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Wed 10th Oct 2012

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Arminillo commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Director...:

For an androgynous character, what would female Link look like? Larger breasts? Longer hair? Yet a big part of the current social movement is that women should not be defined into such stereotypes...all kinds of body shapes, hairstyles, etc. To make a female Link would be to take an already androgynous character and include stereotypical female imagery.

Is it not the agenda of the feminist movement to merge the gap between male and female, to take away the tags of masculine and feminine? By advocating the distinction of a female Link, it gives the impression that it IS separation they want, not cohesion.



Arminillo commented on Feature: The Poor Career Choice of Super Smash...:

If the demand is there the money is there. League of Legends has one of the highest unique player counts out of any game out there. 75mil+. It makes sense that so many people would watch the pros. Not to mention those spectators make up a mere fraction of the total user-base and still rake in cash. Smash 4 has like what, 8 million lifetime sales? And Melee like 7? The reason these people aren't being paid much is because the market is niche.



Arminillo commented on Guide: Getting the Most out of Your amiibo wit...:

I've played Marth almost exclusively against my Marth Amiibo and he does what I taught him, (or so i think). On a KO he does Down Taunt just like me, favors the Up B even when not necessary, down throws on grabs, and almost never Side Bs. Maybe playing as the Amiibo character is an important part of learning?



Arminillo commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

Dude, Nintendo can have ONE character that is sexu- im not even going to use that word. ATTRACTIVE CHARACTERS IN FICTION WILL NEVER LEAVE. People like characters to be larger than life, this goes back to freaking Beowulf. People also like characters that they can relate to; there is a balance. Not every freaking woman in media needs to be an average looking 20 something that doesnt wear makeup.



Arminillo commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:

are you serious? Chrom would be more different than how they made Lucina! putting girls in because they are girls is the definition of sexism! he could have promoted Lyndis, she would play drastically different and she is female so everyone loves her for that freaking reason alone!



Arminillo commented on Nintendo Japan Announces Plans for YouTube Aff...:

Im in the opinion that no youtuber is ENTITLED to content from posting to a public video sharing website. Im not against them making money by any means, but if YT decided to stop giving revenue that would be that and they'd have to deal with it.



Arminillo commented on Tecmo Koei and Eiji Aonuma Outline Origins of ...:

Graphics look sick. The mainseries game will only look better.

On another note, I think it's funny how some people have their jimmies all russled with one female character with cleavage. This isn't DoA; this is like the first top heavy Zelda character besides the Great Fairy, get over it.