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LordGeovanni commented on The Square Enix Teases for Dragon Quest 3DS Lo...:

I love dragon quest so much. If the only way for me to get dragon quest 7 in states was to purchase two new 3DS XLs (I have been holding out for a Standard), AND having to cook and EAT my left shoe, I would cook my right shoe too, "just in case".

But it isn't like I am eager to give SE my money I suppose... :P



LordGeovanni commented on Square Enix Shuts Down Dragon Quest VII Fan Tr...:

A cease and desist for something like this should also come with an announcement of a translation coming. This still leave the possibility of them not doing anything for the fans. It is right out insulting for them to stop fans from making a translation when they themselves feel it is too expensive.

Until they provide more info, I am considering this SE's way of yelling at us that we're not allowed to play the game no matter what.



LordGeovanni commented on Smash Bros. Presentation Confirms Ryu and Mii ...:

I want all four of the ones above. As well as Roy (and all the other FEs still)

And I will probably get one or two of the Mii Fighter amiibo. Mewtwo as well. But I still need to get Dark Pit and Olimar. Maybe Dr. Mario and Bowser Jr.



LordGeovanni commented on Sonic Dash Passes 100 Million Smart Device Dow...:

I hope this continues to work out for Sega, but I dont like mobile. I stay as far away as I can, it doesnt feel like a platform made for games (it isnt) and therefore anything made just feels like it lacks polish to me. I would rather ust stick with my 3DS, Wii U and PS3 (and hopefully soon, PS4).



LordGeovanni commented on Hands On: Checking Out Splatoon's Freshly Unlo...:

Ranked seems a slap in the face to me. I have already thought of at least 4 different methods that they could have some competition in 4v4. They currently use two of them. King of the Hill (the current "Ranked") is just incredibly insulting to anyone wanting Rollers as their main weapon. I have noticed that the Zones are lower and if it isnt the Chargers sniping you before you have your weapon out, it is the Splatters raining on you before you can do anything either. Rollers need their weapon out for inking. If you ''fall'' you LOSE the Roller. You have to pull it out again. Or at least have to wait for your Inkling to get ready to move. ALL the ones seem to be in lower areas. This causes Rollers to STAND STILL and they already suffer from distance fighting.

I thought that Nintendo said that they made each of the games balanced for whatever style of play (weapon) you like? The game flat out states that Chargers are King and while not saying it, Rollers are most certainly Tier 4.

This also does nothing to talk about how the Rankings are based solely on you winning the match, regardless of your strength. And top that with the COMPLETE LOSS of exp, coin, and equip upgrade if you lose and it is not worth my time. I already lost 4 of 5 matches, including ALL the ranking points I earned in the second game, and walked away with 1300 coin and exp after half an hour. I would have that in about 7 minutes in regular battle.



LordGeovanni commented on Reaction: There is a Positive Angle to Nintend...:

@mjc0961 #1

There are three major issues with pre-orders. The three issues are the people involved.
First you have the company producing the game. In this case, Nintendo. Pre-orders should be something that the company uses to judge interest in the game. If you have 10,000 pre-orders for a game, it might not be all that interesting to the customers and therefore the company should buck up and get out to showing the customers why the game is so good. If the pre-order amount is higher, like 250,000 copies then Nintendo needs to buck up and produce that many copies earlier on.
Second problem is the selling company. Take for example, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Whoever. Now this is the part where things get iffy... They usually have a HARD LIMIT on how many pre-orders they can sell. While this isnt the point of pre-orders, they still need to Work Within That Limit. Best Buy selling thousands of Majora edition New 3DS XLs just to cancel is a plague on pre-orders. A pre-order is a contract for purchase. If they cannot fulfill the contract they shouldn't sign the deal. They need to gather the pre-orders and then bring them to Nintendo and ask for more FIRST.
Third group is the customer. You. Me. That guy by the telephone pole. Whoever. We get pre-orders for three reasons. First is the pre-order bonus. I like this a lot. It helps us show interest in the game, it gives us a bonus for dropping money early, it allows collectibles that are frequently difficult to obtain in other ways, and it is GUARANTEED if you pre-order. (Of course this doesnt apply when the bonus isnt made enough, that is a fault of the company). Second reason is to support the company and game that we are buying. How will Nintendo know we want that game or amiibo if no one pre-orders it? Then Nintendo should limit production so that they dont make too many. You make for the demand. The pre-order defines the demand. The third reason is actually tied in here. The pre-order GETS US THE GAME. Nintendo has played smarter with the amount of games, systems, and toys made. We have ALL felt the lack of a game, toy, or system. Pre-orders get us those games. If the pre-order failed, it was because of the selling company (Best Buy, Target, etc...). That still doesnt mean that pre-orders are bad, because it is also how I ensure that I got my amiibos and how I got my games.

For you to support the cancellation of pre-orders is insane. pre-orders are essential for Nintendo to know how many games to make. Do you want MORE shortages? Because that is what will happen. And I cannot blame Nintendo if they have NOTHING saying the interest in their game.

@bizcuthammer #40

Quote for Truth.



LordGeovanni commented on Talking Point: Mario Maker Can Be A Game Chang...:

I really hope that a Zelda Maker is coming. And soon. While it would be a bit repetitive compared to the other IPs that never get anything, I think that people would really enjoy playing through a dungeon designed by other players. And unlike Mario, Zelda is harder to ROM hack so it would be a fresh experience for those players too.

And we already know that Zelda 1, LttP, and LA can be different skins.



LordGeovanni commented on First Impressions: The Addictive Futility of t...:

South New Jersey checking in. I seem to have "enough" Streetpass hits here. But I DO have to use the Streetpass Relays for my hits. With my 3(!) McDonalds and Home Depot around, I can get a bunch quick. This would be awesome if I didnt have to go a little out of the way for the Home Depot and one of the McDonalds, but I still have two Relays right on my usual paths. In addition, I have a second 3DS so I will always be able to play (and with a 2 Play Coin/game discount :P )

As for the three new items:

Ultimate Angler seems well designed. It is spaced out and rewards multiple SP brought in at the same time. It also allows a nice amount of design to share and the levels and upgrades are built for you to understand what is going on.

Battleground Z is interesting for me too. The levels are clear in their requirements, the additional "metals" for additional challenge adds replay (slightly), and not having to store the weapons allows me the fluid motion between weapons instead of Monster Manor where I was constantly pressed to improve my weapons and keep 3+ weapons around for improved damage.

And finally, the "VIP" room. It is a bit weird. It (currently) has only 4 benefits and those vary based on your impressions and importance. The first is the "VIP" Room itself. If you collect over 1000 (non-Invitation) Miis, you PERMANENTLY lose access to the oldest Mii for the games. While this sounds silly for purposes of using the Miis in the games, the Special Spotpass Miis are included in this. They usually give an additional benefit to the game when they are recruited, so this is welcome to prevent them from expiring. Second, the "Birthday Collector". Basically, it is little more than a Puzzle Swap where the other person can only give you one day out of 366. It also has several Plaza Tickets involved which allows me to get the newest hats (and speech bubbles) quickly. It also claims to give more Tickets than the other games (combined?). The final two things are REALLY minor, however. Simply the ability to change the music playing in the Plaza, and the ability to play the music from the Music Player through headphones while the game is in Sleep Mode. This also is highly inferior, (by what I understand) because it doesnt seem like there is a way to control or modify the list of songs playing. I havent looked into this all that much, however. I could easily be mistaken on this.



LordGeovanni commented on Reminder: This is Your Last Day to Register Pr...:

I waited until the last few days to go looking for codes for that reason. I also only took codes from games that were Pre-owned. Technically, GameStop classifies them as "promotional inserts" which means they are the same as bonus material. They are actually ordered to remove them and destroy them but no one ever does that with bonus material in that company, maybe keep it for themselves, but not destroy them.



LordGeovanni commented on Talking Point: It's Too Early to Write Off the...:

Excellent topic. I feel exactly the same. Announcing the "NX" or delaying the Zelda means nothing to be honest. "NX" is still in the timeline of 5~6 year turnaround for gens. And even if it is early, 4~5 years, we still have at least another 2 in my honest opinion. And Zelda games have a ~5 year turn around. WW was 2002, TP was 2006. Skyward was in 2011. Next should be 2016, no? Even if you show that OoT -> MM was a year and a half, and MM -> was 2.5 years, really the time between the major (console) releases has slowly widened. If we went off the extreme, I would expect it late 2017. But I fully expect it around Nov.-Dec. 2016



LordGeovanni commented on Reminder: This is Your Last Day to Register Pr...:

Was actually thinking of attempting to contact you guys to make an article about this. I somehow managed to get over 4000 coins by raiding my local (and not so local) GameStops. The guys there have been very helpful in allowing me to search and I made a bunch of friends too. I already picked up the Zelda Messenger Bag and an 18 Game Case.

Still thinking about the Puzzle or Smash Bros. Posters (version 2). Maybe will buy a few games, but probably will buy a bunch more of the 18 Game Cases. I already have 5 but they get full SO fast :P



LordGeovanni commented on Mobile Developers Extremely Positive About Nin...:


If it goes the way I understand, DeNA is in charge of it. This is also under my impression that there will be more DL games and less Physical rewards. I honestly have put off buying anything from NA CN until I collect all the coins I can in order to get everything I want and shop accordingly. Games that I can buy? Not exclusives. So I dont want to spend coins on that when there are physical exclusives also available.

Additionally, I worry that DeNA will focus on getting something for all the different video game avenues (phone, Tablet, PC, Wii U, 3DS, NX). If we had issues just getting basic things for Wii U and 3DS, I fear 6 different focuses will stretch Nintendo too much.

But this is all just my fears. :P



LordGeovanni commented on Mobile Developers Extremely Positive About Nin...:

As long as Nintendo doesnt divert the normal amount of attention they give to their Handheld and Consoles, I really could care less about mobile games. Even better, if there is additional life brought to the games through mobile games interacting, I will just consider it DLC and go from there.

If there is a monthly/yearly subscription, I 'may' decide to go for it, or not. It depends on the content I get. I am worried about the "New Club Nintendo" system they are putting into place, however.

Honestly, I would love to see Nintendo make games and DeNA take over with the finalization of online play and interaction. I think Nintendo's strength is not online and if DeNA takes over that aspect, I am sure we will see more Nintendo magic brewing. I think that is what DeNA is looking for too.



LordGeovanni commented on The Wanderer Class and One Month of Free DLC R...:

Was already Pre-ordered for me. With it being Etrian and Mystery Dungeon, I knew I needed it. Etrian is relatively new to me (only really played IV), I love a good Roguelike so Mystery Dungeon was already in my wallet.

Free DLC? Sure. But it isnt changing my mind on buying any sooner :P



LordGeovanni commented on Review: Flipnote Studio 3D (3DS eShop):

I was joking, It seems NA and PAL can NEVER get a full game at times. Either No Export occurs, Reduction in content occurs, Scaled Back Extras occurs, or a reissued "Master" version comes out almost immediately that is No Export. (Thanks SquareEnix).



LordGeovanni commented on Review: Flipnote Studio 3D (3DS eShop):

I was much Hyped for this because I never had a DSi. Without the Online though, I wouldnt give it more than a 4/10. It feels like there is a large missing element from this. Like something was planned and never developed. Or perhaps was stripped out of it instead because we shouldnt get the full game so easily. :/



LordGeovanni commented on Nintendo YouTube Creators Program Update Clari...:

I think this is actually better than the news last week. It shows a large amount of interest, regardless of the "highest viewed" members scorning the concept. It also details rules a bit clearer and prevents some of the miscommunication that has been happening. It is still sad to see that ONLY the approved games are allowed to be on the channel, but that isn't stopping anyone from making a new channel to host only the Nintendo specific videos.In fact, it is encouraged with an extra 10%.

And since this is still a Beta, I think the games allowed will grow quickly after this Trial Run is over.



LordGeovanni commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

I have also thought about a few things to also bring to this table:

With ALL the games that I have seen through YT and the like, I have only been interested in buying three. Cave Story (which I did buy), Spelunky (which I am looking into options for), and Minecraft (which I dont want to buy because of its current owner). ALL the others I have had the same type of response: "Why would I want to play a game that I already know the story of?"

This is even further amplified from Nintendo's own response to questions concerning a SE style Adventure Mode in SSB4.



LordGeovanni commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

I read through your entire comment and realized that I made a mistake with your previous post. I read it as "half the posts (the half defending Nintendo) did nothing to support their stance". I apologize for this error.

In better news, I think that you should reread MY post.
Nintendo shouldn't be FORCED to accept "free advertising". You questioned why I said that even though I detailed reasons later in the post.
NintendoLife is not making videos for the purpose of getting money. They are a news site. Distribution of information (release schedules, sneak peeks, reviews) are expected. Additionally, they ARE supported by Nintendo already. This is shown with NL constantly mentioning contacts with Nintendo representatives and the Review Copies of games given to them often.
And you also asked why Nintendo would lose Mario or Zelda? I ALSO detailed that answer in the first post. Check again. Or look into why "Band-Aid" changed their name to "Band-Aid Brand". It wasn't really by their choice...

And so what if Nintendo acts like an old man? The company has been around for over 125 YEARS. I would think that they seem to understand running a company better than you. Again, the sales are what matter. If Nintendo is doing everything "so wrong" and "against the grain", then they should have died during the N64, no?



LordGeovanni commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

So you just want to ignore the GC Discs completely? It isn't like the GC was almost piracy-proof you see. (sarcasm). If links to pages regarding piracy were allowed I would supply the link, but take this quotation from the page I easily found:
~ "According to the Mexican software pirate, the GameCube discs are not as "good" as they are much harder to pirate and illegally copy because of the proprietary 8cm Mini-DVD discs it uses, as well as security features which are proving a little hard to get around."

Thank you for saying that my comment contained "not a single decent argument for nintendo". I mean, it isn't like Nintendo should worry about losing company assets, right?



LordGeovanni commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

I find it baffling that so many people keep bringing up the "hardship" that uploaders have to go through. I have a lot to say so I am just going to scattershot:

Why should Nintendo HAVE to accept free advertising? They OWN the material. They have the RIGHT to enforce laws protecting their property. Regardless of ANYONE else's opinion.
If the Uploaders should make money because they spent time creating the "content" (commentary), why shouldn't the creating company be paid for the use of their PROPRIETARY creations? I think Nintendo is right to ask for money, and the amount that they ask for is NOT unreasonable on the side of the Uploader. In fact, asking for only 30~40% is FAR low-balling for the content.
If the Uploader spends even 10 Hours crafting the video, they should get paid for their contributions, right? Alright. Let us compare that to the THOUSANDS of man-hours put into the development of that game. Uploaders getting more than 1% is insane from that perspective. Saying "their tech costs" doesn't contribute either. That SAME tech is used for other videos. It is not likely that they spent $1000+ on cameras and lighting just to abandon it after the one video.
Do people here not even fully understand the laws regarding property and retaining Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks? Unauthorized use of your assets CAN STRIP you of those assets. Ask Band-Aid why... oh, I'm sorry, ask "Band-Aid Brand" why they changed their name. Nintendo HAS to enforce their rights or they lose their property. Ask them if they want to give away Mario or Zelda.

Nintendo actively defends itself because of what happened in 1983. And since they REBUILT the ENTIRE video game market, they are sort of entitled to run their ship they way they want. Even if the rest of the world feels otherwise, it doesn't matter.

The funniest thing from all of this is that people STILL are buying Nintendo products. Nintendo is DOOMED people :P Like that time that their stocks dropped. Or when Sony tried to STEAL their IPs with the SNES-CD system. Or when they refused to make a CD based system that got PIRATED like crazy (PS original). Or when they forced the N64 instead of CDs and Memory Cards. Or when they made a Lunchbox for a system that (while superior in multiple ways) was ridiculed for being "kidware". Or when they started using proprietary discs that couldn't be read and ripped easily. Or that time their stocks went down. Or when they started doing "gimmicks" like a second screen. Or a "gimmicks" like touch screen. Or that time their stocks went down. Or a "gimmicks" like "motion-control". Or a "gimmicks" like 3D tech that works without glasses. Or that time their stocks went down...



LordGeovanni commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

It isnt just faceplates. The screens are larger but the dimensions are the same. That means that the larger screens are just "zoomed in". It doesnt show you more, just bigger. Faceplates make the system adaptable. The biggest issue is the lack of respect though. "Americans will not want this, let us just force them to buy the more expensive one". That is the issue.



LordGeovanni commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

I am not here to argue. I am not here to rant. I only have a basic message for leaving here:

Nintendo is screwing up. I don't condemn them for it. I DO have a long amount of irritation with their practices over the last several months. Amiibo shouldnt be limited to one run if they are flying off the shelves. WiiU-GC Adapters should have been reprinted within two months of their demand, and announced within 2 weeks that there was a reprint coming. Majora's Mask LE Game + statue shouldnt sell out within hours. MM New 3DS XL shouldnt sell out within A QUARTER OF AN HOUR.

And MOST CERTAIN, Nintendo shouldnt limit my choices. I only wanted a Standard N3DS. I was planning that all along. When I found out that the Standard was unavailable, I decided to settle for the MM Special Edition. I couldnt get that either. I will WAIT. And I WILL say it wherever I want. Social Media and in RL.

Nintendo's current actions have been crippling to their company and just sitting down and saying nothing will Not help Nintendo. Because they will not know the level of our anger.



LordGeovanni commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

I find it hilarious that you decided to nit-pick out my list and detail how horrible it is. I DID say that it was a list of things I would like to see. It is BY FAR not the only things that I would expect to be changed. For you to question such a basic concept makes me wonder who let you on the internet. I find it even more hilarious that you want Nintendo to increase the cost of producing the Wii U just because YOU dont like seeing an external HD attached. I mean, it isnt like other people might have trouble finding another $50 to pay for this "improvement" when at least some part of the consumer-base might not need it and would be forced to pay more while others are excluded entirely because they cant afford the extra $50. I am even disturbed by your reaction to me saying that ROMs on Computers are illegal. You laugh. Or at least typed LOL. If you dont think that Nintendo should have a right to their own created property, why are you even bothering with a Nintendo site?

I find it fascinating that you take a record of Wii selling OVER 100 MILLION and say that it fails against Multimedia because TWO different, competing systems have a combined total higher. Nintendo outsold ALL other companies by 5-to-4. But this isnt significant to you. It CERTAINLY doesnt show that Multimedia isnt as powerful in this conversation. OBVIOUSLY everyone wanted a Multimedia source because if they REALLY didnt want one, the Wii would have sold more than at LEAST one of the competitors... Oh wait!

That is Ok, you bring up a good point about Nintendo being able to Tank BOTH Microsoft and Sony at the same time. It isn't like that happened before... Oh wait! GameCube happened. TONS of media coverage of Sony and Microsoft berating the Nintendo "Lunchbox" says hi...

Well, at least you give some good advice for Nintendo: "<B>Clearly, they need to start playing "the game" the way MS and Sony do, and they need to improve upon it and come out all guns blazing in a way that A) only Nintendo can and B) MS and Sony have not considered. At the same time, they very much need to adopt the common and expected practices and policies that define the core experience of the Xbox and Playstation brands--recognizable controllers, account-based profiles, an Achievement/Trophy system, an optional paid service, a lot more media content, built-in harddrive, generation-relative hardware heft, etc.</B>"

Let me summarize, Nintendo! Stop being you and be them. And be them BETTER than they are themselves. Obviously that is the answer. You need to be MORE Sony than Sony is. Get RID of the Off-TV Play, Get RID of the Miiverse, Get RID of the IPs that are not on PlayStation or Xbox, they are NOT what gamers want obviously.

@Quorthon, @Kirk,

Do you guys even bother to read your own thoughts at times? We can all agree that Nintendo should make some changes, but the best part of Nintendo is the low chance that they will accept a person on the internet's plans and concepts. I can rest quite easy knowing that Nintendo will do much better than the ideas that you have suggested. Especially because I know Nintendo wouldn't do such silly concepts. You would destroy the company within 5 years.



LordGeovanni commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

@Kirk @Quorthon

Sorry for the wait, I had to start getting ready for work.

As is this situation currently, Nintendo is able to keep themself out of the "Xbox or PS" situation that most find themselves in because they stand apart so much. If Nintendo was seeking to eliminate both from the Living room, I would agree that DVD and CD usability would be needed. It isnt. Nintendo knows it is not worth the struggle. Instead, Nintendo keeps trying to bring "new and innovative" ideas. Yes, Nintendo fails at times, yes Nintendo gets it completely wrong at times, but no, Nintendo isnt completely failing.

Quorthon, you mention 160+ million "multimedia boxes", but is that the amount of Xbox360 + PS3? How many were both bought by the same person? Regardless of that answer, how many 'Still' bought a Wii? Additionally, how much $ did Sony and Microsoft make off them? I am pretty sure that Nintendo gets $ for each Wii sale but I dont think the others did. (This is using old memories, could be wrong). Nintendo would be investing too much to become a Multimedia device. And it would put them directly oppositional to Sony and Microsoft. Currently they have a troubled time fighting one another but if Nintendo wanted to throw themselves into that ring it would just cause Nintendo more pain and $. It is actually a better location for where they are now. Outside the "Newest Gen Tech with the biggest Explosions" and alongside that system.

And I have a serious problem with you, Kirk, suggesting that Nintendo should encourage ROM usage as it would just support the concept of piracy. Nintendo is making a legal method for playing their games. Just because "PC can do it (illegally)" doesnt matter. The price of it doesnt matter either. The point that it is available legally is the most crucial part. And even with the "drag and drop" conversion, there are still many times where the game isnt in the best form (such as that Tablet Donkey Kong games shown in a Reality TV show last year) or where there are crucial problems that develop due to not legally being supported. It isnt like you could call Nintendo to get help on why your illegal ROM Hack isnt working.



LordGeovanni commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

The PlayStation 2 sold so well because of the DVD capabilities for sure. But there was another major point - It was the 'cheapest' DVD player around. Otherwise I feel as though the PS2 might have lost against the GameCube. And then the full "Multimedia" systems, PS3 and XBox360 seems to have had a problem with the Wii dominating and all. Even with time passing and priorities changing, I still feel that Nintendo would make a mistake to go make a Multimedia system.

Another thing to consider is that I too would like a system that plays CDs and DVDs. But just because it is possible doesnt mean it is necessary. As it is, Nintendo is in the prime location to be bought and played alongside the Xbox or PS4. Even better, it works perfect alongside the PC. It isnt like Nintendo says that you cant play with their system if you buy a PS4 or Xbox.



LordGeovanni commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

You keep asking for Multimedia playback and yet you also want Nintendo to not follow the other ducks. The whole reason why PlayStation did well for the PS2 was because of the DVD player. This is most certainly true, but that was because Sony wanted to push DVDs as well. If Nintendo isnt invested in DVDs, why should it play them? If Nintendo isnt invested in CDs why should it play them? It would drive the price of the system up and Nintendo wouldn't have anything to contribute to that piece of their system. It would be wasted and honestly could you imagine someone saying "Gee, I have an Xbox but the Nintendo MultiSystem is SO much better at CD playing that I NEED it"?

The only reason why the Xbox and PlayStations are Multimedia machines is simple, their companies are Multimedia companies. If people want CDs and DVD/Blu-Ray players they shouldn't expect a company that doesnt produce them to make a player for them.

Your statement about the 4 Gamepads was what I was looking for, however. 4 Gamepads at once is something that I would like to see too. The problem is its current implementation. The next gen could possibly do it, but I dont think that it would also be a stand-alone Handheld at the same time. And this is also with the time until the next generation considered. Other than that, I agree with you on the concept.



LordGeovanni commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

I think your comment on my comment being ridiculous is insulting. Nintendo doesnt have the resources that Sony and Microsoft have in reference to manpower and $. Especially the $. Sony and Microsoft already develop several different ways to perform similar functions to what you suggest. For Nintendo to do that, they would need to start research into it just to begin. It isnt like Nintendo can go to Sony's department regarding HD TVs and start asking questions on how it is built. I also notice that you didnt mention that you were crossing your own ideas in your initial rant. You cannot limit a system to one controller style and additionally suggest 4 controllers while also expect all 4 controllers to operate as independent handheld systems. At least not with current gen tech. And yes, I feel that Nintendo would have to develop for 16 years (without any tech advancement) before making the "ideal" system that you expect next gen. You are requiring too much, especially ideas that require rewriting most of the concepts that Nintendo currently pushses for.



LordGeovanni commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

I actually agree with most of what you said. Please just see my view on a few of the differences. I am not really arguing or opposed, just would like to bring a few things up.

While Nintendo was a juggernaut on technology in the past, they were not competing against world-class powerhouses. Sony and Microsoft have many ways to make money. Some of us were just reminded of this with Sony in hot water after the movie they created, but they are in multiple different $ revenue streams at all times. Nintendo cant afford to take $ losses like Sony (Video Game department) and Microsoft (Xbox Department) can. There isn't some huge "Sugar Daddy" company to bail Nintendo out every year. This is why I feel that Nintendo shouldn't push for competing for the same level of graphics and power. But you are right. If Nintendo pushed everything they had, they could get something on that level. The gambit would probably not work at the current 3rd party hostilities in my opinion.

Another point is the difference between the HD jumps. Both Sony and Microsoft had difficulties when they moved to HD. Nintendo had the same difficulties, just later. I feel that those difficulties are what caused the Wii to have such a large amount of positive reaction around the world - Nintendo didn't have the "start-up" that the other had to do. This time, Nintendo has those start-ups and the competition hasn't. For Nintendo's positive, the competitors haven't increased the power & capabilities of the new-gen by much either.

VC is also something that Nintendo has to work on with each individual game. They cant just say "Copy game and place into converter". Nintendo has said this too. It also takes up man-hours to convert the game. I am not justifying a poor line-up, but I am saying that the time spent on the VC games is time not spent on other games.