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Sun 13th Mar 2011

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Grackler commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

Boo Hoo. I can't upload Frozen on Youtube with a recommendation voice over by me an get away with it, can I? 70% is the majority of the money, when the Youtuber hasn't created the majority of the content on screen.
Don't listen to his bleating. He makes millions and anything to even slow that will get this sort of reaction. If he thinks it's wrong, go to court: you've got the cash!



Grackler commented on Official Nintendo UK Store Limits amiibo Purch...:

Hmmm, Ebay scalping is pretty bad, but because of the scalpers I actually have 2 Majora's Mask New 3DS XL's on my card. It's for me and a friend (who has paid me back) as he didn't have internet access on the day they went on sale. I'm terrified the order will be messed with now, and if I'd had any inclination of this we would have worked something out to order his separately. (Plus I often buy 2 of something to pass to a friend or sibling as a present and have one for me.)

While I'm up for scalping reducing methods, I think they need to be upfront about it. I know scalpers will still get around it sometimes, but hurting legit customers is just unfair.



Grackler commented on Nintendo Is Sorry That The Wii U's TVii Servic...:

@Ony No, it's a branch of a larger company making an announcement. Why do you have to turn this into imagined Euro bashing by Nintendo UK or NintendoLife?
Anyway, I would hope it one day hooks up to free On Demand services like iPlayer etc if possible. (but I have to say I wouldn't hold my breath on the BBC making an iPlayer app, given the UK sales figures.)



Grackler commented on Wii Karaoke U Doesn't Censor Explicit Lyrics:

Trying to stir things much?
Every few weeks this site has some shoddy, incorrect journalism that they refuse to correct, or a really pointless stirring piece like this that makes me really disappointed that it's the only big Nintendo site on the net. This was the case with Wii U Karaoke before when you covered it, but now ninty might get provoked, it's flagged up particularly. That's a tabloid way of covering things.
Perhaps it should have parental controls enabled on the songs in question, but that's it. Parents should watch what their children do online. It isn't everyone job to toss away what they enjoy doing just because some people don't care enough to monitor these things. It isn't hard.



Grackler commented on Pikmin 3 Will Need to Gather 3950MB to Downloa...:

"If you treat every individual Pikmin as a "bit" of data, that means the game's file size accommodates 31,600 of the little creatures."
In actual computer "bits", its 32967000000!
...we're gonna need a bigger Onion...



Grackler commented on Did Sumo Digital Just Tease A Sonic Racing And...:

I think Nintendo have Sumo to thank for the viability of this SEGA-Ninty cross-over deal.
In SAASR:T, they made a game that really used the Wii U (looked nicer, handled great, 5-player and off-screen play), and by all accounts they got some stunning sales as a result. Despite the massive gulf in userbase, they managed to sell as many on Wii U (it was a little over quarter of a million on all home formats at one point, I recall an article saying) as on the other 2 consoles, which had a much larger install base. I would guess the 3DS one trounced the Vita version too.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I reckon if I was at SEGA, those figure combined with the mass exodus of Western devs would lead me to seeing major untapped potential in the Wii U audience going forward, especially with Ninty helping to push the product! Who knows what they might do together next?



Grackler commented on Nintendo Claiming Ad Revenue On YouTube User-G...:

@AceTrainerAndy By saying you will bad-mouth Ninty products if they don't let you make money of let's playing, doesn't that somewhat imply that the actual quality of the product and games doesn't matter to you? Should they have trusted your advice to "buy a WiiU" in the first place? Can you not accept that people might like and want to play on something you aren't making money off? I can understand your frustration, but it sounds like you are throwing your actual opinion out of the window and letting the money talk for you here.



Grackler commented on Mario Kart, Wii Sports And Animal Crossing Nam...:

I guess it's due to it been out of office hours, but since there's several of us down here pointing out the mis-information in the piece, I hope it's updated in the morning to reflect what the Guardian survey actually says.

These comments show that the article content has skewed people's view of the facts, so for the sake of journalist integrity, the data presented should be updated in the article, or the content justified (particularly the "trying to insinuate that family-friendly Nintendo titles are somehow harbingers of senseless violence" line). Come on NL!



Grackler commented on Mario Kart, Wii Sports And Animal Crossing Nam...:

After what @Peach64 said I got home and watched it...
You really need to look at the linked article and re-consider what you've put here. "However, by trying to insinuate that family-friendly Nintendo titles are somehow harbingers of senseless violence".
Where does that occur?
The video there also makes a point of highlighting the LACK of violence in Nintendo's sport games compared to the generic label applied, otherwise the games there are just the top 50 sellers of the year, in which Nintendo feature heavily.
I feel this is an incorrectly reported story: the last line makes sense, but the rest is off. Nowhere does "The Guardian" say anything about it's opinion of the violence in the games, and the selection is based on (probably poor, but regardless) sales data of the top 50 games and the labels the ERSB has attached to them. it is a gathering of facts. If I have misread this or missed a link to an opinion piece, please correct me!
But at the moment there's a screen of hoo-har and Guardian-bashing about something that isn't even the case, and just reading the above text (and not the link) is what has caused it.



Grackler commented on Mario Kart, Wii Sports And Animal Crossing Nam...:

To be fair, the chart linked doesn't seem to indicate the games are violent or that games generally cause violence. I can't watch the video (so correct me if I'm wrong), but I think saying they "called out" Nintendo games for violent content is probably exaggerating it a tad to make an issue out of it.

Also: "Source: VGChartz" OLOLOLOLOLOLOL! The figure there are tosh, especially for Europe. Really, a proper paper like The Grauniad should know better!



Grackler commented on Developer Interview: Ubisoft on the Expanding ...:

I'll play the challenge mode, but I'll wait and see what reviews and Miiverse say on the title itself. I'm hoping for great things, but I'm worried that the multi-platform changes might remove some of the WiiU-catered feel and impact the design for the worst (I personally loved the Murphy levels).



Grackler commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

When did gamers start caring about stocks and sales so much? Why is every games sites comment section so obsessed with the WiiU performance in shops? Sure, a successful machine could mean more games, but I've had some of my best gaming years on the N64 and Gamecube, commercial flops compared to rivals.
I love the WiiU. The console feels amazing to use, the features are lovely, the online shops are lovely, there's no nasty DRM-lockout-preowned-bonsense, the games are original (or just ultimately polished versions of great titles), and Nintendo have made all the right noises when it comes to new games and updates (in seriously exciting and earnest broadcasts).
I'm looking forward to the next year with relish. If it's selling or not, Nintendo is doing what I personally want out of gaming, and I'm ready for a awesome ride. Anyone who's in this for the sheer, unadulterated fun of it all is welcome to join!



Grackler commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Offer Indie Gam...:

Sales would so help. Steam gets constant purchases from me thanks to them, and I end up paying more than I would without them, no doubt. Also: general support for the e/u/wii shops, it's good to be a little hands-off on people's work, but it does sound like Q&A testing just takes too long.



Grackler commented on Zelda Concert Tour Returns to North America:

Loved the London one, but I hate that Europe doesn't get more so more people can't see it (even if it won't have Iwata, Zelda Williams and Koji Kondo making it extra magical!). Tour here too, darn it!



Grackler commented on Nintendo UK Boss David Yarnton Suffers Health ...:

@BudrSbastig Well, if you don't why bother commenting? In fact, if your being pedantic about news content, when does anything posted on a sodding gaming website constitute SUPAIMPORTENTNEWSS1111!!!!eleventy-one!!!! It's about nintendo, not global politics, get over yourself.

Glad to hear he's ok!



Grackler commented on IGN Pegs Heroes of Ruin for 26th June:

I hope this is well advertised...Kid Icarus and Resi don't seem to have hit the market they deserve, and I'd hate for this to fall off people's radar as well, looks great so far!



Grackler commented on Video Games Become the Biggest Entertainment M...:

The UK is an odd one: on the one hand I heard it's the second biggest gaming nation in the world after the USA (bigger than Japan!), and per head of population even more into games than Japan and the USA, but the culture isn't exactly "game friendly". The press disregard gaming at best, and villainize it at worst (Murdoch and co), and it's much less culturally accepted than in Japan. Still, selling is good, lets hope this much delayed tax relief brings some of the talented development studios back!



Grackler commented on Pokémon Champion Stripped of Title After Hote...:

Good thing, childish behaviour at a proper event smears the reputation of everyone. Also: smells bad! I also think it's a bit rich that he gets to enter in several different countries. Don't get me wrong, people of any nationality should be able to enter the UK championships to ensure everyone gets a fair shot. However if what people said on ONM forums is true (takes an entire shot of salt!) and he and his friends enter in every country's event to get a better chance of reaching the final, that's not on. There are many people who won't get a shot at it since these guys take up places multiple times over.



Grackler commented on Capcom Open to More 3DS Resident Evils:

Like many other here, loved Revelations to bits and I'm still playing it. Here's hoping sales keep going up, because not only would I like more, but I'd like to send a message that this kind of high-quality 3rd-party content is A Good Thing(tm)!



Grackler commented on Wii Motion Gaming Won't Guarantee Better Fitness:

While I don't really see "active" games as exercise, or even care if they are, this was a terrible study and its lack of scientific rigour should be addressed. Firstly, the sample size of both groups was only 78 children (39 per group), which is far too small (although they did mostly use a proper selection process to be fair). Secondly, the amount of time spent on each game wasn't factored in at all. Thirdly, and possibly most importantly, the "exercise" was recorded by an accelerometer at hip height to track leg movement and turn this into effective "Calories burnt" for an average child. This is very foolish, since the games selected involved mostly upper-body movement, which isn't tracked at all. Finally, currently what exercise actually is good for you is something still under debate (see BBC's '3 minutes intensive exercise' story this week), so sweeping statements like this without taking other work into consideration are stupid. Basically, this is a headline-grabbing non-story using statistics (as most if not all of the "Wii games are good for you" studies were too). Still, all the kids got to keep the Wii's and games, so at least they're happy!



Grackler commented on Pokémon Black & White Version 2 Announced:

Damn, I wanted a technically impressive Pokemon, and (though I maybe pre-judging), this will likely be the not-that-good-looking even-for-a-DS-game Black and White game engine. 3D battles Pokemon Company! You had it on the 64, Dragon Quest can do it, pleeeeaaase! A move to 3DS would force their hand, which is why I'd like it on that.