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Female, Netherlands

Thu 28th Mar 2013

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Wodkalime14 commented on Talking Point: What We Expect In Nintendo Dire...:

I hope for new info about yarn yoshi, and a nice surprise will be luigis mansion for wiiu! And off course everything that is new information about wiiu and upcomming games is welcome!!! Wiiu needs en deserves some extra attention!



Wodkalime14 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@ULTRA-64 I only played the demo and challenges of Rayman yet but in my opinion Rayman is more about speed and action, timing. Pikmin has a more relaxing gameplay and is about strategie and it is super cute! Both games are beautiful in HD! It depends on what you like of course. For me personally i would say besides w101, which is so action packed, Pikmin is a nice change!



Wodkalime14 commented on Video: Is This What Miiverse Will Look Like On...:

I hope they will come up with a really nice web application so you have access on every device but if they make native apps for mobile devices that would be cool to. But i think the most import thing is de 3ds support. And then as 3ds software, fully integrated. So that you can communicate while playing games. And it would be nice if you can make and upload screenshots and also share those easy outside miiverse to other forms of social media.