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doctor_doak commented on Nintendo of America Unleashes Wii U Game Sizzl...:

No Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 and Pullblox World was an error..

Nonetheless, things are looking up for the future of the wii u from a games perspective. Nintendo are peerless as a creator of games...If Looking Glass Studios were still around, they might have competition..

but i'm of the opinion that the wii u is going to have an amazing library of exclusive games by the time it's done. Nintendo are absolutely on fire atm...



doctor_doak commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confidently Outlines Nintendo...:

"It's all perception, and the perception right now is that Wii U is not a console for core gamers".

Yes, you're correct that 'perception' is everything.

What is a 'core' gamer anyway?? Someone who plays Watch Dogs, GTA, Assassins Creed 33 &1/3rd, Last of Us, FIFA, Call of Duty, Tomb Raider, Mass Effect, etc.. on a PS4 or XBox1?? Is being 'core'... whatever that means.. something worth even aspiring to?

I'm sorry, but I think most AAA games these days are utterly casual. Pikmin is more 'hardcore' than any of those games I's certainly more fun and interesting. The youtuber 'Bananasaurus Rex' thaaaat guy is a hardcore gamer. Anyone who can beat Spelunky in under five minutes is a total badass in my book. Anyone who can even comprehend Dwarf Fortress's interface is 'hardcore'...

Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, 2K, etc...have done a very good job at telling impressionable young males that they need to be playing violent, sweary games with ultra-realistic graphics in order to be 'core' and 'mature' and not shunned by their peers.

The concepts of 'core' and 'mature' games only exist in the minds of uber-savvy, latte-sipping corporate marketing guru's who've never even touched a video game in their lives...

I challenge anyone here to prove to me that Grand Theft Auto V was created for a 'mature' audience.



doctor_doak commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confidently Outlines Nintendo...:

That's all well and good, and I do agree with what he says.... but I won't be impressed unless the Wii U gets quality 1st party support to the end of 2017 (i.e. a full round of support...). I don't care whether they release a new console in 2017 or 2018, but they cannot abandon the Wii U in just 4 years. It's quite an expensive bit of kit when compared to the competitors, and their strategic blunders are not the fault of early adopters.

They bailed on the wii in 2010 because it suited them to do so...So at this stage, it's just words...



doctor_doak commented on Nintendo UK Gets Help from Boy Band The Vamps ...:

No. No... absolutely not.

Who at Nintendo thought this was a good idea? These kids are vapid airheads with horrible haircuts and even worse music...They have nothing whatsoever to offer.

I'd be utterly horrified if my (future) daughter dated something like that...Someone pass the sickbag please, ughh..

Where's the quality control Nintendo?? Isn't 'Luigi's Mansion 2, Fire Emblem, ALBW, etc..' ITSELF enough of a selling point for tween-age girls??



doctor_doak commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

D'ya know what 'kinda breaks the magic' of playing games Ubisoft??

Having a buggy, dysfunctional DRM client like say, i dunno, 'U-Play' wedged between you and the $60 game you 'legally' bought, that has the effect of denying you the ablity to play the game you actually paid for...

That's a 'magic' killer right there.



doctor_doak commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:


He's a boxer, lol. How many male boxer's do you know wear knitted sweaters when they're preparing for a heavyweight title fight?

I think the point of the article is...that it's just totally out of place, totally out of context. They could've come up with some great alt-costumes for her, but they'd rather pander to the immature/adolescent crowd instead...

They could've made her a 'kickdonkey role model icon' for young girls...but they instead chose to make her a cheesecake object to be leered at by 11-13 year old boys..



doctor_doak commented on Video: Turns Out Former James Bond Pierce Bros...:

I would quite literally give my left testicle... hell, i'd give 'em both, just to play a 1-hour long, 4-player splitscreen series of 'grenade launchers-in-the-basement' matches against Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean and Izabella Scorupco..

Mein gott..



doctor_doak commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:


Zombi U was a low-risk/high-reward investment for UbiSoft. Do you remember that it was actually a game called 'Killer Freaks From Outer Space' at E3 in 2011?? So Zombi U was actually in development less than a year because KFFOS was scrapped after E3 2011....It was a low-risk gamble on the Wii U being a roaring success at launch that failed.

If they really wanted to carve an audience on the Wii U for themselves, they should've spent more than 9/10 months making a half-hearted exclusive launch title for the system..



doctor_doak commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

haha! love it! Sounds like something i'd say! "Our standards are simply higher than your average gamers!!" It's true though Nintendo fans demand interesting/innovative gameplay mechanics over flashy cinematics, absurd budgets, and gratuitous violence..

If Michel Ancel weren't involved in Ubisoft, I couldn't think of any reason to be interested in ANY of Ubisoft's games. They are a pretty awful company when all is said and done, one which mainly creates generic blockbuster tripe games for fratboys, and they treat PC gamers like absolute garbage.

If only they did more games like Child of Light, Beyond Good & Evil and From Dust...



doctor_doak commented on Super Smash Bros. Seizes Gamescom Most Wanted ...:

This is good news for the future prospects of the Wii U. This could be the start of a steady climb towards respectable lifetime sales for the console...and this time there's going to be a regular stream of 1st party games following to keep the sales momentum going.

go you good thing!



doctor_doak commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

Metroid Prime Trilogy HD
F-Zero GX HD
Paper Mario HD Collection (Paper Mario 64, Thousand Year Door, Super Paper Mario)
Sports Collection HD (Pilotwings 64, Wave Race: Blue Storm, 1080 Avalanche)

I really don't think we need an HD Mario Galaxy or Sunshine at this stage. We just got a 3D Mario last year and we'll potentially get a Galaxy successor in 2016. How 'bout serving some under-represented genres like sports, futuristic racing, RPG's and action adventure?



doctor_doak commented on Meta Knight Confirmed For Super Smash Bros. on...:


I actually own a Vita, so it's real hard to say those things. It really is a great device and I do love it, but its creator simply couldn't care less about it... I just don't understand why Sony is in the gaming business at this stage...they really don't have the passion for it.

Anyway, this post is about the glorious META KNIGHT and the best damn gaming company in the world! YAAARGGGGHHH!

This game will be amazing...not 'maybe' or 'might' or even 'could be' WILL!!!



doctor_doak commented on Meta Knight Confirmed For Super Smash Bros. on...:

...AAANND this announcement wouldn't have anything to do with a certain well publicised, Sony centric 'Gamescom' happening right now as we speak, would it? Tis okay...Sony have yet again shafted the Vita, displaying their true colours as an utterly soulless 'tech' entity, so I could care less about 'em...

There's only ONE place to get amazing first party support and that's on Nintendo consoles. Rain, hail, or Armageddon...

They don't simply 'give up' on their hardware, unlike certain competitors..



doctor_doak commented on The Trending #WiiUDroughtAid Shows That, Actua...:

The backwards compatability doesn't help me much personally considering I don't want anything to do with motion controls, and there are very few wii games that have full pro-controller support. Backwards compatability is nice for those who want it, but 'new' games are the reason why you invest in a new console..

That being said, i'm resigned to the fact that Nintendo consoles are essentially for Nintendo published 'games'. I don't really care about the droughts, just so long as what they eventually put out is of the highest standard. So far, Nintendo's 1st party efforts for the wii u have generally been of a very high standard...they're games you'll go back to in 3-5 years time, and y'know they'll still be great.



doctor_doak commented on PS4 and Xbox One Surpass Wii U Lifetime Sales ...:


Well, we can have that argument at the end of the generation. A lot of other people agree that 32 GB is no where near enough if you're going to be making extensive use of the e-shop. —

I agree that specs don't make for a better gaming system...You don't see too many brand new high-end ATi cards going for the same price as an 8 year old one though. —

I mean't the platform in general. Not Sony specifically. Highly promising games already slated for 2014 are Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Thief, Watch Dogs, Mirror's Edge 2, Mad Max, Metal Gear Solid 5, Diablo 3, Destiny, The Crew, The Division, Lords of The Fallen, Shadow of The Beast, The Witness, Transistor....How many of those are coming to the Wii U?? —

in addition to Sony 1st party stuff like The Order 1886, Infamous 3, and (likely) Uncharted 4.

I think there are some great looking games in Wii U's upcoming schedule, just nowhere near enough to choose from.



doctor_doak commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:


I totally agree. They are just inept strategists at this stage. What were they doing in 2011 and 2012 from a home console perspective ??? Sure there was Xenoblade and Skyward Sword....but 2 games in 2 years?? What's the excuse for releasing a new console with no compelling software for 9 months, when their previous console had been virtually abandoned for the previous 2 years from a software perspective??

No wonder retailers have abandoned it. They've just followed Nintendo's lead. I mean, there's been some great games in the last few months, and there'll be more next year...but, they've already lost public mindshare. They had 12 months headstart on PS4/XBox1 and they did nothing useful with that headstart..



doctor_doak commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:


Yeah, well where I am, half the retailers have more or less cleared out Wii U stock. I guess they've figured that if Nintendo can't be bothered trying to sell their console, why should they??

At any rate, it's pretty disappointing. Because I think when it's all said and done, the Wii U will probably have an excellent array of 1st party software at the end of this gen...but hardly any of it will sell because the people running the show are so inept.



doctor_doak commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

"Its not going to see another Christmas" is just hyperbole. Going on past history, a successor to the Wii U won't be introduced until 2017. Having already lost the broader casual market this gen they so desire, Nintendo aren't likely going to cast aside the loyal fans they have, if they still have ambitions of releasing future hardware. They will (if past history is anything to go by) try to rebuild momentum by releasing as much quality software as they can in that 3 or 4 year timeframe they have left. The Wii U could actually end up being a very good gaming console from a 1st party software perspective (albeit a commercial failure) much like the Gamecube was.

But, he is right in questioning the release date for SM3DW so close to the PS4. I don't understand why SM3DW wasn't ready to go at launch. I also don't understand why Nintendo didn't release any significant software of their own until 9 months into the console's life. It was released stillborn...

As much as I want Nintendo to succeed by continuing to release fun and unique games, i'm totally baffled by their strategy (or lack thereof) in general.
I'm not at all convinced Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. will be the system sellers as expected. The mindshare for those games has been massively eroded..

Nintendo should have distanced itself from the Wii brand, and it should have given people a reason to be excited by the unique gameplay experiences the gamepad could offer..

It's old tech, with a unique/centrepiece input device that seems to serve no unique/interesting purpose at this stage. The 1st party software is of a high quality but too safe/iterative...and there's too few of them to prop up the console without 3rd party support.

People want new experiences as well. Without 3rd party support, Nintendo can't afford to rely on the tried/true formula's that have served them well for the past 3 or 4 generations alone..



doctor_doak commented on Super Mario 3D World Struggles Against PS4 Tit...:


I think the issue is, that Nintendo are basically having to develop for a console all on their own, because that's what they want... an ecosystem where they can dominate software sales.

...and what is on offer for the first 2 years of the basically the same sort of thing that's always been done. A lot of people are bored by that conservative strategy..

I personally think Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, DK: Tropical Freeze, MK 8, Smash Bros, X sequel all look fantastic....but it's nothing new.. While it's not Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed levels of cashing in....(and hey, the difference is, all those Nintendo rehashes are actually of a very high quality)..

People still want new 'exciting' experiences, alongside the quality nostalgic ones...

Especially when you have this expensive 'centrepiece' gamepad that's currently being used mostly for inventory management..

Not even Nintendo can figure out what to do with are 3rd parties supposed to figure out unique gameplay experiences using the gamepad when not even Nintendo can??



doctor_doak commented on PS4 and Xbox One Surpass Wii U Lifetime Sales ...:


Super Mario 3D, and wonderful 101 are superb games...MH3 and Zelda: WW are games most nintendo folk have already played, so they don't count..

The point this godforsaken year of 2013, I shouldn't HAVE to be thinking about buying external disc space for a $400 next-gen console. Even the bloody Ps3 came with 60GB as standard in 2006!!

I don't know where you live...but i'm from Australia, and we pay through the nose for everything.. $60 (AUS) as a minimum for a 500 gb external hard drive.

That's pushing $500 (AU) for a 500 gb wii u when the PS4 is $549, comes with 500 gb as standard, and is about 10 times more powerful, and produces about 5* the amount of quality software Nintendo does..

I don't want to bash on Nintendo. I think it would be a travesty if they didn't exist...because they're one of a dwindling crowd of developers/publishers who actually insert creativity and 'wonder' into their games without having to rely on the crutch of 'hyper-violence'...



doctor_doak commented on PS4 and Xbox One Surpass Wii U Lifetime Sales ...:

The two biggest issues for me are 1stly, the paltry 32GB hard drive... I mean, when you factor in firmware updates, patches, dlc, and download 'only' games..32 GB simply doesn't cut it. So having to buy a 500gb or 1TB hard drive puts the price of the console in the same ballpark as the PS4, which is absurd.

2ndly (and most importantly), there simply aren't enough compelling games to choose from that I can't get elsewhere. Nintendo going it alone would be fine for me if they produced enough content to select from on a year-by-year basis, but they are simply incapable of doing this it seems. I think a lot of people haven't forgotten that they basically abandoned software development for the wii for the last two years of its six year life cycle to focus on the 3DS. Combined with the drought of 2009, history shows that the wii only got a decent supply of games for roughly 50% of the generation. So, what does that mean for the future prospects of Wii U software when the console isn't even moving off store shelves, and has virtually non existent 3rd party support??

Right now, 2014 looks OK from a 1st party software perspective, but it's still somewhat lacking in depth of options. If Miyamoto's new IP is a character driven game of the calibre of a Pikmin/Donkey Kong, etc.. and if they announce another couple of interesting 1st party games for 2014 that we haven't seen before (aimed at gamers rather than casuals), i'd be happier to buy in. I'd like to be confident that the console is going to be strongly supported from a 1st party perspective until 2017. Who's to say if things keep going as poorly as they have, that they won't abandon software development in a year or two to focus on the next round of hardware??

Too many question marks at this stage for me, and I have no idea how they could release this new console without giving it a game of significance for 9 months. I just don't know WHO this console is supposed to be designed for, and I don't think Nintendo do either at this stage.



doctor_doak commented on Super Mario 3D World Underwhelms on Japanese C...:


I do think the NSMB line of games shouldn't exist. However, I play tough platformers like Super Meat Boy and Spelunky for the challenge, whereas I play 3D Mario for the immense creativity and 'fun factor'.

So, I think you're kind of missing the point of why people play games there..



doctor_doak commented on Ashes Cricket 2013 Spins Onto PC, Yet Remains ...:

If this broken, sick joke for a game had've been released in 1998, it still would've looked terrible.
These developers should be ashamed for releasing such a broken and worthless excuse for a game. It's retailing for $58 @ Harvey Norman right now. On Steam I can get the following for the same price in 'total'.

Witcher 2, Skyrim, Portal 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mirror's Edge, Torchlight 2, Spelunky, Terraria, Super Meat Boy, Bastion..
(and DOTA 2 is 'free').

Hmmm....10 of this generation's best and most popular games, or Ashes Cricket 2013. Tough choice..



doctor_doak commented on Cliff Bleszinski Thinks Super Mario 3D World I...:

Well, I haven't played it, it hasn't even been released in Australia yet..
It'll probably trigger a 'spike' in console sales, but I can't see it causing the sort of phenomenon that Wii Sports did with the wii. It looks like enormous fun though. Lifetime sales will eventually be impressive. Though Nintendo needs the console to sell 'now'.

Nintendo don't even have a strategy here in Australia to sell the console. A lot of retailers have already abandoned it. I'm seeing a fair bit of XBox and Sony related advertising, but nothing at all RE: Nintendo.. It's North America/Western Europe or bust it seems..

Anyway, as good as the game is, it's hardly going to bring in 10s of millions by itself. It's a mario's superb, but it's also fairly safe...It's 'familiar'.

I don't know what individual thing would sell the system to the masses at this stage....i just hope for the diehard nintendo fans who've already bought it, that Nintendo supports the console for a good 5 years with quality 1st party software, whether it sells or not.



doctor_doak commented on Former Pikmin Director Currently Working On "O...:

I hear people say, "I hope it's a 'mature' IP like the Last of Us, like cause y'know adults play video games too hmm.. etc.." I personally don't understand how bludgeoning people to death with a brick (and w/h other blunt instruments) in some cliched, post-apocalyptic, linear, hyper scripted setting = 'mature'..

Anyway, i'd personally like to see a new IP that's as creative, weird and unique as Pikmin.

Odds are, it'll probably be the spiritual successor to Nintendogs tho ..



doctor_doak commented on Super Mario 3D World Reaches Top Spot On Amazo...:

It'll help, but I doubt it will single handedly turn the console's fortune around.

Miyamoto's new IP is key. If it is a casual Wii Music/Fit type thing, i doubt it'll gain any traction, because Nintendo will NEVER get that audience back again (flocked to i-phone/i-pad/android devices, etc) not coming back, etc. If it's a new IP of the calibre of a Metroid or a Pikmin that makes genuinely innovative use of the gamepad, I can see that gaining a lot of traction with actual 'gamers'. They mightn't get the astronomical sales of the wii, but they can certainly fall somewhere respectably in between the wii and gamecube..

Building up a really solid library, regularly releasing quality content, and bringing the Zelda bundle with the price cut would help here in Aus....but then again, Nintendo could care less about Australia, so whatever...



doctor_doak commented on Soapbox: Super Mario 3D World's Playful Whimsy...:

I think there is a problem where certain 'influential' segments of the industry, and gamers alike equate violence with 'mature content'. So if it doesn't conform to the violence = mature formula, then it must be 'kiddie'. To me, as a non-12 year old male, there is simply nothing more 'immature' than the Call of Duty franchise. But hey, that's my opinion. As for The Last of Us, I haven't played it...but watching gameplay videos it just looks like a semi-interactive movie, and while people get excited over immersive narratives, i'm more interested in 'pure' gameplay experiences, which is something Nintendo are very good at delivering. Also some of the violence in TLOU seems overly gratuitious to me.

I don't have an issue with the technical aspects of the Wii U, it's more related to concerns about Nintendo's capacity to put out enough content on a regular basis to keep me interested, and to justify the (AU) $428 price tag. One thing Sony does particularly well with the Playstation is to ensure that there are always plenty of games, and a wide variety of games available. 4 or 5 1st party titles a year doesn't really cut it..



doctor_doak commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Emphasizes That New Experienc...:

"We'll have Mario Kart 8 out next spring, and at that point we'll have the whole lineup in place, so I think it's about time we brought out a new franchise".

Not sure what he means by the 'whole lineup'... Smash Bros. wont release till late 2014, Zelda 2015 and Metroid hasn't even started development yet..I guess he must be referring to the 1st party releases starting with Pikmin 3.

The fact he's referencing Mario Kart 8 specifically, makes me think he'd have to be really mean if he was working on Wii Music U or something similar. We're all expecting something of the calibre of a Mario, Zelda, Metroid or Pikmin...I really hope it isn't a casual title, because the hype for this is going to be even bigger than 'Retro's secret project'.



doctor_doak commented on Miyamoto: HD Development "Took More Time Than ...:

yep. It's like.. hey, welcome to 2006 Nintendo!!

I have no idea how they could've underestimated the resources required for the jump between SD and HD development. I'm not even a developer or connected to the games industry in any way, and even I understand from watching this gen. unfold that it requires a 'significant' investment in additional resources. Still, the games will be great. Just 6-12 months late i guess..

lol@ Nintenjoe64 re the VC..



doctor_doak commented on Investment Expert Feels Nintendo Earnings Miss...:


There are a couple of problems with his theory. 1. Nintendo is sitting on about $10 billion worth of credit. Even if this console moves less than say 10 million units, Nintendo has deep enough pockets to come up with a new console in 3-4 years time, not taking into account the persistent flow of 3DS money... and still thrive in the hardware business...

2. Nintendo software is 'inextricably' tied to Nintendo hardware. There is simply no Nintendo software without Nintendo hardware....Just ask Shiggy. The software 'sings' so to speak, because the hardware gives it the perfect platform... Nintendo without it's hardware ceases to exist, and i'm sure investors understand this..

This guy sounds like an Apple or Google shill. No doubt Nintendo have made stupid mistakes, but I wouldn't want to bet on anything until we've seen the impact of the somewhat 'packed' schedule for the rest of 2013...and perhaps until after Mario Kart 8 in the Spring. Also, Nintendo are on the verge of releasing what they feel is a 'killer app' or 'apps' for the Wii U, that will apparently offer up 'a new way of playing games'..aka another Wii Sports moment..

If he thinks the Wii U will only move no more than 2 million units before the end of the year, he's utterly deluded. Mario 3D Land sold almost 8.5 million, DK Country Returns sold 5 million...add in 1st party efforts like Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101, and some top shelf 3rd party multi-plat releases like Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends, and Arkham Origins....There's no way only 2 million consoles will shift by the end of the year.

No idea whatsoever..



doctor_doak commented on Ubisoft CEO Admits ZombiU Sales Were Disappoin...:

This game was only in development for about a year... Remember 'Killer Freaks From Outer Space'? That's what this game was at E3 2011. If Zombi was released on Xbox 360/PS3 it would've done even worse at the box office, because zombie games are a dime a dozen on those platforms, and some of them, like Left For Dead 2 are much better games.

I guess there are some good aspects to the game like the permadeath mechanic..but it just comes off as looking like a half-assed game that Ubi whipped up in 10 or 11 months and sort of hoped for the best.

Nintendo are mostly responsible for the lack of consoles being shifted due to the lack of 1st party software, but it's a bit bemusing to see the likes of Ubisoft and EA complain when their own Wii U efforts so far have been half-hearted at best.

It's not surprising to me that Zombi U didn't sell well. The average duration for HD AAA development is about 3 years. This game is like the equivalent of a weekday 'noon' movie in comparison. You get out what you put in I guess...