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Wed 27th Mar 2013

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yienwae commented on Capcom Celebrates 30 Years With New Character ...:

@unrandomsam I agree at the fact that there isn't much original stuff out there. Unfortunately big companies don't like taking that many chances on something that's unproven or new when it's cheaper to do something that works. It's not all necessarily right, but that's the nature of the business. Having a reboot or rehash is not necessarily bad either. But it does take timing and creativity. The Batman franchise was a bit worn out by the time Batman & Robin was released. The fact that it was rebooted with Batman Begins was a good thing. I do not know how well the reboot of Spiderman did and I thought Man of Steel was pretty good compared to Superman Returns. I think the story, along with timing, is everything.

But this is really about Capcom's encyclopedia. I think it's great that Capcom is doing this. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Perhaps the timing of its release leaves much to be desired because fans are looking for something else. Perhaps that's why some may be frowning about this.



yienwae commented on Capcom Celebrates 30 Years With New Character ...:

People are funny.

You see TV shows reboot characters from Marvel and DC (how many reboots of Transformers, Spiderman, JLA, X-Men and such are there out there) so why is this considered bad? So it's okay for DC and Marvel to do this but video game companies like Nintendo, Capcom and Sega are put in a negative light because.....?

How many Warner Brothers and Hanna Barbara characters been rebooted? Doesn't a new generation have a right to see a reboot of Scooby Doo or are they confined to what came out in the 1960's and 70's? What if everyone was only allowed to see the Superfriends and not the newer JLA? How about all the reboots of Batman?

I understand that everyone has their opinion on the issue and they have a right. I just don't know if they take into account the bigger picture on these things or if it is just restricted to the video game franchises. Maybe it's that. The video game franchises have no business doing this, but it's okay for Television and Movies.

I personally think this is a great book to show for all of Capcom's characters. Marvel and DC do it every so often. Let Capcom do it too.



yienwae commented on Working With Western Developers Is All About T...:

Glad to see this. I hope that Western Developers may even have a hand in helping Nintendo develop new IP's that can cater even more to the taste of the western audience. Continue to foster that relationship Nintendo. The strength of your 2nd party developers can help expand your already large catalog of unforgettable content.



yienwae commented on Watch_Dogs Enables Players To Connect To The G...:

I guess I do not qualify as a hardcore gamer....

I am not interested in playing on the bus or starbucks or in the library or whatever. If i wanna play online and with other players, I will do it at home on the console. I don't care about this play while you are away feature.

All I ask is that Ubisoft taps in to the full capabilities of the U and the gamepad to enhance the game play. They did a good job with ZombiU. I'm hoping they do an even better job with Watchdogs now that they would have had a year under their belt with the U's specs.



yienwae commented on Nintendo Download: 26th April - Virtual Consol...:

I've already downloaded PunchOut for the NES earlier. But I am seriously considering downloading the SNES version of PunchOut. The only other title right now that I may consider getting is Super Mario World. I wish they would put in Donkey Kong. That is the one classic I would download in an instant.



yienwae commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

I bought the Wii U Deluxe 1 week before Christmas. It came with Nintendo Land. I purchased ZombiU and Madden 13 through the eShop. I did not purchase any other games. The reason was not because I had no interest in what was out. There was a great selection out there. It was because financially I could not afford to buy the games due to other responsibilities that took priority. I am personally unfazed at the fact that there were no releases in February. I do not use the Wii U for my gaming alone. My family uses it for Netflix, MiiVerse, Web surfing, Wii U video chat and Nintendo TVii. I would love to purchase Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, Lego City, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (I actually have this for the 3DS), and possibly Aliens Colonial Marines (if it is the kick the behind version and not the jokes that were released for the other consoles prior to the Patch). I have recently ordered Need For Speed Most Wanted U via Origin's website. But to be frank, I and my family do not have time to be playing all of these games and we do not have the money to be spending on it as well. So when we pick our games, we pick by priority. I personally do not care about Battlefield 4 or the Frost 3 engine. I am uninterested in the number of 3rd party developers who keep making excuses about the Wii U's power when you have companies like Criterion and Ubisoft making some very good products and have done an excellent job at proving that the U is a powerful console.

We will focus on what N and PARTICIPATING 3rd party developers are going to do for the U and won't consider what the other 'lazy doing things on the safe side' developers are doing for the other 2 consoles because that's what they are. Lazy and playing it safe. I'll wait for Zelda Windwaker HD, Watchdogs, The Wonderful 101, Pikman 3, the upcoming Pokemon game for Wii U and the 3DS and whatever else is coming out. Then once I see the available options, I will purchase what I consider the priority by what's available. And for me and the family, that's a lot to choose from. Especially since we can still play the backward compatible stuff from the Wii AND the upcoming NES, SNES and GBA titles coming to the eShop.

The next gen consoles coming out from the MS and Sony are going to cost a boat load of money. Money that I will not be willing to spend on a console that will cost at least half a grand and games that will cost at least $70.00 (not counting how much the online service fee involved, whether it is monthly or annually). At least N's services are free.

Meanwhile, we will still watch Nintendo TVii, Wii U Video Chat, watch Netflix, surf the web, post in MiiVerse and play our purchased new games on the U.

I'm not worried at all about N. They will do what they need to do and even if they don't, we'll move on if it comes to that. But, N has out lasted a lot of companies (Atari, Coleco & Mattel from the 80's and SEGA from the 90's). I think they'll hang tough with these less than 20 year old video console companies like MS and Sony.



yienwae commented on ZombiU Patch Rises From The Grave To Harass Th...:

I thoroughly enjoyed playing ZombiU. I grew attached to each character (even if they did look ignorant and such) because of the skills and points that I accumulated as I progressed. Death meant starting all over in my efficiency and in my score. Perma-Death definitely had a lasting impression on me.