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Fri 29th Mar 2013

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kotetamer commented on David Jaffe Is A Massive Fan Of Nintendo, But ...:

I don't think disney could afford the money required to buy out Nintendo right now. It's really funny because a lot of these developers treat the big N like it's poor and on the edge of bankruptcy because of struggling wii u sales. It's almost as if the 3DS doesn't exist to them. Nintendo could use some new blood I suppose, but miyamoto is working on a new IP and there are supposedly more in development.



kotetamer commented on Pachter Predicts Wii U Price Cut, Feels Ninten...:

I find it interesting that he said how EA has no games in development, which is a lie, they changed that statement after the Xbone reveal. He also is seeming to ignore a lot of the information led by poles regarding the Xbone, likely he's not taking into consideration the difficulty it's had breaking into markets outside of the US and how this is going to further strain those attempts. I don't put much faith in this man, he doesn't seem to look at all the facts and make a legitimate decision other than " oh yeah nintendo totally sucks right now."



kotetamer commented on Injustice: Gods Among Us For Wii U May Not Sup...:

The back of the box does say dlc but I don't know. There's no reason not to have DLC honestly. I prefer the wii u version as the ps3 controller isn't comfortable with it's layout, the 360 is better but having to pay just to pay to get dlc seems like a shaft.



kotetamer commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

I think that the unreal engine 4 as well as the frostbite engine not being developed for the wii u is a bad bad sign of things. I'm honestly disappointed with game developers, I really think any number of the metal gear games could be developed for the Wii U and take great advantage of the game pad. The main issue is the game pad though, it's something that developers don't have to worry about when making games for 360 and ps3.