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softserve commented on Shin'en: Wii U Has Enough Power For Years To C...:

I don't know, I can't see getting super excited about a GPU being "several generations" ahead of something when you keep in mind that it's years newer. I mean, I'd hope it'd be better in some ways.

Graphics aren't everything, though. It'll be interesting to see if Nintendo is able to capitalize on all of MS's missteps lately, for example.



softserve commented on Capcom Bringing More SNES Goodness To The Wii ...:

@EdwardCORE I just don't see Nintendo doing anything with this. They've passed the buck on making these games any better than they were on their original release time and time again.

Just as an example — GameBoy games can't be colored in any way, unlike how they were handled on the GameBoy Color or even the GBA. Super Gameboy Games feature none of the enhancements on the 3DS for some reason — so for Donkey Kong 94, we're stuck with only the original black and white version. Emulators handle this perfectly, Nintendo just didn't bother.

You could go on and on with how they've handled other stuff when they release it in this manner. While I'm all for it and hope you're right, history just doesn't seem to make a case for it



softserve commented on Capcom Bringing More SNES Goodness To The Wii ...:

I don't like the first two Breath of Fire games, honestly. They're just so clunky. Plus the SNES original of BoF2 is badly localized. I do like the others, particularly the PS2 one, though.

I'd like to see Demon's Crest, personally.



softserve commented on Abandoned Pixel Perfect Punch-Out!! Book Has a...:

The book is beautiful. What a shame.

The guy's had his problems and I don't get the impression he expects people to forget them. On Sunday I was at the laundromat and yet another interview was happening with Tyson that referred to all of the horrible things he's done.

But he at least seems to really regret those things and it seems like he genuinely wants to turn his poopiedoodledingdongs around. Hopefully things are going well for him.



softserve commented on Video: Mega Man Unlimited - The Fan Game That ...:

This looks good and all and Capcom is seemingly dropping the ball with this Mega Man anniversary stuff, but I'm not sure I agree in general that Capcom fans somehow make better Capcom games. I mean, Mega Man 9 and 10 were both excellent. People forget pretty quickly.



softserve commented on Review: Pac-Man (3DS eShop / NES):

I wish they'd just give the arcade version and be done with it. I don't get the insistence from these companies to release the same subbar NES ports of much better, very old arcade games over and over and over again. Meanwhile, the VC grows very slowly.



softserve commented on Developers Reveal Information on Shin Megami T...:

@Windy Soul Hackers is also a really old game. They may have updated it, but games in the MegaTen universe have improved upon these ideas DRAMATICALLY. I'd not even put Soul Hackers in the same sentence as Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne or the last couple of Persona games.

I'd judge SMT4 very separately from Soul Hackers, honestly.



softserve commented on Smartphones And Tablets To Be "Primary Screen ...:

I ordered an Ouya and am kind of amazed the original study even mentioned it. Even mentioning it bucks their entire point. It isn't "mobile based". It's "Android based". Absolutely nothing about it is any more portable than a Wii or Wii U.

I'm not sure that's making the point they want.



softserve commented on DuckTales: Remastered Focus Testing Reveals Th...:

As for the secret passages — this is a game where you literally just try to walk through walls or hit things. Games so rarely do this anymore, they've found other ways to handle these mechanics. I don't think it's bad to tell a kid that, hey, this could happen... they still don't know where those things are.



softserve commented on Mother 3 Fan Offers Nintendo Free Translation ...:

I don't think it's just a gesture if Nintendo wants to be smart here. When people mean "translating" is only a part of localization, a lot of what they're talking about is adding local flavor to a translation so it makes sense to that country — this has already been done with the Mother 3 translation.

It also refers to editing the game so that the text fits, so that English can be used instead. Again, already done.

All that remains is marketing. And Nintendo would have to do very little here — they could talk about it on their own channels and probably sell a boat load just by doing that. This isn't a game that needs commercials.

The only reason I could see Nintendo not doing it is political, really. The cost has been essentially shaved down significantly for them.



softserve commented on Shigeru Miyamoto: People Need To Be Patient Wi...:

I think the system needs time and better games and I get Miyamoto's point... But there's a notable difference. Touch screen devices were not commonplace when the DS came out... but I think more important that that was people getting used to the concept of a touch screen, was people getting used to the concept of having TWO screens. That's the more notable unique thing about the DS.

I'm not sure what that issue is with the Wii U Gamepad. Everyone uses touch screens all of the time now. Saying people need time to get used to this is like saying they still need time to get used to the iPad. Other companies have already figured that out for Nintendo in this case, people "get" it.

They've just not been seeing enough new games as of late to bother. I am not sure why people need to be patient after spending $200+ on something. I can't judge a system on what it might have in totality 5 years from now. The Wii U needs help here. Maybe it'll turn out like the PSP and DS, which really came into their own — but until that happens it's still a risk.



softserve commented on Amazon Promoting Rival Consoles On Nintendo Pr...:

I'm not sure what's questionable about it. They're a company that's trying to make money — they have no brand loyalty like a Nintendo or Xbox fan would have.

And when they don't regularly carry Nintendo consoles in stock, why would they NOT tell you about the ones they do have? It only seems like common sense to me.



softserve commented on Nintendo of France: Games Will Improve Wii U S...:

I really feel the main problem is when it came out. There was no demand for a new console from seemingly anyone but Nintendo itself, who basically already significantly dwindled Wii development. I don't know if they assumed every 3rd party would just do a 360/PSN/WiiU version because of the somewhat comparable power, but it's obviously not happening. Especially not when some developers are looking at platforms even further into the future.

The 3DS got more great games, but it also did receive a significant price cut and incentives to buy it. That's the thing — only a relative handful of games have hit the Wii U in two months while some of the bigger releases of the year have hit other consoles (Bioshock? Gears of War? God of War?). And so what — is saying this going to make the Wii U finally get enough games on a monthly basis for people to notice? Sure doesn't seem like it.

Either way I think they can wait many months to cut the price and rely on games, but it's going to happen sooner than later.



softserve commented on Review: Unchained Blades (3DS eShop):

I'm still so on the fence with this one. I wish it had a demo — $30 is a lot to drop on a game I can't trade in it I don't like it. I love SMT, Etrian Odyssey, etc, but this stil seems like a gamble.



softserve commented on Gunman Clive eShop Sales Surpass Combined Tota...:

It's helped notably by being $1.99 and GOOD. If more companies took a more mobile priced approach on there I'm sure they'd do quite well. I have to wonder if some of these $15 games would have made more at $10 or $5 in the long term. But I guess it's easier to just lower prices as interest decreases.



softserve commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

I think some of the game complaints and desires are way too specific. I'm not sure what Metroid is referring to — I hated Other M from anything but a gameplay perspective, but the Prime series is excellent. And while I want Startropics to return more than any single Nintendo franchise, we can't pretend that will do a thing.

I'm totally on board with the complaints about 3rd parties and Nintendo's seeming lack of interest in attaining them, though.



softserve commented on Fez For Wii U Is Highly Unlikely Unless Ninten...:

I don't find this comment to be as awful as everyone states. I mean, he's basically saying I don't have time or interest in doing it — but if Nintendo (or seemingly some other publisher) handles all the work, then fine.

I can't figure out what's wrong with that. Maybe it could have been stated more eloquently, but people are acting like this was some sort of personal insult.



softserve commented on Nicalis Would Like To Bring Monaco or Spelunky...:

I wouldn't even argue that Nicalis respects its players. They re-release things several times with minor changes, they essentially stop updating anyone on progress with other things and delay beyond belief. If it wasn't for Cave Story they'd have published almost nothing.

I mean, maybe they're not making asinine comments constantly, but when they've milked one franchise and basically been a death touch on others (La Mulana?), why should I even listen?



softserve commented on Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror ...:

The odd thing about IGN's perspective is that anyone who has been with Castlevania since it started knows that the SOTN formula was radically different from the several games in the series that preceded (aside from maybe Simon's Quest).

So I don't know, it seems silly to be bothered by a new "actiony" direction, that's actually more of a throwback than anything. I'm sure there were fans of the way Castlevania was before that were upset by SOTN too.

I'd say the game should be judged on its own merits, not what you think it should be for personal reasons.



softserve commented on Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror ...:

One thing I'm still uncertain about with this game is its replayability. Is there any word on that?

Without things to collect and seemingly areas you could skip entirely otherwise, I'm not clear on if I'd ever want to play this more than once... which worries me.



softserve commented on Wii U January Sales in U.S. May be Higher Than...:

What I don't quite understand is how this would ever matter. As the article notes, the totals are still the same.

So let's say that in February, 40,000 people returned Wii Us and 100,000 bought them. That means that a total of 60,000 are out there in the wild counting as "sold" for that month. That's just how ledgers work.

The problem is that those 40,000 were originally bought and they were part of previous sales numbers. So we're still talking about 40,000 that went to no one that are back on the shelves. And while it makes February's numbers look "weak", it does nothing to make the lifetime sales look better.