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Wed 20th Jul 2011

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sonicfan1373 commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:


I agree with you about unethically manipulative advertising, but I am just talking about showing the Wii U console and gamepad and talking about some of the features of the system and the games. I think the Wii U is a great system and they should show how the Gamepad works in conjunction with the console, how it can make certain tasks like browsing on your TV easier, its game library, and how it is backward compatible. I am not asking Nintendo to make an obnoxious "It's a New Day" ad like Sony did for PS4 (one of the most mind numbingly insulting ads of all time if you ask me).



sonicfan1373 commented on Mario And Zelda On Mobile Could Bring New Play...:


The issue is these smart devices do not come with any gaming buttons and that has a big impact on many games in many games on the VC which in turn has an impact on people's view of Nintendo.

Imagine a kid gets the SNES Super Mario World on an iPad, he starts playing the game and he he finds the touch controls are too frustrating, and so this just turns him off from playing Mario games on Nintendo consoles because he perceives them to be too difficult to control. Iwata, as a developer knows, it is right that you cannot just stick Mario on a smartphone because the gameplay due to the simple interface simply does not work as well on these phones.

If Nintendo wants to do anything on smart devices (short of selling controllers with screens for these devices which are mandatory for playing their games) then they have to build new experiences for the simpler interfaces on these devices releasing old VC games meant for tradition controls will just cause problems.



sonicfan1373 commented on Mario And Zelda On Mobile Could Bring New Play...:

Why not make new or smaller IPs or some apps based on larger IPs (like Pokedex; not games). This way they can some what appease shareholders (no shareholder revolts), make some revenue, and have a management that continues to focus on hardware.

Mind you though, I do not see this really attracting people to Nintendo's devices by itself (maybe some advertising in these apps and mini-games might) but it is a good way to avoid the full wrath of voting shareholders for a year.



sonicfan1373 commented on Weirdness: When Publicity Pictures Aren't Wort...:

The guy looks so unhappy with the system, he does not even care. This is awful. What is more awful is that the people at NOA actually thought it would be a good idea to post it. I am scared enough by the current Nintendo situation already, I really do not want them to keep enforcing the image that management has utterly failed and its over.



sonicfan1373 commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:

But can't shareholders just fire him? I hope he stays though (or at the very least not replaced with some suit or software-only radical), because I do not want to play Nintendo games on buttonless single screened devices and I do not want Nintendo's talent to be axed.



sonicfan1373 commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014:

I think it is a safe bet that more key games will be announced between April (start of new business year) and June (E3). I am personally anticipating a Majora's Mask remake done by Grezzo.



sonicfan1373 commented on Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Is One Of Ken L...:

Actually I would say the remake has improved the gameplay. I love managing my inventory without having to go to a pause screen or looking at a map of where I am on the Gamepad as opposed to pausing or having the screen cultured with a needless HUD. The game also got improvements like the swift sail as well as a much (much) better triforce challenge at the end. If the game was a mere graphical upgrade I would agree with you and I would probably not like it (I personally do not see the point in making HD remakes if you change little of what people criticized concerning the gameplay; or just make an upscaled port which in many cases looks more hideous in HD).

I do get your point though that a new game like ALBW should not really be compared to a remake like WWHD and I agree because one is original while the other is an improvement over an already existing game. However, I can still see some people putting WWHD over ALBW because the changes in WWHD qualifies that to them or maybe they did not enjoy ALBW as much.



sonicfan1373 commented on Nintendo Looking Into "Little Experiences" on ...:

I cannot see why Nintendo cannot make a smart device that also has a dedicated gameplay side to it. Certainly the hardware and software is there to back them up.

I see the future as Smart+1:
By which I mean a device that has "smart" capabilities (non-gaming apps, small gaming apps, efficient multitasking for these apps, and notification services for social apps even in sleep mode); by the +1 I refer to a single other dedicated function that works along side the smart side (I should mention this on a unified cohesive platform) with an application processor and a certain amount of ram dedicated to it.

In term of form factor they could add a capacitative touchscreen to the top screen and have the system made into a PSP GO style form where the top screen makes up the front-top layer of the device and the bottom screen and dedicated game controls make up the bottom portion; and so whenever you need to use the bottom screen and dedicated controls you simply slide out the bottom portion.



sonicfan1373 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Confirms Playable Cranky Kong...:


I agree with you; I think Nintendo should have really shown Smash Bros. or X to this audience. They both seem ready enough to show at least in some format ( plus I do not think Zelda or Metroid are at a stage to show off yet).

Though, I have a feeling Nintendo of Japan does not let their subsidiaries show anything without their express and hard to earn approval; which is why Reggie could only show Donkey Kong (which is developed by Retro in the US). I recall once Reggie saying that he could only show what Mr. Miyamoto let him show, and we all know how much of strict perfectionist he is.



sonicfan1373 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Confirms Playable Cranky Kong...:

This VGX announcement is just going to bring bad press. They showed off the wrong game to this audience. I like the Donkey Kong: Country series but this is not an event where you show this game. This shows Nintendo's marketing team still has no clue what on earth is going on.

I am not a fan of VGX (I do not know why Nintendo decided to even show-up considering they are putting so much emphasis on doing their own thing) but if you plan on attending you have to show something that people watching the show will resonate with (especially if this particular audience has turned hostile against your recent product by months of endless bad press).



sonicfan1373 commented on Analysts Weigh In With Estimates for Wii U Fis...:

I personally think it will be close to or just above 5 million units for Wii U. 50-60 million yen operating profit is not out of the ordinary for this year due to strong global 3DS/2DS sales along with software sales for the 3DS.

I said it before and I will say it again, I feel Iwata made a big mistake with his profit targets; you do not set targets that high during a console transition, especially when your system just lost momentum and is being sold at a loss. Iwata should have announced a much smaller operating income profit so he could have had enough leg room to do more aggressive pricing with Wii U in order to get people to buy it (which is more critical in the longterm than one year's worth of operating profits). I hope Iwata does not get fired or resign in 2014; a lot of those investors (based on their questions) are angling to get Nintendo to quit the hardware business and become third-party and publish games on mobile platforms so they might install someone as CEO to get that done for them (that is what happened at Sega).

Oh well, they have a big chance in 2014. They have the least expensive console to manufacture, they have key games coming for it, plenty of games that have at least broken-even which means they can be used for bundles. They just need to step-up and tirelessly market themselves and do another major price drop.



sonicfan1373 commented on The 3DS YouTube App Has Finally Gone Live:

-Low res videos (seen better streamed on eShop)
-Awkward user interface (seems like they slabbed the mobile Youtube website onto the bottom screen with little optimization)
-No 3D videos (although I did not expect it due to implementation differences)
-BUGGY and SLOW!!!! (crashed on me 3-4 times in less then an hour)
-No option to send videos to consoles or set-top boxes

Thus, I will continue to use the iPad and PC for my primary Youtube and video needs. I am not a fan of watching videos on a small screen (I have the regular 3DS not XL) anyways unless I really have to, which is also why I do not use my phone to watch Youtube. But hopefully this app gets updated so it is more useful for those who do want to watch on their 3DS.



sonicfan1373 commented on Nintendo Land Has Been Removed From the North ...:


I think the files are still on the eShop so if you need to re-download or use a card to get it you should still be able to. I think Nintendo made this move because this game needs Wii Remote Pluses to be a fun party game. I personally believe Nintendo might bundle it with Wii Remote Pluses in more regions at some point in the future.



sonicfan1373 commented on Flipnote Studio 3D Friends Gallery Disabled in...:

I have a feeling these free online sharing features will be replaced with Miiverse when it comes to the 3DS later this year. Miiverse allows for developers to allow for the sharing of in-game content that is moderated (this is how Flipnotes can be shared), it also allows for doodles, notes, and messages to be shared in a public and private way and again it would be moderated (hence replacing Swapnote on 3DS), it can also be used to share special messages from Nintendo (again replacing Swapnote).



sonicfan1373 commented on Nintendo Reveals More Details for The Legend o...:


These games were in development before the Wii U came out and much earlier in the 3DS's life for some development started even before the final 3DS hardware was released; so no they are not trying sabotage Wii U sales.

If you look at the 3DS launch you will realize that it is difficult to release new games for hardware that has just came out because devs need to get used to it, the same goes for Wii U. Nintendo also mentioned that 2013 is meant for the 3DS because now the hardware is profitable and the software is ready to drive the system forward. 2014 will most likely be dedicated to Wii U because that when its software will be ready and that is also most likely when the loss made on the system starts to decrease substantially.



sonicfan1373 commented on Kapow! Wii U And Wii Versions Of Young Justice...:


The difference is that the DS and the DS Lite had the same library of games and DSi was released 4 years later and it only added a small library of games that could not be playable on its predecessors.

Developing and releasing a more powerful console in a short time will make their situation worst. Firstly, they will piss off all of the remaining third-party's who are supporting them (Sega, Capcom, many cash-strapped indies who are taking a risk by developing for the system, and to a point WB and Ubisoft). Secondly, a new system would also be rushed to the market and have the same trouble that the Wii U is having but to a greater extent (Nintendo is just starting to make HD games and their internal devs have only just started to learn how to effectively use Wii U's hardware [which has already caused them delays in developement]; these people will not be able to release anything meaningful on totally new rushed out hardware which a hypothetical new console would through the same software drought as Wii U, maybe even bigger). Thirdly, people who have purchased the Wii U (Nintendo's fanbase) early on will most likely not risk purchasing a totally new system (that will most likely be more expensive) if the Wii U were to be discontinued so early in its lifecycle.

Also, hardware power is irrelevant when it comes to most devs. By many developer accounts the Gamecube was easier to develop for and more powerful than Playstation 2, yet the GC did not receive many of the multi platform titles that were released on the PS2 and Xbox. Hardware is also not relevant in the case of Young Justice Legacy, because they are making a 3DS version (and 3DS is much less powerful than Wii U). I think EA said it best when they stated they make games on systems with a high install base; when speaking about Battlefield 4, they said they would make a Gameboy Advance version if they thought they had an audience there. Also, compare the 3DS with PS Vita, and DS and PSP. Lastly, other next-gen systems are coming with glorified tablet-processors and last-gen mid-range GPUs; if people only purchased systems for graphics then many people would have simply just bought a PC.

I think Nintendo messed up with the Wii U in 2013, but I still believe the Wii U has a lot of potential. It is more powerful and versatile than current-gen systems yet much less expensive to make than next-gen system; it is also offering a brand new ways to interact with the TV. What Nintendo needs to do is make logical bundles available for the holidays, advertise the system, and release more games. When the 3DS was having its tough period in 2011, many people recommended that they should just abandon the system and either rush another system to the market or just drop out from the console race all together, which is my opinion would have been a mistake.



sonicfan1373 commented on Rayman Legends And Splinter Cell Blacklist Bot...:


I believe you are looking at the wrong numbers (Splinter Cell sold around 300,000 with only 10,000 coming from the Wii U version). Based on VGchartz (which is not the most accurate source considering they get their data by sampling certain retailers and it does not yet cover digital sales, but it is the only global source I have right now) the Wii U version of the game sold around 90,000 which is more than the Xbox 360 and PS3 and PSV versions of the game, but it is still generally poor. Also, despite selling around half a million copies Ubisoft stated that ZombiU did not break even, which makes me believe Ubisoft was really banking on the Wii U to take off like Wii and PS2 (which was not a good business move, because the Wii and PS2 where the exception and not the rule); they seem to be making the same mistake however with other next-gen systems.



sonicfan1373 commented on Rayman Legends And Splinter Cell Blacklist Bot...:

Based on Vgchartz and Mediacrate info the Wii U version is still the front runner in total sales (although by a slim margin; and that does not include digital sales of any platform). I think they wasted more money advertising the game, delaying it a few weeks before release, and then porting it to three other platforms then they would have by just keeping it an exclusive (if the game started out as a multiplatform title that would have been another story). However, I feel what really got them in the end was the release timing; if they had released a good two to three months before GTA V and Pokemon I feel that they would have had a better chance.

Splinter Cell on the other hand is not the type of game that will do well on a Nintendo system (based on my opinion and personal observations) until there is a steady install base (Assassins Creed and potentially Watch_Dogs also falls under this catagory). I feel Ubisoft should have waited longer (until the install base grew a bit more) before making these types of games for Wii U.



sonicfan1373 commented on Pokémon X & Y Pass 1.8 Million Retail Sales t...:

Great week for 3DS. I think that the new Wii U family edition bundles with lower pricing coming to Japan on October 30th will greatly help sales; Nintendo really should have launched those bundles as soon as they announced them because now they have to deal with deeper sales droughts for the system until the bundles are released.



sonicfan1373 commented on Rumour: Sony Running Campaign To Push Potentia...:

Confrontational advertising is not really new in the industry. I remember that Sega, Nintendo, and Sony launched particularly aggressive attack campaigns towards one another in the 1990s.
Nintendo stopped this practice by the time the GC was released (they started to really focus only on their own products by the time Iwata became CEO).
Microsoft has done small things here and there (one incident that comes to mind is at E3 where they asked reps to got to Wii U booths and later to PS4 showcasing in order to inform them of the Xbox One) but aside from the few incidents I do not recall them taking direct shots at their competitors system.
Sony confrontational approach to advertising has cooled down since the 90s but they continue to be the most hostile of the 3 companies. Most of their ads and executive actions already show this.

With all of that being said, I doubt Sony would make a legally binding contract with another company that uses the word "misinform" and speaks of defaming a company's product or even tries to infer that they are about to embark in unfair monopolistic business practices with another party (especially EU country where anti-trust regulatory laws are more strict), so I believe the Tweet has been a bit exaggerated. However, I do not doubt the overall agreement Sony has made with its advertisers or its intentions (I also do not believe the agreement specifically targets the Wii U, because Sony has a more direct competitor to deal with) .



sonicfan1373 commented on Extended Nintendo Network and Miiverse Mainten...:

Nintendo has stated on the Wii U update section of their website that the Wii U system with new features and improvements is out between the end of September and early October so I do not think there is much speculation on the idea that there will be a Wii U system update this week.

I am hoping that this update brings the following:
1. Folders
2. Account system for eShop (later turned into a universal account system when the 3DS is updated later this year)
3. System wide chatting that can be accessed as a multiprocessed application
4. A video and audio player that plays AAC, MP3, and MP4 (or any file encoded with H.264) off of external HD and/or SD Card. Would be nice if it was multitaskable.
5. A photo viewer that can read photos from an external HD and/or SD. Again it would be nice if it was multitaskable.
6. Improved stability (specifically I hope they fix the problem where viewing videos on Youtube through the browser causes the entire system to freeze).



sonicfan1373 commented on Nintendo Tested Two Other Zelda Titles in HD o...:

Perhaps after the first original Zelda title for Wii U. I would not mind experiencing both SS and TW in HD, but I would really like TW to be remastered because that game attempted to go with a more realistic art style but was limited in the visual quality it was able to pull off due to the GC/Wii hardware. If the next 3D Zelda game for Wii U does decide to bring back that artstyle (which I hope it does) then I would honestly not mind having either TW or SS.



sonicfan1373 commented on Without iOS Support Nintendo "Doesn’t Reach ...:

Nintendo could just make a smart gaming device to counter iOS devices, it is not like iOS devices are the end-all of consumer gadgets. Considering that most apps purchased on iOS and Android are games I believe that Nintendo would do very well if it entered the market with smart devices of its own.



sonicfan1373 commented on We're Getting Digital Right On 3DS And Wii U, ...:

I prefer the external HD route because you can get more storage when you need it and there is a lot of choice in the market.
Overall, did Nintendo get digital right with 3DS and Wii U? Well, I believe that they had a lot of good ideas and they caught up in many respect and even outpaced the competition in a few places; however, a lot of work still needs to be done both with the eShop and online play in general, thus my answer has to be that they have not got it right yet.

Here is what they need to do:

1. eShop with account system that keeps track of all purchases and funds. This system should work in a matter that makes funds easily accessible across all systems (I have access to the same funds on my 3DS and my Wii U). Furthermore, purchases should also be easily transferable between consoles by simply authorizing and de-authorizing devices (if I wish to replace my console, I should be able to simply de-authorize the console from the Nintendo Network and transfer my purchases to a new console without having to reach Nintendo's customer service).

2. Universal purchases/benefits for eShop. Hypothetically, lets say a customer purchases a game on Wii U and the exact same game is available on 3DS, if the developer desires, the customer should be able to get the 3DS version of the game without additional costs or at least with a discount (again this is based on what the developer of the title feels is appropriate and if done correctly it can give certain games more value). This system should implemented for Virtual Console titles.

3. Better content pricing to compete with retailers. This is not a Nintendo only issue; neither Sony nor Microsoft have gotten this right on their digital stores (they are doing it better than Nintendo, but prices still do not match with retail pricing in many cases). I do realize many of the pricing issues are do to third-parties refusing to lowering the digital price of games, but Nintendo should work with third-parties to transition prices as time goes by (much like how Valve does with its third-parties on Steam).

4. More servers in more regions. This one is simple and it is the one those Nintendo lags the farthest behind in. To be truthful I am not surprised by Nintendo being behind on this one because Nintendo has only had a unified network system for 2 years so it will take them a while to catch up. Having more local servers means players around the world can more easily access multiplayer matches and it will relieve pressure from the few worldwide servers that are operating right now, which should give everyone a boost in network access speed and improve network reliability (which is currently a bit iffy depending on where you live).

5. Cloud storage. This would be very useful for making universal saves files, which should come in handy for when you are playing the same game across platforms.

6. Full Miiverse integration with 3DS. Miiverse is a great gaming social network, and bringing it to 3DS and having it integrate well into the system menu and games would give Nintendo a great advantage. The reason why this is last on my list is because Nintendo has confirmed it is coming to the 3DS, but I still put it here because I was to emphasize that they have to implement it natively (like they did on the Wii U) and not make it a side feature that most users will not know about and most developers will ignore.



sonicfan1373 commented on Peter Molyneux Reveals His Favourite Zelda Tit...:

While Twilight Princess was great, it felt a bit too...empty, and it tried to pull off more realistic graphics on hardware that could not do an effective job, and I am not a fan of the Wolf Link sections or the limited motion controls; this is a very subjective matter and I respect everyone's opinions but for me Twilight Princess would have to be my least favourite 3D Zelda game (my favourite is Skyward Sword, then Wind Waker, then Ocarina of Time, then Majora's Mask, and then Twilight Princess).

With that being said I hope that Nintendo does try to use Twilight Princess's art style with their next Zelda game on the Wii U, because I think based on the tech demo shown in E3 2011 the Wii U is more than capable of doing justice to that particular art style. I am also hoping for Skyward Sword motion controls for the next game, but I doubt that will happen (I do not believe that style of gameplay really resonated well with many players based on what I have read on the internet but I really like it).



sonicfan1373 commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

I think this is a good move by Nintendo although the execution is a bit strange. I believe the logic behind the system is to make it as durable as possible (hence removing the henges), removing the 3D feature will make the screen cheaper to manufacture and Nintendo no longer has to put the 7+ warning on the system which means this should appeal to parents with younger kids.

Unfortunately, the marketing side of things will not be easy. I can see customer and store clerks being confused by this when it comes to purchasing games. However, Nintendo can remedy this by altering the 3DS game cases for all upcoming releases and games currently in production. The box can simply read Nintendo 2DS/3DS on the side which should put an end to some of the confusion.



sonicfan1373 commented on Satoru Iwata Aims for "Critical Mass" of Wii U...:

That Wii U Sports tech demo in the Wii U reveal trailer at E3 2011 really sold me on the console's unique abilities (that trailer is what got me to get a Wii U plus some of the games promised by Nintendo is what made me purchase a Wii U). They should just make the Wii U Sports game, bundle it with the basic system, and maybe include a Wii Remote + Nunchuck. For the Deluxe Edition they should include a pro controller, a headset, and maybe make a deal with a company like Ubisoft to include Watch_Dogs.



sonicfan1373 commented on 3DS UK Success in 2013 Offset by Abysmal Wii U...:


The Wii U's launch line up was fine (if you look at PS4 and Xbox One they are also mostly getting current gen ports with very few next-gen exclusives) also the sales for the first two launch months of the Wii U were quite strong (to the point that Nintendo sold out of their initial batches of consoles almost instantly). However, the drought of titles and Nintendo's (continued) slowness to address the problems are the biggest factors which are causing the Wii U's decrease in momentum.

The system updates, compelling titles coming in 2013 and 2014, decrease in component prices and the weak yen (which will allow Nintendo to more aggressively price the console in the future, of course that is assuming that component prices continue to fall at the same rate and yen remains weak) should all create a better situation for 2014. Of course the change could (and should) come sooner in 2013 if Nintendo decides to cut the price of the Wii U, but I doubt they will do so because they promised their investors that they will do what it takes (rather prematurely) to make 100 billion yen operating income. Nintendo would also be wise to revise the console SKUs and what comes bundled with each system (I recall the holiday 3ds SKUs really helped that system out in 2011 and the Wii 2010 SKUs with additional controllers and games helped the Wii remain on top for 2010).



sonicfan1373 commented on Codemasters: F1 2013 Would Need To Be "A Very ...:

The Wii U's GPU centric architecture will mean that game engines will have to be modified to run properly on the system; though I believe that once optimized, games will not have a problem running on the system.

I believe the big problem for many large third-party devs is that the Wii U does not have a high install base at this time for large-scale third-party games to be profitable. Based on Nintendo's previous track record, even with many console units sold Nintendo still does not generate as much profits as the other console maker for big third-party companies (though they generate enough profits to warrant ports to Nintendo systems). Once Nintendo sells enough Wii Us, then I am sure that many large third party developers will be willing to invest in the console.

Since the Nintendo 64, many third-party companies (though not all!) have not had the same amount of success on Nintendo's hardware that they have had on other consoles (although there are third parties who have more success on Nintendo systems than other consoles, there is just not too many of them). I think that it is important for Nintendo and third-party companies to really change how third-party games are made and delivered for Nintendo systems.



sonicfan1373 commented on Nintendo Falls Under Further Pressure Regardin...:


Nintendo and Apple both use Foxconn for manufacturing (in fact so does Sony, Microsoft, and many other electronic companies). I think that Nintendo should hire an industry auditor for the mineral issue as well as other social issues concerning manufacturing but on the large scale that is not going to change much. Foxconn does not at all have a good history with social responsibility and many other international manufacturers are the same or even worse. Ultimately, the governments have to put laws in place on these mineral issues and other social problems like labour and the environment; and countries like China are notorious for either not making strong enough social laws or not enforcing them at all. Companies from countries with higher social standards like Nintendo and Apple have to play their part (which is why Nintendo getting an auditor would set a good example) but ultimately the public sector of the countries doing manufacturing have to set stricter boundaries for the manufacturing companies.