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brucelebnd commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

I think Nintendo will be fine delaying Zelda in order to make an amazing game. people just need to learn patience. does anybody want Zelda to end up like AC Unity.

people are also forgetting Tantalus' port project. they are claiming it's a big AAA title. I think Nintendo's game release schedule will be fine, plus Nintendo always has a few surprises. Xenoblade, Star Fox and whatever Tantalus is working on should be fine.

as for Wii U sales, they really need a big price cut. they should start pricing the Wii U as a secondary console, which means it shouldn't be more than $199. parents will be more apt to buy that.



brucelebnd commented on Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei Is Hitting Ja...:

i'd love to see this game in the west but i'd be surprised if anybody localizes it. langrisser is an amazing trpg but only the most die hard fans of the genre know of it.

i think it would sell with fans of the fire emblem series but the cost of marketing and localization would scare off anyone wanting to localize it. i hope it sells well in japan to create buzz



brucelebnd commented on Video: New Bravely Second Trailer Sets The Sce...:

it's really a tale of two games. the 1st for chapters are good but the second half of the game is tedious. rinse recycle repeat over and over. i just wanted it to be over.

is it great rpg? well not really but it's biggest strides are in the combat system and customization. the 1st half is a breath of fresh air from sqaure going back to its root and making great improvements. the second half is truly an exercise in tedium and really blemishes what could have been one of the best JRPGs.

i'll check out the sequel but i really hope they took the time to make a complete game. if they do the same rinse recycle repeat with bravely second, i won't be buying a third



brucelebnd commented on Nintendo Is Shutting Down Its Taiwan Subsidiary:

I think it's a good sign. Nintendo may want to be helping it's relations with mainland china and no better way to do that then close down shop in taiwan.

if nintnedo gets better access into mainland china's markets they make a killing. nintendo naturally is in a much better position for sales in china because many nintendo games will easily get past censorship.

what's Sony or MS without FPS? no fan services games either. so basically all either has would be sports games and that's it.

so if nintendo opens a new office in china, I think nintendo is going to crush the competetion



brucelebnd commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

who the hell cares, it's a video game, what's important is whether it's good or not. it's not nintendo's (a JAPANESE company) responsibility to champion social issues in other countries.

what will happen if people become too offended is that Nintendo will choose not to localize Japanese games because they'll fear upsetting delicate western tastes.

less quality games for us because some people have to be jerks about everything



brucelebnd commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:

Nintendo took too long to cut the Wii U's price and the price cut wasn't enough.

MS cut the price on the XBone as soon as they realized it wasn't selling. it took Nintendo over a year to come to the same conclusion.

2ndly about the price. let's face it Nintendo is a company geared toward younger gamers. parents are going to be hard pressed to spend $300+ when cheaper alternatives exist. the wii was dirt cheap and that's why everybody owns one.



brucelebnd commented on Platinum: Nintendo Has Been The "White Knight"...:

could someone please let me in on this Nintendo hate?

if it wasn't for Nintendo this game wouldn't exist right? so if you're really a fan of the series wouldn't you support the company that made the game possible? shouldn't the complaints be directed at Sony for not wanting to invest in the IP?

just curious what's with all the Nintendo hate out there



brucelebnd commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

ugh Nintendo lower the Wii U's price, it's plain and simple. what's killing the Wii U is Nintendo's stubborn refusal to lower the price of the Wii U

the Wii U cost $189 to make but sells for $299
PS4 costs $381 sells for $399
Xbox 1 costs $471 sells for $499

and honestly it probably cost Nintendo even less to make the Wii U since it's been awhile since launch. Nintendo is basically a family console or a gamers secondary console so they need to price it accordingly. NO amount of software is going to push a console people aren't willing to spend too much on. Nintendo is all wrong about the price point



brucelebnd commented on Brand New Game Developer, AE Games, Shows Its ...:

I'll support them if it's something good. I have a feeling it will be some kind of need for speed like racer and if so I'll probably pass.

I'd love to see a football game on the wii u but since EA has a monopoly on NFL licensing people probably wouldn't support it.



brucelebnd commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

it should say "Western" 3rd party support. Ubi's games haven't been selling well on any platform so it's natural that they'd not risk losses on the Wii U. even EA has been having some problems as of late, sales haven't been so great on any platform. Activison is doing well because of Skylanders and they still bring games to the Wii U. Warner Bros is still working with Nintendo. maybe we won't get all the DLC but whatever.

honestly does Ubi or EA really make games that are absolute must haves?

Nintendo has addressed the issue by saying they'd bring over more games from Japanese devs and indie devs.

the 3DS is predominately gamed by Nintendo, Japanese and indie devs and it's doing fine.

the problem with the Wii U is the price. the Wii U was the #1 most wanted item by children but tablets were the most bought because they are so much cheaper. hmmm let's a see a Wii U for $299 or a cheap tablet for $150.



brucelebnd commented on Nintendo Reveals Release Windows For a Host of...:

@B3ND3R lol you'd probably be the only one buying it. $15 is way too much to pay for it. why buy it on the Wii U for 15 when I could get it on Steam a month or so later for like $5.

my biggest problem with Nintendo's Indie games is the pricing. why would anybody buy them on a Nintendo platform when you can easily get them on ios or steam for a fraction of the cost.

so I'm going to pay more for what exactly?



brucelebnd commented on Nintendo Download: 6th February (North America):

If the Lego movie game is anywhere near as good as Lego City undercover than it's worth a pick up. i'll have to see a review or an LP before i buy it though. it looks like bravely default all the way for me this week



brucelebnd commented on Satoru Iwata Talks Down Wii U Price Cut Prospe...:

The Wii U won't sell until it is priced below $200. the Wii U was the #1 most wanted item by children this past Christmas but their parents didn't buy it but bought tablets instead.

the Wii U at launch cost $189 for Nintendo to make it and it's probably even less now.. Nintendo continues to insist making a profit on it's console but what they fail to realize is that parents are looking for bargains. the Wii U isn't a bargain at $299 or even $249

a Wii U bundle at $199 with Zelda, Nintendo Land, NSMB U would be an unbeatable deal. I chose those 3 games because they didn't cost much to develop and Nintendo has already made their money back on them. a basic version at $149 would sell.

people bought the 3DS because they lowered the price and people bought the 2DS because it was cheap.

Nintendo doesn't know it's market and is trying to appeal to "gamers" and fanboys instead. "gamers" left Nintendo a long time ago and aren't coming back and fanboys will only take you so far. Nintendo needs to make the Wii U inexpensive



brucelebnd commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

I think this is a step in the right direction. honestly I think 3DS eshop DL titles should be on the Wii U as well. I also think NIntendo should allow you to swap save files between the Wii U and 3DS. cross compatibility would be great



brucelebnd commented on Ubisoft Refuses to Comment on Watch_Dogs Wii U...:

Honestly Wii U has great title for this year,

Hyrule Warriors
DK Tropical Freeze
Lego Movie Game
Bayonetta 2
Mario Kart 8
Smash Bros
Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

I know a lot of these games are Nintendo produced/made but is it Nintendo's fault for making quality games. these so called AAA studios just can't compete when it comes to making quality games.



brucelebnd commented on Ubisoft Refuses to Comment on Watch_Dogs Wii U...:

I can see why Ubi is leaving Watch Dogs off the Wii U because they don't think it will sell but really that is their own fault.

1st Ubi switches Rayman Legends to multiplatform and for what? about 250k buys on the 360 and 300k on PS3. to make matters worse they released it on the Wii U on Sept 3rd, which by then games like Pikman were out and other games were just weeks away. if they followed the original release date of Feb 26 it would have sold a lot more on the Wii U simply because nothing else was really out at the time.

2nd no Nintendo gamer likes to pay $60 to be a Beta Tester. seriously how often has Ubi released a AAA game that needs to be patched multiple times. why buy a game that seemingly hasn't been tested.

3rd why would any gamer pay full price for a gimped port? if Ubi doesn't want to support games they release on the Wii U why would Nintendo gamers want to buy inferior products?

4th Ubi is so quick to pull the plug on games. I'm seeing AC4 for $30 now. so if I know Ubi will drop the price why would I buy ANY of their games at launch?

seriously if you wait on any Ubi game you'll have a patched game probably free of problems and it will be cheaper, so why would I ever buy a Ubi game at launch?

Ubi has done this to themselves. if they abandon Nintendo fine



brucelebnd commented on EA's Peter Moore States That "Nintendo's A Gre...:

I could be wrong but EA's exclusive licenses with the NFL expires soon. they lost their NCAA licenses.

once the NFL realizes that it could potentially make more money from competition than a monopoly.

They already lost their monopoly on NCAA football, the NFL could be next.

it would cripple them but they'd still have a total monopoly over FIFA until 2022



brucelebnd commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's 'Relevance' Is Abou...:

it's the price. a lot of parents would have bought it for Christmas but the $299 price tag was a bit too much. $50 wasn't enough

like it or not the Wii U is perceived as last gen but it's price doesn't reflect that. you can get a PS3 or 360 for $199.

I think the Wii U at launch cost $189 to make. so why not just reduce the price to $199 maybe $250 for a Mario Bundle.

people bought the Wii because almost anyone could afford it. once the Wii U's price goes down people will buy it



brucelebnd commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

I just don't think the Wii U price point is there just yet for parents. from my own small experience I know a lot of kids wanted a Wii U but most of the parents I know just bought them tablets instead for Christmas. $299 vs $99 is real problem. I'm not saying the Wii U should be $99 but at $199 it will sell a lot more than it currently is.

plus I think China will be huge for Nintendo. unlike a Sony or Microsoft, Nintendo makes games that will pass censorship and Nintendo games don't rely on internet access. with China's censorship I doubt Sony's cloud will go over well in China



brucelebnd commented on Lift in Chinese Console Ban and Market Fluctua...:

Nintendo should do very well in China. any video games released in China must pass a censorship board first. China won't allow violent games, so that's a plus for Nintendo.

also China massive censorship of the internet and China relative poor internet speed will also help Nintendo. Nintendo games usually don't require online access.

things could go very well for a company so many investors like to poo poo on. if they sell a few million Wii U's or Wii mini's in China Iwata's long term plan may not look so silly



brucelebnd commented on Inazuma Eleven Is Finding The Back Of The Net ...:

i'm glad the game is finally coming to NA region. I think that if a game is localized for PAL it should come to NA and vice-versa. since localization was already done why not put in all regions. just offer a digital version only in a region where sales might not be spectacular, it's not like that would cost very much.



brucelebnd commented on Wii U Skylanders Bundle Deal Heading to GameSt...:

I don't know why people hate on the 8GB model. it doesn't have the space but if you're only buying retail games than 8GB is more than enough. even if you want to download games the storage isn't an issue because basically any USB memory device will do. you can use a 16gb flash drive which is under $10. I just use a 250gb usb drive for my 8gb and it works fine.

$249 and skylanders really isn't a bad deal at all. I'm not sure how much Nintendo's cost per system is but at launch it cost Nintendo $189 per unit. it may have went down a bit by now but probably not much.

thankfully Nintendo doesn't use proprietary memory like Sony.



brucelebnd commented on Nintendo Download: 26th December (North America):

Ubi's NA sales pretty disappointing. I was hoping they'd give NA the same deals as Europe.

ZombiU $14 in EU and around 34 in NA

lot of their games are over 50% off in Europe but NA gets 30.. I'd actually buy a few of their games if they were on sale like that here



brucelebnd commented on Wii U Hardware Sales Take a Significant Leap i...:

I think the Wii U would do even better if they would create a 2/3DS mode for the Wii U. you could play the downloaded games you have on the 3DS on your Wii U and share information.

they've unified eShop accounts and NintendoNetwork so I think it would be the next step. they could even charge for the software. I think it would be amazing



brucelebnd commented on Super Mario 3D World Underwhelms on Japanese C...:

I love how NOBODY is taking into account digital sales.

they aren't tracked so just counting the physical sales is silly. since Nintendo doesn't release those numbers we'll never know.

seriously everybody needs to relax, the japanese prefer digital DLs alway. why get worried about something when the whole picture isn't clear



brucelebnd commented on Super Mario 3D World Underwhelms on Japanese C...:

those numbers are kind of pointless when it comes to the new Mario game. you have a lot more incentive to download the game rather than buying the physical copy and that's true for every Wii U game.

unless it includes the digital buys the numbers aren't telling the full story



brucelebnd commented on Nintendo Download: 21st November (Europe):

if Brawl Brothers comes out in the US, I can only imagine how bad that community will be bombarded with complaints about it not being SMB3.

I hope the discount on Rayman comes to the US and the Marvel Heros Demo. MCG looks pretty good too



brucelebnd commented on System Update Will Allow You To Share eShop Ba...:

baby steps but I don't see Nintendo doing much more with the Wii U. they're already real tentative about what they are doing it on. look how long it took for them to do something as simple as that. I just don't believe Nintendo is putting the resources or time into the Wii U to make it successful. I think they are banking on the holiday to increase the install base before they really support the Wii U fully.

they are expecting this holiday season to be huge but I'm seriously doubting it. Xbox 360 is $99 PS3 will be $199 with 2 games. they have NO hardware deals on the Wii U expect Toys r Us has the Skylanders bundle for $259 and that's it.

they are targeting families but not offering the best deals. I don't think a Mario game will be enough.

what worries me is that we aren't hearing anything about new games. after the 1st quarter of next year it's pretty bleak because nothing's been announced. even the better indie games are going to the 2/3DS not the Wii U. you can see how much Nintendo has invested in the Wii U VC.

unless the Wii U really sells I doubt we'll see much more.