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thatoneguy4419 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Apex Champion Call...:

@DarkKirby I don't think ZeRo was sad that he was getting booed, just the fact that the crowd was disrespecting smash 4, and its players. He doesn't really care what people say about him. If he did, he would've stopped playing Diddy a long time ago. It's the things they say about smash 4 and the community that bothers him. If people don't like smash 4, that's fine, but at least show some respect. THAT is the problem. So what if it's slower? the fast pace of melee isn't for everybody. Besides, smash 4 definitely isn't as slow as people think. People only think it is slow because of watching Dabuz in top 8. He was camping the whole time (not that there is anything wrong with that, since he was playing to win). During phase 2 of pools, apparently, there were MANY legendary sets that were played, but they weren't streamed. Seeing those sets, would surely turn heads.



thatoneguy4419 commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

For all those people saying: "Why do people watch Let's Plays, when you can play the game yourself?"
1. Maybe some people simply can't afford the game, so the next best thing is to watch someone entertaining play it.
2. People like the personality of the person playing the game (Ex. They're funny, cool etc.). The content creator shares the same interest/passion as the viewer, so they have someone who they can relate to.
3. If it is a horror game, people might be too scared to play it in the first place, so they watch someone else play it. The viewer does not have to feel as scared and as lonely with someone else "by their side".

Please be a bit more understanding. There are simply some people out there who are in a different situation/have a different mindset than you guys. Just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean that it's any less important for other people.



thatoneguy4419 commented on Super Smash Bros. Tournament Organiser Steps D...:

Guys I honestly can't. This problem goes WAY deeper than sexual harassment. Alex Strife is basically a huge scum bag, not ONLY because he harasses women:

"I would like to start with Apex 2010. Among many issues stands out, but the one that makes my skin crawl is the transportation of Japanese players to and from the venue and their hotel. Remember that this was the first time Japanese players had traveled to America to compete in a very long time, and the mode of transportation set up for our welcomed guests was via the back of a Uhaul truck. Incredibly unsafe, dangerous, and flat out disrespectful for treating guests from outside of our country to the best display of our tournaments and hospitality. How do I know this happened? I was guilt tripped into being the driver. Looking back at it, I probably should have denied doing this, but as far as I know someone else would have done it."
And then:

"And while I'm on the subject, Strife has said very negative things about multiple people in our community. Here's another one I have proof of, about one of our most influential Smash players at the moment, ZeRo. Strife tried to guilt trip him into helping promote Apex by lying to him saying that Nintendo would support Apex 2014 if Apex got 350-400 entrants for Brawl and that he'll have to cancel Apex if he doesn't get enough entrants."

And lastly:

Please do not defend this guy. I get he has problems, but please. If you guys want more, I have no problem showing more.



thatoneguy4419 commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

*Facepalm. Guys, Reggie isn't saying that he DOESN'T want third party support. He's saying that if third party developers don't want to bring their games to the Wii U, then he'd rather keep Nintendo's first party titles. Obviously he wants more third party support as much as the next guy, but if Nintendo doesn't get any, they're still content with their own games as well. Make no mistake, Nintendo wants, and is getting more third party support. You just gotta be patient. They're still sorting things out.



thatoneguy4419 commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

Guys, please calm yourselves. It sucks that your favorite character(s) didn't make the cut, but in the end it's pretty much impossible for Sakurai to give EVERYONE what they want. After all, us fans are pretty demanding. We could get what we want, but then we'll just ask for more. Just be content with the fact that we're getting the game. Sakurai already poured his heart and soul into it. And about the clones... many of you disagree with many of them, but just remember: those characters might not mean much to you, but they could be a favorite of someone else. Just something to think about...



thatoneguy4419 commented on Super Smash Bros. Will Have The Same Character...:

We really shouldn't have to worry about the 3DS limiting the Wii U version of the game. Have we forgotten that Sakurai is the one developing the games right now? He's trying his best right now on both of them, so I'm sure he is adding as much characters and content as possible. Plus, don't underestimate the power of the 3DS! Nintendo's the one who made the handheld remember? Just have a little faith.



thatoneguy4419 commented on Thomas Was Alone Creator Responds To Nintendo ...:

Ok, lets set one thing straight. Making a game, and playing a game are two different things. So when LPers play games and post their videos on Youtube, it is their work. Sure, Nintendo makes the actual game, but the LPer adds his/her own elements, and play the game their own way (Commentary, way of playing game). That is completely theirs, so Nintendo doesn't really have a right to just take their cash. Some people actually put a lot of work into their videos, and to have their hard earned money taken away is just morally wrong. And don't give me any of that "their fans are all they need" junk, because some of them rely on that money, and I'm pretty sure Nintendo doesn't need it as much as they do. Sure, nobody promised them the money like LZ said up there, but still, it is technically the LPer's money as they earned it, but as someone else said before, "just because they can do it doesn't make it right".



thatoneguy4419 commented on Nintendo Claiming Ad Revenue On YouTube User-G...:

I'm kinda appalled that Nintendo would do this. Lets Players do make money off Nintendo's games, but Nintendo is already making a lot of money off of their games already. Some famous LPers do put a lot of effort and time into their videos, so taking away their hard earned cash does seem a little harsh. There's nothing wrong with just making money off of videos like some of you think. College is not for everybody, and I'm sure they made videos in the first place, because they really love doing it, and not to only make money. I understand Nintendo's viewpoint, but taking their money doesn't seem quite right.



thatoneguy4419 commented on Peter Molyneux: If I were Nintendo, I'd Put Ma...:

Ugh, I really hope Nintendo keeps their games on their own systems, because who would need to buy a 3DS when they could just play Pokemon or Mario on their tablets or smartphones? I'd say a good amount of people these days own a smartphone or tablet, so selling games on other platforms would be great business for games, but it would be extremely detrimental to Nintendo's consoles. I would really hate it if Nintendo just produced games and abandoned consoles.



thatoneguy4419 commented on New Adventure Time Game Coming to Wii U and 3D...:

Oh yeah, you guys at Nintendolife also forgot to mention that there's a Regular Show game coming out in the fall as well. Similar to Adventure Time, Regular Show's creator J.G. Quintel will be working with Wayforward on the game as well. I'm Pretty excited for both games!



thatoneguy4419 commented on New Adventure Time Game Coming to Wii U and 3D...:

It appears not a lot of people here really enjoyed the first game, which kinda bums me out. I loved the game even though it was pretty short and easy. I can only imagine the gameplay to be more frantic and difficult this time around though since they are actually putting in a co-op mode. Hopefully it turns out to be just as fun, but intense like with the New Super Mario Bros. and Rayman games.



thatoneguy4419 commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

I guess Nintendo could be a bit more assertive to 3rd Party developers about canceling/delaying their games, but like so many other people have said above, one must be patient. Once more games get developed for the Wii U, it will build up momentum, and eventually more developers will take interest in the system. The 3DS went through the same thing, so I think the Wii U will do just as well, or possibly even better.



thatoneguy4419 commented on Phil Fish: I Love Nintendo In Ways It Probably...:

Hmm... Well the things he said about the 3DS, and the things he's saying now don't exactly line up. I mean he was dissing every prominent aspect/feature of the 3DS, which in my opinion, is what made the DS and 3DS so famous. If he didn't like the 3D, the clamshell design, or the touch screen, then what does he like about it?



thatoneguy4419 commented on Fez Creator Believes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate...:

A picky gamer like Fish shouldn't even be allowed to play this game. He should just be happy that a great game like that even came out. The controls are great. Sure the camera control isn't the best but, it doesn't take much to get used to it. Take Kid Icarus: Uprising for example. It was difficult to control the camera as well, but once you got used to it, it was a great experience. And what's wrong with the clamshell design? In case this guy hasn't noticed, the screen and the 3DS itself would be more prone to breaking. If it weren't for it, my 3DS probably would've broke the other day when I dropped it. Plus, the touch screen and the 3D are not gimmicks. Although the touch screen is not always used to its fullest potential, there are games that do like Kid Icarus: Uprising, or Colors! 3D. Furthermore, it adds more versatility, like controls for rythm games. Same thing goes for the 3D. Its supposed to give the player more depth into the game. If this guy can't see any of this, he doesn't even deserve to look at a 3DS let alone own one.



thatoneguy4419 commented on Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror ...:

Wow, a lot of you guys don't seem to really like the game.... I thought it was great though. It's certainly not like the traditional Castlevania games, but I think it works rather well. With all the past games having all the same elements such as exploration, the games seem kinda repetitive to me, and I personally think that this a fresh new step forward in the series.



thatoneguy4419 commented on Review: Dillon's Rolling Western (3DSWare):

Although it's 2013 and nobody is probably going to see this, I'd still like to point out that what Thomas said was right. We all don't like the same game, so why arguing about what score this game should've gotten is kinda pointless. Sure, I thought the game should've gotten an 8/10 (and still think so), and was kinda angry about it, but now that I've opened my eyes a bit more, I really agree with Thomas now, and I kinda feel like a jerk for used to thinking so ignorantly.



thatoneguy4419 commented on Petit Computer Lets You Make Games on Your DSi...:

if there aren't going to be any tutorials or guides in this game, I don't know if I'll get it... it seems really fun and all but it looks like it's really complicated at the same time :/ I just looked up some information about BASIC programming and I have to say... It looks really confusing. Or maybe that's just me.



thatoneguy4419 commented on Review: Rayman Origins (3DS):

I really didn't notice a lot of the problems that were mentioned in the review. And while I did notice that the sprites are a little unclear and small due the 3DS's screen, I really didn't mind it that much, and it really didn't take away much from the experience or make it harder to play in any way because it was extremely easy to get used to. All the problems stated in the review sound like something that you would easily miss and get use to easily as well unless you're really picky about these kinds of things. I would have given it a 9/10.



thatoneguy4419 commented on LEGO Batman 2 Launch Trailer is Super:

I really loved the 3DS demo. I thought it was really fun beating up enemies, and chucking Batarangs at them. Also, grabbing enemies and chucking them at the walls was pretty fun and satisfying as well. Plus, it was pretty fun and creative using the Sensor suit, sneaking up on enemies and taking them down. Also, you have to admit, beating up Robin does bring up a laugh or two.



thatoneguy4419 commented on E3 2012: Nintendo Land is More Expansive Than ...:

this game looks pretty cool! especially the Zelda Battle quest game. But one question, do you absolutely NEED a wii remote plus? or can you just play without it, on solo? Because, I've never actually owned a wii so I don't have a remote Also, could you just use a regular wii remote for multiplayer on any of the other games? Thanks



thatoneguy4419 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend?:

Kid Icarus: Uprising: The multiplayer is extremely addictive, plus I haven't beat the story mode yet.
Mario Kart 7: Nothing beats some intense kart racing
Spotto!: I still haven't beat this DSiware game yet. Plus, it's pretty fun and challenging at times.
Rayman Origins Demo: Even though this is just a demo, I'm hooked onto it. Plus I played it for 2 hours straight.



thatoneguy4419 commented on May's Club Nintendo Rewards Are Up Now:

Are you serious?! The one time I spend ALL my coins on a reversible pouch THESE games come out! I didn't think the games would be great this time around, but I was clearly WRONG. CURSE YOU NINTENDO!



thatoneguy4419 commented on Analyst Calls for Mario on Non-Nintendo Platforms:

Because why would people need to buy a new nintendo game system, when they already have mario on their phones? This would really affect the sales of all the systems, and potentially get rid of VC, because, now almost everyone has a phone today.