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Mon 25th Feb 2013

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Zellybeanie commented on Call of Duty: Ghosts May Not Appear On Wii U A...:

"There could be some things [in the hardware] that bump it up a little higher than that. I haven’t played with it enough to know."

"...and I don't really care to know since I doubt I could make money off the thing anyway. I mean, everything about it is so mysterious. I heard Nintendo used the hearts of unicorns to power the factory that manufactures the Wii U. Everyone knows the 'bruh' consoles are PS4 and Xbox One, so I've been sleeping with the manuals."



Zellybeanie commented on Pachter: Without Third Party Support Nintendo ...:

This guy. I just can't.

Anyway, it's quite common for people to own multiple consoles. Personally, I was happy enough with the Wii and, so far, my boyfriend and I are quite thrilled with the Wii U and don't plan on buying anything else. In fact, he's playing it riiiiiight now (instead of clearing his stuff off the dining table).



Zellybeanie commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Next-Gen Challenge ...:

I think Wii U will get great, truly unique games and possibly be a haven for indie developers. Nintendo will always continue to game to the beat of their own Donkey Kong bongos (I still have those!). It's the quirkiness and vision of Nintendo that I most enjoy.

I feel the other two will ALWAYS cater more towards those who love shooting and blowing stuff up.



Zellybeanie commented on Guide: The Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U Upd...:

I'll update in a bit. I got both versions (madness! I never do this!), even being my first Monster Hunter experience. Absolutely incredible so far, and I'm thrilled I didn't go by just the Wii U demo. I love that I could transfer my game to 3DS when my boyfriend wants to use the Wii U.



Zellybeanie commented on Epic Games: Developers Can Use Unreal Engine 4...:

He's still a douchebag. The laughter was completely uncalled for, extremely juvenile, promotes bullying, and an utter turn off.

And I get it. I get that many people feel Nintendo is for nerds and they need to prove that video games are cool and hip by constantly wanting to kill things and blow poop up. I get it. But it still doesn't make his attitude and the blatant scorn many have harbored toward Nintendo okay.

I'm also quite proud of being a nerd. When I had friends bragging about their GameGears in 7th grade, I proudly rocked out on my GameBoy.



Zellybeanie commented on Epic Games Rules Out Unreal Engine 4 For Wii U:

@triforcepower73 Many feel that with enough bullying, Nintendo will bow out and say, "Hey, everyone, we tried! Here's Mario on Xbox and Playstation. Enjoy."

Not gonna happen. If anything, the bullying makes me less inclined to buy a non-Nintendo console. Wii U is it for me this generation, and I'm already enjoying the piss out of it!



Zellybeanie commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

I love this site, but I can't wait until the constant moaning of the state of the Wii U goes away. I suppose I'm in the minority as I'm busy ENJOYING the system and its games so far. I've never spent this much money on games so early in the life of any console.

Could sales be better? Of course. Is Nintendo aware of this? Yes. Are there awesome upcoming titles? Yes! Do people need to simmer down, be a wee bit more patient, or just sell their Wii U already?! I'd say so.



Zellybeanie commented on No Battlefield 4 For Wii U Because DICE Wants ...:

@Chrono_Cross You actually made no sense in that last bit. So, Ubisoft couldn't see into the future, took a gamble and profited, but this is... bad?

This was... luck? This was... madness (since the next Assassin's Creed will also be on Wii U)?

No one else is willing to take the risk because they CAN see into the future, and they know that the 'bros' have already flocked to the upcoming PS4 and next Xbox and will pay whatever is asked just so they could get this game and other shooters?

Y'know, that's probably WHY I've always been into Nintendo's hardware and software. They go against the grain, they're not afraid to fail, they're not afraid to take chances instead of using lame excuses like, "We need to play it safe." And Nintendo isn't going anywhere any time soon.



Zellybeanie commented on No Battlefield 4 For Wii U Because DICE Wants ...:

@Chrono_Cross I don't know, and I never said anything to that effect. I simply said that people would easily buy the game on Wii U. A large community? No. But it doesn't make that "tiny community" any less worth the effort.

If Ubisoft assumed that same "tiny community" wasn't worth it, I wouldn't have been able to buy Assassin's Creed III. A series I've been curious about since its first chapter but never got to play until it came to Nintendo.



Zellybeanie commented on No Battlefield 4 For Wii U Because DICE Wants ...:

@LordessMeep It's just frustrating hearing so many developers use ridiculous excuses since the ol' standby "The system just isn't powerful enough" no longer holds water. The blatant prejudice against Nintendo has gotten incredibly old. I don't feel the company is particularly difficult to work with, especially with so many indie developers have mentioned that Nintendo was a delight to work with. If indie developers could take the risk, then it makes even less sense for much larger companies to use risk as an excuse.

Don't feel like investing in physical copies? Make the game an eShop exclusive to cut cost.



Zellybeanie commented on No Battlefield 4 For Wii U Because DICE Wants ...:

Translation: We're lazy, and not about to step outside our comfort zone because things that are different are scary. Hold me, please.

Which really is a shame coming from so many in an industry which boasts innovation and imagination.



Zellybeanie commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

I'm all about digital downloads. I wasn't for a while, including movies, but it's so convenient and there's less clutter in the house. I'm also entirely keen on not having to swap discs. Had enough Assassin's Creed III? Start up LEGO City: Undercover, without getting up off the couch. I never traded in games anyway, and even though you could get good deals on used games, the games I really really want easily get full priced payment from me.

I would have easily bought Mass Effect 3 and Black Ops II if they were both available in the eShop, but noooooo.