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Thu 24th Jan 2013

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d-devo commented on Sakurai: New Super Smash Bros. To Strike A Bal...:

I have loved SSB since N64 but Melee is the best in my opinion. Brawl is very fun but I'm not a big fan of the smash balls, the tripping was a pain, and it felt slower. On Melee I would take on 3 computers on 9 and boy was it hard but a rush.



d-devo commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

After the Battlefield 4 news I agree. About the Raymond delay whatever I didn't care for that game much but Nintendo needs a triple A shooter (besides the copy and paste cod). I own the Wii U and have bought a few games since but I want to play some of the tripple A titles on the Wii U and I fear I will never happen. As much as I hate to say I am very disappointed so far.