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Solatorobo commented on South Park Creators Cite Earthbound as a Major...:

It's a Shame that poor handling of sequels has caused three of my favourite PS1 games to be little more than punchlines in the gaming world.

They were made by Naughty Dog though, and right now considering they are pretty much the Sony fanboy's equivalent to God, the games might get more recognition (But then again, Jak and Daxter is even better and is outright ignored by many nowadays so I guess ND will just be known as guys who make cover shooters from now on.)



Solatorobo commented on Miyamoto: Fresh Experiences Make A New Game, N...:

To be fair, all the so called "New IPs" are actually quite Generic. I mean, Sunset Overdrive and Ryse were far more forgettable E3 announcents (And yes, I know E3 is old news, but it's still the last time any major new games have been announced) than Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV, Star Wars Battlefront 3, Mario Kart 8, Smash 4 and (Here's a shocker to some of you) Donkey Kong Country Returns 2. Yes, look at all those EEEVVVVVIIILLLLL sequels! Some of them are [Gasp] the next entires in long running series! But that can't be right! Ryse is a new IP, that should be enough to compensate for the generic quick-time-event filled gameplay Right?




Solatorobo commented on Retro Chose Donkey Kong Over Metroid as Its Fi...:

Okay, this is gonna be a controversial choice. but I would prefer this over Metroid.

Metroid Prime was great, but not amazing and like the Uncharted games, I felt satisfied with it at the end of 3.

Donkey Kong however felt like something slightly better, and this game seems to expand on the balls to the wall craziness that the last game had, which was my favourite part of DKCR and separated it from the other 2D platformers on the Wii.

Don't get me wrong, Star Fox or even a new IP (If done well) would have been better, but I am still happy with what we were given.



Solatorobo commented on Mario Kart TV Will Allow You To Share Your Rac...:

Bikes are not the end of the world.

In the end it's the features and the tracks that truly make a Mario Kart game, and 8 seems to do both in spades (The bikes of Wii, the hang gliders of 7 and the Crash Nitro Kart-ass gravity thing? Yes please!) and the tracks shown seem to take advantage of the new features and look intricate and strategic. I just adapted to the bikes. I don't see why it's the end of the world.



Solatorobo commented on Insomniac Not Working On Wii U, Considers It M...:

Man Ratchet and Clank would be great on the Wii U, with the touchscreen acting as your weapon select and the gadget minigames that run through the series. But then again I think Sony owns R&C anyway, so whatever.

Also if you seriously won't play Ratchet and Clank purely because of this quote, then really you're being a bit of a fanboy. I disagree with him, but I still think the R&C games are some of the best the playstation has to offer, with 2 being on my top 10 PS2 games and a Crack in Time being in my top 5 PS3 games.

But Fuse... Meh. If they kept it as Overstrike I would call this a loss.



Solatorobo commented on Rayman Creator Michel Ancel "Wasn't Shocked" B...:

Thank god they are turning this around. I respect the developers a lot for taking this otherwise unneeded delay to improve the game. I am actually hyped for this game again now.

( I'm sorry everyone but I'm getting it on PS3;-; )



Solatorobo commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

@rjejr To be fair, Nintendo actually have variety in their sequels (Mario Kart 7 has introduced aerial and underwater sections to tracks, Skyward Sword changed the environments by a good bit and shook up the combat system, Smash has its releases spaced out and puts in so much new content that it all feels so good and while I'm no expert on Metroid, I would say that Super Metroid, Metroid Prime and Other M are whole different beasts. Not to mention that Kid Icarus: Uprising, the more recent Paper Mario games and Game and Wario shake up their respective series by quite a bit.) Just because NSMB exists, doesn't mean that all Nintendo games are like that.



Solatorobo commented on Deep Silver Has "No Plans" To Support Wii U:

Well, Saints Row 4 for Wii U would be cool, but they seem to be saying that they only wants FIFA chavs buying their games, which isn't really a good sign (Even the PS3 is rather chavvy, just look at all the unsold copies of Ni No Kuni and Sly 4 at the gamestation where I live)



Solatorobo commented on Interview: Michael Pachter On Wii U, 3DS And T...:

He's right, we should wait until the end of 2014 before saying Nintendo is doooooooomed.

His job is to warn investors, and right now they aren't in the best shape. But a lot of people I know are wanting it for smash bros. So that's when I think it should start getting to respectable levels.



Solatorobo commented on New Mewtwo Form Revealed For Pokémon X & Y:

Now instead of this SO TOTALLY rubbish Majin Mew, let's look at the top 10 awesome gen 1 Pokémon!

10. Magnemite (A magnet)
9. Dugtrio (3 ovals with noses sticking out of the ground)
8. Barney th- I mean Dragonite (Way better than that pussy Hydreigon)
7. Cloyster (I think NL will do without a description)
6. Geodude (A rock with arms)
5. Pidgey (A bird)
4. Jynx (Niki Minaj)
3. Mr. Mime (A mime)
2. Eggsecute (Eggs)
1. CHARIZARD!!!!11!!1! (A very generic dragon unlike most later ones such as Garchomp and the previously mentioned Hydreigon, Charizard also doesn't even have the proper typing!)

And who could forget the amazing battling where everything good was either psychic, water, ground or normal, attack and defence were separate stats but special attack and special defence weren't, hyper beam was glitched beyond belief and most battles boiled down to luck. SO MUCH FUN, ISN'T IT?

TL:DR RBY have aged like rotten milk. Pokémon B/W for all it's iffy decisions (team preview? Giving normal pokemon drizzle/drought?) is still far more entertaining than RBY, and X/Y will most likely be the same.



Solatorobo commented on Shigeru Miyamoto: People Need To Be Patient Wi...:

The Wii U is only in it's infancy. Miyamoto is bloody right, I don't think you guys understand how games work, they don't just pop out of nowhere magically, they need to be developed, and I'd rather have, say Smash 4 be the best it could be rather than it be crap and a launch title. Stop being whiny brats and just wait for once.

Here's an example for you to show why you should really stop whining, the PS3 was a godamn joke when it came out, and even a good bit later all it had was Little Big Planet, R&C: Tools of Destruction and Metal Gear Solid 4. Look at the PS3 now, it's one of the best systems I have ever seen, and with time, the Wii U has just as much a chance as the PS3 has (and if the price of the PS4 and Nextbox are expensive, then maybe it'll have even more of a chance).



Solatorobo commented on Talking Point: Warren Spector Asks, Where Are ...:

Games, to an extent, can be treated as an art form but oftentimes that may overtake the gameplay and turn it into an interactive movie, which isn't really a game imo (even if it's still bloody fantastic). I think that games could go between 2 sides of a spectrum "games" (Light on narrative but strong on gameplay, like Mario) and "Interactive Movies" (Light on gameplay but strong on narrative, like Heavy Rain) and I think that these games should be taken on their own merits on what they are trying to achieve rather than what you want them to be.

EDIT: Also remember the deep narrative of Epic Mickey? No? It actually makes me question what sort of game Spector wanted Epic Mickey to be.



Solatorobo commented on Sega Adds Disclaimer to Aliens: Colonial Marin...:

Le Reddit da bes websit 2 gud christen is bad Carl Sagan 4 lyfe trollfaic rage comics lololol

But seriously, just give the damn game a break, it's been out for long enough. I don't see why they need to keep worrying about it.



Solatorobo commented on Fez For Wii U Is Highly Unlikely Unless Ninten...:


I think this guy has had his run. He has made a dissapointing indie game, acted like an ass in Indie Game: The Movie and now he thinks he is the toast of the entire industry, at this point we might as well do the do the best we can and ignore him. I've had my call outs towards him, and at this point we have covered all the crap he has done.



Solatorobo commented on Phil Fish: I Love Nintendo In Ways It Probably...:

I am not a fanboy, if nintendo screws up (like with the 32GB Wii U HDDs) I will say that they have. But really I don't see what is the problem with the 3DS, and while Phil is entitled to his opinion, however, he shouldn't go around making comments that immature and stupid (As I have said before, it reads like a GameFAQs post) and still have it be considered okay.

And also with the attiude some of you less pro-nintendo people have are just as blind as the Nintendo fanboys around here (and anyway, that site's called NINTENDO life for god's sake, what were you expecting, Mircrosoft fanboys?)