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Sun 6th Sep 2009

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Le_Gazman commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

Probably a step closer to moving the purchase of software from console hardware to user accounts. They'll want to kill the old system which had a log of everything you bought in the last 15 years before starting the new scheme.

So you'll have to buy it all again on Wii U before you can take it with you to your 3DS...



Le_Gazman commented on Mario And Zelda On Mobile Could Bring New Play...:

Can you imagine how horrible Mario Galaxy or Wind Waker would be to try and control on a tablet or smartphone? It just wouldn't work.

Nintendo could well release SOMETHING on tablets and smartphones but they'd need to be specifically tailored for them from the ground up.



Le_Gazman commented on Matters of Import: Taking Initial D: Perfect S...:

Oh dear. I wnt straight past the words and started watching the video instead, hoping for big things. What's there looks barely adequate for an iOS game, and even then it'd be considered shallow.

A fun racing game with real cars, manga flare and some silly dance music would have been right up my street.

The reality is a sad lump of bum mucus.



Le_Gazman commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

The reason 3rd party games don't fare so well is because the 1st party games on nintendo systems are so good.

Development issues and 3rd party quality aside, the main issue continues to be the dismal console sales. You're just not going to get a Metal Gear Solid on a system with so few users. Not to mention the reduced technical specs.

You may well see this trend continue until nintendo rejoin the cutting edge.



Le_Gazman commented on Nintendo Download: 9th January (Europe):

Good to see Nintendo are learning and giving Europe the superior 60Hz version. Long may it continue.

But that price?? Are you kidding me?? It's worth £3.49 at best. NES titles (good ones) are worth no more than £2.99. They really need to sort their VC pricing, region locking and cross-platform purchase policies.



Le_Gazman commented on Talking Point: The GamePad and its Role Defini...:

The Gamepad is let down by a rubbish non-HD screen and equally rubbish battery life. Nice idea though, but off-screen gaming always feels 2nd class thanks to that sub-par screen.

I also strongly object to the deliberate compromising of first party games, which force you to use the Gamepad to get full functionality. Pikmin 3 is a good example.

The bizarre and confusing array of controllers required to play games such as Nintendoland haven't helped either.



Le_Gazman commented on Long Awaited YouTube Application Coming To 3DS...:

Biggest question on my mind is can we finally view and upload 3D content to YouTube? It was a massive missed opportunity at launch and I hope they fix it now.

There mah not be a lot of 3D content on there yet but 3DS could be a great, cheap way of changing that.



Le_Gazman commented on Review: Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighti...:

Super Street Fighter II was a shoddy conversion which used many of the original sprites, rather than their updated Super versions. Turbo is the best SFII version on SNES/SFC.

I've got all 3 for my Super Famicom and Turbo is the only one I bother with.



Le_Gazman commented on The Wonderful 101 Reportedly Shipping Just 30,...:

I can't remember if I've preordered it or not, but if I haven't I'm going to wait and see what joe public thinks of it. On the demo the camera was a disgrace and the controls were hit and miss at best.

And platinum seem to keep recycling bosses every 5 minutes which is a pet hate of mine. Not looking good!



Le_Gazman commented on Review: Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Wii U eShop / ...:

Not put off by the challenge, am put off by the price. I don't mind paying 4 times that for a physical cartridge because I know I've got that forever. Nintendo keep proving that you never really own a digital download and that's a shame.



Le_Gazman commented on Feature: Celebrating Ten Years of The Wind Waker:

I've been playing it from the beginning again on my Gamecube. I got the PAL version and got lost at sea, forgot what I was doing and never went back to it.

When I picked up an NTSC GameCube in the US I re-bought my entire collection, including Wind Waker. I barely played it because I just had so many other games to play.

I always found the sea going bits boring and felt like they went on forever. When I heard Zelda on DS shared the same art style and even some of the sailing, I was worried. That game turned out to be one of my favourite Zelda games so my opinions on Wind Waker softened.

I vowed to go back to it at some point after I finished a load of other Zelda games. Since going back to it I've discovered how poor it is at keeping you up to speed with your objectives. Whether you're in a dungeon or out at sea, quite often you wonder what te hell you're supposed to be doing or where you should be going.

The fish at the start pleads with you to keep your sea charts updated and that is VERY wise advice. I've been taking a lot of notes as I go because I know periods of confusion and apathy set in and it's an easy game to walk way from. It's also an easy game to fall in love with and this time I'm determined to see it through.



Le_Gazman commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Identity Crisis:

TV ads were awful. I bought mine in the hope Bayonetta would come quickly and she still hasn't shown up. Had I based my purchase on the adverts I'd be £330 richer right now.

Instead my £330 collects dust under my TV except for the odd Sunday morning when I power it up to see if TVii has been launched yet, then disappointed play Punch-Out!! For a few mins before turning on the Xbox.



Le_Gazman commented on Review: Viewtiful Joe (GameCube):

Amazing game and it was just the exclusive GameCube needed at the time. Shame no one knew about it!

Aren't some of the people behind this now working at Platinum Games?



Le_Gazman commented on Shigeru Miyamoto: People Need To Be Patient Wi...:

My big frustration with all this be patient, it was the same with the DS/3DS patter is that Nintendo obviously aren't learning from their mistakes.

There's no point releasing a system early to steal a march on the competition if the games aren't ready.

We'll have Bob Geldoff starting a charity single with lots of Wii U's covered in flies, singing let them know its Metroid time any minute now...

Just hurry up and get some games out, Nintendo. I paid £330 for a console which the best game I've played on is a 20 year old NES port.

No wonder we're bloody angry, you ripped us off! Stop rehashing old games and give us new stuff on our new console and maybe we'll stop complaining and start playing!



Le_Gazman commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

Completely agree. Wii U is on its last legs after only a few months, and it feels a lot like GameCube did in its last few. Retailers want nothing to do with it and the public don't have a clue it even exists.

We need decisive action from Nintendo. We don't need month/year old ports of console, PC, 3DS or even iOS games - we need brand new top notch material to sink our teeth into. Nothing short of a Brand new Zelda, Metroid or Mario will do. And then it needs to be back up by more.

This thing needs at least 1 AAA title per quarter to get it up off its arse and start selling.



Le_Gazman commented on Aliens: Colonial Marines Seems To Have Been Ab...:

@Kifa it's pretty simple, I bought the Wii U to play Bayonetta 2 and a few of the other games mentioned when the system was announced but none have turned up yet. ZombiU was ok but that was finished in a week, and Nintendoland needs about 16 different controllers to be fully appreciated so I have up after a couple of days. New Super Mario turned out to be lovely but that was months ago now too.

I had completed NFS on 360 by the time it had arrived on Wii U and got it £15 cheaper too. NFS is a port of the PC version, not a new game.

@DePapier why would I want to hurt anyone? I just want some decent exclusives to stop my Wii U gathering dust! I'm not going to pretend everything's great with Wii U when it clearly isn't.

The pricing for new games needs looking at too. Ninja Gaiden appealed but none of my local stores ever stocked it except Game, who were charging £50 for it. I could buy it for about £20 if I remember correctly for my 360 by that time. A couple of weeks later Metal Gear Rising appeared £15 cheaper on 360 to infinitely better reviews so I bought that instead.

The games are getting cheaper but only because retailers are losing patience at their poor sales performance and discounting to get rid. Not a good sign!

I hope things change quickly so that the console I paid £330 for (plus extra cash for other controllers just so I could play all the games in Nintendoland) doesn't go to waste.

Wii U needs system-selling exclusives, not late ports. Price cuts and free downloads from the eshop aren't going to make me happy - decent games are!



Le_Gazman commented on Aliens: Colonial Marines Seems To Have Been Ab...:

@Beta - my Wii U hasn't been touched in months and I'm sick of hearing about late ports coming and not selling for obvious reasons or not coming at all. I will sell it because its a useless paperweight until something decent actually hits it!