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DarkNinja9 commented on Iwata Remains Positive on the Future of the Wi...:

idk to me nintendo seems to be like that episode of spongebob where we go inside spongebob's brain and each part of his brain is trying to do something all at the same time trying to keep up but fails :S

i feel like they just need to stop take a break and focus on what they need to do because they are a mess e. O



DarkNinja9 commented on Nintendo Confirms Another Miiverse Update:

eh i just wish they would stop with these little add ons that just make it worse for so of us. -_- The activity feed has always lacked on loading speeds and loading right at all now with these annoying recommendations it makes it worse. Some of the silly things at times on miiverse that you cant say is also annoying like try saying "friend code" and im sure your comment will be deleted. e.O

Anyway im just starting to use miiverse less and less many others seem like they left too that i used to follow :( not so fun anymore



DarkNinja9 commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains Why Tingle is Such a Pecu...:

i have always thought he was weird and random but still a ok character least in MM but once it got to wind waker i thought he was annoying due to paying him for those maps e. O

off topic though wouldnt it be interesting to see the sales man from MM show up as a trophy in smash bros?



DarkNinja9 commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains That The Legend of Zelda ...:

Well like the first person to comment said some of the zelda games didnt really have much in their "opened world" so im just hoping this new one does.

If they ever were to make a zelda game with a open world i would like that it had towns or certain places that acted like majoras mask there things were different each day that would be interesting to see. :D



DarkNinja9 commented on Yusuke Hashimoto Outlines His Desire to Contin...:

i really enjoyed both bayonetta 1 and 2 there is something about PG that takes a bit back to childhood with this interesting games and less of the modern games like battlefield and what not so yeah they would have my money for a bayonetta 3! the only problem i had with the games was the combos i felt it lacked a bit like when you buy them there isnt more to buy and even buying them is annoying to get enough halos :(

anyway i would support more of PG's games i would hope for a wonderful 101 sequel but as someone mentioned above due to sales on it the sequel might not happen :( as for a spin off im lost on what that could be about?



DarkNinja9 commented on Satoru Iwata Shares Confidence in Hitting Targ...:

i can agree with a few people here that nintendo seems to just not get with the times. It feels like the whole company is trying hard to catch up but never does and there is lack in communication with the younger workers or something because there doing things that should have been done a few years ago.

They need so many apps not only online but on the WIi U or like a main app that you can find on the app store were you can see the nintendo direct,visit miiverse etc in just one main app linked together or something. It would at least get more people using it and seeing the other parts of what is going on with nintendo.

Other then that just unique games... i would come up with a first person shooter type game(think battlefield) mix characters from nintendo like samus or the girl from splatoon and just make it a full multiplayer game im sure just that would sell. It could have different stages and modes to play it worked in hyrule warriors did it not? now add voice chat to that game and it should be a fun game it could start bring back those other games that like first person shooter games that are only found on the other consoles.



DarkNinja9 commented on Video: Did You Know Gaming Tackles Super Smash...:

wow interesting DYKG this time around they went even further even as to telling us about that john guy xD

i still wish they would of kept the pokemon trainer but with a 2nd gen pkm or something....part of me is still hoping that some of the characters that were cut would come back as dlc or something least ice climbers have some data on the game almost done so wouldnt be that hard to add them on the wii u version at least



DarkNinja9 commented on Eiji Aonuma Launches a Majora's Mask 3D Art Ac...:

@audiobrainiac ah another artist and yeah i know what you mean i also kinda like to be original or try something different then just copying a pic from google :P

what i usually hate about contest is the time limit since im slow at drawing at times or the coloring is the hard part >.< there isnt any prize to it either at least some eshop gift card or something but most likely i wont enter :(



DarkNinja9 commented on Developers Outline Their Ideas for Nintendo's ...:

hmm i don't know if its really about changing the style of the console it self or having 3D or not. I just think they need to improve software wise and im not talking about just games. I feel like the tech is there but if you stop and think how the 3ds acts in japan and how they use it for small things like buying train tickets VS what the rest of the world has. It's stuff like that or having social apps that even if you don't want to admit it, it would be nice to have like netflix etc

As for games wise i feel like we are still missing those in depth games that we still don't have like the starfox, metroid etc games (or new games like splatoon). If they could bring us more games like those that would make the console even more a must have and less using those smartphones. In the end you have to remember who's attention they would want to get and sale to as well as whats popular .

And last the name they have to get a good name for the console/s and actually market it right -__-



DarkNinja9 commented on Mewtwo Club Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Distrib...:

i just find it funny how some people are complaining now that they might not get it or they have to pay for it in the future but im sure if they had him in the game they wouldn't even use him .-.

as for me eh don't really care either way if he later happens to be there good if not then im good too :P



DarkNinja9 commented on Eiji Aonuma Discusses Changes On the Way to Ma...:

yeah also think fishing is boring unless there is a price to it and not just a heart piece or some big rupee :/

as for gyorg i think he was tough to beat till i used zora then i was like " duh should of used this in the first place" :P what i would like though is if they added more things like how we could forge a different sword but this time make a new shield or something else :D



DarkNinja9 commented on Art Academy for Wii U Pushed Back to 2015 in N...:

i think there is tons more people in the AA community that have been disappointed that this hasn't been released already so annoying. Mainly because the limit space we have along with no way to fully export your drawings either unless you do the whole log in from pc and save it which is ok i guess. I think more tools and updating some of the stuff like having a undo button or "go back a layer" etc

anyway those who don't have this app make sure to check out the community at least so many great drawings to be seen from pokemon drawings to anime drawings! :P



DarkNinja9 commented on Eon Ticket StreetPass Relay Announced for Pok...:

lol well isnt this a way to just annoy more people here in the US they forget were not like japan were everyone carries a 3ds or a handheld system and such they even can use their 3ds to pay for stuff unlike us so this feature doesnt work well for us -_- cant they just do it over wi-fi same annoying thing with the last pkm event >,>



DarkNinja9 commented on The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Confirmed F...:

am i the only one a bit dissapointed that this wasnt a HD remake?

but yeah it was the most unexpected of things for this direct i thought they announce it next year but wow not bad i geuss :o im wondering though if it will have anything new aside from it but i doubt it



DarkNinja9 commented on New Nintendo Direct Airing 5th November:

im slightly hoping for more zelda Wii U or majoras mask HD but yeah cant keep up much hopes on that i think anything being release in 2015 would be nice to see new of but nothing to do with smash bros as we already got our direct for that so they shouldnt waste time on that come on nor pokemon games



DarkNinja9 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Online Braw...:

wow if this is happening in this version now imagine the bugs that might show up in the Wii U version :/ sigh but as someone else mentioned this shouldnt happen any more on the final release of the game if anything normal mode glitches but not stuff like that =S



DarkNinja9 commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines Nintendo's First QOL Pla...:

yeah this sounds so japanese like but here in the US it can be taken wrong as someone have mentioned it can be now potentially be used by the NSA and what not like the kinect which when you think about it....kinda creepy o_0

the part i do like is the fact that it might be able to help you or me in this case as i dont get enough sleep or cant fall asleep half the time -.-



DarkNinja9 commented on Video: Let's Celebrate The Game Boy That The W...:

ah yes the good old days when you had to play your gbc games during the day or in a well lit room other wise you have to site next to some lamp or something xD

i remember taking mine once to a party didnt know anyone there it was so boring so i started playing then the sun was setting so i was frustrated i could see anything xD



DarkNinja9 commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

i find it odd how everyone here can agree to at least one thing and that is the need for better advertisement of the console yet how is it they dont think of that? :/ it seems to late anyway now we all kinda got screwed over by not having those 3rd party game on it

as for the topic no i dont think it need a price cut but ps4 does cuz that would make me want to get it for those 3rd party games like the assassins creed game >.<



DarkNinja9 commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire to Be Ava...:

yeah its stupid idk why they would do something like this here in Cali that would be about $90 with all the tax and shipping crap... anyway not only was the math wrong but the article says 100 potions but the sign says 200 xD eh one number wrong who cares right but its still funny :P



DarkNinja9 commented on Video: Did You Know Gaming Tackles Donkey Kong...:

ah those good memories yup trying to beat that game and dying so many times while others just beating it like nothing :D those games were just fun i love those dk games mainly cuz you could transform into varies animals unlike the newer games you cant :/



DarkNinja9 commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

i dont see why it would of been of any concerned of copies for this game to run out o.O most ppl are probably out of money from preordering ORAS or smash bros :P

but i preordered mine on amazon about a week before it came out and it arrived yesterday(saturday) so not bad was expecting it to arrive on monday or tuedays so far the game is pretty badass :)



DarkNinja9 commented on Mewtwo Returns to Super Smash Bros., Ridley an...:

while putting the whole mewtwo thing aside for me i like what they did with ridley i think its amazing even if hes not a playable character we got some good new ones :o now imagine if they added the same features to like dialga and palkia stage from brawl and you could have them as allies? :o



DarkNinja9 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Live Nintendo Dire...:

well hopefully something good cuz i was starting to worry about the game maybe even not getting it since most of the stuff is being spoiled and some ppl are already getting bored with the 3ds version which is odd to me =S



DarkNinja9 commented on Miley Cyrus Confuses Fans by Owning a Wii U:

you guys should change the tittle of this article though to "guess which celebrity it is and what game control it is" no seriously i thought it was the d-bag biebs for a sec which would of been hilarious since not to long ago they compared them to looking a like xD

oh yeah while ppl are defending her...then why didnt she fully show it was a controller pro then if shes so "helping" advertise instead of confusing people to think its another consoles controller? in the end though no one really did care and i dont think we want to see her on miiverse spamming it up or others saying "omg cyrus is on miiverse follow her"



DarkNinja9 commented on Miley Cyrus Confuses Fans by Owning a Wii U:

lol! like how ppl are so defending her like shes such a "angel" and has done nothing bad xD oh some ppl but yeah slow news yet again kinda like that one article a while back with the fiance cheating thing...



DarkNinja9 commented on Weirdness: Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope O...:

lmao!! xD best laugh i had in a while x'D i say we sign it with a bunch of laughing memes and gifs just to troll since it has to be a troll petition come on what a idiot.... people at nintendo probably will be laughing at it and ppl who are pc gamers will too xD