondood said:

You lost me at "Zelda hasn't been exciting since Ocarina, and Metroid is dead to many of us unless a full reboot from a capable group occurs."



AaronB said:

The marketing so far has been weak, and the loss of developer support is annoying. Those are the main valid points. I hope Nintendo really makes the effort to improve relations with the new heads of EA and Square Enix, and get others on board. I have a lot of confidence in the first-party games that are coming.



Human_Fatality said:

There hasn't been a good Zelda game since Ocarina? Can we get a letter from a real Nintendo gamer? All this article says to me is wahhh wahhh Wii u isn't selling well and it makes me feel stupid for buying one so now I'm on the internet complaining about it. Did you buy the system to have the cool next big thing? Or did you buy it because you actually have faith in a company you supposedly love so much? Honestly if this Guy thinks the last good Zelda was ocarina clearly he had an Xbox or ps3 last Gen and didn't get the Wii and play skyward sword.



Ambassador_Kong said:

Call me crazy but, why is it so bad that all the generic first person shooter bro dude games are skipping the WiiU. The last thing I want is for the WiiU to be like the Xbox. The vast majority of games on the Xbox are interchangeable Unreal driven, pallet swap "pew pew" games.

The WIiU, with it's lackluster launch, has already show more diversity than the last year of the Xbox 360. I for one welcome Nintendo embracing the indie developers and not courting the AAA developers. Tomb Raider sold three million copies in three weeks and Square Enix is calling it a failure. With an attitude like that, there is no way the AAA studios can survive for long. Nintendo has always looked at things differently. They make great games to play not great eye candy. Their games come down in price over years not weeks. How does the industry think they will survive in a model where all there sales need to be in the first two weeks? How will the industry survive when gamers realize they only have to wait three weeks to get the game for half off?

Nintendo isn't in any danger of failing, it is the rest of the industry that is looking to crash and burn.



kkslider5552000 said:

@trondood I think he forgot "said no one ever". But regardless of making fun of people for having different opinions (and I'll laugh at you if you take that too seriously btw), who is "us"? Who is this "us" that won't buy Metroid unless it gets a reboot? Does he have some connection to the Metroid Anonymous group that presumably formed after Other M? Like when did he get this information? Who? Oh but of course, since he wrote it we must ALL want a reboot in order to want to buy a Metroid game again. Why not, he wrote it so he can say whatever people want regardless of reality.



Gamercake said:

This guy just has to have PATIENCE. No console has ever had a great time only a few months after launch. Look at the PS3 and 360, in their first few months they struggled a whole lot more than the Wii U. And a better example is the 3DS; Nintendo turned what used to be laughing-stock into the best selling console right now and brought a whole bunch of high quality games. This is something that Sony can still not manage to do with the VITA. When the big games start rolling out soon, which they sure will, the Wii U will be flying off shelves like nobody's buisiness, and will be a console that is successful with a large, high quality library of games for years to come. Have faith in Nintendo.



HeatBombastic said:

So this is basically a "How to make Nintendo hip again rant, because their not as cool as they were in the NES days"? They need their A-game, but acting how they did when they were striving won't make them strive. The industry has changed, their position in the industry has changed, which is not striving, so how will acting like that help? We can't change their position to the top unless we make it that way. Not them. I say they don't aim for the glory of the top, but focus on what's REALLY important; making games, and get your fans to be happy.



Magnet_Man018 said:

I agree that Nintendo needs their fighting spirit back. We need action! Games, announcements, passion, counterattacks to Sony and Microsoft, lots of exclusives, breathtaking news and games!! Nintendo had everything before! But now it's all disappointment!

I find funny that Nintendo has changed like its logo has: First it was red, crimson red! It was vivid, like the company itself! Red, the color of blood, people!
But then they changed it to grey... And the company lost all the vitality, just like their logo. Grey, boring, and underwhelming.

And I must face that the Wii U today is disappointing. But it's not Wii U's fault! It's Nintendo's! They should fight for exclusives and release more AAA games!
Yeah, and I know that it needs time. But c'mon, I just touched my Wii U a week ago just to download Punch-Out. When I see my 3DS, I say, "hey, let's play some Luigi's Mansion/Kid Icarus/etc", but when I see my Wii U, I don't see any reason to play with it.

C'mon Nintendo! Wake up already!



ThumperUK said:

Although I love Nintendo at its best, I have to agree with most of the points in this well-worded article. Is anyone sending this up to Nintendo bigwigs?? Someone needs to make sure they realise how disappointed some of its most loyal fans are. Yeah, the 3DS was a shambles in the first year, but Nintendo should have learnt from it, not repeat it a year later. When was the last time anyone saw a TV advert? Consoles won't shift without a marketing spend.

Oh, and where is Pikmin 3 !! (and Scribblenauts!) Perhaps they are moving the development onto the WiiUMe ?

Finally, I'm angry with Royal Mail, yet again they've failed to deliver a next-day my copy of Lego Undercover is MIA ......GRRRR.



HeatBombastic said:

@Magnet_Man018 Are you kidding? They've been announcing amazing things, they've been working their butts off making games. You say that Nintendo should DEMAND 3rd parties to make games for them? 3rd parties would hate them like Square did.



ljinkakidd said:

First of all this letter is kinda invalid. I can agree on some aspects but some things are just completely un-agreeable.
>Okay the Zelda comment was just ignorant and stupid. I can try to respect your opinion but have you not played Zelda: Twilight Princess? That was the most fun I got out of my Wii besides Super Mario Galaxy 1&2, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

>I understand our frustration with there not being new games on Wii U. We're getting ports and potential shovelware. I understand but you can't get mad at Nintendo, the company who has been entertaining us for dozens of years, for not making a game in 24 hours.

It's not rocket science, we all know that CoD games come out in seconds because the framework is basically copied and pasted every time. The level of innovation and creativity is highly low. With Nintendo their games are being crafted on an unfamiliar platform. Their first HD console games that now have to somehow take advantage of the gamepad. I don't have anything against other third party developers but Nintendo is just brave. They're making games that not only just use the basic controller but a Tablet styled controller as well. Nintendo's games will take a lot longer to create because they're trying to create something that'll blow our minds. It's happened to me every Nintendo console since 64. They are planning something big and we'll know what it is this year's E3 and I have a feeling that their announcements will be overkill compared to Sony and Microsoft.

>Yes there are gamers that are mad about that Battle Field fiasco but really who went to buy a Nintendo Wii U for Battle Field? Where in the heck is CoD BO2 on the Wii U software charts? I know there are people who want AAA software like CoD, Halo, Battle Field, Crysis, etc. on a Nintendo but that percent is very low because most of the people who play those games own a PS3, XBOX 360 or are going to own a PS4 and XBOX 720. Gamers aren't tied to a specific console I can agree but it's pretty split down the middle here. As of now Nintendo need not worry about getting Battle Field 4 on the Wii U but worry about the next Mario Kart, Zelda, Smash Bros., 3D Mario, Pikmin 3 etc. on the console.

>Why so quick to doubt Nintendo? The company that brought us the top 15 Best Selling Games of ALL TIME! The company that saved the videogame stock market singlehandedly. Why in the wide world of sports are we doubting them now. We should be encouraging them! Negativity only makes Reggie and Iwata sweat but deep down they and I know that the Wii U is an awesome product but its hard to sell right now. The Wii U needs more ads and somebody who can explain the product clearly to a mass amount of people.
I'm just appalled that even Nintendo fans are turning on them after all these years dubbing them doomed. The console hasn't even been out 6 full months yet. Good things come to those that wait. Just wait dagnabit!



StyledFawn476 said:

Well if it wasn't for blatant corporate greed, and unfair bias towards Nintendo seeping out of third parties' mouths like black tar, we wouldn't have to worry about 3rd party games coming to a system everyone knows is easy to develop for.



Erika said:

Most of the present concerns will pass with time as Nintendo shifts into full gear and starts to release more major titles for the system. Just take a long glance over at the 3DS. If the situation hasn't improved by next Spring, then Panic Mode can probably be safely engaged.

Third party support will always be an issue for Nintendo's consoles. Nintendo simply isn't the only shop, or even the most flexible shop, in town any longer. Hopefully third party relations will improve somewhat with time as sales improve. Cutting Reggie's leash to have a more independent NoA could also certainly help with American based developers.



ArkOne77 said:

I admit the marketing could be better..... and there are some bugs to fix. But what new console doesn't have these issues?! Nintendo has been very responsive to the fans thus far and they have been working very hard to adjust to the changing market and customer demands. Like some of the previous comments above me, I think this guy needs patience. There really is a good selection of games available already for the console, considering it's only been out a little over 4 months now. I understand not every game will appeal to EVERYONE. It is disappointing to see developers pass up on some of the recent titles but in due time everything will balance out. I don't think it's time to panic just yet. I have bought and or been gifted 13 Wii U games since launch and not one of them is bad!!!....even the "late" ports. With that said, I'm going to go play some Monster Hunter now.....



SirQuincealot said:

to be fair about the ocarania comment it technically the most recent zelda game released so maybe he just wants a new zelda game every year



beat said:

first-party awesomeness is near. it's just the end of the launch window so give nintendo a second and wait for that time when they blast that awesomeness at us(well, you. i cant own a wii u yet, so consider yourself lucky you have the luxury to do so.) wait for a few months and we'll see new super mario world galaxy something!!, Legend of Zelda: we'll put Link's name in the title from now on(lol i kid), pikmin 3! bayonetta 2! W101!! LUIGI'S DREAM ADVENTURE IN THE LAND OF BANANAS!(i kid again) donkey kong returns 2: EVEN MORE BANANAS!(well maybe this one is plausible) smash brawl!!! and all the other awesome stuff i didnt mention(SMT X FE is actually the one i shouldve mentioned) well you get my point. so just wait for the day where it'll all just POW at our faces. we'll look back at the wii u's launch and smile. so just wait, its not like nintendo is just lollygagging around in HQ. and this NINTENDO, not some stupid dev who thinks the 3DS is a waste of time. leave luck to heaven right?



HeatBombastic said:

@Erika 3rd party issues will be a problem for any new console. We should all know this by now. The economy sucks, and there really isn't a market for new consoles quite yet.



Rapadash6 said:

As the structure and professionalism of this letter goes, it's lacking and comes off as fanboy dribble for the most part. However, there is some truth in these poorly constructed words; Nintendo needs to pursue 3rd party developers more aggressively than they are currently. I also agree that the company is doing very little to spread the messege of Wii U or its future software. The Nintendo Direct they presented in January did a good job to quell these concerns, for a while, but I think it's about time we get an update on those announced first party games, as well as what other developers potentially have cooking. One thing I think Nintendo does deserve credit for though is its vastly improved relations with independent developers; the real future of this industry, in my opinion.



Captain_Toad said:

Woo boy..... so many directions can be taken in this letter but here goes.
1. Let Nintendo do their own thing. Indie devs are being attracted to the console for more games (more than ever since the Wii even!). The game pad and the nick nacks (miiverse/off screen play) of the console are awesome. And the Nintendo games (some of which haven't reached legendary status since as you claim) are still awesome in their own right. Don't like some of them? whatever...
2. In terms of console sales, Nintendo's WiiU does needs to be advertised a bit more. I barely see an ad of the WiiU on tv every day and yet I see Luigi's Mansion and Pkmon Mysyery dungeon shown at least 3 times daily. I think the best thing to do is to give the WiiU some time. (Hopefully nintendo realizes this...)
3. It is sad for the big(er) games to be scrubbed for many "reasons". But that's not in fault of nintendo WiiU/the hardware blame the developers. Their thoughts are on money/bad blood/"install base"/etc. That kind of mentality needs to stop. Nintendo after 6 years finally has a console that can sit with the "big boys" while some games have been ported over, the majority are just as soft as the cloud i'm sitting on right now to take a risk. Port more of dem "big boy" games to the wiiU already. Change is scary but embrace it and you'll find wonders. (plus the install base will increase)

Done. I'm out.



HeatBombastic said:

@Rapadash6 Yeah, it could've been just, "Nintendo needs to attract 3rd parties, and advertise more." He really didn't need to say "I want the Nintendo when they monopolized the gaming industry, they were cooler back then! Only 2D Zelda is good."



SirQuincealot said:

the wii u will get its time in the marketing spotlight, nintendo just doesnt want to spend millions on advertising before a game that can sell a system is out



SirQuincealot said:

@HeatBombastic i honestly would love another 2d zelda, those were always my favorite, however i dont have a wii u so put the 2d zeldas on the 3ds and let the wii u have the 3d ones



Le_Gazman said:

Completely agree. Wii U is on its last legs after only a few months, and it feels a lot like GameCube did in its last few. Retailers want nothing to do with it and the public don't have a clue it even exists.

We need decisive action from Nintendo. We don't need month/year old ports of console, PC, 3DS or even iOS games - we need brand new top notch material to sink our teeth into. Nothing short of a Brand new Zelda, Metroid or Mario will do. And then it needs to be back up by more.

This thing needs at least 1 AAA title per quarter to get it up off its arse and start selling.



Ricube said:

I only find it sad that games I would have like to see on Wii U, like Hitman Absolution, Tomb Raider, the next GTA V and many more, are not coming to Wii U... still, i believe that in the future, when Nintendo titles come out and the console gets a larger install base, publishers will bring even those kind of titles to Wii U because... the'll sell! That is the point. I only hope that Nintendo does the right thing some times before 720 and ps4, 'cause I don't want to see other watered down ports on my Nintendo system



SpaceApe said:

The letter was spot on. Unless there is some super secret going to be revealed at E3 , Nintendo has no big games scheduled in 2013 that will make people go out and buy a Wii U. Zelda U will be out in 2014 but by then it will be too late. It makes me kind of sad because when I was a kid I loved Nintendo games. Now it seems something has been lost. They need a new ip that will attract both young and adult gamers to their console like the other consoles have done.



Zellybeanie said:

I love this site, but I can't wait until the constant moaning of the state of the Wii U goes away. I suppose I'm in the minority as I'm busy ENJOYING the system and its games so far. I've never spent this much money on games so early in the life of any console.

Could sales be better? Of course. Is Nintendo aware of this? Yes. Are there awesome upcoming titles? Yes! Do people need to simmer down, be a wee bit more patient, or just sell their Wii U already?! I'd say so.



darkgamer001 said:

Scrolls down to comments upon reading "sorry but Zelda hasn't been exciting since Ocarina"
Well well, looks like there was no way I was going to react to that first...

To me, this sounds like attacking the wrong company. Ultimately, gamers have to hound the 3rd parties to make their games more accessible. I'm pretty sure Nintendo wants those games on the Wii U as much as we do, maybe even more.
But the fact of the matter is, the final decision rests with those 3rd parties. No amount of pressure by Nintendo will work if there's no will on the other end, and we've already seen that some of these 3rd parties...coughEAcough....have a beef with Nintendo for the most idiotic of reasons. If they want to act like spoilt brats, they can enjoy the financial losses they've been making.



Mk_II said:

cry me a river... As the writer says: good content takes time. Nintendo levels of quality take even longer. The games are comng... Mario Kart, 3D Mario and Wind Waker HD will be released ASAP



McGruber said:

I tend to agree with a lot of what he said. Honestly I wasn't legitimately concerned until about a year after the 3DS launch when it became apparent that Nintendo was way behind the ball in terms of 3rd party support, and it's own games in fact. The games released for 3DS, while good, are FAR from the innovative, new experiences found on previous handhelds. They feel like they HAVE to put out Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Mario this and that, and the usual games that they know will sell at least somewhat well to dedicated Nintendo fans. They aren't in a position where they feel like they can take risks. But the problem is that risks are what Nintendo fans have been used to, and I know I'm not the only one who is unimpressed with the 3DS lineup of games so far from Nintendo. Luigi's Mansion 2 is one of less than a handful of games so far for 3DS that I would say were somewhat unexpected, and great at that.

In short they need to catch up, and they aren't going to do that by releasing the same games every year. Sure we know we will get old IPs for years to come, but the games need to be different. Animal Crossing 3DS is still the Gamecube game to me. Paper Mario is still the Gamecube game to me. In fact I could argue the games they made for Gamecube were more innovative and unique than the ones we've seen for Wii, 3DS, and Wii U so far.



GamecubeMan said:

Poor Guy, it seems to me that he was really hyped about the Wii U. So he bought it during the launch window only to be disappointed by the drought of games available. Although I feel bad for him, I cant help feel like it's his own fault. Developers may or may not be making games for the Wii U right as we speak. Weither its 1st party, 2nd, or 3rd games will eventually show up on the Wii U.
We all realize that the Wii U's support is pretty much aweful in the west. However, comparing Nintendo to the comipition or any company for that matter is stupid. NOA profit's of the Wii U is going to be different from NOJ sales (which at the moment a 3DS game is on top of the gaming market).
Bottom line, it is your role as a consumer to support the company you love but not to the point where you are blinded by fan boyiness. I would love to buy a Wii U at the moment I dont have the money to get one. Also, it is performing terribly in America so that could convice NOA to consider a price drop. The lack of support in genaral is also why I choose not to buy a Wii U.
Dont get me wrong random guy on the internet, I agree with what you are saying. However I cant help but believe that you made a poor money desision with buying the Wii U. Lastly, its too late to get your money worth back, so might as well like the Wii U for what it is now.



Peach64 said:

I agree that Nintendo did a lot wrong with the Wii U launch. The thing is, I'm pretty sure they get the message now. They would have been realising this from the start of January, with it getting clearer and clearer over the last 3 months. They've probably started doing things internally to rectify those problems, but any games they decide to make now, probably won't be out for two years.

On the other hand, I just do not get buying a console in November for a game that comes out in February or March. Just wait until February or March! In the UK the Wii and a game can now be had for almost half of what it cost at launch.

I'll be waiting until there's at least five games I want, already on shelves. Who knows how long that will take, but I'm pretty certain it won't be anytime in 2013. I know I WILL get one eventually, but I'm happy to wait.



SuperCharlie78 said:

No third party support?
I don't give a single love, there are at least 10 Wii U titles in development I'm interested in, and they are all first party games, these days it's all about developers saying someway they'll skip the platform, I'm just used to it, and simply don't mind.
Because what I'm looking forward to play the most is Pikmin 3, which I smell to be a blasting masterpiece, and you know what is the ONLY way to play it, don't you?
So, my dear writer, are you a Nintendo fan who has changed their preferences, and need to buy some other system, or what are you exactly?
Because I am a gamer and will play all that I want no matter the console, so why bother for the pathetic third parties support?



Zodiak13 said:

I really enjoy the WiiU. I actually disliked the Wii, and I have more 360 games on my shelf to prove it. I don't mind some of these experimental things, but I would have preffered a more powerful up to date system. I saw a comment that Nintendo needs to catch up in terms of innovation, but Sony and MS don't innovate, so who are they catching up to. The fact of the matter, most people I know only care about graphics and killing humanoids online. I'm glad Nintendo doesn't follow, because I personally hate most of the crap that comes out on both the other 2 systems. I guess the only reason I would have prefered a more powerful console in WiiU is so that Nintendo can financialy stay stable and make the games I actually want to play, and make games that the "new" gamers want as well.



datamonkey said:

I agree with his comments completely though think that "you will lose me, and many others as customers forever" is a bit harsh.

What I don't understand (and why I think Iwata is unfit for purpose) is that Wii was visibly in decline from 2009. It died fast and hard. Why was WiiU not ready 2 or 3 years ago? I believe it should have been released when Pachter initially said around 2009/10 time.

I think the timing of release has not helped the console and it would have surely gained many games from PS3/360 back then whereas now developers are thinking of PS4/720.

The completely late (imo) and very rushed launch along with a very poor "launch window" is baffling when you consider Nintendo were hardly producing many Wii games over the last few years.

I completely agree that they need a Howard Lincoln. He sorted out Rare, the EA sports games on Nintendo consoles, Retro Studios, Tetris, etc etc. Like the letter above says, where is the fighting spirit? Where are the new development teams being built out of Nintendo's huge cash reserves? Why does nobody and the big N seem to have any balls?

I like my WiiU but it is a bit of a joke atm imo...



briwipdx said:

sounds whiny and expectant. maybe the letter writer's expectations have changed and paid too much attention to the 24-7-365 lamestream media's continual stories about the supposed immediate gratification thats supposed to occur in our day and age... why can't a console exists in the ebb and flow that is natural, especially when it should be around 5 - 7 years! imho, Nintendo HAS offered us new things from their Directs to Miiverse announcements MADE by the proffesionals to everything that is Nintendoland and the new Wii U outlook. Given their penchant for originality, value, and polish, Nintendo remain anything BUT irrelevant to me. They ARE videogames to this fanboy.



McGruber said:

What Nintendo has done to recover from these failures is fall back on their fans. They made games they knew Nintendo fans would buy, but have made NO GOOD effort to attract anybody else INCLUDING the Wii's bread and butter, the "average" consumer. The average gamer, and the average consumer want nothing to do with these systems right now because these games the same old same old.

Right now the only people holding up both systems, and the WIi U especially, are Nintendo fans. This is why no 3rd party games are being made for the systems. Nintendo just hasn't enticed non Nintendo fans, the average gamer, to buy these systems because those people need more than what is being offered. And those people weren't fooled by the sizzle reels promising games that were never going to come.



idork99 said:

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I guess I'd be mad as well if I had a Wii U and were looking forward to those games that were cancelled/delayed. I don't own a Wii U. I'm perfectly happy with my 3DS, so, thanks Nintendo!



Wyvernqueen said:

I have literally 19 games for my Wii U 22 if you count the 3 vc releases. I have to much to play lol. So no lack of games here on my end. To be fair I have a ridiculously eclectic taste in games. I enjoy literally every genre.



Tony_342 said:

He has a few good points, definitely. But most of this letter is panicky, over-reactive nonsense. Still, you have to wonder why it's taking so long for Nintendo to get some games out. The Wii had nothing coming out for the last couple years of its life (aside from Skyward Sword) so you'd think there would have been at least a couple big games out by now.

A year or two down the line (and probably even sooner) we'll all look back at this time period and laugh. "What was all that 'Doom and Gloom' nonsense about? Remind me, why did people think that a unique system with some of the best developers in the world backing it would fail? Oh, yeah. Those three months where nothing big was coming out. Whatever."

What I would really like to see is An Open Letter to Nintendo of America urging them to release some decent 3DS XL colors.



DePapier said:

I'm sorry to say this but I COMPLETELY agree. Now onto reading the comments to get into the discussion.



DreamyViridi said:

Yeah, he's lost me. The fact that he isn't just complaining on the internet is nice (and a good start) but he's still... well, complaining. However, most importantly; the letter's too long!

If I've learnt anything in Uni's business side, it's that there needs to be word limits. If the writer actually wants someone important from Nintendo to read and take note of this, he's failed because by the third paragraph; they'll most likely lose interest and ignore the rest, which is what I did. A shame because, according to the poll, he made a couple of good points.



Peach64 said:

Although it really is annoying to read people comparing the Wii U situation to the 360 or PS3. It's quite correct to say that it really didn't have any more good games than the Wii U does in it's first six months... but the difference was, we'd already seen screens and video, and heard plenty of details and even had release periods for games such as Dead Rising, Gears of War, Viva Piñata, Crackdown, Halo 3, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, Grand Theft Auto IV, Bioshock etc. There was clearly a flood of games coming. Now look at what we've seen for Wii U? Pikmin 3... Wonderful 101... Bayonetta 2? A HD port of Wind Waker. It's not in the same league, is it? We talk about Mario and Zelda, but we knew the Wii U would have a Mario and Zelda before we even knew about the Wii U!

That's a big part of the 'doom and gloom' feeling that is hanging around the Wii U. I've read some posts that list a handful of games coming out for it, and one had 5 games, and of those 1 was an SNES game on the VC, one was a HD port of a Cube game, and 2 were 'Untitled' games from franchises that have been on every single Nintendo console.



DePapier said:

@kkslider5552000 #1 True that. Wind Waker is the best for me.
@Grubdog #2 You're absolutely right. As gamers we also need to believe in our own purchase. If we want the system to survive, we also have to do our part, and thankfully we have Miiverse for that: I for one is fighting to make sure we get on buying that Most Wanted on the Need For Speed community.



ivanmata said:

He's right, I partially agree with him, but let's wait for E3, if everything remains the same (which I really doubt it will, specially when we know of some games that are being developed right now) then I will completely agree with him.



briwipdx said:

@ Tony_342 - YES! more 3DXL colors, thats way more desirable at this point. im in full agreement.



Wildfire said:

Well I agree with the fighting spirit part, but nontheless this comes right when I and many of us are having a blast with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and soon with Lego City. I speak for myself when I say I can't let go the gamepad thus being extremely happy with the WiiU at the moment!
I also worry with some of the points on this letter but man!Get a hold of yourself and stop doing what the so called "especialized press" and the PS clones and Xbots keep doing. Wich is bringing Nintendo down. And for that we Nintendo fans have enough already I think.
Nintendo will turn around I can feel it!
The storm is just brewing for E3!



SuperKMx said:

"Years ago, Hiroshi Yamauchi stated that "Nintendo was a box people bought to play Mario." And, really, he was right..." - And he still is. People don't buy Wii U in order to play Battlefield 4. They buy it for Mario, Zelda, and the like. Did anyone here specifically buy a Wii U with the intention of playing Battlefield 4 on it? Did hardcore Battlefield fans ditch Battlefield 3 and their PS3/Xbox 360 when the Wii U came out? I'm not saying its right to NOT release the game on the platform, but I just can't see that they'll lose many sales by not doing so.

And stating that ZombiiU is "the best selling third-party game" does not mean that it's worth other developers coming on board just yet. A new developer could sell a copy of their game to every single Wii U owner, and still lose money on it - the installed base isn't there, so why would they take the risk? ZombiiU may be the best selling third-party game, but 60% of nothing is still nothing.



U3N said:

I partially agree, due to the fact that the Wii U has not even been out for 5 months yet, and we're drawing conclusions.



JSuede said:

Did it ever occur to him that the fiscal year ends in like....3 days? Nintendo isn't going to go hog wild advertising the Wii U at the very end of the fiscal year, when dividends from the ads wouldn't show up until next FY. It just comes out as a loss.

We have like....3 "next-gen" games announced. The Witcher, Thief and Battlefield 4.....Only one of them is confirmed not coming to Wii U. EA is obviously upset that Nintendo wouldn't hand over the keys to the Nintendo Network. There is no other explanation for the sudden lack of support and cannibalization of titles. It's not like they all of a sudden got PS4/Durango dev kits, they had them when they announced the "unprecedented partnership".

With games that have come out recently or are coming out soon, the devs probably didn't have the full tools in time to make a port financially feasible. Bioshock and Tomb Raider were both delayed into early 2013 so they could polish....not exactly a prime time to throw the game onto the Wii U. Crysis 3 was pulled by EA's bitch-fit, Saints Row is lucky it's getting released at all, Dead Island....who cares really?

It's easy to say "Wii U isn't getting any third party support!" without actually looking at what is going on. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Third parties are starting to work on their next-gen games....give them a little time for crying out loud. We also have to remember that Nintendo is a Japanese company, with a Japanese main market. They are gathering support from Japanese developers who simply haven't announced anything yet.

Iwata said at the end of the Wii U ND in January that he is excited to share what 3rd party developers are working on. We haven't heard any more on that.....and he wouldn't just say something like that if there was literally no third party support.

Tl:dr Nintendo isn't going to spend a ton of money at the end of a FY, just because games haven't been announced doesn't mean they aren't coming, Nintendo is going to blow us away and there will be 3rd party support. Patience.



DePapier said:

@Ambassador_Kong #25 That's absolutely true. I just have to go on Amazon to see Smash and MK Wii still being next to full price on the Wii, while Mario Kart Wii so far has sold what: 32.44 million copies as of March 2012??? Then look at Darksiders II and Batman Arkham City on the Wii U: they're already half-priced.
That AAA mentality is plunging the industry, and THAT is a fact.



Tryken said:

I agree with his frustrations concerning lack of content, I strongly disagree with his views on the games.

  • No good Zelda since Ocarina. - What?
  • Screw maternal Samus! We don't need to know her. - Why can't we know her? Is she not allowed to have doubts or fears or admiration for others like everyone else? I'm sorry she was a flat character for you to oogle explosions with. I liked Other M. I thought it was excellent.
  • You ask for Nintendo to take risks, then admire how perfect New Super Mario Bros. is and note dislike to Mario Galaxy. That's a contradiction. NSMB is the problem, not the solution.

Do I think Nintendo could be better? Yeah. I specifically blame Nintendo of America and Reggie. If it wasn't for a massive community outpour (Operation Rainfall), we'd have never seen Xenoblade. I blame Nintendo for not tapping Star Fox, F-Zero, Metroid, Earthbound, or many of their other hidden gems for more.

But, I bought the Wii U perfectly knowing this would happen on day one. Why? Because Nintendo is a slow-build company. They have to lone it a lot of the time. Their systems take longer to build up a good library. That's why when people often whine when a Nintendo console is out but remember it with fond memories later (Gamecube, for example). The Nintendo DS original didn't do well, either, initially. And we often think back to that as a great success. When you buy a Nintendo console, you know you're buying something with a slow build to excellence.

I also think the letter is looking back at the old days with rose-colored glasses. The amount of games, and I mean AAA titles, released today is far, far greater than what we got with Nintendo games in the 80s and early 90s. Nintendo never had to deal with the short attention span of gamers in the 80s. A real, great title took time to get back then, too. But now-a-days, the gaming industry is massive, and able to produce the next "MUST OWN TITLE OF THE SUMMER" every other week. Nintendo, as a company, cannot keep up with that. And while Sony and Microsoft have other avenues of money, Nintendo doesn't. They're a game company. And, I think, the Disney of game companies. They take a little longer for their great works, but when they do release, they're ones worth revisiting time and time again. They're that special feeling you get. And I'm willing to let my Wii U collect a little dust while I wait. I'll be patient, because I still trust Nintendo (just not Nintendo of America).

And I imagine Nintendo is as flustered as you are right now. Imagine the panic they're feeling with third parties dropping their system. How about we act like REAL fans and show them we have their back even when they're in a corner.



gsnap said:

I'm getting kind of tired of this idea that "AAA" 3rd party support is what the Wii U really needs. Like that's gonna save it? 3rd party publishers can't even save themselves. Look at how much they're screwing up lately compared to Nintendo. CEOs are resigning at an alarming rate. Sequels can't even make a profit after selling 3.4 million copies. Near constant ill will towards customers with always-online, micro-transactions, etc.

And the Wii U is in trouble because these failures made by failing companies aren't making it to the console? Hardly.

Nintendo still has their 1st party games (which are still great 90% of the time). They're getting 3rd party exclusives from good devs like Platinum and Atlus. They are raking in indie support, especially after their great GDC announcements. Aside from the odd dev like Fish, indies are really backing Nintendo.

They still have plenty of work to do, sure. They need to advertise more, and a few more Nintendo Directs before E3 would be great, but other than that they're not really doing anything wrong at this point. Should things have been better at launch? Sure, but the launch is over. Now they're hard at work trying to make games for us. Complaining at this point is futile, it's not like Nintendo is just sitting around doing nothing. They're obviously already hard at work trying to get games out to us. It just takes a while. At this point there is no choice but to sit back and wait. (And enjoy playing the many games that were released this month)

If we're in this same situation come fall/winter and into next spring, then there will be grounds for more complaining.



dsparil said:

Making any kind of judgement on a console 4 months after release out of a 5+ year life cycle is completely ridiculous especially if you compare it to current, entrenched consoles. This letter could have been written about any console ever released with small changes to specific details. If someone is unpleased with a console for any reason, it isn't hard to construct a negative 'letter' like this one.

Consider the SNES:
It launched in North America with:
*Super Mario World (rehash of SMB 3)
*F-Zero (glorified tech demo, harder to control than Rad Racer)
*PilotWings (glorified tech demo)
*SimCity (2 year old PC port)
*Gradius III (2 year old arcade port)

Two example 'launch window' games:
*Super Castlevania IV (only 1 character)
*Final Fantasy II/IV (no classes, too similar graphically to the NES game)

All these games are very good to excellent but they aren't immune to negativity if someone sets out to unconstructively criticize the SNES. No one is going to seriously argue that the SNES was a failure in the long term, but someone could easily have written the same about it. The Wii, DS and 3DS were all written off in the same way.

The important thing to keep in mind is that average console owner only ever buys a small number of games and accessories. This number is called the tie rate. Out of current consoles, the 360 has the highest tie rate at 7.5 and it's been out for 6 years. The Wii's is slightly under 5. Aside from a total failure like the VirtualBoy, even a general failure like the SegaCD or 32X ends up with a large enough library of worthwhile games over the life of the system.

The short sighted are going to whine. End of story.



Frozenx07 said:

This guy needs to stop whining! Every console and handheld launch has a slow start. It takes at least 2 years for the good stuff to come rolling in. The Wii U actually had the largest amount of launch titles for a Nintendo system.



DePapier said:

@Five-seveN And yet I could guarantee MK Wii is still making some hard money. It's a joke to believe Nintendo as a company is in trouble.



Gamesake said:

This guy sure likes his proverbial bridges and testicles, but he doesn't like the blue ocean strategy. Why not? Thanks to the GameCube we all know what happens when Nintendo takes another swim in the red ocean.

I don't typically care for Nintendo hardware myself, but I love it when they dare to try something different. While many shortsighted gamers and developers choose to attack them for not adhering to "industry standards" I applaud them for it.



BestBuck15 said:

I think Nintendo have lost their way, but I hope they prove me wrong because they are my favorite games company. The company is missing Hiroshi Yamauchi leadership and style of direction. The success the company had with the Wii I think has lead to the problems they have now. I read on another site that they have stacks of cash and won't spend a penny of it, they are terrified of a hostile take over attempt.
@dsparil What you just said about Super Mario World, F Zero and Pilotwings is the biggest load of bull I have ever heard.



SCAR said:

Well, PS4 is already out the door for me just based off the Sony live meeting, so Nintendo and Microsoft are the only companies I'm watching right now.

This guy adopted 2 months after release. That's not as early as alot of people. Anyone can write a letter to Nintendo and 'vent'. Alot of this is opinion, and we all know opinions are never accepted in serious conversation, so I don't understand his goal as far as that goes.

We all know things are slow right now including the other consoles, but seriously, we would never even actually have any consoles at all if we looked at the launch window and had immediate doubt.
I think people are taking this too personally, seriously.



DePapier said:

@Rapadash6 #46

...I don't think Nintendo should go after third-party support. And that might be surprising, but I don't think Nintendo would want to support the way they produce their games. Nintendo wouldn't want to force third-parties to support the Wii U, hence bringing those half-arsed port we've seen so far. What we want as Wii U owners is an attitude as that of Criterion and Need For Speed Most Wanted U. An attitude like that of Eidos Montréal with Deus Eux Human Revolution Director's Cut. We want real ports, and you CAN'T force real ports. We want those developers to have some kind of geniune love for the console. I'd rather have those games and nothing else than seeing my Wii U turn into a PS360.



Kifa said:

I've read this letter and apart from being unable to write coherently the author seems to have real trouble naming what he or she wants. It's a general rant about everything and nothing at the same time, while some opinions about games on Nintendo platforms are puzzling, to say the least.

First of all - how come he says that "Metroid is dead to many of us" after ONE controversial (I won't dare to call MOM "bad", for various reasons) game in the series? How is it even possible to dismiss the fantastic Galaxies and complain about "not enough NSMB"? And seriosusly - I'm already fed up with Ocarina fanboys saying that this was the only good game in the series. Dude, get your poop together...

Second - as many above me have stated, WiiU is just beginning its way. It is simply irresponsible to scratch off a system so early in it's lifecycle, and history has taught us that Nintendo can go from such situation to full success, just as they did with 3DS. And developers jumping ship? It's not WiiU's fault, it's the gaming industry entering "crash phase". Major AAA titles nowadays simply have to sell millions upon millions, or they will not yield profit - look at Square Enix situation as a prime example. There are not enough WiiU's on the market for every developer to risk - we need independent and first party to build install base. Sad truth. Also - the guy says that many developers were so loyal to PS3 and X360 that they kept developing until they went bankrupt. That is, my friends, the very reason they are NOT taking risk with WiiU. It's not loyalty or lack of it, it's just basic survival insitnct in an industry that is basically broken already.

All that being said - I agree that two-year late ports are a joke, and Nintendo needs to pull some stuff out of their buttholes to revitalise the system. But that is the situation EVERY new console is facing...

In the end - some anonymous guy writes a random whine-filled email, which is not really all that insightful if I may use that word, and Nintendolife publishes it? What is this, I don't even...



LordessMeep said:

I literally laughed out loud at "Zelda hasn't been exciting since Ocarina".

Quite honestly, I don't understand what sort of games this guy wants from the third parties - those FPS sequels that have been done before? I agree with his stance on securing third-party support, but, personally, I feel there are very few AAA third party titles that are genuinely innovative. Most feel like a rehash, so I don't see this as a huge loss. Then again, I'm not the biggest FPS fan and graphics mean very little to me, so I can't tell the difference. What they need to do is get third parties that are actually excited to develop for the Wii U, Criterion being an example.

Another good point he makes is about advertisement. More than anything, the Wii U would benefit from awareness. They need to put out interesting ads to draw in folk and tell them that the Wii U is a completely different beast from the Wii.

The rest of his rant, I disagree with. What was wrong with Samus being explored as a character? Galaxy games may have sold less that NSMB Wii but that doesn't automatically make them bad. @Tryken put it pretty well - "NSMB is the problem, not the solution." Even worse is that despite being a (self-acclaimed) software developer, he dislikes the idea of some Nintendo developers making games they want to make. That pretty much screams "entitled fanboy" to me.

I support Nintendo because of their stellar first party titles and I can (almost always) expect them to deliver some memorable gameplay experiences. Patience is the key with them. The Wii U is fairly new and writing it off this early is silly. Nintendo hasn't even pulled out their big guns yet. If the situation is the same by this holiday season, THEN we have a problem.



yienwae said:

I bought the Wii U Deluxe 1 week before Christmas. It came with Nintendo Land. I purchased ZombiU and Madden 13 through the eShop. I did not purchase any other games. The reason was not because I had no interest in what was out. There was a great selection out there. It was because financially I could not afford to buy the games due to other responsibilities that took priority. I am personally unfazed at the fact that there were no releases in February. I do not use the Wii U for my gaming alone. My family uses it for Netflix, MiiVerse, Web surfing, Wii U video chat and Nintendo TVii. I would love to purchase Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, Lego City, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (I actually have this for the 3DS), and possibly Aliens Colonial Marines (if it is the kick the behind version and not the jokes that were released for the other consoles prior to the Patch). I have recently ordered Need For Speed Most Wanted U via Origin's website. But to be frank, I and my family do not have time to be playing all of these games and we do not have the money to be spending on it as well. So when we pick our games, we pick by priority. I personally do not care about Battlefield 4 or the Frost 3 engine. I am uninterested in the number of 3rd party developers who keep making excuses about the Wii U's power when you have companies like Criterion and Ubisoft making some very good products and have done an excellent job at proving that the U is a powerful console.

We will focus on what N and PARTICIPATING 3rd party developers are going to do for the U and won't consider what the other 'lazy doing things on the safe side' developers are doing for the other 2 consoles because that's what they are. Lazy and playing it safe. I'll wait for Zelda Windwaker HD, Watchdogs, The Wonderful 101, Pikman 3, the upcoming Pokemon game for Wii U and the 3DS and whatever else is coming out. Then once I see the available options, I will purchase what I consider the priority by what's available. And for me and the family, that's a lot to choose from. Especially since we can still play the backward compatible stuff from the Wii AND the upcoming NES, SNES and GBA titles coming to the eShop.

The next gen consoles coming out from the MS and Sony are going to cost a boat load of money. Money that I will not be willing to spend on a console that will cost at least half a grand and games that will cost at least $70.00 (not counting how much the online service fee involved, whether it is monthly or annually). At least N's services are free.

Meanwhile, we will still watch Nintendo TVii, Wii U Video Chat, watch Netflix, surf the web, post in MiiVerse and play our purchased new games on the U.

I'm not worried at all about N. They will do what they need to do and even if they don't, we'll move on if it comes to that. But, N has out lasted a lot of companies (Atari, Coleco & Mattel from the 80's and SEGA from the 90's). I think they'll hang tough with these less than 20 year old video console companies like MS and Sony.



BraveBold5 said:

Sure im a little bored for games like Bioshock or Tomb Raider not beeing on the Wii U Yet the strongest point of the Wii U wiill be his exclusives
The best company, in my opinion, to create games is Nintendo
Wii U will have Nintendo games The other consoles will not have Nintendo Games
So, keep calm and play Mario



Jack_Package said:

It made me think. So here's what I thought.

Its perfectly reasonable, looking at the current library, to suggest the Wii U enjoys strong third party support. Yes, It's easy to list games that won't be on the platform. But the Wii U library does have AAA third party games, some exclusive to the platform, both released and announced.

There's a worry that future releases will dry up and Nintendo isn't being aggressive in securing development for the platform. Yet there is evidence, in Bayonetta 2 and Ninja Gaiden, that Nintendo are using there financial muscle to get core games on the system.

The complaints about Nintendo's own software, is personal really. I can't say I want what he wants. But what I would say is, with Pikmin, Mario Kart U, 3D Mario, Smash Bros and Zelda U, due relatively soon. There's room for plenty of surprises yet.

Thats all the points I could pick up.

P.S. Virtual Console



DePapier said:

@Lionsgate #66

What I think we need to understand is that, at this point in time, I don't think Nintendo wants massive PS360 fanboys on the Wii U. I can tell as a Nintendo fan that Miiverse would just not be what it is right now. First thing first, Nintendo needed the hardcore Nintendo fans to get the system. Just look at us right now: can you feel that passion? Can you feel how much we're supporting our system? First of all, Nintendo had to build that install base and it is definitely here.

I honestly just wanna say this: let's just wait for E3, where we're going to see Nintendo's Wii U games head-to-head with them PS4 and NextBox reveals to see how much there is such a low graphical difference. But most of all, I wanna see the faces of those haters when they'll see the pricing of that "next-gen". THIS is when Nintendo will have to unleash that marketing. At that time we will all be here enjoying our Wii Us, and laughing our arses off as more and more of those PS360 fans will be reconsidering what mattered so much in the first place: money.

And that price drop people expect: you can all dream about it.



ultraraichu said:

It's letters like this that makes me question what a nintendo fan is. The author says he's an early adopter so he should know the pros and cons from the buyer's side. He could of waited longer until more games/ games he would like are released or enjoy the games that are released.

As for the whole Mario, Samus, Zelda part, I just think back on what Reggie Fils-Aime sais about satisfying fans.

I have my doubts that the writer is interested in the Wii U innovation since 2/3 of the rants was about multi-platform games not being released and recent nintendo games not being up to par with past version in the series. Personally I prefer to have a different gaming experence then the others.

I agree with the advertising though, since I remember that the 3DS was in the same boat but with more of a spiky/sharp oar if you know what I mean.

In short, buy games/systems and support the people behind them because you want to and not because you have to, That's how people get disappointed or angry. Also patience is a virtue and no one lives on videogames alone as far as I know.




The first year on any console @ launch is always long and boring, you get 3 to 5 games you really want to play and that's it .



NESguy94 said:

For everyone who is saying be patient, you need to have a solid line-up day oe that gets people excited and interested. While the comment about OoT is out of place, I agree. Nintendo used to be a powerhouse that few dared to mess with and even fewer could compete with. Nintendo NEEDS to make stuff that people want.

I have collected Nintendo games and memorabilia for years but I still haven't bought a Wii-U. Why? Nintendo hasn't made it an irresistible console like we have seen in the past. From day 1 the SNES, N64 and Wii had amazing success. Good games and well used innovation sold systems. The Wii U was innovative but it is still behind consoles that are 7 years old. I do have to say that LEGO City Undercover and Mario Bros U have tempted me. (I really want a collectors edition.

Nintendo needs to listen to their fans. They have done a pretty good job of giving us what we want in the way of games but the systems are lacking. I think if you can satisfy us you should have no trouble selling a console. The Wii U is not doomed, it just hasn't gained enough momentum yet,



Knux said:

''Zelda hasn't been exciting since Ocarina.''

i can't take anyone who says crap like this even remotely seriously, so what a waste of a letter.



sonicfan1373 said:

I agreed with most of this. However, the part where he said Metroid is dead and Zelda is no longer enjoyable is just opinion. The portion of the article that states there is a difference between a game that sells and a game that developers want to make is also incorrect, because Nintendo has always focused on making unique games even if no one has requested them and this is how some of their key franchises became popular. I do agree completely with the fact that Nintendo needs to push third parties, they must create development incentives for them in order to regain their trust and respect.



DrMonk said:

I don't agree with a lot of what this guy is saying. I think he has very particular gaming habits, and if Nintendo's core games aren't satiating that then just play other games on other systems. It was a strong launch, and the launch window has certainly been a window - transparent through the middle, but Nintendo already apologised for this and promised a steady stream of content was on the way from the end of March. I got Lego City Undercover and Luigi's Mansion 2 today and I couldn't be happier. Could it have been handled better, sure, but they also created a whole new social network, online shopping network, operating system and a whole bunch of other applications too! They are amazing developers but they are not Gods!



stealth said:

Generalizations, lies, half truths are full in this letter and its ridiculous

This site should take this down its nonsense poop



stealth said:

" sorry but Zelda hasn't been exciting since Ocarina"

How can I take a letter seriously When they state baseless generalized nonsense as fact?



DePapier said:

@yienwae That's really what I needed to read before taking off of that comment section. I'm really glad we have shown in this post what it truly means to be a Nintendo fan, unlike somebody who calls himself a proud early adopter after buying the console 2 months after launch.

I wish you all some happy gaming as I expect to enjoy my goofy Lego City Undercover and my upcoming next-gen Need For Speed.



DarkKirby said:

I can't agree with the guy who wrote this letter, he clearly hasn't done the research on how the industry works on multiple levels and is using his opinions as "facts". I will hold off on insulting his intelligence.

"sorry but Zelda hasn't been exciting since Ocarina, and Metroid is dead to many of us unless a full reboot from a capable group occurs"

Take off the nostalgia glasses please. Everything back then was in fact, not better then everything now.

The Wii U is not doing that well, but the reason is there are no good exclusive games for it that actually push console sales.

Game publishers make excuses and blame the console or the developers (which you would know is horse crap if you had any knowledge on how game development works), but the most likely reason is they want an extra good deal from Nintendo for releasing their game on the Wii U because they know the Wii U is in dire need of games to support it. They won't "risk" a loss because they feel not enough people own a Wii U and Nintendo won't bend to their demands. It's a game of chicken. If there as a new Zelda game out for example, consoles would fly off the shelves, and then publishers would go to Nintendo to get their games to be released on it.

Publishers flocking to the 720 and PS4? Both consoles are not even released of have any real information on them released. I doubt any of them are really ready, as both Sony and Microsoft want to see where they can trounce each other, just like they were waiting for the Wii U to be released. If you watched the PS4 "reveal" and didn't smack your head on a table I question if you are a sheep or not.

Nintendo is surely not unaware that the Wii U is in dire need of games, it's just that game development takes time, and no games are ready. They released the Wii U because the Wii was failing. They released it because THEY HAD TO.



ToxieDogg said:

The letter makes some good points, but saying Zelda hasn't been exciting since Ocarina, or implying that the Super Mario Galaxy games were developer self indulgent messes rather than the labour of love gaming masterpieces that most regard them as is pretty much absurd, especially coming from a guy who claims to be a developer himself.

He's just another frustrated Wii U owner like the rest of us waiting for some more games to come out, nothing more.



Ambassador_Kong said:

Seriously, look at how Nintendo turned the 3DS around and knee-capped the Vita at the same time. Vita releases in Japan, Capcom releases Monster Hunter on 3DS. The Vita still hasn't recovered from the launch and Nintendo keeps putting the screws to Sony's portable by releasing more and more quality software while the Vita, it appears, is becoming the portable indie device. Nothing wrong with indie software (La Mulana, Cave Story, VVVVVV, and such), but you can't build a viable system off of it.

So, I am not concerned about the state of the Wii U. Nintendo builds quality games with development costs that don't take 10 million sales to break even. I'm more concerned with the state of Sony (still bleeding cash) and Microsoft (rumors of mandatory hard drive installs and always online) than with Nintendo.



Reala said:

Too bad Fez wont be making to a nintendo system an original platformer is exactly what's been missing for a few years on nintendo systems, nintendo fans are missing out big time yet again.



thatoneguy4419 said:

I guess Nintendo could be a bit more assertive to 3rd Party developers about canceling/delaying their games, but like so many other people have said above, one must be patient. Once more games get developed for the Wii U, it will build up momentum, and eventually more developers will take interest in the system. The 3DS went through the same thing, so I think the Wii U will do just as well, or possibly even better.



supersix said:

There have been some ports that could have been considered half-hearted but Deus Ex isn't one of them. A better looking game that includes all dlc, changes based on fan reaction, developer commentary, and Wii U specific features is hardly half-hearted. I haven't seen many people complaining about HD remakes on the PS3 but it's now half-hearted when it comes to a Nintendo console? Would you rather NFS and Deus Ex just not be made? As a gamer I'm thrilled to be able to play Deus Ex on my Wii U and it seems like a really smart way for developers to support the console and get some brand recognition. Am I the only one?



Mommar said:


This would make sense except for the fact EVERYBODY is looking for a reason for Nintendo to die and it's seeping into the attitudes of the people selling the consoles now as well. This self-fulfilling prophecy of Nintendo seppuku seems to be getting more and more pervasive and it won't be long before everybody believes it because everybody is repeating it day in and day out.



Sun said:

Miiverse not frequently freezing, is that too much after FOUR months??



FluttershyGuy said:

There are points I agree with, and points I disagree with. One thing: I don't think Nintendo intentionally lied, as they have no control over fair-weathered 3rd party support, but that promised support has turned out to be untrue. I feel they need to do what it takes to make it true, and get 3rd parties back on board. Something does need to change. It's looking like Wii U could be the least-supported Nintendo console yet.

It REALLY makes Wii U look bad when you look at a list of consoles some games like Battlefield 4 will support. Anyone has to admit that showing a list consisting of half decade-old consoles and unreleased consoles, but not Nintendo's brand-new console, just... looks... bad. With that noteworthy absence, possible Wii U purchasers have to be ask themselves: "Is there something wrong with this system that I don't know about, but game makers do?"

From where I sit, reading news at Nintendo Life everyday, just about the only ones supporting Wii U are Indies, and Nintendo itself. There's the whole, "well, Nintendo gamers just buy its consoles for 1st party titles" thing. But, you can't tell me that it would win many consumers "on the fence" to know that they can get Metal Gear Solid 5 along with their Mario and Zelda! And to me, it's not out of the realm of possibility imagining Nintendo deciding they should just stop making consoles when they have little support from anybody else, and it would be cheaper for them to just put their games on PS4/X720.

So, I believe this 3rd party abandonment of Wii U could have everlasting effects, if not changed.



Intrepid said:

All I'm going to say to the person who wrote this letter is that, as any Nintendo fan will know, we experience periods of drought with every system, and it is something we are aware of and come to expect. Your system will be seeing plenty of use not to long from now, I assure you. You just need to be patient.

Also, you are not an early adopter by any means, Zelda has been way more interesting sice Ocarina of Time, and Metroid is far from dead. Save talk about dead franchises for F-Zero and Star Fox.



WiiUisBest said:

@Onward First your not a real gamer, second From what i read you seem like a sony fanboy to me so find you a sony website to troll and third if you knew nintendo as you claimed than you would know nintendo has it's reasons for what it does but to me your just some cry baby who can't have his way..So your writtens on nitendo are false and from what ive read alot of people agree with me...Who thinks this guy is right up there with michael prancher....just saying



WiiUisBest said:

Nintendo will never make games for sony....never going to happen and they said themselfs the day they stop making games for there hardware than nintendo would retire but again not going to happen..Nintendo has been around since the 1800's and will always make games for there stuff not some crappy company like sony who wants the rights to nintendo



PapaJupe13 said:

@Grubdog Your third post in this thread....but the letter writer is the whiny princess? OK. Makes sense. Go play your Lego game while the rest of the world plays the new Bioshock game.



Mathieran said:

I'm not worried. I don't know how anyone could be bored. I haven't had a period of time where I didn't have anything to play. Although, I got Xenoblade in late January and played that straight through til almost the end of February. Otherwise, I have about 10 games so far including eshop games. It doesn't matter to me, I will get Nintendo systems until they stop making them. Nintendo makes the best games, and the Wii U will catch on when they start coming out.



Pichuka97 said:

He's right about how Nintendo should live up to all there promises and they should grow a pair of balls but he was a little wrong when he started complaining about Zelda and 3D Mario games. Point is, Nintendo should stop taking their time with modernizeing their systems and just do it already because they are loosing customers outside of Japan all the time. Unifying 3DS and Wii U and bringing transferable acounts to both systems is a must. Also, games are important, yes, but how about doing what Sony does. If you buy one game on one console (Wii U), you can get it for free on your portable device (3DS). Please Nintendo, I don't want to see you become the next Sega in the industry.



WiiUisBest said:

@PapaJupe13 Bioshock is not that great first game was cool after that it went down hill as is sony...Meaning they are having money troubles and frankly playstation and xbox are not that great... Just saying



Mulder1617 said:

Zelda has stunk since Ocarina?!!! WOW!! That right there is a V-8 smack yourself on the forehead moment. Zelda has done very well since then with Twilight Princess, the remake of Ocarina in 3D, and Skyward Sword (which was epic!!). People were screaming for Link to be an adult and so they made him into an adult in Twilight Princess. Then they complained the game was too dark and thought it was dumb that he turned into a wolf for a good portion of the game. Then there is the whole Ubisoft debacle with Rayman getting pushed back and Ninja Gaiden: Razor's Edge now going to XBox 360 and Playstation 3 and it is frustrating but these things happen. There is always going to be a Pach-Attack, a third party that decides they want nothing to do with Nintendo or the Wii U, something totally unexpected that puts a game possibly on hold for a long time (i.e. Smash Bros. Wii U due to Sakurai's problems with his hands and wrists), sales numbers, and not enough 1st party games. The guy raises a lot of okay points but also is blowing a lot of hot air of "impatience". I agree with a lot of those others who made comments before mine that said wait until E3 because we never know what Nintendo has up their sleeves and until then we just need to sit down, relax, hunt and kill some monsters, drive like speed demons and mow poor lego people down, and bust some ghosts with our man of the year Luigi.



AlexSora89 said:

I'll say, just wait 'til we get a single screenshot of the new Smash Bros. next E3. One screenshot, and the Wii U will sell like candy once again.



Reala said:

idk SSB sold a ton on GC but didn't exactly propel the GC's sales anywhere near those of PS2's, not sure a single game is going to magically turn around wii u's fortunes, even if its sales do remain low though I doubt the prospects of any other console are going to be hugely better with the economy and all.



Rect_Pola said:

I see where this is coming from, they need to make third parties stand up and believe the must develop for it.



AtomicToaster said:

This guy's problem is he bought a Nintendo console for Battlefield! He set himself up for dissapointment right there! He should have bought a high end PC or a 360 for that game. I didn't buy into the bullpoop from third parties so I'm not heartbroken. I'm happy with Lego CIty, New Super Mario Bros, Monster hunter and Zombi U... to me that was an awesome launch!

We're hearing this week about EA losing their head honcho and Square calling most of their major games failures... meanwhile the Wiiu just revealed how easy it is for devs to develop for it, maybe even easier or comparable to steam.

If Nintendo's gets content on Wiiu looks like 3ds I'm more than happy. I didn't buy the console for Battlefield. I think that was an unrealistic expectation to expect the AAA industry to back Nintendo when they have more ties to big companies like Microsoft and Sony than they do to Nintendo. (That's where the anti Nintendo stuff is coming from, it's seems to be part of their business model for these big companies to back their fellow monolithic corporations over a much smaller company like Nintendo).

For me, Nintendo wins if it makes killer games and houses great indie games and games from smaller studios. Everything else is a bonus!

This guy wants Nintendo how it was in 1980's. That was prior to the mega companies throwing their hats in the ring of the console industry. The fact that their even still around after all these years is damn incredible!

But what's interesting is we're seeing bad news bears for the AAA industry and meanwhile we're seeing Nintendo with two brand new great consoles that people are going to buy. Meanwhile, "NINTENDO DOOMED OMG"! Yeah, ok! If you wanted the support of all the mega corporate hugglebunnies and all their bullpoop I guess you lost out, go buy a 720! haha!

That's not anything against this fairly well written letter. It's just my opinion!



SpaceApe said:

Perhaps gamers are just getting older and need more than just Mario and Zelda ? You know the average gamer is in their 30's. Something to think about Nintendo!



Wodkalime14 said:

And what about pikmin 3 and later on 3d mario, yoshi's new game, mario kart, hd zelda.... Mmmm no i still think it will be ok! It can and will only get better!



doctor_doak said:

"Lied to" is perhaps too strong. To me, it seems as though Nintendo made the launch window library to look better than what it was. If Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 & Rayman Legends had been released already...If Metro: Last Light hadn't been cancelled....if Aliens: Colonial Marines wasn't an utter turkey that's probably been cancelled for Wii U...we probably wouldn't be having this discussion. Launch window ends in two days, and there is still no release date in sight for Pkimin 3 & Wonderful 101. That's not great.

I do think Nintendo needed to push harder to get current 3rd party ports onto the system, perhaps by subsidizing them if need be. Games like Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.....there's no good reason these games shouldn't be coming to Wii U. As good a game as Deus Ex is, it's almost 2 years old, and anyone even vaguely interested in the game has already bought and played it.

I'd hold off on making a judgenment until E3 arrives, because then we'll have a better picture on the software outlook from late 2013 into 2014. It's still not clear just how hard Nintendo are chasing 3rd party projects, and what their plans are for 1st party software. Considering the final two years of the Wii saw a dearth of games released for that system, I think people should be worried about year 1 of the Wii U. Still, I have a feeling there will be a LOT of new games coming Q4 2013 and through 2014. Nintendo are probably holding off until E3 to ensure they can catch people's attention with the other two showing off their new systems.

I agree with a lot of the sentiments here, but still, there's probably other causes out there in the world that I could think of that are more deserving of 'an open letter' than this particular topic.



tripunktoj said:

I think he is overreacting and disagree with his view of Zelda and Nintendo as a whole. I agree with his comments (not his overreaction) about Wii U, except for the "hardcore" shooters he wants on Wii U that I didnt even knew they existed before media and "hardcore" gamers started ranting about not being on Wii U... and after some research, I dont have the slightest interest on them, as most Nintendo fans.



duskao said:

Certainly the system needs more advertising, there was a drought of games largely due to rayman as there really wasn't much of anything out around the same time and without that game it was very emphasized.
I have heard many complaints that the price for the Wii U is too high, I personally don't agree, but many people have been purchasing 360's and ps3's recently because the finally reached a reasonable price so their budgets for gaming systems have been spent. When the prices for the new systems come out it might spur on more sales for nintendo as it should have more to offer at that time as well as it WILL be cheaper then the other two consoles. Unless MS and Sony are going to sell their systems at incredible losses the hardware put inside of them will force the prices to 499 and up (my guess).
Gaming is now a slower market then it used to be, don't be surprised if the other consoles don't fly off the shelves either.



AtomicToaster said:

I think people are overreacting to Nintendo making things looking "better" for the console than it was. It's called marketing. Sony and Microsoft do it too. It's called selling a product, if anything Nintendo should be doing more of it. "Hell yeah, this poop will cook your toast and butter it for you!" Buy this poop! Why did the Wii sell so well? The thing was marketed like it was the freakin' messiah of games!

Yes, back yourself up with great content too, but market you the poop out of what you got!

Since Tomb Raider was "a failure" after selling millions of copies, I'm sure we're going to see a port, I would bet next year actually.



Pichuka97 said:

Lets not start a fanboy war but all I was saying is that I'm tired of hearing people trash Nintendo for silly reasons. If Nintendo could at least bring transferable acounts to both systems, that would be a good start.



WingedSnagret said:

Apparently people don't understand this thing called patience anymore...

Seriously, the good games are on the way, relax for crying out loud!



Yosh said:

Losing face, seriously, have you even played luigi's mansion dark moon? Look at the unbelievable nintendo charm it has, don't let people write BS all over the website, it takes up space that could be used for something worthwhile, I bet this guy think's we're spamming, instead of what we are doing, Criticizing a really misinformed letter to nintendo.



brooks83 said:

Just yesterday a woman tried buying The Walking Dead for her Wii and asked if the Zapper would be compatible with it. I had to explain to her that it was for the new Wii U system, not the Wii.



Melkaticox said:

@Pichuka97 Because that makes either the company that made the game or Sony lose money? That's why Nintendo won't do that. They're not stupid (and they don't want to bleed money like sony does).



Arminillo said:

He's wrong about one thing. The Wii U is totally advertised. I've seen a whopping 0 ads on TV.



WanderingPB said:

Nintendo plays chess not checkers…though sum interesting points were brought up i am absolutely enjoying my WiiU more than i did the Wii and regardless of whats happening now the future looks promising just u wait



thebrickknight said:

Please don't post upsetting things like this. Posting over reaction letters like this is the reason sales for the Wii U are low. Every time someone voices a concern like this, it plants a tiny seed in the heads of consumers. The Wii U has been out for only 4 months and has had fantastic titles already. Please give them some time. In my opinion Nintendo is doing their best in an industry where every game company is struggling.



Steveovig said:

Posting the letters isn't why the U isn't selling. Actually, it's lack of games, lack of power, and a stupid gimmick no one cares about or is practical.



Fingeldor said:

This kind of pressure from consumers and lovers of Nintendo only has the potential to work in their favor if it keeps the company on its toes. I think the games are coming, as many others have already outlined before me. However, do not underestimate the power publishing this kind of material can (and likely will) have. In fact, I would go as far to say that NOT complaining may resemble total complacency and satisfaction (albeit a lack of console sales). I'm comfortable complaining if it renders more titles and more content. I'm in for the long haul, let's see how things play out.



Gamesake said:

@SpaceApe It is something to consider, but those thirty somethings were all kids playing Nintendo games at one point in their lives. And as every gamer grows older, new gamers are born (at least in theory). Nintendo doesn't need to start stressing more mature games.



Steveovig said:

It's more like NOA needs to listen to its fans. Reggie has made so many blunders, it's hard to count them all. Him and Iwata have kinda sat on their hands with this launch. How can you screw up the 3DS launch and then proceed to do the same with the U? These days don't get anything and this is coming from a Nintendo fan.



ToxieDogg said:

@Windy You could've played Twilight Princess with a normal controller if you'd wanted. That's what the (fully compatible with the Wii at the time) Gamecube version was for.



Stark_Nebula said:

While I won't comment on the 3rd party issue as I have rarely ever liked 3rd party titles, I will say that there was something lost during the Wii phase that Nintendo needs to start showing again. And quite frankly, I'm sort of happy that the Wii U has poor sales - or rather Gamecube sales. Gamecube games were amazing. Remember that the one in last place makes the best games, not because they want to, but because they need to.
You have to shine brightest when you're in the darkest part of the woods.



klautrec said:

I agree that Nintendo needs to get third party support for the wii u, and that the console is in deep need for quality software. after all the "launch window" games were not delivered.

But they still excites me when they show a new mario game, or a new zelda, I still love the company (maybe too much).



BATRA said:

all i want to see are these game on the wii u battalion wars 3,star fox,zelda wind waker hd and please some good rts games and mmo games to gamepad that can us it ok



BATRA said:

capcom need to bring lost planet 3 to the wii u and megaman to we would buy these games on the wii u



Neram said:

I think Nintendo went vastly out of their way to cater to third-party developers. The blame is on third-parties, and gamers. Third-parties have personal grudges against Nintendo, or fear that putting their games on Nintendo's systems will somehow hurt their credibility because it's seen as the "kiddie" platform. Gamers constantly want new games rather than enjoying the ones they already have, a vicious cycle of consumerism that is spiraling out of control, making it easy for companies to milk franchises.

There are games on the Wii U, Nintendo has done their part to cater to developers, now it's all on the third-parties. I do think Nintendo gamers need to be better at voting with their wallets, though. They need to stop being all talk, and actually support the games they keep asking for, don't shy away once it actually comes out (Operation Rainfall for example).



MrSazperilla said:

As I read the comments, It seems like alot of people do not agree with the open letter. I for one agree with the letter and I think the Wii U is dieing. I think everyone knows it too. Its like people in the comments are going through the stages of grief and right now are on the first step which is denial. Wii U did have a strong launch but sales are not there and wont be there unless Nintendo gets the third party exited. Dead Space 3, Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, and BioShock Infinite should have all released on Wii U. They are not and the system is not doing well. The marketing is not there. Nintendo its easy listen to the people do what they want and you will dominate.



sdcazares1980 said:

I agree that it's a little too soon to judge the Wii U, but Nintendo really needs to start kicking ass again. "Innovation" and "uniqueness" isn't gonna cut it anymore. It needs to COMPETE! It needs to compete with the other consoles, and it needs to acknowledge that it IS in competition with Microsoft and Sony. There's no other way to see this.



Benjamin said:

@AbeVigoda Like you had anything better to do.

Responses like this are such mindless crap. If we opened the page, the least we can do is read what's there.



WiiUisBest said:

@MrSazperilla Well im not in denial. People said the same about 3ds and we know how that went but to me it sounds like you want nintendo to die..well sorry that won't happen if you think there dying go play the other two consoles but i have a feeling the ps4 and xbox720 will have the same problems...just saying



GeminiSaint said:

People, people. Letters directed to corporate entities should be short and to the point. Axe the fluff and cut straight to the chase. Doing so dramatically improves its chances of being read.



EverythingAmiibo said:

Another retro fan ranting about 'the good old days', shut up and make room for the new generation, there's more to Nintendo than Mario! yes, the Wii U needs better games, but an Ocarina of time like Zelda and ANOTHER 2D Mario? Come on! Face it, you liked Nintendo better because you were a kid back then, you know, the people who are supposed to play video games. So stop with your 'back in my day' crap and focus your energys on getting Nintendo's lazy but moving!



Windy said:

I just love seeing gamers stick together **rolls eyes** I agree with the letter although I would have been much harder on Nintendo. they are screwing it up in a big way. Hope your letter gets heard. I wish you would have mentioned they had a chance with the Wii-U launch to make this killer online gaming service with Mii-Verse and the amusement park but dropped the ball. its been 3 years now Reggie.....Robust online gaming service? that was supposed to happen with Wii. They also asked us to be patient with Wii. and now Wii-U



softserve said:

I think some of the game complaints and desires are way too specific. I'm not sure what Metroid is referring to — I hated Other M from anything but a gameplay perspective, but the Prime series is excellent. And while I want Startropics to return more than any single Nintendo franchise, we can't pretend that will do a thing.

I'm totally on board with the complaints about 3rd parties and Nintendo's seeming lack of interest in attaining them, though.



d-devo said:

After the Battlefield 4 news I agree. About the Raymond delay whatever I didn't care for that game much but Nintendo needs a triple A shooter (besides the copy and paste cod). I own the Wii U and have bought a few games since but I want to play some of the tripple A titles on the Wii U and I fear I will never happen. As much as I hate to say I am very disappointed so far.



Doge said:

Why you hatin' bro?... Nintendo gots sum problems right now, but its just all the superstison about how differnet the tablet idea is, and all dem peeps are just stickin'to what they know best... the classic XBox controller.




brucelebnd said:

Nintendo will be fine, if they cut the price on the Wii U, even if it's only the basic then people will buy it.

my only probably is with Nintendo of America. Nintendo systems have interesting looking games but a lot of the time they'll never see the light of day in the North America region., C

Earth Seeker, Tales of Graces, Day of Disaster, Zangeki no Reginleiv, Captain Rainbow and a lot more. I probably would have bought all 5 of those. that's $250. I know I'm in the minority but still.

it's just Nintendo of America that's the problem. people had to beg Nintendo to get Xenoblade Chronicles and Nintendo didn't even bother with Last Story, thankfully XSeed stepped up. Reggie just cares about playing it safe but Just Dance will only get you so far



Gidkilla said:

Nintendo fans being Nintendo fans we tend to on our high horse when backed into the corner like we are at the moment, but I do think we should be concerned. After 20 years of buying Nintendo products i can safely say the company now is a different beast. the quality is still there at times, but they lost sight of what made them a great company with the Wii. I don't want that tablet to play games with, i want a top end next gen console and i couldn't give a monkeys about seeing the map on a second screen (and that is where we'll be with third party releases before you know it).



DarkCoolEdge said:

If developers keep neglecting WiiU things are gonna get ugly. I will buy it because Nintendo games are myfavorites but even I am not really sure about it, and I bought a 3ds in its first month and never worried.



zionich said:

Is funny how the comments and voting block don't seem to be lining up. The reason I agree with the letter is that this is different than other console launches. Nintendo rode the success of the wii for all it was worth. Nintendo hopefully didn't foolishly think that those costumers would be repeat customers. Nintendo had everything to gain coming out strong, but also everything to lose. Yes this is hindsight, but now the position, like it or not, is play massive catch up.



MAB said:

Was a behemoth wall of text... Sounded like the ramblings of a member of the otherside



Matty2310 said:

While his views on third parties are agreeable, his statements on Zelda and Mario Galaxy are wrong.



Grackler said:

When did gamers start caring about stocks and sales so much? Why is every games sites comment section so obsessed with the WiiU performance in shops? Sure, a successful machine could mean more games, but I've had some of my best gaming years on the N64 and Gamecube, commercial flops compared to rivals.
I love the WiiU. The console feels amazing to use, the features are lovely, the online shops are lovely, there's no nasty DRM-lockout-preowned-bonsense, the games are original (or just ultimately polished versions of great titles), and Nintendo have made all the right noises when it comes to new games and updates (in seriously exciting and earnest broadcasts).
I'm looking forward to the next year with relish. If it's selling or not, Nintendo is doing what I personally want out of gaming, and I'm ready for a awesome ride. Anyone who's in this for the sheer, unadulterated fun of it all is welcome to join!



Doge said:

Change of words....
Wii U is just not being realized, and i have 3 good reasons for saying so

1. NO (or very little) ADVERTISMENTS?! seriously, how are supposed to know about this thing if you only see it on gaming website, while most casual gamers dont go on gaming websites.

2. NO ( or not alot of) GAMES! now, im not saying to rush and make more, but im also saying that gamers look at its gaming library first, and wii U doesn't have alot..... yet. just give it time for its library to grow and get some true masterpieces.

3.TO MUCH INNOVATION!... now again, i'm not saying its a totally bad thing... and also in this case, its also because of recent games on the 3ds to...Nintendo right now it seems, is bent on being "unique", but sometimes,its to much, and gamers either get deeply disappointed, or just don't even buy the game. this is shown through Paper Mario Sticker star,which absolutely sucked. it had a bad story line, bad item mechanics, and almost no creativity. EVERYONE WAS ****IN' TOAD!! the new level design ruined everything,like the free roaming aspect. basically what im trying to say is, Nintendo should not take everything good out of a good franchise, and im hoping that wont happen with Pikmin 3's 4 different people aspect. with Wii U, the same thing is happening with the tablet. I agree the tablet is a good idea, but gamers are just confused or superstisous.



Funny_Moblin said:

Wow. Very strong words. I applaud this fan. I'm sorry this is off topic but is there a way transfer game saves from one NNID to another on the same console?



dragon_rider said:

@HeatBombastic Square left because the N64 format was limiting; they couldn't fit four discs onto a 64 MB cart without making severe sacrifices to audio/video data. Capcom did it, but only for one game, and even then sacrifices had to be made.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Well, I can agree that 3rd parties need to step things up a notch, but I don't think that's Nintendo's fault - these 3rd parties are just either too lazy to develop for the Wii U, or they just don't have faith in it and don't want to say it. That's about the only thing I can agree on with this guy.

As for low sales, yadayadayada, I say this: Uh, the console was released only a few MONTHS ago. Not YEARS. MONTHS. Not only that, but it's tax season in the US, and I think a lot of people don't have the ability to plop down $300-$350 for a new console, let alone a new anything. I'm sure I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure there's some truth to that.

Someone should also tell this guy that patience is a virtue, and I think he needs to re-think his "crappy products for crappy consumers" logic. I mean, sure, not all Wii games were top notch, but there were several, like the Mario Galaxies, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario Kart Wii, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Wii Sports and Wii Fit titles. And some third party, like Sonic Colors, for example. For cryin' out loud, Sonic Unleashed wasn't regarded as the best Sonic game ever, and a number of reviewers I've seen deemed the Wii version as the superior one. And even though I didn't play them, I'm sure that the Metroids and Legend of Zeldas released for the Wii were top-notch.

The Wii U needs time to work its way up. Every console ever released needed time to work its way through. I mean, sure, some failed, but that failure wasn't necessarily declared until a couple years later (a la Dreamcast. And before anyone asks, I do know the story of the Virtual Boy). Another example would be the Super Nintendo. It started off pretty strong, but struggled a bit once Sonic made his way on the scene. And then, Nintendo managed to pick up the pace quite quickly with Donkey Kong Country and other releases, a few years after the launch. So like I said, the Wii U, like anything, needs time to get moving.

I say it's a tad bit too soon to be sending this letter in. Wait a while. If the system doesn't improve in about a year or so, like Morph said, then Nintendo has a problem on their hands.



Zach said:

I hate when someone harshly criticizing Nintendo is immediately looked at as an enemy. Clearly this person cares about the company, but some people will read that it is negative in tone and attack the author. It's a smart move that they chose to remain anonymous — I'm sure there would be many calling for a boycott of their software otherwise. In my opinion, he's almost completely right. Sure, Zelda has been exciting since Ocarina... but what an event Ocarina was, what a game-changer! That's what I feel like he means by specific things like that. I do feel like if things continue in the fashion they're going, Nintendo will have to sit out at least the next generation of home consoles. And I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, given that they continue to make games and handhelds. But the idea of this "former glory" is an uplifting thought, because it reminds me of a time when games were magical, and Nintendo's in particular. If things returned to that kind of energy to proceedings, there's no amount of money I could make that would be too much to use in buying Nintendo products. So I definitely agree with him in large part. Too many times we let Nintendo off the hook for shoddy web support, shoddy online shopping experiences, shoddy graphics. So now, a console generation later, I'm more of the mind that an agressive but loving stance is the one to take with Nintendo. As for the part about him or her being some anonymous nobody... well, obviously he or she isn't a nobody or they wouldn't prefer to remain anonymous, I think.



Schprocket said:

@BestBuck123 I think you completely missed @dsparil's point.
If you go back and read it again - from the start - it was written that way on purpose to illustrate how a turn of phrase about games on any four month old console can make any such console look like crap. Your response shows that the twist in language unexpectedly had the intended effect
BTW, you only have to look up Wikipedia (or read my months' old forum rant) to see how well any console performed in it's first four months, particularly for those who judge success by quantity...



ZachDusoswa said:

This message is totally out of place.. Early adopter?? The early adopters were people like me and my friends... Who camped out overnight for one. He's sitting there playing the blame game as if the third party's quietness is Nintendo's fault! well I do agree with some of the more mature statements, He lacks a complete understanding of what's going on... Being new to HD, Nintendo has a huge task of making their franchises up to HD "Standards." It takes much more manpower and resources than people may think, Hence delayed 1st party games. And another thing... Although Ocarina of Time will always have a special place in my heart, to say that Zelda hasn't been great since OoT is absolutely absurd! Majora's Mask? WindWaker? Twilight Princess? Freaking Skyward Sword?? Those games are critically acclaimed across the board and have HUGE legacies! ...Don't get me wrong I want the hard hitting franchises (Mario, Zelda, Bayonetta, Etc.) as much as the next guy, but for Christ sakes people... IT'S NINTENDO! as long as Iwata-san and Shiggy are at the Wheel the Wii U will pull out of the drought, and fight to win!!!



Steveovig said:

It's not the third-party's faults, it's Nintendo's for not giving much confidence to them that their stuff would sell. They put out a trashy under-performing console at the end of a generation with a controller that can't be replaced easily. If you were a third-party publisher, would you put money into a game to port it to a new console if it's only going to sell a minimal amount of copies? That's what's happening with Black Ops II and I guarantee third-parties recognize that. I maintain that they should've dumped all the R&D money from the Gamepad and put it into making the console way more competitive with the PS4 and 720. Then, they would've at least gotten some next-gen multi-plat games. Now, they're in a lame duck position getting no games from third parties and they're going to struggle just to break even with this console. Blame Iwata for being inept and having no idea how to compete.



PeachMelba said:

Gotta love some of these replies from people with their heads in the sand. If you notice there are less of them as the comments go on - the people who live at this site and comment within minutes prove themselves to be the fanboys, while the rest of us who check new news once or twice a day are starting to post and you see more thoughtful and unbiased replies to what was a very well-written opinion piece.

If you notice, those with their heads in the sand mostly attack the piece for minor quibbles (his opinion on Zelda or Metroid on previous systems, or debate how early you have to be to become an "early adopter" which is beside the point here) and completely miss the entire truth of the article. I am a huge Nintendo fan, had every system since R.O.B. was with us, and can promise you that Wii U will be the only console I buy this generation - I have an XBox 360 just to play the original XBox Buffy game (cue folks who say my opinion is invalid based on that alone, LOL).

Yes, Wii U is in trouble, guys. It's been a sad realization for me but here are the facts:

  • Developers have dropped support astonishingly fast. If you follow Nintendo news, game after game is getting dropped, or will not be ported. When we do get ports (like Injustice Gods Among us) we are paying the same $60 as everyone else for it, but they just quietly announced that we will NOT be eligible for any of the preorder content, the future DLC, and they aren't even offering the CE package in a Wii U version. I'm sure some will say that's a good thing - they don't wanna spend the $ on those things, but many of us do - and we are getting less of a game than everyone else (new maps, skins, etc,). It all speaks to Nintendo either being difficult to deal with (in spite of how friendly they supposedly are now to indie developers) or that the install base simply isn't enough for them to want to sell us more things (which means it must be terrible - they don't want our money!). So even the games we are getting are gimped from the start.
  • The supposed features of Wii U - like the joke known as TVii - have been a major let-down. I was excited for the so far vapor-ware for TiVo compatibility ut to be honest my phone and tablet already interact with it better than the Wii U and its clunky interface ever could anyway now that I've seen it in action. The whole thing was rushed (and still late to boot) and has proven to be utterly useless and a waste of time.
  • The Virtual Console is a travesty, and even worse than the Wii. There should be many many more games by now - they should have had 50 minimum ready for launch. It cannot be that difficult to get the games over here, and if it is they need some serious programming help if they have such a hard time emulating their own games when programs and devices to do it have existed for going on two decades. The trickle-theory meant that less and less sold over time as people lost interest on the Wii side, and they didn't learn their lesson here. I would have easily spent hundreds of bucks on virtual console games by now - but they will it sell them!

I could go on and on (like the crappy retail download situation - same price as full retail for a product they don't have to manufacture and deliver and only one console can ever use, which wouldn't be so bad except that Wii U games go on sale so often you really are spending way more for less) but you either see reality or you don't. Stores are trying to get out of the Wii U biz as much as possible, the Wii U units are literally gathering dust, no one aside from gamers even know it exists, and Nintendo is thinking improving the terrible load speeds sometime this summer, and a remake of a Gamecube game are big news. That's what we have to look forward to.

I'm sure there will be a few great first party Mario games, and Zelda, but Nintendo just proved the point that the critics have said for years - they might as well just become software developers if the only things really worth playing are first party. And there isn't even enough of them for the foreseeable future.

I could give a crap about what the industry or whomever thinks, though - my biggest gripe is that I want to give Nintendo my money, but they won't take it and no one else will even come to the party to attempt to take it. Yeah, it's early in the life cycle, but when a vegetable grows in a garden and long before its ripe it already has worm holes and deformed roots, it's never going to reach its potential no matter how long you let it grow. Nintendo needs a swift kick in the nuts, now.



Schprocket said:

@Zach I agree with the latter part of your post regarding the slow uptake with internet integration of services. However there's has to be a considered approach when we talk about 'speed'. Whilst MS, with it's vast networking experience, had a comparatively good out-of-the-box experience online, Sony took nearly two years to get to a similar point and that was with the huge resources behind them - much more so than Nintendo.
If Nintendo has a failing, it's that they are "only" in the business of making consoles and games: what should be a strength is also a weakness because they have no cross-pollination of resources from other non-game related sectors of the "parent" company.
They have, up until recently, seemingly completely underestimated the impact of the internet and integrating that with the local multiplayer that only Nintendo seems to (correctly) care about. This does make me wonder if this is in part a reflection of the Japanese culture and market.
We all assume that without a Western market that Nintendo would be doomed. That may be true in a global sense but I doubt it would mean the end of Nintendo in Japan.
Interestingly, we don't hear news from Japanese doom-sayers... makes you wonder if strings are being pulled by people who don't like open competition...



Ren said:

This is sad but mostly true. (though I don't get why he hated the Galaxy games so much, they were great, and I haven't ever been dissapointed by zelda).
the @peachmelba above this is about my feeling on this stuff.
They don't seem to get the role of marketing here in the US, it's really strange how invisible the WiiU is to me. I know a few other pretty avid gamers who still don't really get that the WiiU is a full 'upgrade' from the Wii and not just a new controller. That's really bad. I went out of my way to play it at the pre-launch events and wasn't impressed so it's been scary but I've pretty much jumped ship because I just love video games and I can't wait around for Nintendo to start being a part of all the great new stuff that's happening. I hope they have some secret plan for a whole new competitive console or something because it does look pretty weak to even save now.



Schprocket said:

I like a good conspiracy theory, so here's one I've invented and let's see how long it takes to become an internet 'fact';
Nintendo advertising is stymied globally because as with third-party game releases, Microsoft has 'incentivised' it's software licences for businesses who 'over-proceduralise' marketing submissions from Microsoft's competitors.



XCWarrior said:

3DS had a slow start. Now it's doing great.

Same will be with Wii U. Heck, there is Monster Hunter now. Everything is fine. If you don't have something to play on your Wii U, you're not a gamer.



Windy said:

@Zach its because some people love throwing others under the bus. The letter is totally correct and could have had additional issues.



DarkNinja9 said:

well i do have to agree at some points i mean i feel like this letter or part of it should be considered and passed along... they do need to get more third party support if not find a way it suck to see articles and news about how so and so game isnt coming to wii u even though they say it will be for ps4 and xbox720 its like wtf

i think what we need is the whole "wow" factor of varies good games that ppl will talk about and make those other companies wonder what the talk is about i think thats what hes saying o.o



TravisTouchdown said:

I agree with many of the points addressed in the letter, however, I must digress that it's not Nintendo's fault if 3rd Parties who promised support are suddenly backing out. If anything, it's their promise being broken, not Nintendo's.



MAB said:

All this talk of the PS4/720 is gonna get all these games sounds like the developers talking about WiiU last year... What if said consoles only sell 500,000 in their first 6 months



Davidiam007 said:

Nintendo didn't lie. The developers and publishers did when they decided to turn their backs. I for one can't wait for the wonderful 101, both Zeldas, starfox, supersmash bros., f-zeros and metroids that will be coming.
I believe nintendo will go into full swing after e3 and this a soft launch/testing ground for nintendo. Like someone else put it,"a beta test"



Noend said:

I have more Wii U games than I can play. On top of that, I have their first party games that are nearly infinitely replayable.



willobee said:

Oh geez. A system launch is always a bit of a waiting game. It's always been that way, for every single console ever. Big rush of games, then a big pause. Developers either want to hit launch day, or they are generally a fair time after that. Often until the next holiday season, because that's when the money comes rolling in.

Buying a console on launch day and expecting anything different is just a mix of anticipation and delusion.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@PeachMelba: I can agree with the Virtual Console aspect. But I took notice that you say the "retail download" situation is bad because Nintendo charges the full retail price. Well, I guess I'll say it here, because I've seen it: Nintendo isn't the only one guilty of this. Last I checked, I've seen Skyrim and Saints Row: The Third, both available on Xbox Live as downloads, and both have cost the same as they do in stores (at one time or another). I'm sure both have gone down in price as well, just like Nintendo having their sales on the eShop. I honestly think you need some patience as well, just like this fellow who wrote his letter.



Steveovig said:

Of course, that's all part of a launch but I don't think third-party publishers ignoring a console or cancelling games is part of the agenda.



gojiguy said:

Nintendo -has- been an attack dog. Look at Monster Hunter. That's a huge investment for them, they nabbed that. It will pay off in Japan for sure.

But they need to keep the West interested, too. They can help push Monster Hunter but its not going to be a megaton. Not like this.

What about F-Zero? StarFox? What about these collaborations Nintendo keeps talking about? These could all be very interesting things. Maybe they finally bring Mother/Earthbound to the west? Surely they've been waiting for the opportune time?



ToxieDogg said:

@Windy And that was my point. I don't understand why you're complaining that you couldn't play Twilight Princess with a regular controller when you could have just bought the GC version instead of the Wii version, run it on your Wii and played it with a GC controller instead. As for Skyward Sword...yeah, maybe I can see your point there seeing as it only came out on Wii and motion controls were mandatory.

I'm not trying to troll you or anything, just pointing it out.



luminalace said:

I agree with the letter partially though honestly I am not concerned about 1st party games. However the 3rd party situation is a real worry for me. I don't buy a Nintendo system for just Nintendo games! I unlike many other Nintendo fans buy 3rd party titles and although I own a PS3, a Nintendo controller is always my preferred option. I own 11 games currently, 9 of which are 3rd party games. I really want Nintendo to secure the big games so not only can I play them but to also showcase my beloved console!



Deathgaze said:

I agree with everything but his Zelda comment.

Majora's Mask was far better than OoT imo, and Wind Waker was close to OoT. But I thought Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword were jokes so yeah.



Sir_Deadly said:

I find it funny how you get like 1 out of every 15 Nintendo fans complain about third-party support but the other 14 only by the system for 1st party games!!! Unfortunately the one who write the letter is the 1. We should def have a letter counter this one because Nintendo does deserve some credit with the launch. Btw people, We are still in the launch window so a couple more titles are getting released!



gundam00 said:

for the tl;dr crowd, I shall sum up the article:

"Nintendo make games for me and only me because Nintendo was created only for me. Signed, Troll"

FYI, Nintendo does NOT care about being "laughed at in the halls" at your "software development firm" aka your bedroom. Nintendo is above your high-school mentality.



doctor_doak said:


No. He has a good point in that respect. NES/SNES games were known for their challenge...sometimes due to brilliant game design, often due to shonky fact, brilliant & shonky design often co-existed..

I don't think Nintendo have done anywhere near enough to cater for the 30- somethings who grew up with the company. When you consider that your average gamer is in their early 30's, there doesn't seem to be any valid reason for pitching your games solely at 10 year old kids or casuals..

I don't think Nintendo have done a good job at making their games challenging for gamers who are used to being set a hard task, and not having their hand held the whole way. I think a few 3DS titles have sought to address this. Mario Land and Ocarina of Time specifically have modes that offer greater challenge..

Nintendo need to get better at making their games accessible enough for kids, while adding challenge for veterans. Kirby's Epic Yarn for instance is a very charming game, but it doesn't provide any challenge. Offering distinct difficulty levels would be a start...

So it's not a case of "you're old, you're not with it, you're out of touch..move on with the times". Games have progressively become easier to appeal to a wider audience....but, I feel as though Nintendo don't really consider gamers from the 80's and 90's as a prime target audience, which I don't really understand..because they're the one's with disposable income and an historic attachment to the Nintendo brand.



iphys said:

I was disappointed with the whole concept for the Wii U from the initial announcement, disappointed with the way they priced the Basic and Deluxe models, but bought a Deluxe anyway only to be disappointed with how sluggish it is and how often it freezes up. However, I still don't believe the Wii U is a failure yet. I still think Nintendo will be able to sell systems with every good game they release. If third parties tended to make high-quality games like Nintendo, and tended to make their games exclusive to just the Wii U, it might help sell the Wii U, but I really don't think Nintendo can count on that: it's going to take their own software to sell the Wii U, and that will take time. I actually think it was a mistake in trying to rely so much on third party games for the 3DS and Wii U launches.



gundam00 said:

@iphys For some reason I remember reading somewhere the third-party developers were whining that they couldn't compete with Nintendo's first-party line up during launches, so Nintendo complied and cutback on their first-party line up for launches in order to have more third-party support.



Mr_G said:

I don't understand what has happened in the world?
Why is there so much nintendo hate going on. Why are so many people so worked and so angry and eager to see nintendo fail

Not just the internet or bloggers or journalist or even all my friends all of a sudden! everyone is on the hate nintendo band wagon and i have no idea why?

This is the company that basically created the gaming world. They saved it in the 80's and created some of the most iconic games and ideas and hardware ever and now all of a sudden we are attacking them like they out to eat our childrens souls.

Why why why why people. why are you doing this,
Nintendo was our childhood! our dreams our joys through our life and now we are ready to burn them at the stake!

I don't get it?



timp29 said:

Stop giving this guy a hard time. He put himself out there and I for one agree with his main point. Nintendo needs to man up and get these 3rd parties on board.

However, we have to remember that until recently Nintendo had a rough relationship with 3rd party developers. Baby steps, it isn't going to right itself overnight, but Nintendo does need to take a stance. Battlefield 4 is a big miss and a reason NOT to buy WiiU. Think about it that way.

Nintendo isn't here to please the fans boys, it's here to move units and corner the video game market. Not missing A+ titles is key in achieving this.



brucelebnd said:

what any kids show and you'll see Nintendo commericals. Nintendo is 1st and foremost a family systems in the minds of the general public.

Just Dance 3 sold almost 10 million units on the Wii. Just Dance 3 basically killed all other 3rd party games in sales expect COD games. Nintendo is fine. people forget that games like that sell really well with families.

once the Wii U gets into a family friendly price range they be fine. Nintendo is making a profit off the Delux Model, which is insane, considering it took MS 5 years to make a profit on the 360 and Sony 4 years.



Jeremyx7 said:

I partially agree that he has some fair points about 'weak third party support' and how Nintendo is allowing that to continue. BUT. and this is a BIG BUT Nintendo can only do so much to encourage developers outside their company to share their vision. They can only show them the door but in the end the Developers have to be the ones to decide to walk through that Door.

Nintendo has been doing just about everything they can to promote their awesome system of creative potential so I find it very unfair to criticize them when there are MANY other factors to consider outside their influence. People still seem to be forgetting to take into account of the declining economy happening world wide thus the lack of sales for an EXPENSIVE NEW SYSTEM. People included here at NintendoLife.

I also stopped reading half way through this article the moment I read 'Zelda hasn't been exciting since Ocarina, and Metroid is dead to many of us unless a full reboot from a capable group occurs. We need games like StarTropics, old-school Zelda, and Excitebike.' So many things wrong with his vision of Nintendo here.....



axis1500 said:

Weird rant, especially as three games are out on Wii U this week.
Also, letter accuses Nintendo of lacking innovation, goes on to thank them that the new Mario is only 2D and mock the fact that the innovative Super Mario Galaxy (The highest rated game of all time on any format according to Gamerankings) didn't sell as well. What's up with that?

It's all too easy to forget that the 3DS had similar problems at the start. Much hyped E3 Third Party games like Megaman Legends and Saints Row were cancelled. Games like Crush3D and CaveStory were delayed. Heck, the 3DS was even worse - at this point in time, it didn't even have a web browser or eShop.



timp29 said:

@PeachMelba You hit the nail on the head! Couldn't agree more, especially with regards to the elitist fanboy quibblers picking apart the OP arguement on minor technicalities



MitchVogel said:

Well I do partially agree with the letter, but it's still way to early to decide whether or not the console will fail. That said, he does have a point with how Nintendo promised all this strong 3rd party support and then it didn't happen. Anyone remember the unveiling of this? What happened to that "unprecedented partnership" between EA and Nintendo? Heck, if I remember right they even expressed interest in bringing Battlefield to Wii U. Personally, I couldn't care less about that particular game, but my point is that something has changed between Ninty and 3rd parties since then. Whatever it is, they just need to get their act together.



Ultrasyd said:

Some valid points about the launch ... We have mainly bad news everyday, with new games not coming, or games delayed, issues with the system.
But I don't agree with things like "Zelda hasn't been exciting since Ocarina", or "we want oldschool stuff" :/



19Robb92 said:

This was a quite silly letter. Can't believe people don't have better things to do.



Kage_88 said:

Hmmm, while I do see this dude's (dudette's?) point, I think this letter is more of a good old whinge than anything.

However, recent events have not painted the future of the Wii U in a positive light - at least in terms of 3rd party support. I was gutted when I found out that MGSV was not confirmed for Nintendo's console - as I'm sure many other were with titles such as Battlefield 4, Crysis 3, Dead Island: Riptide, MGR: Revengeance & Metro 2044. Also, let's not forget the EA & GDC debacles, where it seems like devs are only all too willing to dismiss the Wii U. Oh, and the lacklustre sales.

Despite all this, I think it is simply too early to stick a fork in it. The release of Monster Hunter Tri HD alone boosted the console's sales by 125% (if I remember right). I said this before, and I'll say it again; when Nintendo shows its big guns at E3, all this doom and gloom will seem like ancient history.



FineLerv said:

If anything, there's too many games to play on the Wii U right now. I understand the frustration of the Wii60 owners (who only use their Nintendo consoles for first-party games and play everything else on their X-Box for the achievements). But, for myself, there's too much to play - and not enough time to play it all! How many games do people actually buy these days? One a month? One a fortnight? A quick sort bu score on Gamerankings shows an impressive list of games that have scored 80% and above on the Wii U for a console that has only been out for a few months.

I've officially reached the point where I have a "to-buy" list. But with Monster Hunter out, that list is only going to sit there growing for a while. People really need to get off their computers and go and actually play some games.

And before you start with the whole childish "fan boy" rhetoric that people use when they don't have a valid argument, I played my PS3 for 3 hours today (though the whole time I was wishing I was on my Wii U).



SneakyStyle said:

This letter was very well written, and it is very true nintendo have lost their way lately, they need to get back to the classic nintendo we all knew and loved while we grew up. The only game that i've spent more then 50hrs on WiiU is monster hunter 3U... and I have 6 games. To have the console for this long and to have only played it so little is disapointing.

However! I do have faith that the next few months will bring back the fun, and finally get me some good game time on the system.



Drawdler said:

Of course Nintendo are not perfect, because perfection does not exist. Nintendo may not have "next-gen graphics", or the games other consoles get sometimes, but does PS360 have- for example- Mighty Switch Force!, Professor Layton, the newer Monster Hunter games, and Nintendo's features like Miiverse, Dual Screen, and the GamePad? No. I play Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games and I play my other consoles for other games.
Stop worrying about what you don't get, instead, strive to get it- buy a Wii U AND a PS360, or whatever floats your boat, if you want both sides that badly. And sit down and play the games you do have. I still haven't beaten some of my games from 2012(and don't get me started on COMPLETING them).
I'm not saying Nintendo's strategy will forever be absolutely fine, but I think gamers these days are focusing too much on which games each console gets, and forgetting to play the games that they have.

... Of course, I'm sure seeing this makes Nintendo strive more, so keep at it, Big N! :3



seronja said:

Nintendo is not the same when Gunpei Yukoi died, the lost of 3rd party support, Rare/Rareware left Nintendo & Sillicon knights went their own way to disaster... i myself buy Nintendo consoles for 3 reasons: party titles, exclusive 3rd party games ( bayonetta 2 ) & virtual console for all my retro gaming needs. But to me Nintendo died long ago when it comes to those glory days.



TimoteiWest said:

I do partially agree with the points on third party developers I suppose, though his whining about the content that's already available and coming does undermine his credibility somewhat.

I was a launch customer with more money than sense and had five retail games for the console within a month (Mario, NintendoLand, ZombiU, Sonic All Stars and Tekken) along with some of the eShop content (Trine, Nano Assault and I think Switch Force was from back then) though I have to admit that things are a little slow right now.

I am however, well aware that the big hitters will be with us before Christmas and I imagine the 2013 holiday period will see a reflection of that at retail. It's a tough one to call with regard to the competitors however, as if they have a particularly strong launch it will certainly have an effect on the Wii U's sales. The smart money is on Sony and Microsoft having watched the Wii U with some interest and launching with something stronger than another 2D Mario game.

At present, the Wii U doesn't really seem to have a clear identity in the marketplace; it's a Wii sequel so it's accessible and innovative with the emphasis on new controls and play styles, no wait, it's a hardcore machine that can match the current gen, no wait it's a half-hearted media centre ... But I don't honestly care personally, I wanted a new Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Mario games and I'm getting them. I'd probably have bought the console if it constantly gave off a faint whiff of cabbage.

Still, a lot of the coverage centred on price cuts and a more forceful marketing push are probably correct. It wouldn't make sense to do it now however and should probably be considered for after summer, when the games get here and people who are thinking of getting the console are pushed over the edge by exposure to the console.



brandonbwii said:

I bought both Lego City and NFS. Both were surprisingly disapointing. Yet in the last two months I've enjoyed Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion.

Why is 3DS so strong while Wii U suffers? There are a handful of games I enjoy on Wii U.

But the only game I truly find special is ZombiU. That's the sole killer app imo and I figure there won't be a game that takes advantage of Wii U like it does for a LONG time.



Lin1876 said:

I think that Nintendo have badly dropped the ball with the Wii U launch, which is especially galling when you consider that they swore to learn their lessons after the botched 3DS launch. I don't agree entirely with the letter, but I do sense an arrogance about Nintendo these days which I don't like — a sneer which says "we're right, deal with it".

Consoles work in cycles. If people buy them, the games will come, and more people will buy them. If they don't, then developers will miss the platform (as they are doing), and more people will overlook it. As platform holder, Nintendo have a responsibility to ensure that the former scanario plays out, and they do that through making a console and games that people want to buy.

In that respect, I do see light at the end of the tunnel. The UK sales spike in the aftermath of Monster Hunter and a few price cuts shows a genuine interest in the system, while Lego City Undercover, Pikmin 3 and others (such as Rayman Legends, which looks awesome in spite of an insulting delay) will provide reason to buy the system.

Whether there will be reason enough for 360/PS3 owners to shun their natural upgrade path is another matter entirely...



Chunky_Droid said:

I do wonder how much it costs to port games that already exist. Selling 10,000 copies wouldn't be a massive ask if the game was AAA and they sold it as a GOTY edition.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution seems to be getting a lot of support from what I've seen on my Twitter feed, so it could actually be a success.

Nintendo can afford to put their games out at launch, because they're still going to sell a few years from now with system sells.

This seems nothing more than 'entitled fan' rant.

EDIT: 'entitled fan' peaks when he says that developers aren't listening to the fans in regards to Metroid and pretends to speak for all of us. If he wants fan service, play a freakin' Smash Bros. game.



antdickens said:

Really, really, really interesting to see everyone's opinions on this... some great points raised by lots of you. It's also clear to see who didn't actually read the letter



Kirk said:

I mostly agree.

Right now when I look at what I know about and have seen with the PS4 it makes me far more excited than anything that's happening on Wii U.

The Wii U is under-powered (you can argue this all you want but it is), lacks some basic features that everyone should rightfully expect from a $300 console and entertainment box in this day and age (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray type playback being one example), has terrible third party support (mostly old current-gen ports and little else. Very few of the big AAA games coming out for all the other systems in the future are coming to Wii U), suffers from annoying and unnecessary firmware issues that shouldn't have been there in the first place like slow loading times (although this is slowly being addressed), has an underdeveloped virtual console and eShop service that really could be a lot better realized and utilized than it currently is (it's also utterly stupidly gimped with the older Wii VC/Wiiware stuff only able to be played in crappy Wii mode and with older controllers etc), is too expensive for what it offers compared to the competition, and imo looks to be heading towards another Wii type situation (imo that's bad for all the reasons above).

Nintendo needs to announce a lot more big first party titles. It needs to somehow get MUCH better third party support. It really does need to release some kind of update patch that allows people to run CDs/DVDs etc on the system (if only to appease people like me). It needs to take full advantage of the full potential of the Virtual Console and eShop (and get all the old Wii VC/WiiWare stuff directly into the Wii U eShop now with absolutely no hassle to the consumer to do and use this). It needs to drop the price too because there's a lot of people who just think what Nintendo is asking for that system really isn't worth it when you compare it next to the competition, even just the current-gen competition and never mind the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

The days when games like Mario alone can sell a system were gone a long time ago imo and I think Nintendo needs to realize it's about the whole package these days, from the hardware and controller to the firmware, services and obviously the software. Everything needs to be nailed in this day and age or this machine just isn't going to be the success it could be.

I'm not even sure if Nintendo can get itself out of this situation fully. They've just put too many inherent limitations and design issues in the system that probably can't actually be addressed properly with simple updates or just by bringing out a stream of good games. They do however need to try much harder to turn this thing from what looks more and more to be like a bit of a flop into a proper success.

I genuinely feel like Nintendo has failed me as a potential customer, and long time massively loyal Nintendo gamer, by not making a console that is compelling or satisfying enough, in pretty much every area, to even make me consider getting one.

The fault, blame, responsibility and onus is entirely on Nintendo as far as I'm concerned.



diddybeats said:

Ill admit I whilst I don't agree with many things in this letter there definitely is a bad aura around the console. For every positive bit of news (of which there have been quite a few recently) there are 10 bad ones. It has just become a general thing on the internet to troll and badmouth the console and the influence of this I feel is growing. Whilst I would never normally pay much attention I am finding it difficult not to when I am browsing looking for new news and find nothing but negative articles. This has generated a negative stigma and then more people jump in who have no first hand experience of the console and flame the negativity. There just seems to be a vicious circle and tbh I find it quite depressing. Hopefully something will change that shakes this off and people will move on.



MrGawain said:

You would assume that seeing that now Monster Hunter, Need For Speed and Lego City are out, AND Monday is the start of Q2, Nintendo is likely to release another Nintendo direct with some release dates.

I think Nintendo know that the Wii U needs more games. But its not like they can just miraculously pull them out of... well you finish that sentence.

All whinging on about it does is stir the vultures in the media who rejoice in Nintendo's misery, and riles their fans even more.



erv said:

**looks up from playing Monster Hunter**

Hey, a letter.

**starts playing Monster Hunter again**



FullbringIchigo said:

i think it's a bit to early for this kind of thing but i can see where he's coming from because the WiiU really has gotten nothing from the big game releases lately and third party publishers/developers seem to be dropping WiiU support all the time, the news is always "[X GAME] will not be coming to WiiU" and it is quite disheartening when my WiiU is just sitting on a shelf with nothing to do i just keep thinking to my self "what a waste of money"

in fact the only thing i'm using it for are my old Wii games and the 3 WiiU games i do have (Monster Hunter 3, Sonic All Stars Racing and ZombiU) but mainly just Wii games

also we all know why battlefield isn't on the WiiU it's because of the CO who just left EA he hates Nintendo



Beppeoioi said:

I am using WiiU to play old games zelda for wii ...
This says it all.
For what I paid 399 euro?
I am increasingly disappointed ....




Agreed on mostly everything except the parts of mario galaxy, zelda and metroid and here's why:
A) Super mario galaxy 1 and 2 are simply amazing games that I just see as flawless and brought me hours and hours of entertainment and they also showed what the wii was truly capable of.
B)The legend of zelda ocarina of time is one of the best games of all time, I won't argue there, but to me the games that followed it were much better and mind-blowing: majora's mask, the wind waker, twilight princess and skyward sword are all masterpieces, my favorite being remasterized for wii u as I post, hehe.
C) Metroid isn't dead, even if you are one of the people that didn't like other m, which came out in 2010; I personally like the game and find it good enough to be considered a true metroid game but it is truly inferior to the metroid prime trilogy. Even if you consider metroid prime 3 to be the last true metroid game out there, it isn't much of a dead franchise considering the game is only 6 years old and also considering how much it took for kid icarus to rise from the dead; though I agree nintendo has been shoving aside the franchise lately.

The things that I agree with are the parts talking specifically about the wii u, because nintendo promised they would be ahead of time, having games that neither the ps3 or the xbox360 would have right now and I just don't see them coming. Sure, mario kart, 3d mario and wind waker hd will come along but that will surely take time, and all those titles are coming from nintendo themselves. Third parties don't want their games on the wii u despite the fact that supposedly it is far more advanced than both the ps3 and the 360. I really want a wii u but right now nintendo are the only ones truly supporting their own console, the only third party right now truly supporting nintendo is platinum games with the upcoming BAYONETTA 2 AND WONDERFUL 101, but truly that's it. I agree with everyone saying they won't fall (let's all be honest here, they won´t), nintendo always pulls miracles, I know that, but it is still frustrating that even though third parties can work with the most advanced piece of hardware right now on the market, they skip it, just to play safe which is pretty stupid if you ask me.



Dyltheman said:

if you ask me, i know the wii u will pick up. like a lot of consoles, its having a slow launch. at the end of the year, we'll have wind waker hd, new mario kart, new 3d mario, yoshi yarn etc. also, its safe to say third party support will be good. wii u sales have risen to 128% in the past week too!



Nintenjoe64 said:

Nintendo do this with every console. I always end up feeling robbed in the early years because the first party games take forever to come. They watch the competition run riot and sit and absorb or ignore all the criticism instead of choosing the obvious route. They will always miss opportunities and pursue strange directions for games, as though they're trying to prove us wrong for wanting something a little less original. At this point during the Wii's cycle, all I had was TP, Sports and Play, and a few PS2 ports. I was waiting to re-play RE4 with wiimote controls and the first real decent Nintendo game (MP3:C) did not come out til after the summer. It wasn't a fun wait but the insane popularity of the console meant that the media didn't give Nintendo too hard a time for it..

I know we're going to be let down with a few more delays to big games but by this xmas, we should have a Wii U line up to rival the Wii's year 1 line up or better it. Pikmin 3 and W101 might be good and we'll be adding at least 1 top tier first party game, an HD remake and some decent 3rd party games. People might be gushing over the PS4 and Xbox3 at the mo but they are completely blind if they think they will have no problems, instant massive libraries of new stuff and instant install bases that will delight every publisher. One of them will outsell the other and that is all we'll hear on the matter for a long time to come. By xmas, the Wii U should have 8 million units in homes. I seriously doubt there is the demand for Sony and MS to sell more than 16 million units combined between launch and xmas. Even if they don't have momentum, Wii U will be in pole position at the start of 2014 and should have sorted all of its teething problems.

In the past 3 console gens, the internet has played a bigger and bigger part in how we find out about games. Now that everything has an instantaneous internet reaction and every person involved in games has a twitter account, we see far more opinion flying around than ever before. The gaming media have been an utter joke since the Wii U has been around. All they do is post the same negative article 10 different times and it will be the same for PS4 and Xbox 3. It gets the fanboys to comment on the article whereas a boring bit of 'good' news will do nothing for internet traffic.

The person who wrote this letter is not a fan. He's an ex fan. He didnt like Zelda since Oot and he thinks they arent doing enough with the other IP. This isn't true, Nintendo basically scored winners with every major new Wii game based on old IP. The gamecube gets all the praise for some reason but Wind Waker was boring and short compared to TP and Oot. Sunshine was a lot less fun than Galaxy. Star Fox Adventures killed the series. Metroid Prime stayed about the same and Mario Kart Wii was the best since 64. I think Oot was the best but Gamecube's TP was the best action adventure of the previous gen and Skyward sword was a let down but the controls were an amazing proof of concept for Wiimote and nunchuk games. The guy is not a concerned Nintendo fan hes is a gamer who wants Nintendo to be more like Sony and MS



ShortSleevedNook said:

I've always said that the problem isn't found in the games, the system, or whatever else Nintendo seems to spit out, but IT'S FOUND IN THE COMPANY'S OWN IMAGE. There's no respect anywhere for Nintendo anymore, and this is sad considering they used to be the King of Games. I've heard of taking risks, but Nintendo, it's time to pull back a bit here. Remember that the casual gamers aren't a safe market to bet on...

I think it would be great for Nintendo to really go all-out with advertising for their systems, and I really want them to show others why Nintendo's consoles are simply the best, and why consumers should be buying them instead of the competitions'. There are many reasons, but seriously: Nintendo's systems really shouldn't be the laughing stock of the bunch right now.

Of course, Wii U also needs more games, but rise in popularity and the upcoming E3 would take care of that.

I'm sure that Nintendo knows much better than I, the consumer, does with these kinds of things. I'm positive I only know a small fraction of the facts behind making a console succeed and all that stuff, but the guy in this letter really nailed it here, and I don't care whether or not Nintendo may know "more facts", this guy is right on.



Slapshot said:

@DRL "Personally, I couldn't care less about third-party offerings (as far as ports go) as long as Nintendo pays the proper attention to existing franchises and delivers some exciting new IP."

This is where you (and many other Nintendo "fans") are making a mistake - Nintendo cannot support its consoles alone. The largest sums of capital that flow within the gaming industry stem from licensing and royalty fees that are charged to third parties from the platform holder. Regardless is you care for the third party titles or not, you should still care about them, because without them, there is no future for Nintendo.

@KenB As usual, you're exactly right, and I agree with you statements. While this letter to Nintendo showed clear signs of today's typical "entitled gamer," one thing still stood out to me quite impressively, which was his points on Nintendo not caring to take the risk to bring Xenoblade Chronicles (and other "risky" titles) to the West on the Wii. That indeed show the lack of faith that Nintendo itself holds for its consumers outside of its home territory and that's not a good thing for the company. I've said for awhile that I've felt that the Wii U itself is a misguided console that offers too many different things - lacking an overall identity. I've also thought along the same lines about Nintendo's business strategy as well, and when I read that part written in that manner - maybe it's time that Nintendo finds new leadership? I personally don't like the majority what Nintendo has been offering as of late and have held off on a Wii U purchase, because while there's a few titles I'd like to play on it, there simply isn't enough to warrant the cost a new console for me.



IxnayontheCK said:

I notice a lot of people jumping all over this person, and while i don.t agree with everything he or she said, they have a point. Nintendo needs to come out swinging and they're just not. innovate, fine, but stay with the times



simperingdonkey said:

I agree with the letter. Some people clearly should read the letter again. This is a eye opener not a letter to disrespect anything that Nintendo did but should pay attention too. Many people are still commenting on the zelda remark which to me is ridiculous. Why are you arguing about someones opinion?

Every console suffers a rough start. If your boss/teacher gives you a new project today you won't achieve 100% but you'll still aim for it and get 70% through the course of time. When the second project comes you see points to improve. Nintendo has proven this with the 3DS and the wii a console running on AV ports competing with consoles running HDMI xbox and ps3. Don't get me wrong I love the xbox and ps3 as well and I'm not a fan of any console I'm a gamer. You can be either one you can't be both.

I'm just waiting patiently for Nintendo to get past the 70% and reach the 100% which I expect will take place after June when they have shown what they've got at E3. Which they have said numerous times that they are going to show there best of the best then not before. Until then my Wii U will sits idle which I don't mind because I can spend time on other games such as Bioshock for PC and Luigi mansion for 3DS.



Smug43 said:

REALITY CHECK TIME!! The industry is no longer fueled by games like BF 4!!!! They are fueled by small indie developers.. Did the person who wrote this somehow miss the GDC where Nintendo's one click button that automatically compiles a bunch of various games programmed in languages and automatically submits it to them? The next MINECRAFT is where the market is and will be going! It's like a complete friggin REBOOT, and if you don't see this, well then you sir, are BLIND! Nintendo is reaching out to EVERYONE... This is how you get back to how they "used to be" and a LOT of these games are worthy purchases even if low budget.. again, take Minecraft as an example. It's almost like Nintendo knows their audience EXPECTS those high end franchises... they CAN'T do it all themselves!!! This is their direction and it's an AWESOME ONE! Be PATIENT! You build it, they will come!!!!



Aqueous said:

Someone needs to learn patience. The moment they start insulting games and basically suggested buy all 3rd parties to make games I stopped reading. Some of it was so invalid too. They bought Ninja Gaiden at 60 but are upset it is getting ported and might be found cheaper? That happens with 3rd party games, unless they are exclusive, they might be ported if a developer needs money or expects more sales by spreading it out. More importantly games drop in price all the time and if they had fun, why did it matter that it could be found cheaper possibly, they got it asap at full price and games will get cheaper as they get older and less people look for them.



Windy said:

@Steveovig I hope your not right. There are signs of that. They cancelled Nintendo show 3d on the Eshop I'm pretty bummed but its a cutback that worries me



Windy said:

@ToxieDogg My point is that I shouldn't have had to buy the GC version of the game. Also don't get me wrong me and my son enjoyed Both Wii versions of Zelda just as much as we did previous versions. However After playing with motion controls for a couple hours I turned it over to my son and let him drive. He played and I navagated and we did have fun. I just would have preferred they left us with an option to use a Classic controller. My point is that Nintendo should stop shoving Motion controls down our throats. Everyone of my friends in my gaming circle make fun of them because they hate the motion controls. I made the wii my system of choice and motion controls would kill it for me not buying some software. My son who went through practically the entire game was wishing he could play with a classic. I really don't like this thread. this is my last post in it and my last visit. to many people finger pointing. As gamers we should really be sticking together cause believe me they are sticking together at Nintendo. In fact my last post here at Nintendolife. This whole thread brings nothing but bad between gamers and fixes nothing with the big N. All the way around just Trouble. It should have just been left for the letter to Nintendo instead of letting anonymous get ripped on. I know I will never look at this website the same way again for starting this kind of trouble. It was a nice website until people started getting Raked across the coals



sketchturner said:

I feel like overall, the way that Nintendo handled itself during the N64 days was the best. Top-quality games, admired games, a steady flow of games, a variety of games. Respected the old while embracing the new. Yet to my knowledge that was the worst selling console they ever made. Being a respectable company doesn't equate to being profitable.



LordGeovanni said:

I will not actually get into reading the comments here, I don't have the time, but anyway I just want to say that I completely agree. I got a PS2 and haven't bought a PSsystem except a PSP1000 since then. I don't even play it really. With the PS3 released in... what? 2006?... I STILL have no big reason to get it. In comparison, I have gotten a total of 2 Wiis, 2 DS original/fats, and 2 DSlites. As well as my 2 3DSs. I am actually looking for another DSlite for a cousin. And a second for my immediate family to be able to have for "travel purposes".

I still don't have a WiiU. Why? Price, lack of money, lack of games. Those are the reasons. I have a car payment that costs that much each month. And I am in college. I cannot afford to buy a paperweight. If Nintendo can supply a "killerapp" game list, I will have already bought the system. This did not happen. I am now just waiting for the "Killerapps" to be released. When they do, I will stop eating to get the system. Before that, I do not want to cut down on all expenses just because I "could" get good games in the future. And the only reason why that is a "could" is because of the FPS Shovelware that my countrymen (US Citizen here) seem to buy like a dying man. I cannot stand Shooters and that seems to be all that developers want to make any more. 3DS has shown a number of games that I currently have a wait list for what game I buy and when. When the WiiU hits that level, well my bank account will go on strike... but until then, I twiddle my thumbs and hope.



Kohaku said:

It is true to say that there are a lot of games coming for the Wii U but no one knows when. Nice to see games announced on the E3 but when can we play those games?
Pinball was 2 months delayed, Toki Tori is still not here, Pikmin 3 is delayed.
The Wii U will be allright but Nintendo has to work hard for it like they do now with the 3DS.



SpaceApe said:

Hoping Nintendo can pull out all the stops at E3 but it isn't looking good right now. I have a pc at my house and it is far better than any of the other consoles out there including the PS4. My excitement over the Wii U was about the endless potential with the Wii U gamepad. The problem is that Nintendo lacked good launch title games that would make people go out and buy a Wii U. Nintendo will always have those players that will buy Zelda and Mario but they also have to reach out to the fans who do not crave for Zelda and Mario That is where 1 of 2 things need to happen. Nintendo either has to make a new franchise that attracts both young and mature gamers. The other option is that Nintendo needs strong 3rd party support, which has been minimal at best right now. The Wii U is missing out on Dead Space 3, Bioshock Infinite, Dark Souls 2, Tomb Raider, Dead Island 2. Nintendo needs games like these on their console. Sorry but players grow up and need more than Zelda and Mario to play. Nintendo has to roll with the times or suffer great losses in the future.



SteveW said:

You can't keep comparing systems, so what if we don't get Battlefield, we do get Pikmin and all the other Nintendo titles, and guess what? you won't see them on the Sony or Microsoft systems. Would you rather have Battlefield? if so then why did you buy a Nintendo console in the first place. Sorry but the letter comes across as whining...



Luffy said:

SUPER STOPPED @ "Zelda hasn't been exciting since Ocarina"

keep crying nintendo owes you nothing. I bought deluxe on day 2 and I'm fine. I'm playing BIOSHOCK infiniti on my PC while I wait for Nintendo to release the GOLD. I dunno why people just don't buy computers. My computer is 4x ps4 power and I get every game I need on it. Butttt

I can't get Mario on it. Thats why I buy every nintendo and let it sit in my family room until the GOLD comes.



-Crystalline- said:

It's not Nintendo's fault that third party titles aren't rushing in like there was no tomorrow. The developers are at fault. What Nintendo can assure us, however, is that they'll deliver on their part. More first party games from THEM. I buy Nintendo consoles to play their games, not third party games from other devs.

But in a way, I agree. Nintendo should go back to its roots. More old-school Zelda games, more Metroid games, more Mario and Kirby ones as well! Give us that urge and desire that we felt back in days of discovery, of adventuring through hyrule or fighting off space critters with enjoyment.

Focus on the software, and not on the hardware.



rodoubleb said:

Well written letter, with some good points. Too many fans defend Nintendo to the end, while they drop the ball over and over again regarding everything from child labor to fair use.



DreamDrop said:

When you're buying a Nintendo platform you're looking at the amazing franchises of Pikmin, Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Metroid etc. Not some war shooters (CoD, BF etc) that have little to no value a few months down the line.

Moving onto the third-party support, it has always been Nintendo's weakest point because you see there is Sony and Microsoft too. Consoles are not about fanboy wars but about the diversity in choices you have. There's no one stopping you from purchasing a PS3 (PS4 in the future) to enjoy titles that aren't on Nintendo platforms. This is 2013, not 1988 where a square box plugged to your TV is enough to play everything that releases. Look at the mobile market, hasn't it changed alot? What was there in 1990? A brick that dialed numbers - Nokia. Time changes everything and as a gamer you should learn to adapt to it or just enjoy "half" the offerings.



edcomics said:

There are many angles from which disappointment is coming. Nintendo did brag about third-party support, and seemed to relax on the first-party end of things. Now that third-party support is failing (in a sense), there's not much to fill in the gaps. I'm personally more interested in new Nintendo IPs, and I hope they can deliver something new in the near future... but to start creating something now would takes years to produce. I'm afraid Nintendo has just been too lazy about the WiiU, and the fans are suffering as a result.



3Daniel said:

dear nintendo,
i feel bad as i love the wii u and want it to thrive but monster hunter 3, i own it on wii, and lego city dont interest me. so my lack of buying those titles doesnt mean i dont believe in the wii u.

thank you.



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

I agree with most of the points here. Some Nintendo fans seem to be operating under the delusion that the abysmal sales of the last few months are nothing to worry about. It worries me a hell of a lot. These past few months are worse than any the 360 or the PS3 have ever had. Just because the 3DS turned around doesn't mean Wii U will have a magic turn around. 3DS didn't have any direct competition with Vita sales being weak. Wii U is not only competing with current gen (I say that because they share many of the same games) but will soon be competing with the PS4 and Nextbox. Nintendo is losing face among western developers and among a large contingent of core gamers. I believe Nintendo can turn it around, but until that happens, this letter is completely valid for pointing out existing problems. Regardless of the people in this comment section who disagree with this letter's point of view, the author's perception of Wii U's current status is representative of a lot gamers, and therefore should be taken very seriously.



nocode said:

To be perfectly honest... I for one am glad nintendo is struggling. Just maybe this will given them a very necessary kick in the patootie. I don't want to see them completely fail of course, but they need a wake up call.

This whole wii u saga so far makes it look like nintendo doesn't understand their own industry...which is very scary as a fan. You've got the jump on the competition and you've taken a very lazy approach to supporting your product.

Did the unbelievable success of the original Wii make them arrogant? They did achieve the impossible with the Wii after all... it somehow became the number one selling console of it's generation while having one of the worst game library's in history.



brooks83 said:

I'll consider getting a Wii U after I see how they are handling the VC this time around.



Smug43 said:


Uh dude.. Nintendo isn't in the $599 for a console and multi million dollar loss leader... seriously... did you not realize they have been making money on hardware for decades until just the 3DS and Wii U? They are FAR FAR from arrogant.. in fact Iawatta even said they considered Wii's resounding success a bit "lucky" The real scenario is Nintendo HAS to provide it's FANS with all the IP's they have been making for the longest time.. games that while use the similar characters etc. try to create a new experience.. even if some of the mechanics are the same.. that's how you build upon an already existing working model!

And who here honestly believes either the PS4 or the next xbox is goint to set the world on fire??? NOT!!!!!!!! Sales will be as abysmal, attack rates will be horrendous! Just look at all the cross "next gen" games that are coming to 360/PS3.. that alone is going to keep people complacent.. not to mention, people are BURNED out on 8 year old hardware... the last gen cycle is KILLING the industry.. and to top it off publishers are sinking 100 million into creating a game that needs at least 5 million to break even?? The TITANIC is just rounding the corner and going to sink with all the publishers on-board.. first THQ who was a top #5 world publisher... HELLO PEOPLE!!?!?!? Anyone recognize what's going on here?? And to top it off, a near world economic recession... I would be more concerned if my favorite hobby is going to survive!!

I think we will see a major reboot in game development.. Minecraft and the like are the future... I'm willing to guarantee you Nintendo is well under their way to supporting and getting EVERYONE on-board.. because that other ship is already SINKING!!!!




this guy stopped being a nintendo fan when he said zelda and metroid were no good anymore



Moviefan2k4 said:

@kkslider5552000 "Ocarina of Time" is still the best in the series for me. "Majora's Mask" was insanely repetitive, and I still can't get past grabbing the fishing rod in "Twilight Princess". I haven't played "Skyward Sword" yet, and the animation style for "Wind Waker" remains insulting.



brucelebnd said:

if Nintendo is too innovative then why does Sony and Microsoft have motion controls? isn't Sony and Microsoft coming out with tablet-like controllers for their next gen consoles?

the Wii has out sold the SNES, N64 and Gamecube combined and everybody left that system for dead.

I could careless if some devs pass on Nintendo. I don't play FPS, WRPGs or too many EA sports games. you don't buy a Nintendo if that's what you're into.

Nintendo is all about having fun gaming and its best game reflect that. once they drop the price they'll be fine.



kotetamer said:

I think that the unreal engine 4 as well as the frostbite engine not being developed for the wii u is a bad bad sign of things. I'm honestly disappointed with game developers, I really think any number of the metal gear games could be developed for the Wii U and take great advantage of the game pad. The main issue is the game pad though, it's something that developers don't have to worry about when making games for 360 and ps3.



timp29 said:

Some people are saying 'you buy nintendo for mario and zelda'. This is exactly why nintendo is struggling. The problem is half the people who make this comment don't realise this fact, and then just flame the OP. Sad.



dinkelberg said:

Nintendo stood for my childhood. they stood for everyone great in my childhood. from the memories i had as a kid trading pokemon with the original Gameboy or watch the Pokemon animee" playing as Mario. and play Mario Kart 64 and The legend of zelda Ocarina of time/ super mario 64. the games they made as a company where awesome. i still love Nintendo for what they do. they make the games they made earlier on the. NES. SNES. N64 avalible both on the wii and the Wii U which is pretty amazing. they still make great games. the launch of a system is not always perfect. both Sony and Microsoft have bad launches. Nintendo is in fact better than sony and microsoft have been lately" when Gameboy Advance comes to the virtual console on the wii u along with many other classic games. new zelda coming out along with Wind Waker. Super Smash bros coming out? maybe they will announce FZERO WII U ? we dont know but one thing we know is that Nintendo is a company worth trusting. wait and see and Nintendo Wii u will turn out to be an amazing system after all and that is w what the Wii U is all about its generaly amazing.



jayblue said:

the real problem is its not powerful enough when the big two come out this system will be traded in big time,the whole launch has been complete mess,no vc from day one,games getting dropped left right and centre,games overpriced,i went into game to buy lego city 50 notes they wanted for a lego game,on next shelf they had halo 4 and far cry 3 for 45 pounds for the two brand new games,well you know i went home with two a list games 5 pound cheaper than lego city.mass effect 3 39.99 you get full trilogy on 360 for that gamers are money wise.sinking boat comes to mind.



AugustusOxy said:


Seriously? Why are people being THIS dramatic about this? Does no one remember how GOD awful the first year of the DS was? Hell, it didn't have any games worth a damn well into the second year.

Or god forbid; I bring up the first year and a half of the xbox 360. Where I was renting any game I could just so I could make the purchase worth it. It was terrible. Dare I even bring up the first THREE Years of the PS3 and how it literally had nothing and DOESN'T really have anything right now.

Oh and I could always bring up the fact that the Vita has NOTHING as well, despite being out on the market for as long as it has been.

People are just throwing their melodrama at the fans and hoping it sticks, because life would be uninteresting if they didn't.



scrubbyscum999 said:

Partially agree, Nintendo needs to step up the support. This is especially true for Japanese devs since that should be sort of a given. Yet, anyone who says Zelda hasn't been exciting since Ocarina is going to have some things wrong. TP is WAY better than Ocarina. I'm sorry but the Zelda series has been progressing comfortably and is way better now and then because they are a series that makes REAL progress. That and I would also note that I really feel the big N should go more niche Japanese system. I don't know if the big N can really break into the big Western games since that's not their fanbase. These other gamers may not come to the big N no matter what. They should sell themselves as the Niche system because it is a large market and would be easy for them to do.



QuickSilver88 said:

@Ambassador_Kong Wow that is too bad that square is calling that a failure. New Tomb Raider is an awesome game and best one since the first few IMO. I would love to see this game on Wii-U as the map is critical to the collection aspect of the game and I get tired of pausing to set gotos on it. Aplusmthe weapons and skills upgrades could be handled nicely on the small screen as well.



QuickSilver88 said:

This guy gets some things right but just totally fails on others. First the Zelda comments are total trash. TWP on both cube and as a Wii launch was great. Not to mention Ww and the two good DS Zeldas.....where has he been? They made a metriod prime 3 for Wii then released the trilogy updated with Wii controls. Other M was a diversion but I happen to like story driven games and thought the long overdue inner look at Samus was cool and the game played pretty well and was different. Mario Galaxy was not as good as Mario64 or Sunshine but still rated very well critically and were fun to play. We got great 2D with mario, DK country, and epic yarn and Wario Shake. I too would love to see a return on excitebike but did you miss excitetruck which was a blast? I also want a new starfox adventures and an eternal darkness sequal but to say we didnt get most of Nintendos good stuff on Wii is ignorant. 3rd party was sketchy but there were some very unique things like Red Steal 2.....Mad world 1/2, Xeno, last of us, Epic Mickey. I to some degree blame 3rd parties for lacking creativity and wanting to make cookie cutter FPS games using unreal engine X. You whine about ports but AC3, Batman AC, COD BO2, and now NFS MW are all superior or definitive versions. Just wait until ps4/720 come out and you will see they will struggle early on as all new systems do. I have Vita and it still has abysmal sales and few top games. I find myself mostly playing ps1 and psp on it and some of the better psn content..not much AAA to be seen. I think Wii-U strengths will manifest when this xmas a pro bundle with a pro controller and a game is going for $300 it has a number of great titles and the other new systems are $500+ with typically meager launch lineups. Lets see what happens at E3 and if Nintendo is still sucking air then I will be concerned.



lex0plex said:

The Wii U was the first Nintendo system I haven't bought at launch. I think the only thing that is holding Nintendo back, is that they're only willing to "innovate" the market and not follow trends (Microsoft ans Sony are doing the opposite). If they were to combine both, Nintendo would flourish once again. Lay down your pride Nintendo and use some of the good ideas other developers are doing. They're stealing your ideas after all.



BossBattles said:

The 3DS has been out 2 years and is just now hitting its stride. This stuff takes time, but young and ignorant kids don't understand these things AT ALL.

Wii U...its been out 4 months LOL. The reasons many aren't buying it are simply dumb. Gaming culture is quickly becoming TOXIC.

Its a great console even after 4 months, as long as u are an intelligent gamer that doesn't have 100's of hang-ups about things that truly do not matter.



BossBattles said:

Gamers have turned into self obsessed, trendy tech whores, only able to see what their peers let them, or gaming media reports. Nobody has a creative mnd of their own it seems, totally unable to enjoy gaming as a fun hobby, instead constantly pointing out flaws, imperfections and limitations. Its boring, unproductive, and it hurts everybody.

All companies make mistakes and fail on certain levels, but that is LIFE. It is not the gamers job to constantly audit Nintendo and penalize it for not being exactly what YOU expect and DEMAND.



brooks83 said:

@BossBattles -

So you're saying we should buy gaming consoles that we aren't interested in? Sorry bud, if a console isn't everything I expect and demand, I'm not gonna waste my hard earned money. And currently, the Wii U is not worth the money in my opinion. And believe me, I am having lots of fun gaming on other consoles.



SkyerIst said:

Nintendo Fans website posting such a bullpoopiedoodledingdongs. I'm personally shocked.
This letter... lol... He's saying about Zelda aren't excitibg since Ocarina... He sounds like a troll. And editors of this site published this... wow.



brooks83 said:

@Skyerlst -

I post here because I am a Nintendo fan. I can be dissapointed in the Wii U and still be a Nintendo fan. I should mention when I said "other consoles", the Wii is one of them.



QuickSilver88 said:

Brook isn't it a bit early to be dissapointed in Wii-U.....I mean honestly Nintendo hasn't even really out out much in the way of first is what we know about Nintendo.....they will get top rate titles out in all their major franchises in the coming years. I would say you are just not an early adopter because if you were you would know how slow the early days can be......I have had Vita since launch and it has been slow going but little by little it is getting more good content. I bought Wii-U after new years, got Mario cheap used at Best buy and am going to pick up Lego and Pikmin soon.....just wait and when some gamed U like hit the console then pick it up or don't......going to be plenty of great stuff on ps3 this year so play what U got and quit cryin



brooks83 said:

I'm certainly not crying, and I would imagine I will be picking up a Wii U next year. I was really calling out BossBattles when he said something like only intelligent people play the Wii U or something ridiculous like that.



LittleIrves said:

I think what @BossBattles was criticizing was the gall this guy had to write the letter in the first place, then make a concerted effort to spread it around. I'm all for freedom of expression, and I realize many feel the same way. But when @BB writes, "It is not the gamers job to constantly audit Nintendo and penalize it for not being exactly what YOU expect and DEMAND" he's talking about the constant bickering/complaining that many gamers feel entitled to do, often in a public setting, (i.e., Mass Effect 3 ending, Bayonetta 2 backlash) that goes beyond choosing to play another console. If you're not into the Wii U, that's fine — plenty else out there. But the tone of this letter seems to imply it's like Nintendo is personally smiting their fans, which is kind of ridiculous.

Anyhoo. Carry on. Back to enjoying the heck out of LEGO City...



QuickSilver88 said:

Brook.....well that seems like a good attitude.....the console flame wars never ceases to amaze me....this has been going on since 8-bit computer days with atari and commodore......its funny because so many of us now end up owning most or all of these consoles. So why get so worked up as the guy who wrote this letter to Nintendo has. I mean trust me I sometimes get frustrated with N but same could be said about Sony or Microsoft. The latest laugher is the outrage over Legos load times. It sounds out of line but when I was playing the new Sly Cooper game last night I noticed any time when going from the hideout to the gameworld you get like 50sec load times. I have not heard this mentioned in reviews.



KnightRider666 said:

I completely agree. This person makes many valid points. The things that were mentioned are the sole reason I'm glad I have not picked up a Wii U yet. Nintendo always seems to "lag behind" the competition in terms of the home console market. I've only seen 2 games I would really buy for the system so far. Couple that with the fact they they are charging us to move our VC games over from the Wii and you could see why I'm hesitant to buy a Wii U. Nintendo really needs to get its act together fast or they will lose big time.



Gregor said:

@Smug43 all these boat breaking remind of the days of sega and atari. evil laugh Oooh just look at them now! Soon Microsoft and Sony will go from boulders to pebbles and then they can focus on their specialties, computers and TVs.

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