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Mon 3rd Dec 2012

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SkyerIst commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

Nintendo Fans website posting such a bullpoopiedoodledingdongs. I'm personally shocked.
This letter... lol... He's saying about Zelda aren't excitibg since Ocarina... He sounds like a troll. And editors of this site published this... wow.



SkyerIst commented on Wii U Hits 40K Sales in UK Launch:

@Metabble_King 1) Wii was released in the first decade of december, when shopping season more agressive. 2) Also, Nintendo shipped just around 50K Wii U in first week (First reports saying about plans of even 25K - so they beat that) 4) Wii U sold 40K in first 48 hours; and 105K official Wii data - 72 hours, full 3 days. 5) And the last... launch sales doesn't mean anything in terms of success/not success. PS2 sold just 46K first week in UK, Dreamcast did 101K, PS3 160 or so... All those platforms ended in VERY different lifetime positions. So only time wil tell how Wii U going to find itself on the market.