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Wed 27th Feb 2013

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Ultrasyd commented on Digital Foundry Pins Down Mario Kart 8's Resol...:

Digital Foundry says nothing bad there. They are into tech stuff, that's all. 59 fps doesn't change anything, they just mesured this fact.
The game being 720p isn't a big deal. The thing is that all the people who usually "don't care about graphics" were so excited because it was supposed to be 1080p, saying that Nintendo confirmed that. But Nintendo confirmed nothing, Eurogamer, in their review, just thought it was 1080p, without in depth analysis.
To me, it was clear that 1080p was quite unrealistic or an amazing performance, as all the games released before like 3D World or Donkey Kong are 720p too. And all the screenshots were 720 ...
This is an interesting piece of information though (not the framerate, but the resolution) in my opinion. 1st because it's just a fact, while there were so many rumors about 1080p, at some point we have to know what is true. And 2nd because many say that devs don't know how to handle the Wii U correctly, and hence deliver "bad port" with low framerate, etc. It's cool to see what Nintendo is able to do with their own hardware.
Gameplay is the most important, but I recognise that I do care about resolution and technical stuff, because I've always been fond of the machines themselves and what they have inside. It was more interesting in the past though (80's & 90's). Now it's all about pixels and fps,but if you remember, in the past we had the number of colors displayed, the resolution, the number of sound channels, with FM and samples playback or not, the size of the sprites, etc.
If you don't care about resolution and didn't celebrate because it was 1080p (whooop, champagne !!), then you have no reason to be disapointed or hate on DF.

And don't forget that the Wii U is the most power efficient

So looking forward to this game ! Only 5 days to go



Ultrasyd commented on Review: Hello Kitty Kruisers (Wii U):

Very young kids do not pay attention to details (no textures or shadows). I remember my little brother having as much fun with Spy Hunter (Amstrad CPC) as with Mario Kart 64 around 1997 ... So the poor aspect is not really an issue. But the price of such game IS an issue, when you know where the game comes from. Nothing wrong with releasing simple games for kids ... but at the right price :/



Ultrasyd commented on New Watch_Dogs Trailer Highlights a Living, Br...:

@Bizzyb That's the real reasons indeed. Get more people working on the versions that will sell the most because they were very late on the development, and avoid competition with Mario Kart.
Personally, I'm not offended by this little delay. Plenty of games to play anyway.



Ultrasyd commented on Watch_Dogs Wii U 2014 Release a "Possibility",...:

@Chomposaur They often have different studios working on different machine. Bucarest already developed Assassin's Creed IV. One of my friend who works at Ubisoft was coding on Assassin's Creed IV, but only for some machines, not all. So I don't think it's a bad sign here, they did that already.



Ultrasyd commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

I'm a bit disapointed with the Gamepad too. Off-TV play is cool, OK. And the resolution is good I think.
But it shouldn't be the only way to use it. Nintendo's games don't make much use of it so far... see Mario. It just display the level as on the TV. For Nintendoland and assymetric gameplay, the mansion with the ghost is the best one and the only one I play with Zelda. It's quite convenient in Windwaker, but the original game was already justa s good. I didn't play Pikmin 3 but I heard it was ncie to manage the pikmin. The new wiisport is a joke. I've never said "wow, this is great" when using the Gamepad.
I really loved how it was used in Lego City Undercover (map, I mean a GPS, scanning stuff was OK, taking pictures was cool, use it like your phone with incoming messages is funny), Zombie U and Rayman.
It would be perfect for watch_dogs, if the game isn't just canceled.
For the other games : just a map or option. The worst is Scribblenauts, where you constantly have to do stuff on the game pad - you end up looking at the gamepad only, and not at the TV at all. Nintendo has to make games where they really show the gamepad is great, not just cool or an option. So far, it just breaks the flow of playing on the TV most of time rather than adding a big value.
Just my opinion. And it sucks batteries so quickly.

But i don't know who is this guy, and I'm ashamed I had to google for Nicalis But well, he can have his opinion, but it doesn't make it more important than any opinion.



Ultrasyd commented on Video: The Dubious Charm Of Senran Kagura Burs...:

Well, this is Japan. Not my cup of tea, but no reason to voer react on this indeed. They have this kind of things, BUT women there can wlak at night alone very safely, and dress as they want with short skirts, without being annoyed by stupid people like in our countries.



Ultrasyd commented on Review: The LEGO Movie Videogame (Wii U):

Movie avant-première tomorrow in France, and game released next week ! Day one, as I really liked Lego City Undercover. I'm not fond of the games based on licenses like Lord of the Ring, etc. I like it better when it's 100% based on Lego's own world. So this one seems to be very interesting ! I guess I'll miss the very open world of Lego City Undercover though.



Ultrasyd commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

Of course the Wii U needs 3rd party support ! I was more of a retrogamer until I bought the Wii U. I totally skipped the Xbox and PS2/PS3 era. But now, with games like NFS Most Wanted, Lego City, Assassin's Creed IV (love the pirate theme, such a nice universe), and mostly Mass Effect 3, i just want more like those. Playing Nintendoland and Mario was, I'm sorry to say that, a bit boring. Fun, yes, but nothing really new. Just like when I was playing Mario on NES / SNES, then Mario on DS and Wii. The new sports club is a scam, I like the game but I'm happy with the Wii versions. Mario was as cool on Wii than on Wii U, just some little differences. Rayman was better than Mario, and makes better use of the game pad even. I can even say that I hate Nintendoland. Doesn't make me wanna play long ... only when my son wants me to play it with him, and the good mutiplayer mini games are too scarce.
With Mass Effect 3, I was so INSIDE the game. On Wii U, I'm still waiting for Mario Kart (mostly because I'll play it with my wife and my son, but I'm a bit bored with that game now), Zelda (the real one) and X ! Because X looks pretty new and exciting to me. Not really excited by DK, Yoshi, Pikmin, Smash Bros. I know too much what it is about. The worst thing, besides my personnal taste, is that Nintendo cannot demonstrate a good use of the Game Pad. I won't pay for a new version of Golf just to see a ball on the floor for exemple. Rayman, on the contrary, was very nice to play with the Game Pad and quite innovative.
I dislike the modern trend of violent videogame, like FPS. But some nice graphics and a good STORY TELLING is cool. I don't find that anymore with Nintendo ... Is that too much to ask ? Nintendo games, OK, but something deeper with nice graphics. You can't imagine how much I hope for the next Zelda. I want them to show they are next gen. Best would be, for me, some new and exciting Nintendo games and cool multiplatform games from 3rd party devs. It won't happen, and while I didn't care at all about Sony and modern gaming, I'll end up buying a PS4 I own a very good PC, but I just hate so much playing on PC. I like to keep it for some serious work, and playing from your sofa is much better. So yeah, a PS4. And I saw some very nice game on PS3 like Ni No Kuni ... I mean, new stuff.
Whose fault ? I don't know. But I think that, with the situation of Wii U now, Nintendo should do anything, like just showing a damn early screenshot of the next Zelda or tell more about X or anything, for people to keep the faith. We just have those Smash Bros screenshots each week and it's not what i'd like to see.
Don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo, it's not even that I changed and dislike their games. I just feel like playing the old games I have is enough sometimes, without having to buy something new because it's not really new. I won't ask for any HD remake again (even though I buy them when it's Zelda, because I just buy any Zelda), playing them on the original console is great. Maybe that's because I'm 34 soon, I played those games too much already, dunno. Damn, what an old fart
PS4 + Wii U for me, without big hopes for upcoming 3rd party games on the latest.



Ultrasyd commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

@JaxonH The resolution might be better than the Wii of course, but it really lacks some polishing at the moment. Even the colors look bad. Those trees ... ermm. When I say it "looks" horrible, I don't judge the gameplay (all the more than nothing was really shown), just the aspect. I'm almost a 100% Nintendo player, so I'm not all about graphics, it's just that I'm very sensible to artistic aspect. If a game is fun to play, it's even better if it's good looking and polished. I watched this trailer again & again, it doesn't make me want to play it at all. I have the feeling i'm back several years before, no offense. One doesn't mess with the name of Zelda. It REALLY has to be a great game, in all the aspects. Zelda is also a lot about faery, i hope they can keep a bit of that and don't make some basic and rough game where you just have to kill everything that moves. I love Zelda too much for seeing something like the CD-I versions happening again
But it's early, maybe that's why.



Ultrasyd commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

I'm sorry, but this looks aweful for the moment, like some old PS2 or Wii stuff. But the principle of the game is cool. If you watch the Mario Kart 8 trailer and then this one, the difference is pretty clear. I'm not talking about Wii U capacities, just about this game. Like no or cheap anti-aliasing, poor textures, trees and vegetation looks like crap :/ But I precise "for the moment".



Ultrasyd commented on French Manufacturer Renault Rolls Into The Pro...:

Yeah, I hope they don't force us to pay DLC cars at expensive price like on the "next" gen. Really looking forward to this game, even though I'm not into cars games. I just wanna see something fast, good looking ! But fall ... that's long !



Ultrasyd commented on Interview: Ubisoft on Assassin's Creed IV Blac...:

I'm currently loving ACIII. And I'm now wondering : the fact that Wii U version is released on the same day as XBox One, PS4 and PC ... does that mean that all those version are "similar", quite "next-gen", or "superior" ?
Anyway, mine is pre-ordered !



Ultrasyd commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Aut...:

Really looking forward to Zelda Wind Waker HD, but I already know the game. So I'm more excited to discover Watch_Dogs and Assassin's Creed IV. For some reason, I wasn't fond of AC III when I first played it, maybe because I had just finished Mass Effect 3, and I was comparing UBI's game to ME.
But now I'm on AC III and I think it's pretty well made. So I'm confident for the next Ubi's games : )
Many games to buy soon !!!



Ultrasyd commented on Pikmin 3 Makes Japanese Chart Debut at Number ...:

Your analysis is correct, that's only 2 days. One of the major videogame websites in france juste say "no so good, it's under the 100 000 of previous Pikmins", without going deeper in their statment. Also, the launch window is not the same. So that's pretty good. Not sure that I will buy this game though : )



Ultrasyd commented on Satoru Iwata Refutes Claim That Nintendo Is "S...:

I'm confident, but they made many mistakes, and they really need to hurry up the launch of good title. AND also create some NEW games / franchises. I must say that i'm sometimes a bit tired by the mario sequels and co. Things will change soon, hopefully.



Ultrasyd commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

I 200% agree with the point about the music. This kind of MIDI music sucks. I'm in love with 8 bit music and often listen to Game Boy soundtracks or stuff like that. I also love realistic music from RPGs. But when I have the tracks of Windwaker in my playlist, I just skip them because ... come on, MIDI style :/



Ultrasyd commented on Feature: The GamePad - From Waggling Remotes T...:

With all the games I played on Wii U so far, only a few ones made good and interesting use of the Game Pad : Zelda Battle Quest, Donkey Kong Crash Course in Nintendo Land for example ... But most of time, you have to switch between TV and Game Pad for uselesss things in Nintendoland.
I'm totally in love whith Lego City Undercover. TT did a pretty good job. It's convenient, funny, interesting. It was fine in Zombie U too but I didn't like that game. Ahh and in Mass Effect 3 I thought it was cool to have a permanent map, but that wasn't much. Really looking forward to more games like Lego City. As the devs said, I think it wouldn't be the same at all on other consoles.



Ultrasyd commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

Some valid points about the launch ... We have mainly bad news everyday, with new games not coming, or games delayed, issues with the system.
But I don't agree with things like "Zelda hasn't been exciting since Ocarina", or "we want oldschool stuff" :/