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Sat 9th Feb 2013

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moo99 commented on Ubisoft: Players Will Let Us Know When They've...:

Assassins Creed 3 is definitely the last one for me. I understand the need to shake things up, but the execution was just poor and I hated Connor as a character. The game had a laundry list of problems apart from the bugs.
The series peaked with Brotherhood, but the story missions in that game were pretty lame.



moo99 commented on Talking Point: The Unreal Engine 4 Gaffe Expos...:

I looked at the list of unreal 3 games and we're not missing much. I understand that consoles should be as open to different ideas as possible, but cover shooters and third person hold forward games have been done to death.



moo99 commented on GameStop: Wii U Marketing Strategy Has "Not Br...:

@Pixelroy The kiosks suck because there are no games in them. Nintendoland should be in the tray and you should be able to at least see miiverse.

They had 12 kiosks at the Nintendo World Store (with rayman and videos) and 4 actual systems with Nintendoland, and guess where everyone was lined up?



moo99 commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

I honestly don't care what games AREN'T coming out on WiiU and I'm tired of seeing articles that say this. Multiplatform really means dual platform, and that doesn't bother me.



moo99 commented on Review: HarmoKnight (3DS eShop):

Rhythm is not a "natural sense." It's a skill and it's taught. If a rhythm game doesn't attempt to teach you how best to play, it's a poor rhythm game.

There's no instinctive rhythm. That's silliness.
And tone-deafness is something else altogether



moo99 commented on Review: Need for Speed: Most Wanted U (Wii U):

I got this from origin and it just didn't work out. Maybe I am just not a car guy.

Driving was very difficult because the accelerate button is the equivalent of slamming a gas pedal to the floor. So I drove around by tapping the gas. Motion control steering was too sensitive and the stick wasn't a great deal better. I imagine trying to cram the totality of a steering wheel into an inch long stick isn't easy.

The touch screen features were very odd. At first I was surprised that there was no way to turn on the map. Then I tried playing with the wii remote (no motion steering, despite the enabled option), and suddenly they came on, but the gamepad driving controls needed to be enabled.

With the map at hand, I couldn't find a whole lot to do. I hit cop cars and ran past speed cameras, but races seemed to be pretty hard to find. The open world concept is usually pretty cool, but I think an old-fashioned menu might work better here.

The sports cars are (sorry) really ugly, at least from the back. One of the devs said you could play "any" car in the game, so I assumed I could be a taxi or a van, but that didn't work out. Back to moron driving games like mario kart and cruisn usa for me!



moo99 commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

If the game has online multiplayer and/or I'm never going to sell it, I may as well download it. This only really works on 3DS since the SD card is cheap to upgrade.

Used prices and sales make it cost-prohibitive, though.



moo99 commented on Talking Point: The Perils and Positives of a P...:

There are few ways to manage release schedules effectively:
1. work employees to death
2. release bad product
3. delay finished product

Anyone have more? 1 & 2 go hand in hand and were clearly required for WiiU's christmas release. So complaining there are too many games or not enough games are due to the problems of being human, i.e. - it ain't done yet.

When it's done, don't complain that you can't buy seven new games at once. No one's forcing you.



moo99 commented on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Puzzle Swap Panel G...:

I spent about 3 months obsessing over Puzzle Swap, walking my 3DS like a dog.

The thing cheats. Repeat pieces are far more common than new pieces.

New puzzles and purple panels mean I will never complete the original puzzles, because I will keep getting repeats as I lack the purple ones.

At least Find Mii is possible without constant streetpasses.



moo99 commented on Dead Island: Riptide Developer Says The Engine...:

@DarkKirby I think wooing publishers is a factor, but not the only one. I think the catch-22 "Wii U isn't selling enough because Wii U doesn't have enough games because Wii U isn't selling enough" is the main reason publishers won't invest and I see it being the same down the road for future systems.



moo99 commented on Legend Of Zelda Hacked To Make Zelda The Hero:

I'd rather play as the old dude in the cave.

Why must games fetishize youth when old people are perfectly good at murdering moblins?

I demand to see a son hack skyward sword so his father can play as the old cave dweller!

It's my dying wish, son. Please call me.



moo99 commented on Talking Point: NFC and AR - Two Cool Extras Th...:

Finding a use for NFC in any device is puzzling. Samsung uses it in several phones now, and it's less convenient than email. I'm surprised it's so popular, and including it in a device meant to be kept at home is pretty stupid.