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Sat 5th Jan 2013

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AaronB commented on Defense Dome Aiming for Super Scope Nostalgia ...:

Wow, it seems Hullbreach Studios has a ton of Wii U projects. Affordable Space Adventures seems to have the most buzz; I'd love a good lightgun style game, so this is definitely on my radar now. I'm also interested to see that RPG you mentioned.



AaronB commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

@Cevan Hex Heroes already includes online multiplayer, but the stretch goal is to allow a team of people on one Wii U system to take on other teams (Multi-multiplayer?). It would be great if they can meet a few of those stretch goals though.



AaronB commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

It doesn't have everything I could have hoped for in a remake (lower price and extra dungeon or two, for example); but it's far more than a lazy up-rez. The ease of navigating menus and swapping inventory with the GamePad will be a great improvement over the original, and I think it looks stunning on an HDTV.

I've decided to buy it even if it's $60, though I'd be happy if they surprised us and made it a little cheaper.



AaronB commented on Reggie: This Holiday Season Is Going To Be Ext...:

I know I'll have plenty of games to choose from this holiday season. I want 5 of the first-party Nintendo titles, and 3 of the multiplats. I think the two absolute biggest games will be Mario Kart 8 and SSB though; too bad they're both not coming until next year. The holidays should be good, and 2014 will be a doozy.



AaronB commented on Review: LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (Wii U):

Plus, the brand-new Lego Marvel game is due later this year. Too bad this wasn't ported as a Wii U launch title - it looks good to me, but the timing is unfortunate, especially since the PC Steam version is just $7.50.



AaronB commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I picked up a few Wii U games I was on the fence about because of discounts: Injustice, Nano Assault Neo, Tank Tank Tank, and will probably get a few Marvel tables for Zen Pinball 2. Plus, still playing Scribblenauts Unlimited.



AaronB commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Identity Crisis:

Ads must be about GAMES, not about the hardware. Luigi's Mansion had some great ads that made me say "I need a 3DS." I hope they do more ads like that when Mario Kart and the other big games come out.



AaronB commented on Feature: The GamePad - From Waggling Remotes T...:

Highly recommend this article
He says the GamePad makes possible things that have previously been done on PC but never on consoles; I think he has a point.

The GamePad's potential is huge; it's just a matter of getting software that takes advantage of it. I hope games like Metroid and Zelda do things that make everyone think the 2nd screen is the best revolution in gaming since the analog stick.



AaronB commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

The marketing so far has been weak, and the loss of developer support is annoying. Those are the main valid points. I hope Nintendo really makes the effort to improve relations with the new heads of EA and Square Enix, and get others on board. I have a lot of confidence in the first-party games that are coming.



AaronB commented on Reaction: Doom and Gloom Merchants on Wii U Be...:

Even if Wii U sales continue to lag, at worst I see a GameCube-like scenario where there are a solid dozen absolute classic titles and Nintendo still managed to turn a profit, though smaller than they hoped.

With Nintendo's fat bank account, even if they had to eat every Wii U produced, they should be able to try at least one more console - probably something with heavy crossplay with their next-gen handheld given they merged the divisions. The only way they'd get out of consoles is if the entire console industry died - then we'd see appstore Mario.



AaronB commented on Zen Pinball 2 Launches Into North America on 2...:

I don't have it on any other system, so I'm definitely getting this. The question is which tables to buy - Plants v. Zombies is definite, and after that my top choice is Star Wars (hopefully gets confirmed soon).



AaronB commented on Review: LEGO City: Undercover (Wii U):

For those (in the US) waiting for a price drop - Target will have $50 gift card if you buy the Wii U and a buy 2 get 1 free next week. It's linked in the deals section in the forums here. That's basically getting the Wii U and 3 games for the normal price of a Wii U and 1 game.



AaronB commented on Miyamoto: Harnessing NFC On Wii U Is Our Prior...:

I'm intrigued by what they could do with it, but there are other things I would consider a higher priority. Everyone knows the Wii U needs some big games urgently, but it's great if they can get other people working on NFC stuff that won't slow down Mario Kart/SSB/Wii U Sports (often overlooked by Nintendo fans, but don't forget how crucial it was to the Wii's popularity).

Bottom line, Skylanders earned 500 million dollars, and they didn't have the advantage of characters nearly as famous as Nintendo's. A very appealing NFC-related game or app could be just the kind of thing that gets some customers to want the Wii U despite release hype for PS4 and 720 this holiday season. I just hope they come up with something where the cards or figurines aren't too expensive.



AaronB commented on Nintendo - "Innovation is Important" for the 2...:

It's hard to complain too much when the NSMB series sells so well. It's hard to balance innovation with keeping the Mario 2D tradition and not angering the fans. I'm pretty sure I'll still buy and love the Luigi NSMBU content as long as it's not too expensive, and I think that's a much better idea than releasing a whole new game.

The biggest innovation I'd like to see is offering level creation tools to players. See what they come up with, maybe integrate it with Miiverse.



AaronB commented on The Big Wii U Survey:

My summary was "Very promising." Ability to play all types of online videos, like Adobe Flash, would be great. I count on great 1st party games being available in time, and some topnotch 3rd party games would be a bonus. Loading times are another area with room for improvement. I think it has the potential to be the best console yet, though.