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Fri 10th Feb 2012

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brucelebnd commented on Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei Confirmed For...:

haven't heard much good about the game but I love Langrisser and it's doesn't look so bad that it isn't worth a try. the battle animation is awful, way better on genesis/mega drive maybe they'll fix it up a little, just a bit.



brucelebnd commented on Talking Point: The Mystery of Devil's Third an...:

maybe the game has some offensive material. unlike japan or europe. americans are overly sensitive and love to make a big deal about nothing. NOA might be steering clear of devil's third in order to save itself from the headache of anger online activists.

metroid prime fans are one thing but self righteous zealots are another.



brucelebnd commented on Satoru Iwata Didn't Apologise For Nintendo's E...:

japanese gamers didn't like e3 so iwata tweeted to address their concerns. us gamers didn't like e3 and reggie basically tells them to STFU and take because they don't understand.

Nintendo really needs better leadership at NOA. or at least a new PR department



brucelebnd commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

so nintendo is pulling a sega move on the wii u? instead of actually cutting the price of the wii u (the "price cut" they made was laughable) they just abandon it.

the nintendo fans who bought a wii u actually invest a lot into the software and now just got the big F you.

i'm done with nintendo consoles if they're going to act like sega



brucelebnd commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

we all know chibi metroid was targeted at a japanese audience. they're probably surprised at all the hatred it's receiving. nintendo will probably take it as western gamers don't like japanese games, which isn't the case but we all know nintendo is a little daft when it comes to understanding it's western fans.

i blame NOA more than anything because they should have had a freaking clue. either reggie has no input or is a total idiot.



brucelebnd commented on Video: No Matter How Annoyed You Are At Ninten...:

wow. what an awful e3 conference. i honestly can't even defend that level of suck.

most of the games that were "showcased" seemed like mini games built off better games. the zelda game is basically a link's awakening 4 swords mini game. chibi metroid, enough said. paper mairo seems like a dlc for mario dream team.



brucelebnd commented on Rare Replay on Xbox One Will Include 30 Games,...:

I actually doubt it sells.

fps fanboys only really care about the newest and best looking games, which they quickly sell once they'll been drained by all the dlc. Titanfall is already like $12. the madden fan boys are pretty much the same. that's basically the majority of the Xbone install base.

those gamers are a massive part of the US market but honestly do they really care about retro gaming?



brucelebnd commented on Just Dance 2016:

ah the promised great title from Ubi! did Ubi really need to waste anybody's time with this. the people who buy this game probably don't follow nintendo or even e3.



brucelebnd commented on Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Is Dashing To The Ninte...:

@Pikachupwnage sonic boom for 3ds isn't the same as the wii u game. the 3ds game is pretty fun. Sanzaru Games isn't Big Red Button. from the looks of the trailer it seems the game will have basically the same mechanics with a few new added elements. I think it will be just as good as shattered crystals



brucelebnd commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

I think Nintendo will be fine delaying Zelda in order to make an amazing game. people just need to learn patience. does anybody want Zelda to end up like AC Unity.

people are also forgetting Tantalus' port project. they are claiming it's a big AAA title. I think Nintendo's game release schedule will be fine, plus Nintendo always has a few surprises. Xenoblade, Star Fox and whatever Tantalus is working on should be fine.

as for Wii U sales, they really need a big price cut. they should start pricing the Wii U as a secondary console, which means it shouldn't be more than $199. parents will be more apt to buy that.



brucelebnd commented on Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei Is Hitting Ja...:

i'd love to see this game in the west but i'd be surprised if anybody localizes it. langrisser is an amazing trpg but only the most die hard fans of the genre know of it.

i think it would sell with fans of the fire emblem series but the cost of marketing and localization would scare off anyone wanting to localize it. i hope it sells well in japan to create buzz



brucelebnd commented on Video: New Bravely Second Trailer Sets The Sce...:

it's really a tale of two games. the 1st for chapters are good but the second half of the game is tedious. rinse recycle repeat over and over. i just wanted it to be over.

is it great rpg? well not really but it's biggest strides are in the combat system and customization. the 1st half is a breath of fresh air from sqaure going back to its root and making great improvements. the second half is truly an exercise in tedium and really blemishes what could have been one of the best JRPGs.

i'll check out the sequel but i really hope they took the time to make a complete game. if they do the same rinse recycle repeat with bravely second, i won't be buying a third



brucelebnd commented on Nintendo Is Shutting Down Its Taiwan Subsidiary:

I think it's a good sign. Nintendo may want to be helping it's relations with mainland china and no better way to do that then close down shop in taiwan.

if nintnedo gets better access into mainland china's markets they make a killing. nintendo naturally is in a much better position for sales in china because many nintendo games will easily get past censorship.

what's Sony or MS without FPS? no fan services games either. so basically all either has would be sports games and that's it.

so if nintendo opens a new office in china, I think nintendo is going to crush the competetion



brucelebnd commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

who the hell cares, it's a video game, what's important is whether it's good or not. it's not nintendo's (a JAPANESE company) responsibility to champion social issues in other countries.

what will happen if people become too offended is that Nintendo will choose not to localize Japanese games because they'll fear upsetting delicate western tastes.

less quality games for us because some people have to be jerks about everything